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cina 30c healing crisis. please advise!


A few months ago I first gave my youngest son, age 4, cina 30c and have been giving three tablets twice a day for about 3 months. He was walking to urinate every night, but he was always basically asleep when he did this. I choose cina because his general disposition is also irritable, he's always cried out in his sleep a little, he had blue under his eyes -- I was giving with Ferrum Phos to correct an anemia (always cold, etc). He had indents in his big toes that supported the anemic assignment, these have since filled in. Anyway -- as long as he takes it he doesn't wake at night to pee and his disposition changed for the positive. Even his preschool teacher noted the improvement. In the last two weeks, since started a bottle from a different manufacturer, he's had what I think is a serious aggravation/healing crisis. He started with a right eye that seeped yellow gook - that lasted for a week, but has cleared. Then he had diahrrea -- marked frequency after meals accompanied by pain in the abdomen but otherwise fine (appetite didn't change, high vitality). On the final day of diahrrea he had the white popcorn stool with little green threads in it. I assumed these were worms. Then I gave sulfur 200c because it was the 5th day of ~5 bm / diahrrea a day. The diahrrea stopped. How, he still has some eye seepage and his sleep is extremely disturbed. He's screaming out in the night as if he's yelling at someone. He can't be consoled and appears to be sleeping when he does it,t hought his eyes are open. This is my son, Zach.

My son MAX, age 6, was sick with a horrible cough in April. The only thing this cough responded to was cina, 30c. It was basically a whooping cough where he couldn't catch is breath. Within two hours (of continual administration of cina, 5 tablets every 30 min), it stopped. When the cough stopped, I discontinued the cina. He was left from that illness with two red circles on his inner elbow crease which appeared to be ringworm. It responded to nothing. Then, when I recently read cina treats ringworm, I gave it to him -- maybe two weeks ago. It IMMEDIATELY cleared the ringworm but left him with that right side goopy itchy eye! He had it the same time as his brother. At that time, I did not attribute it to the cina. He did not have diahrrea, but he did start to bm more frequently with regularity waking him at 5am every morning. So, when I gave zach sulfur 200c, I also gave to max. The waking to stool at 5am stopped the first night, but now he's got this itchy, granular rash all over his torso! I can't seem to pinpoint what aggravates it -- maybe heat? The first day he responded well to Rhus Tox 30c, a few doses in one hour. The rash didn't disappear, but almost and no itch. Then it returned the next morning full itch and visbility. Since then, I can keep control of the itch with Rhus Tox or additional sulfur 200c doses, but it's definitely not improving. Castor oil helps the itching, but I just visited his room (it's 2am here) after seeing his brother during a sleep-fit and he was scratching to beat the band!

I'm afraid this 30c cina I purchased is too potent as all of this occured when I changed suppliers.

I've tried to antidote with nux vomica, 200 c to no avail.

  lisamarie1081 on 2018-06-22
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
I could think of 2 possibilities in your case.

1. Did they ever have those symptoms before you started to give all the remedies?

If yes, old symptoms are coming back, which is generally a good sign as according to Hering's law of cure;

"All cure starts from within, from the head down and in reverse order as the symptoms have appeared or been suppressed"

2. If your children have never had those symptoms, then they are probably proving Cina or other given remedies.

If this is the case, stop giving them any more remedies, and just wait and see if the symptoms disappear or you can try antidote with Camphor 200c, just one dose and wait and see.
Tui 4 years ago
No. Most of what I’m seeing I never saw before.

It’s Friday morning and will take me until Monday to get camphor 200c. Anything else I can do in the meanwhile besides stop everything?

Why would this happen with a new / different batch of the remedy?
lisamarie1081 4 years ago
It looks like China officianalis is also an antidote? I have that in 200c. Is it wise to try?
lisamarie1081 4 years ago
And if an antidote works, either Camphor or China, how soon should we see so?
lisamarie1081 4 years ago
And this method seems even less risky that administering what I have to relieve their discomfort.

Is this familiar to anyone?
lisamarie1081 4 years ago
I don't think it is anything to do with a new/different batch of the remedy. Your children simply have proved Cina because you have given them the remedy for such a long time without a proper observation.

Giving a remedy twice a day for 3 months is a long time unless the condition is degenerative.

Proving can cause unnecessary suffering, but it is only artificial and temporary symptoms so it eventually disappears on its own.

My advice is not to give them any more remedies unless you know exactly what you are doing.

Feel free to ask other homeopath's opinion by creating a new thread.
Tui 4 years ago
Tui is giving good advice. You are giving homeopathic dosing as if it were allopathic medicine.

