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Itchy rash still persists after 2 weeks

I am 51 years old woman, I suddenly developed a rash all over the body a couple of weeks ago. I suspected I had eaten spoilt seafood. So I ate Benadryl at night for 3-4 days and thought it will go away. It continued and I took more frequent doses of Benadryl, alternating with Clartine during the day.

The rash looks like swollen pimples (no pus, no water). There are no other symptoms - no fever, no sneezing. The rash is on the shoulders on elbows, stomach, lower back, a few on the rams, also thighs and legs and feet.

The itch is really bad in the evening. A friend told me to take Urtica and I took it for a few days. There was absolutely no change so I went to an allopathic doctor who examined me and said it could possibly be scabies. I remembered I had stayed in a college dorm recently for a conference and used the bedsheets and towel provided.
So the doctor gave me this permethrin 5% cream and asked me to apply it for one night.

I did that but there is no change so I feel it may not be scabies. Yes I was stressed in the last few weeks and very disturbed but I don't know how to treat this rash. Please help.
  magicwand on 2018-08-04
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
Is there any factor which increases or decreases the itch?? Like warmth, cold application,rubbing,bathing,during night,air etc
Is there any burning in rashes?
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KR 5 years ago

I suggest you try another md- they have to scrape the skin and sometimes use a needle to draw one of the scabies out for correct diagnosis. And if scabies you need another dose of medicine 7 days
After the first dose- to kill mites that hatched after the first dose.

You also have to wash everything in hot water and put coats and other items in a sealed bag for some weeks to let the scabies die. If you have others living with you, they also have to be treated because this
Is very , very contagious.

Homeopathic remedies are not going to kill scabies.
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simone717 5 years ago
Please do not post such type of interfering messages i m a professional doctor..you should not give such type of irrational knowledge to any patient..
KR 5 years ago
Any member of the forum can post their opinion
On any thread. Correct diagnosis is important and
If she has just a rash , then homeopathic treatment will
Help her. There have been people on here with scabies,
Using only homeopathic treatment and the scabies has gone on
For months, in some cases years and they were treated by very
Experienced homeopathic drs.

The first step is to get an accurate diagnosis , from a real live qualified MD.
Which needs to be done in person.
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simone717 5 years ago
You are giving a wrong information that homoeopathy doesn't work in scabies..
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KR 5 years ago
I have not seen it work with cases on here. What I have seen
Is a disaster, where people could not work, their children had to stay with other family to prevent being infected , etc and no info given to patient about washing everything, putting clothes away to let the mites
Die, etc.

The first step, is finding out if it is scabies or not..
Her doctor did not do adequate testing.
simone717 5 years ago
Nux Vom 200
15 drops in a cup containing an ounce of water, sip one third of it, 15 minutes later sip the next third of it, and 15 minutes later take the last third of it.HALF AN HR BEFORE DINNER. don't repeat.


anuj srivastava 5 years ago
Thanks for responding. The itch is manageable in the daytime but is very pronounced towards the evening and night. I take a Benadryl because it helps to relieve it a bit and I can get some sleep otherwise I keep scratching myself. No burning, just itchy.It feels better in cool air.

It's very hot this summer and I have been out for long periods in the sun. I also tried pitting Calamine lotion, but the relief is temporary. Applying coconut oil after bath helps a little.
magicwand 5 years ago
Thank you Dr. Srivastave, I will start today and let you know in 2 days.
magicwand 5 years ago
I don't have drops but I can get pills in 6 potency. Will that work? I am n the US at this time, in California.
magicwand 5 years ago
Hi magic wand ,

Anuj is not a dr. He is a retired military man in India.
He has a lot of experience giving remedies thru the years.

You can get pills - in India liquid is very cheap and easy to get-
But not in western countries. You can order the correct potencies off this site- click store at top of forum- there are 3 USA suppliers and pills
Are much less than liquid.

Arsenic album and kali phos potencies you can find at Whole Foods.
Nux vom 200 you have to order online. Kali Phos will be a cell salt in hylands brand. Arsenicum will be a boiron blue tube in 30c.

