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Joe De Livera - Arnica and Wiesbaden re hairloss

Hi Joe - I started using Arnica 30 as instructed by you about 8 or 9 months back. It started off great, with new growth then it stopped.

I have been using Wiesbaden 200 as per your instruction for about 3 weeks now with no sign of improvement

How long should I persevere with the Wiesbaden?

Would going back the Arnica start working again after after the break from it

Many thanks
  GaryD on 2006-04-03
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
Weisbaden does not help in some cases. Stay with the Arnica 30 in the liquid dose twice daily.

I have discovered that Arnica Q (mother tincture) promotes hair growth. Mix a 20% solution with Coconut Oil and massage a few drops daily into the hair roots.

You should notice the fine new hair in about 2-3 weeks.

Do not use any shampoo other than Johnsons baby shampoo.

A good fish oil capsule also helps.
Joe De Livera last decade
hello Joe

Is the Johnston's Baby Shampoo, detangling formula ok? They make different formulas. Do you prefer we stick with the original one?

I went to buy a bottle, but didn't because I wanted to ask you about using the detangling formula to use both on my hair and as a deoderant.
Thank you
Pat2006 last decade
Here in Sri Lanka we can only get the Jonhsons Baby Shampoo which is the type that does not hurt your eyes even if it touches them.

This is the reason why I urge people who have lost hair to use it as it is the mildest shampoo available.
Joe De Livera last decade
Thankyou, Joe
GaryD last decade
joe: please can u advise a suitable remedy for the following symptoms: respiratory allergies, very very acute dandruff (crusts) and hair fall (strands) almost 100 a day for a 16 yr old female. Everything else is normal. Taking wiesbaden since 4 weeks with no significant improvement.
Halima last decade
1. Falling of the hair: Syphilinum 200 morning
2. Alopecia following acute, exhausting diseases: Thallium 200 afternoon
3. Hair thins out, turns gray early. Hair gray early in life; falls out: Phosphoricum Acidum Q evening
4.Hair falling in spots: Hydrofluoricum Acidum 200 night.
One dose each daily for 100 days. Then report progress.
sbdas last decade

This is an example of what I call allopathy with homeopathic medicines.

One dose daily for 100 days???. All the four medicines?? Even if it is one medicine based on the indications given it is a sure recipe for disaster.

gavinimurthy last decade
The speed of hair growth is roughly 0.5 inches per month, 6 inches per year. With age the speed of hairgrowth might slow down to 0.1 inch a month.
sbdas last decade
Subject: hair care

There’s no quick fix here and it usually takes 3 month or more when first results become apparent. Here are several useful tips how to regrow hair with the help of aromatherapy. To make an essential oil blend to stimulate hair regrowth you will need

3 drops of rosemary oil,
3 drops of lavender oil,
2 drops of thyme oil,
2 drops of cedarwood oil,
4 teaspoons of grapeseed oil
half teaspoon of jojoba oil.
Mix all these ingredients well. Massage this blend into your scalp for at least two minutes before sleep. Then wrap your head in a warm towel and leave it overnight. It is also very useful to massage and rub oils of

rosemary and
in your hair before washing. Use a mild shampoo in order not to upset the sebum balance.
To make an essential oil blend to stimulate circulation in your scalp and improving your hair take six drops of each oil and add the mixture to 4 ounces of
a warm carrier oil (almond, soybean or sesame oil).
Rub the blend into the scalp and leave it for at least twenty minutes. Then wash your hair. Add 3 drops of bay oil to the shampoo that you regularly use.
A formula of essential oils to massage into their scalp daily.
One group had essential oils of

lavender, and
cedarwood in a base of
jojoba and
grapeseed oils.
The others used the unscented carrier oils alone with no essential oils added. At the end of seven months, the study showed that 44% of people who used the essential oils had improvement in their alopecia.
In traction alopecia (Black female, braiding get it?) startusing essential oils two months ago on bald spots and it works. Base oil was hemp seed oil not jojoba. Key thing is to stop using harsh shampoos esp. the once with sodium lauryl or laurate sulfate cause it thins hair. Excess blow drying and brushing too is a culprit.
for a 4 oz bottle, use: 32 drops each of

tea tree,
carrot root and
sage essential oils.
For stimulation purpose, incoporate a couple of menthol crystals in the essential oil( too much is irritating so find the right strength) and let it dissolve ( about 24-48 hours). Finally add about 10-20mls black Castor oil and fill up the 4oz bottle with hemp seed oil(carrier oil).
Refrigerate oil because hemp seed oil needs to stay refrigerated
Just make sure every part of your scalp is covered and massage for a couple of minutes. It took 2 months of use to see real improvement
sbdas last decade
dr joe
i have been facing the hair loss problem after chilbirth.it started aft 3 months of childbirth should i start with wet dose of arnica 30 too.
secondly with mother tincture you mean the liquid dilution?
can i use arnica 30 liquid dilution in coconut oil.
simkhan06 last decade
To Simkhan

You will observe that in my response of April 4 2006 I shared my discovery of a stimulant to grow hair which I believe was the first time that I did so.

