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Extremely large benign tumour/lipoma – Antivirus (0antivirus0)

Picture at the bottom of post.

1. Age,sex,weight,country,occupation. 
20yo, male, UK, student

2. Main complaints and other associated troubles. 
a)Where is the trouble; The exact locality of the complaint like hands, legs etc; duration of trouble.

Extremely large benign tumour on right buttock (picture attached). All the doctors I’ve met say it’s the largest they’ve seen in their careers. Constant stiffness at the nape of neck / cannot resist urge to crack it. I have floaters in my eyes, and my hair gets greasy very quickly. Before I started on a low carb diet I had a pulsating sensation in my stomach as if my heart was in my stomach – and my hair tangled easily.

b)What exactly do you feel, Sensation as pain, how pain feels or burn etc. 
The benign tumour (lipoma) isn’t painful. It only hurts when I put significant pressure on it (like any other part of the body).

c)What are the factors that causes this trouble according to you. 

I’m not sure. The lipoma started growing in 2008, but then it was small. I had problems with severe hives (urticaria) in 2014. It got better after enemas (not too often) and a shorter period of drinking slightly alkaline water – plus a very healthy diet. Then a homeopath cured my hives completely with Dulcamara D30. This didn’t stop the benign tumour (lipoma) growing, however. Like I mentioned before, I had the lipoma before I had my quite serious urticaria (hives) issues. I don’t know what is causing my neck to crackle/be stiff. I have very good posture, and never exert pressure on it. I’ve never had any neck injury.

d)Condition under which the complaint is reduced or you feel better like, cold or hot application, cold or hot weather, position as standing, walking,rest etc. 

The lipoma (benign tumour) doesn’t hurt and isn’t affected by the environment. The crackling of my neck possibly gets worse when I sit still for longer periods of time. It’s slightly reduced by exercise and movement.

e)Condition under which the complaint is increased like, cold or hot application, cold or hot weather, position as standing, walking,rest etc. 

The crackling of the neck gets worse during when sitting still.

f)Any other complaint any where in the body. 
No. But I suffered from constipation or loose stools quite often before keto diet and before Dulcamara.

g)Onset time of troubles in detail, i.e which came first, after that what problem and so on. 

The lipoma started growing in 2008. It has been varying in size ever since. In 2014 I had sudden outbreak of hives (urticaria) and two days before it started I had an outbreak of psoriasis on my forehead (for the first time in my life). The psoriasis went away after two days and was followed by nettle-rash (big red hives) on my arms, back, legs, face and tummy. I also had stomach pains and couldn’t eat anything without getting a rash – and severe pain in my tummy. The nettle rash and pains were eased by enemas. The hives finally disappeared when a homeopath prescribed Dulcamara D30 ( the alkaline water and healthy diet helped before that). Before taking Dulcamara, my hair was always very dry and it tangled very easily and my face and hands looked a little bit swollen.

Before I was prescribed Dulcamara, my hands, my face, actually my entire body, really was swollen. It couldn’t have been fat because it went away much quicker than fat – with the diet and then Dulcamara D30. After the treatment I became thin – and taller too. Prior to the Dulcamara treatment, I had intermittent urethral pain with foul smelling urine. My urine also foamed, occasionally. Also, once during 3-4 weeks I had the sensation of having a ‘metal marble’ embedded in my foot. But all of those symptoms went away when I took Dulcamara D30. After the first dose, I got a very high fever and slept for almost 24h. After the fever, my chronic nettle rashes went away – and I also stopped talking in my sleep.

The lipoma was already visible in 2008, but it was quite small. When I started having troubles with Urticaria in 2014, it started growing faster, I think. When the urticaria (hives) had been cured with Dulcamara D30, the benign tumour still persisted. When I was having trouble with Urticaria, I quit grains and sugar. That seemed to arrest the growth of the benign tumour somewhat, I think. In 2016 I started eating grains and sugar once again. I can’t know for sure, but this seemed to accelerate growth.

h)Treatment method adopted and its result. 

Doctors say the lipoma (benign tumour) is the largest they’ve ever seen. They suggest surgically removing it, but I’m reluctant to do so. My latest effort to try to ameliorate these symptoms is going on the Ketogenic diet. In the 2 months I’ve been doing it, it has improved my overall health immensely. I have more energy, my teeth are becoming white, my eyes are clear, my breath is perfect, stools have improved (after a long period of constipation during the beginning of the keto diet) and my mind is clearer and sharper. The keto diet hasn’t had any impact on my neck problems (stiffness) or on the benign tumour, yet.

3. History of diseases in family. 

There is a history of psoriasis and piles. My grandfather had some problems with psoriasis, and my father has problems with piles and, rarely, psoriasis. No serious illnesses.

