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sir , i want you to pls consider the following ...N treat me with medicines for same
1. 8 years of masterbation , at dec 2011 last day I mastributed twice a had twice night fall ... i saw 2-3 drops of blood coming out of my penis ... that's means something got torned or some blood vessels got burst ..
2. due to which I have premature ejaculation & Erectyle dysfunction ..
3. feel burning sensation in penis , sometime after ejaculation , a little bit belly i have ...
4.Medically approved that urine flow speed is low , due to narrowing of urethra opening ...
All these incident is related to each other...
other than diabetic , but I don't have anybody in my family who is a diabetic... i am 27 years old now ...
conclusion :-
tearing of tissues or vessels which get filled with blood that provide rigid erection that's not happening...
May due to formation of plaque or scar tissues ..
I have developed prestatis or urethritis ...
or there might be stone in kidney or urinary bladder ..
sir pks take the following into consideration and suggest me some medicibes which will work like miracle bcoz suffering from 21-27 , hardly 8-10 years left of younghood ... i haven't enjoyed anything at this age . ... pls help me out sir
Sahin91 last year
I am married but my life is hell , though my wife never said that she want to quit or something like that and i know she is sacrificing her pleasure bcoz of me... pls sir do something
Sahin91 last year
Please answer,


• Living place

• Occupation

• Describe your whole present complaints in decreasing order, Complaint for which you are more anxious about mention first

• Major past medical/surgical history

• Major medical history in paternal or
maternal family

• Hows your thirst

• Which drink you crave more

• Which type of drink you like more hot or

• Do u drink often but large quantity of
water at a time or small quantity more

• Hows your appetite

• Which food you crave more

• Which Food u Dislike

• Which Food/drink Causes discomfort

• Reaction towards fasting

• Need stimulants like tea coffee alcohol etc ?

• Flatulance

• Do u feel comfort after eructation

• Hows your sleep

• which are more frequent dreams

• Do you feel fresh after sleep

• Time when you feel more sleepy

• Sweating ?

If excessive then which part?

• Feel uncomfortable or relieved after

• Stool

• Urination

• Reaction towards
noise, crowd, odour, food odour, sun
heat, darkness, alone, on going some new
place, meeting new people

• Fears

• Reaction when you get angry

• Do like to be consoled
Do you like company
Can you stay alone
Can you stay in dark alone
Do you cry easily
Most favourite hobby
Which weather you like most

• Thing which you love most

• Which thing you hate most

• How do you look at your future

• How are your family relationships

• Things which bother you

• How many friends do you have

• How your friends describe you

• Which thing makes you different from

• Memory

• What is your dominant mood

• What you like to do in your free time
Mister4 last year
Age :- 28
Living place :- city (kolkata )
Retail sector
1. ED & PE
2. Very sensitive penis if I touch for 20-30 sec it's will ejaculate
3. Erection is not to the fullest as earlier it used to be , that's why penis seem to be 1 inch smaller than earlier it used to be..
4. Can't perform intercourses as I ejaculated within a minute after vaginal insertion ..

Medical history...
I have been facing these issues for last 7 years ... But 4years back i had an serious bike accident and few stitches and collar bone fracture..
My parents as well as there parents non of a single member have disease like diabetic..I don't know about anything other than these..

Thirst :-
I drink lot of water while eating ...

Drinks :-
Cold drinks & currently Amul lassi ...
No liquor

Love cold drinks more than hot drinks

Appetite :- i can stay empty stomach for 6-8 hours without eating but I feel sometime need to eat it's normal

I love chicken , fish , & paneer ..

Food i dislike are :- vegetables like cabbage , ladyfinger etc

Yeah! I like tea in morning & evening

Very lazy toward fasting ..

Flatulant education - i haven't understood

Sleeping is not that great.. sometime it's 12 pm , or its 1 am in night ...Or its happens once in a month I sleep 2:30 am but once in a month ..

2. No i notice that every morning when I wwoke up i feel that some extra sleep is required as my eyes are not fully satisfied ..

No dreams ..Or if then it's not the same
But before I lost my manhood i used to think about sex and for a month I used to see a women giving me oral and i ejaculate in dream but when I woke up i used to my pants are wet...

In the morning I feel more sleepy

Sweating is in excess ..
Face is more sweating prone area

Stool is not proper
Urinarion when body became hot it's burning .. and more frequently i urinate

When I get angry i loose my temper and the outcome is slap

Love darkness & lonely ness...

Things which I love most are gathering info about motorbike and mobile on internet and watching WWE

I hate most reading ..
Watching cricket

Future is dark ...

Relation is not very good with my family person

I not emotional , so nothing bothers me

I don't have friends except one

I am physically difference from other and others guys on street they are good but I feel my self a negetive guy

Dominant mood when I get angry but I have never had an serious fight with anyone i. My colony

Spare time just mobile & mobile..
Sahin91 last year
Can you tell me the character of seminal fluid like thick mucous type, thin watery, milky, or any other

Do you like to eat food with extra salt

Do you like to be consoled or not

Which weather you like most

Can you easily forgive some person who did something wrong with you.

