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Urgent- Not Walked in Eight Years- DR. Please

I have posted this last night.
I do not know where it went. I am tryng to help a stranger.
There is a man who is 29.
He fell off his house EIGHT years ago. He broke TEN BONES IN HIS BACK and has been BEDRIDDEN FOR EIGHT YEARS.

At one point 3.5 years ago, he was able to stand for four hours. But his therapy had to stop because he had no more money.
Now he is just lying in bed for YEARS.

He needs to walk again. He also has a HORRIFIC bed sore bigger than your hand.

Please please, can you suggest him some medicine. Here is his form...

1.What is the main reason you need treatment?
I need rule the world, I don't want to depend on others to live
I want several in the world because many of avoid me and My family
I want make of my mom proud
2.Describe your complaints giving the following details:
Because of my back bone broken so I can't able to walk now
I lost my sense from chest to leg
I can't able feel any thing chest to leg
But I heavy back bone pain unbearable back bone pain which killing me every second of me
I can feel hungry
Then chest to leg I can feel like burning every second
My two leg are not In my control but leg feel the pain which not connect with brain
Because of back bone broken injury only I got double stroke paralyzed attack
In my back there is owned which is not healed until now
Until now I don't operate in my body

a. What does it feel like?
I feel little current in the body
b. When does it happen?
Last night
c. What sort of things make it worse?
Every day
Every second
Every minute
Now days avoid me and totally forgot me
Hard wards which makes me very badly feel
There is no love
No true relationship
Every one faking me
Every relationship and family totally avoid me
They now respect my wards
Every one family member irrigation me
Simply say why your living in the world please understand think what will happen every day and every second of my life now
d. What sort of things make it better?
Just a sleep or think about good thing
Or change my mind other things
But few times or few day
And which I hate my heart I can't forget fever
I forgive those cheated me forever in my life
e. What else was happening when it first appeared?
Good and feel better
f. Describe the quality of the pain, being as creative as you can. How would someone else imagine the pain happening to them?
Boiling water or boiling oil which fell in your hands or body
Hummer a person on body every second body
g. What does it look like?
It kill me every time
h. Do any other symptoms occur immediately before, during or after?
Feel better like before I said some Viber

3. What illnesses have you had in the past?
No illnesses

4. What illnessess run in the family?
Dad have as sugar and money problem is big for mom

5. What do people die from in the family?
Burning only

6. What medication are you on?

7. What foods do you crave, whether you allow yourself to eat them or not? List from the strongest craving to the weakest.
Normally food only
I like non vegetarian
But control eat everything because I know what my body aspect now

8. What foods do you have an aversion to? (hatred or repulsion for)
Vegetable and non vegetarian
Only sea food and meat
9. What is your level of thirst, and what do you prefer to drink?
It looks about sunlight around
If cool mean I have 5 to 7 litres
Sunny mean 10 to 14 litres

10. What foods aggravate you? (including allergies)
All food normal control I have control now after this accident.

11. Do you suffer from any digestive complaints?
Yes same time because I am not physically fit

What is your bowel habit like?

12. What is your level of energy like? Rate it from 1-10 (10 being excellent).
6 to 7

How does your energy fluctuate throughout the day (and night)?
Same conditions I filled energy
Same time makes very bad

13. What is your level of sexual energy like?
Sexual energy ful

14. How is your sleep?

What position do you prefer to sleep in? Is there any position you cannot sleep in? Any unusual behaviour during sleep?
Lay left said my body

15. Have you had any reoccurring dreams or images/ pictures/ themes that repeat themselves in your dreams? Please describe.
My dreams I should a IAS officer but now I can't
Now I become a celebrity
I want rule

16. Describe your menses (periods). Describe any PMS. Have you been through menopause? Any gynecological problems?
I feel very thing my mind but physically I can't able do but sexually energy heavy in me

17. How does the weather affect you? Are you sensitive to the temperature in any way?
If cool mean my body totally get cool severing
If sunny mean over swatting
Which looks a bathing

18. Is there anything else in the environment you are sensitive to, perhaps more so than the people around you?
Nothing else
People around me don't talk with me

19. What is the worst thing that has ever happened to you? Describe in detail.
This accident which makes my life totally collapsed
And lover throw me like use tea cup
She didn't value my love just value my money before
No love no faking relationship
Now days don't believe one in relationship because if I was true suddenly pass away like passing clouds

20. What part of your life do you have the most difficulty coping with? Why is that?
I don't coping any thing what as happen which can't now

21. What was your childhood like? Describe your parents and your relationship with them. Describe your relationship with your siblings and other extended family members. Did anything in your childhood have a profound effect on you?
My childhood life totally spend in school hostel
So nothing special in it
Near 14 years

22. Describe the romantic relationship you are currently in. What causes the most problems between you?
No romantic relationship now
Currently I am searching a person who can travel with me until my death as a friend , lover more care able person
But I love more love and romance

23. What is your occupation?
Now no occupation before I prepared civil exam IAS or IPS exam that my life time now totally collapsed which makes feel bad every second of my life
What differentiates you from the other people in your place of employment?
I am ruler , I need displain
Time keeping , wards under control ,
What difficulties do you have at work?
Now no work

24. What is your self-confidence like? I Can do anything in the world
When is your confidence at its worst?
If My wish any thing not happen worst

25. What fears do you have? No fear
Do you have any phobias?
What things in life do you have trouble facing?
Money problem

26. What parts of yourself or your life would you change if it were at all possible? My college days but totally I want change my life because it's past

27. What do you do to relax? Sleep or watching any interest movie and cricket , and driving
28. What is something that you have told nobody else, love and now searching for love true relationship or at least very few people? Why is that? Because no true value for love Easley throw away
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  iloveyou on 2018-08-26
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
Patient age, weight, gender, marital status, country / city.
1- constipation history if any ? 2- headache if any ?
3- must select one option whic is more from below
a) restlessness .. b) weakness
4- your detailed daily routine ? hourly basis. Morning to evening.
5- is it a reoccurring problem ? your current problem i mena.
6- your were physically inactive or active just before this problem ?
7- do you feel more thirsty or thirst-less ?
8- do you feel more cold in body or hot mostly ?
9- any foul smelling gases ? abdomen ? if smelly please mention.
10- when your suffering or pain or symptoms aggravate / increase ?
and when/how ameliorate / feel better ?
11- do you have had B.P or problem ? if yes controlled or not ?
not ?
Had anyone in his family sufferend or died from c-ancer or T.B ? only consider his father, father's brothers, grandfather ..
Had anyone in her family suffered or died from c-ancer or T.B ? only consider her mother, mother's sisters, grandmother.
13- Select one option ONLY which is more / dominant
a) Fear (anything if any but dominant if .. b) Anger (if dominant only and mostly) c) Greed (if any dominant) d) Pride


1- Broiler chicken (white hen which forms in 30 days almost)
2- contaminated water
3- microwave oven.
4 fruits ripen from chemicals.
5- Old pots. specially with black dots at the bottom.

Always check a persons profile to see other cases, details etc.
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