Homeopathic meds work because the body will not tolerate two similar
Out of balance states. When the homeo med is the right “match”
The body recognizes that the highly diluted remedy is similar to
The real problem. The body responds by raising life force to clear out the remedy- and at same time the life force is clearing the real problem.

Once there is a response from the remedy - the life force has been stimulated and you wait and watch- you do not give another dose until
You think the action has stalled. Each person will respond differently.
The remedy is meant to cure the issue, and if you have to keep giving it over and over? It is just palliating the problem and not curing it-
It also suppresses the symptoms like allopathic meds. A better matching remedy has to be found.
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simone717 4 years ago
Thank you both!

Your opinions and analysis led me to be aggressive about finding a way to soothe the turmoil my kids were in. I could not wait three days for camphor to arrive.

I did happen upon this article about diluting the original remedy:


I used it and, 8 hours later, my son's rash is not at all itchy or red; the raised bumps have markedly decreased in size. It is certainly working.

I have learned a lesson, for sure! Additionally, I've learned how to accurately muscle test!

Thank you again for your assistance.
lisamarie1081 4 years ago
Just a quick update for any novices out there searching for antidotes ....

We all slept the night peacefully here last night! My son did not yell or scream or shout out at all. He didn't wake to pee or sleep walk.

The other has near no rash this morning.

In this experience of mine, the dilution antidote method really worked!
lisamarie1081 4 years ago
Interesting. Thank you for sharing.
Tui 4 years ago
Good Morning!

I'd like to share some more information and ask some questions pertaining to the posts I made nearly 2 weeks ago.

I had antidoted my kids from the cina using the technique I described above. Immediately they saw some relief.

My other son's rash just kept getting worse and worse with the addition of some ringworm, until I treated it with a "fungus fighter" liquid formulation I was able to acquire locally. Within about 4 days, he completely cleared up.

My youngest with the night terrors had no more diarrhea or bellyaches, but he continues the night terrors and has started bedwetting. For probably a year he's woken to use the bathroom in the middle of the night -- sometimes more than once -- but now he's just not waking. It's happened every other day this week but I can't be sure of that periodicity; I need to start recording it. Also, as his stool hardened, I saw worms. First, tiny green worms. The next day, a large, thick white worm. After that white one, I didn't notice any more, but I honestly wasn't looking. I had stopped the cina entirely and so much time had passed I didn't think it would continue.

Today is Friday. I AM SURE HE NEEDS CINA because HE CLEARLY HAS WORMS. Erunesis from worms. Sleep disruptions from worms. He is the irritable, cross child who throws tantrums when he doesn't get what he wants and, frankly, wasn't this way after treating him with cina the first time. His bloated belly shrunk to nothing after the last time.

So I was starting to see a ramp up of the sleep screaming and the addition of actual bedwetting so I gave him ONE PELLET OF CINA 30C two days ago. He was fine. HIs disposition changed WITHIN AN HOUR and yesterday he passed little white worms. I asked him before bed if his belly hurt. He said emphatically NO.

This morning he's wet the bed. He's complaining of a hurting belly and an itchy toosh and a sore throat. He's pleasant enough, though.

I was planning to give him one pellet of 30 c every other day. The "last time" I used it, I was giving him a 3 pellet dose twice a day. I realize i should probably be using a milder potency but this is all I have and all I can get right now. I have a parasite formulation on the way in the mail with cina 15x included .... but I hate that this kid is in misery.

SO AFTER ALL THAT... :) .... can you tell me if you think it'd be wise for me to dilute his next dose of cina? I was thinking if I put the pellet in a glass of water and didn't let it dissolve all the way, then just had him sip that once today. It's still like he's getting the 30c potency, right? Just in a smaller dose?

lisamarie1081 4 years ago
In the even anyone is still reviewing this, I’m writing to report that my older son, max, with the torso rash has it back in the same location, size, and intensity as last year at this time! He wasn’t getting any remedies at the time and I can’t correlate it with any kind f allergen. But I’m thinking, THIS IS NO COINCIDENCE, right?! Same time of year, heat aggravates, nothing really palliaties. ???? I’ve started him on the homeopathic fungal formula I have and we’ll see but, any insight out there? I’d love to hear the theories!!!
lisamarie1081 3 years ago
How do you know if the complaint is worse with heat?

Which complaint is this complaint worse with? summer, spring, autumn, rainy winter?

Annually recurring complaints are a few remedies. Ars, Rhus and Lach. See if any one fits.
maheeru 3 years ago

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