Is there any type of food which doesn't suit you
Mister4 last year
Seminal is milky , no never extra salt,
Not like 2 be consoled
Hot weather ..
Yes I can forgive ..
I can't eat fish curry...and cabbage ,
Sahin91 last year
Doctor I can't tell you my condition and day by day I am getting mentaly stressed
I lost my sexual ability at the age of 21 and now it's 28... Can someone imagine 7 years of ultimate young age , and someone snatch away your manhood..
Doctor I have tried almost every homeopathy from lyco, Agnus, caladium to every thing doctor my disease is something different ...from regular sexual problem ..
UTI infection I did urine culture but they said no bacterial infection found.. but they said urine flow is low.. might urethral stricture or prostatis...
Or might be ulcer or stone on urinary bladder..
As I mentioned earlier I saw two drops of blood came out once 7 years ago... Due to which the tissue which absorb blood and provide erection that lost is softness and can not hold blood for long time and thus erection stay for limited time...
Pls doc do something , I don't have any hope that someone can cure my situation..
Thank u doc ... Help me I can't bear these
Sahin91 last year
First of all take 3 doses of nux vomica 200c at a gap of 10 minutes
Do not repeat nux vomica

(1 dose is 2 drops or 4 globules directly on tongue)

And start taking conium 6x
4-4-4 tablets 3 times a day daily for one week.

Reply after 3 days

Avoid camphor, coffee, garlic, mint, perfumes..
Do not take any other homoeopathic medicine along with this.
Please do not take anything 20 min before and after the medicine.
Mister4 last year
Thank U sir for you kind and fast reply .. I will reply afterward
Sahin91 last year
Sir I am not getting conium 6x in tablet form.. nearby stores... But I am taking the potency in globules... And I have completedy 5 days
Sahin91 last year
What is your current status?
Mister4 last year
Current status is I haven't done intercourse since last week , and penis has soften but ejaculation I can't tell... Though I am not confident that I can take it to 3-4 minutes... That's why I am not interested in performing intercourse..
I want to have stamina which could take me to 4-5 minutes of ejaculation time then only I will have intercourse...my life is having periods and another 15 days she will be staying with his parents..so when she come back I could give him surprise Does urethral stricture leads to ED & PE...?? If yes then you need to suggest me a medicine which would be able to eliminate plaque or scar tissue (harder tissues which not getting filled with blood as they became hard ) from penis...
And if I am wrong then pls correct me and suggest me your next medicine ?!!!Thank your sir...
Sahin91 last year
Tell me about your urinary symptoms like dribbling, intermittent flow, frequency, pain, burning, itching, colour, smell, before urine, after urine etc in your way..
Mister4 last year
Dribbling , burning sensation, very ugly smell sometime , color is pale yellowish..
I go urination after 1 hours or sometime after 2 hours... After urine something is left...Bladder doesn't get fully empty..
Sahin91 last year
Keep continue conium 6x as prescribed

Take clematis erecta 30c 3 times a day

Reply me after 3 days of clematis

Dont set a deadline for yourself as you said after 15 days you want to give surprise to your wife, it may cause you stress it will delay your healing just keep yourself free and have faith give medicines time to act..
Mister4 last year
I have to take clematis and conium together ...!!!
Sahin91 last year
Yes take both but clematis only for 5 days
Mister4 last year
O bhai meray tm kaha rahtay ho. Pakistan say ho ya india say? I have solution for ur premature ejaculation. S contactm
bhoot420 last year
India se !!
Sahin91 last year
Brother i will tell u some herbal remedies. Use them and you will b all right with in one month inshallah. I m also suffering with premature ejaculation in past. Whwn i got married i ejaculate in just 10 seconds. Then i used this medicine and now i m all fit. Have 6 kids and 13 yers long marriage.
bhoot420 last year
sir , i have taken clematis erects 30 c , for 5 days... but I can't give you any feedback coz I haven't done intercourses since 10 days... but still I van feel there is a little pan is prostate opening but bearable... so any further suggestion or medicine pls reply
Sahin91 last year
doctor again I am facing pain in prostate region now it's more than 2day s back
Sahin91 last year
Dear Sahin sorry for late reply,

May i know your present condition ?
Mister4 last year
No improvement on ejaculation & erection
I have few doubts...
Pls take care below issues...

1. I have burning sensation sometime & flow of urine is very low & dribbling ...

2. Erection doesn't stay for long and skin of penis is very sensitive ...
3. If erection doesn't stay for long that means the chambers of penis which hold blood to provide ridigity is not working properly..because the arteries became hard or scar tissues are there, earlier as I told you that I saw 2 drop of blood came of penis 7 years ago... When I mastrebuted twice & before that night I had twice night fall... So these are interrelated to each other...

Other option may I have kidney stone or bladder stone... Or ulcer in bladder...
But I don't know I feel that my. Problems is with the urethra opening to the penis end...
Sahin91 last year
Thank you doc !
Sahin91 last year
Keep continue conium 6x as prescribed

Take natrum mur 30c three times a day

Acid phos 30 c three times a day

(One dose is 2 drops or 4 globules)
Mister4 last year

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