4. Your childhood. Personal History. 

I had a wonderful childhood. I was somewhat scarred emotionally by my parents’ divorce, but recovered fairly quickly. I suffered in school because of my vivaciousness and enthusiasm (I was not hyperactive or obnoxious). I was quite unpopular and was generally considered a little weird. I was an intellectual child. Strangely, I now tend to be a very popular person wherever I go, I make friends easily. I’m generally a very happy person, though I can be anxious at times. I can get anxious when I’m not in control of a situation, like most people.

b)Academic performance. 
Very good. Straight A’s, scholarship for a private school.

c)Any major incidents in life and the effect of it on life. 
Not as such. My parents’ divorce, but other than that no.

d)How you are satisfied with your sex life, friends, family members, company etc. 
No sex life yet. I get along well with my friends. Sometimes there’s a bit of friction between me and my mum, but generally lovely and pleasant.

5. Habits/Addiction. 
a)Smoking, Alcohol,Sleeping pills, Laxative etc. 
No addictions. I never drink alcohol.

6. How is your Appetite and Thirst. 

My appetite has always been very constant and consistent throughout they day. Before going on the ketogenic diet, I used to eat very many apples every day. Since going on Keto, my appetite is constant and I eat regularly without experiencing ‘extreme hunger’. I’m not controlled by hunger. Thirst is normal.

7. Likes and Dislikes. 
a)Alcohol Bread Butter Bitter Salt Sweet Sour Fats Milk Mud Chalk Egg Spicy food Meat Fish Fruits Fried Food 
Warm food-drink Cold food-drink Ice Ice cream Chocolates Tea Coffee. 

I really like meat, eggs, fish and butter. I love fruit but don’t eat them at the moment. I used to love apples, there was no limit to how many I could eat. I like chocolate. There is nothing I really hate, and I prefer warm food over cold food. Spicy food I like. I don’t like the thought of eating chalk or mud. I don’t drink drink alcohol but I have no aversion. I like fried food but I don’t eat it often. I would like to eat more deep fried food but I don’t want to eat the batter. I love tea and coffee but I only drink tea nowadays. I love ice cream if it’s without sugar (with only raisins or with only stevia as sweetener). I don’t eat bread but I love the thought of it. I don’t like bitter taste.

b)Anything else about like and dislike of any activity with you or surrounding. 

I can get very upset about injustice and unfairness at home. When, for instance, I’m telling the truth and my mother thinks I’m lying. I want to smash everything to pieces, but I restrain myself. I also hate when people are moving around and doing things close to where I’m working. I hate the sound of shoes on the floor, since it reminds me of people leaving. I don’t know why that makes me anxious. The prospect of people knocking on the door makes me very anxious, like they’re invading my space. Sometimes I’m excessively afraid of being judged, but other times (a lot more often) I don’t care about what other people think about me at all.

8. Bowel movements. 

a)Nature of stool, frequency, satisfactory or not. 
Alternately constipated and loose. Improvement since going on the ketogenic diet: more solid, dark brown.

b)Any discomforts associated with stool. 

No. In connection with urticaria 2014 I had very small drops of blood with stools. It disappeared completely after a month.

9. Urine. 
a)Frequency, nature, volume. 

In 2014 (when I had the urticaria problems) I had incredibly foul-smelling urine for half a year. That disappeared with Dulcamara. Today frequency, volume, odour and colour are normal.
b)Any discomfort before, during or after urination/odour 

10. For men. 
a)Any difference in erection/want of erection/weak erection/Ejaculation early/late. 
b)Any other trouble in sex. 

12. Sleep. 
a)The quality of sleep, the quietness or restlessness of sleep, 
position of sleep, times of waking and reasons for waking, 
need for cover over various parts of the body, 
whether the window must be open or closed etc. 
common dreams, peculiar sounds or gestures during sleep, etc. 

I sleep very heavily and have no trouble falling asleep. Some nights, I have no problem with the heat of the duvet. Other nights, I need to cover half of my body while leaving some other part exposed. I used to talk in my sleep, before the diet and the Dulcamara prescription that cured my hives (in 2014). After the fever I got in connection with Dulcamara I stopped talking in my sleep.

13. Sweat 
a)How much, what parts, staining, Odour. 
Little, almost no/somewhat salty odour.

14. Weather 
a)Tolerance to heat and cold, dryness, humidity, weather changes, sun, 
foggy weather, wind drafts, closed rooms, etc. 

I prefer warm weather over cold weather. Before going on the ketogenic diet, I was hesitant to stay out in the sun too long. Now I like to stay out in the sun, unless the air is too hot.

15. Mental Status 
a)The quality of the patient's life in relationship to loved ones, family, friends and colleagues. Overall quality of energy available to function in daily life, and under various circumstances. 