My discovery was based on the loss of my own hair which I discovered at that time was falling rapidly at age 77. Today at age 82 I do still have a good head of hair which is now completely grey. What is interesting is that my therapy which I have used daily for many years has stood the acid test of time and many thousands are using it while in some countries including Sri Lanka where I live, it has been copied commercially and I understand that it has helped many to control the loss of hair and promote its regrowth.

You are advised to use my original formula and if you prefer, you may use Olive oil which is what I use today as the Coconut oil tends to impart a distinctive odour which some including me do not like.

Mother Tincture is NOT Liquid Dilution in the USA. You can also ask for Arnica Q which is the Mother Tincture.

You cannot replace Arnica Q with Arnica 30c which is the potentized product while Q is not.
Joe De Livera last decade
hello i am a new patient in this forum.
I am a female,25 year old married. having thyroid from past 5 years.
and PCOD.
my testosterone levels are increased.
my main concern is hair fall.i am having diffused hair fall.in frontal region.
i want to know ab how to apply arnica and wiesbaden mother tinctures on hair. and what potency. because its cronic now.
thyroid 9 years ago
Hi Dr.joe de livera,

I am harshini 36 years old and having hairloss for almost a year. I consulted homeopathic doctors in india for dandruff and hairloss , the only medicine I got was natrum mur30c. Initially my dandruff get reduced but now it is not working. Hairfall never stopped. I checked my blood for haemoglobin, thyroid, testosterone etc.. They said everything is normal. I am losing hair from the roots, some breakage and i feel they are dull. Small newly growing hairs also falls down.
Recent years my skin covering the foot is getting dried. It shows out moisture is lacking. I am applying moisturiser but didn't help. I need help from you doctor.
Harshini 9 years ago
The following remedies will help to arrest the loss of hair and will also help to regrow the hair in about 2 months.

Arnica Q or Mother Tincture 15ml bottle
Arnica 30c in the Liquid Dilution in Ethanol
2 500ml bottles of Spring water sold in supermarkets.
Any good Fish Liver Oil in capsule form.


Arnica Q to be used to mix into the water for massaging into scalp.

Insert 50 drops of Arnica Q into the bottle and you should notice that the water bubbles freely when the bottle is shaken about.

Half a teaspoonful of this medicated water is to be massaged into the scalp twice daily.
Please note that this water remedy with Arnica Q is NOT for oral use.(NOT FOR DRINKING). It is only for massaging into the roots of the hair.

Arnica 30c for Oral use

Make the Wet dose of Arnica 30 as follows:

Order Arnica 30c in a 5ml in the Liquid Dilution in Ethanol in a bottle with a dropper arrangement.
Get a 500ml bottle of Spring Water from the nearest supermarket.
Pour out about 3cm of water from the bottle to leave some airspace.
Insert 3 drops of the remedy into the bottle and shake the bottle hard before you take a capfull which is a dose twice daily. This is best taken first thing in the morning and last thing before bed.
Shaking the bottle hard is homeopathic succussion and this shaking must be done every time before a capful of the bottle is sipped as directed.

Take a capsule of the Fish Liver Oil daily.

Use Johnsons Baby Shampoo daily for your shower which will help to wash away the perspiration from the scalp which causes the bacteria that are responsible for your Dandruff to propagate.

Avoid Coffee, preserved meats like sausages, ham and bacon, and all canned cola beverages as they antidote the therapy.

It is understood that you will STOP all other remedies and drugs you are taking today.
Do not use Coffee, Cola beverages, preserved foods like sausages, ham and bacon as they contain Saltpeter.

Drink plenty of water and exercise daily for at least 45 minutes like walking or jogging depending on your age. The idea is to sweat it out. This is essential to promote the circulation of blood in the body which Arnica will help to promote.

Patients who suffered from severe hair loss who were losing over 200 hairs daily have confirmed that they discovered in about a week that the loss of their hair had been arrested. They also noticed that the new growth was plainly visible above their scalp when their hair was parted in about 6 weeks.

Report progress in a month
Joe De Livera 9 years ago
Thankyou for your kind prescription.
I got arnica q , I am waiting for arnica30c . Dr.joe De livera, i have omega-3 fish oil capsules. Do you think it is o.k to take that instead of fish liver oil?

Doctor , since I have dandruff do you recommend any medication apart from the prescribed one. Dandruff makes my scalp itchy too.
Harshini 9 years ago
Doctor livera,

Will you please suggest some remedy to cure dandruff please. I am using jabarandi oil whether it will help to strengthen the roots and cure dandruff?

Please reply doctor ,I will be eargerly waiting for your reply.
Harshini 9 years ago
Dandruff is caused by a fungus which thrives on the perspiration on the scalp.
I have found that this is best treated with Johnsons Baby Shampoo which you will use daily.

STOP the Arnica Q application and report on your dandruff in a week. This Arnica Q can make dandruff even worse.

Take the Omega 3 Fish oil capsules. I take PULSE which is the same product made by Seven Seas.

Take the Arnica 30 orally.
Joe De Livera 9 years ago

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