Good luck with your treatment.
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simone717 5 years ago
Thank you simone717.
I am also concerned in case it happens to be scabies. I will probably have to take a second opinion as the doctor I met was not sure herself, but I have work for another 10 days so I am not able to get an appointment.
I have been living with my sons for the last 1 month and they don't have any symptoms, though I believe the symptoms can appear after a few weeks too. She did tell me to wash all clothes in hot water and that the family members may have to be treated too in case it is scabies.
The rash is a bit concentrated on the stomach and lower back and scattered through the rest of the body. It is on the shoulders, outer elbows and ankles (not in the hollow part). It's not on the face, front neck, palms or soles of the feet or scalp. It is not in the webs of the fingers in the hands or toes.
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magicwand 5 years ago
Hi magic wand,

If me? I would look up some dermatologists-

I think it is important to get the diagnosis nailed down.
[Edited by simone717 on 2018-08-05 02:04:37]
simone717 5 years ago
Hi Simone717,

Thanks for giving your direct comments.

I am well aware that this forum is for helpful recommendations only. I am aware that many people posting here are not doctors. I am responsible for my health and for the health of my family. I am not a US resident and am only visiting my family. The doctor I met and paid for in full was at Urgent care. I paid over the counter for the medicines. But this forum is not about how and why I cannot go to another doctor. It is about seeking advice.

I appreciate your concern but am surprised by your alarm and sharp words.
magicwand 5 years ago
Thanks Simone7171. Yes, I found some medicines in Whole Foods.
magicwand 5 years ago

One never knows what info a person has when coming on this forum.
I have been on here over 5 years and the majority of people asking for help are from India, Pakistan and there has been a long standing issue
Of those people calling everyone “dr” and over time a huge amount of people really think they are talking to md’s and this is something the
Forum owner wants to stop. This forum was set up as
An exchange of ideas about any type of healing from any member but most think it is a real clinic.

I have seen cases on here, where people post images of their “rash”
And even have 3 real drs argue over what it is, and they were all
Wrong. ( none of them dermatologists) Anyway, I hope you get well soon.
simone717 5 years ago
Thinking about what you said, and I just remembered,
Besides reading about unresolved suffering of scabies on here,
My brother’s roommate had them- he was diagnosed wrongly
And soon my brother had them- and he also was diagnosed wrongly.
Within a couple weeks they had all the furniture outside and clothes in plastic bags - but were being reinfected from their cars and motorcycle helmets - read “my scabies nightmare” mypreciousthingz. blogspot.com,
Shows rash images, how they finally fixed it, they got reinfected by their car also.
simone717 5 years ago
Dear magicwand,

Dont get frightened

Take mercurius 30c three times a day
(one dose is 2 drops in a cup of water or 4 globules directly on tongue )

For three days

Then give reply about the condition

KR 5 years ago
I appreciate your concern. Simone 717 and I am equally concerned about the possibilities and ramifications. I will take all possible precautions and try to see another doctor as soon as I can.
Thanks once again for taking the time and giving me the big picture.
magicwand 5 years ago
Reporting after 2 days:
The itch seems to have reduced significantly, but it does increase towards the evening. I noticed a few new spots on my stomach and back but the old spots seemed to have shrunk a bit and look less inflamed. I am applying coconut oil on the skin mainly to get some relief from the itch.
Mr. Srivastave, please advise - should I continue the same medicines?
magicwand 5 years ago
Pls continue for four more days and give a feedback.
anuj srivastava 5 years ago
OK thanks. I am still getting new spots which are extremely itchy. I was at work yesterday and could have only the arsenic but I will continue the Arsenic 30 (I have pills) in water and the Kali Phos 6 for the next 3-4 days and report.
magicwand 5 years ago
I qm continuing the medicines but have several new spots, red, inflamed and itchy.
magicwand 5 years ago
anuj srivastava 5 years ago
magicwand 5 years ago

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