I find it difficult to summon motivation to complete tasks which don’t interest me deeply. When I find something new that interests me, I obsess about it for weeks and then suddenly lose interest. In order to work hard, I need to be inspired. This tendency in me, I feel, is a little too pronounced. When I am inspired, I work very hard indeed. I’m also somewhat of a hypochondriac. I’m still a good student – but I tend to finish many tasks at the last minute

b)Any mental/emotional shocks occurring in the patient's life-grief, major financial losses separation from loved ones, death, identity crisis and other stress in life. 
Not as such, excepting my parents’ divorce.

c)Memory,ability to concentrate/comprehend. 
Memory and ability to process information very good, I’m told. Though often I find it difficult to find motivation when a task doesn’t interest me deeply. I have a problem with laziness in this way. If I’m not interested in a subject, I tend to lose concentration and dither.

d)Are you fearful of anything eg: Animals, people, being alone, darkness, death, disease, robbers, thunder, storm, high places. 
I’m quite fearful of diseases, especially those effecting my ability to think clearly. I’m also nervous about indoor and outdoor toxic fumes; car exhaust, paint, detergents etc

e)Are you anxious about anything: if yes, give details. 
As noted above, quite a few things make me anxious; knocking on doors, deadlines, tasks which seem insurmountable (even though they usually aren’t) and so forth.

f)Are you impatient. 
Usually, yes.

g)Are you doubtful or suspicious. 
This varies from case to case. I don’t tend to be suspicious of people, and I’m usually not pessimistic about the outcomes of my actions.

h)Are you hurt easily (emotionally)how do you react. Does it cause hatred/revenge. 
I’m a very emotional person, but I tend to be able to shake off hurt fairly quickly. I don’t hold grudges for years. In the short term, I can be quite hurt and emotional. If I ever wanted to exact a revenge on someone who had wronged me seriously, it would be sophisticated and not violent.

i)Does your pride get hurt easily. 
In the short term, very. Though I tend to recover quickly.

j)Are you depressed, if so, reason/circumstances. 
I’m not depressed. People tell my I’m the most genial/jovial person they’ve met in years.

k)Do you like to share your problems. 
Not particularly. I often moan and complain to my parents, but outside the house no.

l)Effect of consolation. 
I think I want to be consoled, but tend to be disgusted when I receive it (because it affirms weakness on my part?)

m)Do you ever become suicidal when? How. 

n)Memory- quality if poor, for what ( eg. Names, places, people, what you read). 
My memory is quite good.

o)Do you weep easily, effect of weeping, ie, does it make you worse or better. 
I’m very emotional, and I have a collection of classical music pieces that I know will make me cry every time. I always feel better after crying.

p)Are you easily irritated. What makes you angry, how do you express it. 
I used to be very easily irritated. I would get worked up over totally inconsequential and petty things. That’s become a lot better since getting help from a homeopath and then later, going on the ketogenic diet.

q)Are you destructive. 
My mother sometimes uses this word to describe some of my tendencies. I’m not sure about it myself. I suppose I’m destructive in the sense that I often procrastinate. Once I decide to complete an overdue task, it’s often very close to the deadline – which sometime affects the quality of my work (for the worse).

r)How good are you in making decisions. 
Fairly good, looking back. In the moment I have to make them, however, I’m very anxious about making the wrong decision.

s)Do you like company or like to remain alone. 
I like both equally. Unlike most of my friends, I can sit alone for hours and keep myself busy with my mind alone. Yet I also love discussing/debating/talking to people.

t)How seriously are you affected by disorder and uncleanness in your surroundings. 
For years it hasn’t bothered me. In recent months, however, I’ve become anxious about what other people might think about my untidiness. I’m not very untidy though! I guess I’m a little bit too used to my mother cleaning up around me all the time.

u)How does failure appear to you? 
I fear failure generally. I especially fear failing at something while someone says ‘I told you so’.

v)Are there any matters that you deeply dislike? 
As mentioned above, I deeply dislike injustice in terms of parents and close friends.

w)What activities you deeply like? How does it affect your mood? 
I love reading, whether it be news articles, opinion pieces, history, fiction and poetry. Sometimes I’m concerned that it’s a kind of escapism. One of the things I like most about it is that I can close out the outside world.

x)Are you affectionate? How does others sorrow affect you? 
I’m very empathic, and other people’s sorrows bother me thoroughly. I’m told I’m a quite affectionate person.

y)Any present fears in your life or future. 
Apart from those mentioned above, no.

z)Any present life or future life desires. 
I hope to achieve financial stability and independence in the future.

16.Tell your date, month, year of birth with birth place and timing for Medical Astrology Color Therapy 
8th of February, 1998

17.Describe PRAKRITI 
by doing EVALUATION on visiting 

Vata: 41
Pitta: 34
Kapha: 24
Your Predominant Dosha is: Vata and Pitta

NOTE-- if proper reporting will not be done by you, then i will close the case, you can take advice from others. 

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