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blood pressure-copied post-must read

No doctor at all and just very few naturopaths or homeopaths know the real cause of BP.
Let me tell what I know about it so far, which is something I see very often confirmed.

1. on terminology level.

The blood pressure is called scientifically "essential blood pressure" which translated means "we have no clue about its cause". Ask your doctor next time to see what he tells you.

2. on physical level

We all know that the kidney is the blood filter. The allpathic doctors know that too, but since they don't think they cannot make any connections between BP and the kidney, although is more than obvious in this case. Ask any doctor and he won't be able to name you the real cause but he will give you medicine for the heart.

But the real cause is even for a 4 years old child easy to understand, so listen:

We have a pump (heart), the tubes (bloodvessels) and the filter (kidney). The doctors act like the cause would be the heart and they give medicine for the heart. But it is not the case. Actually there is nothing more stupid than acting like that.

When the filter (kidney) is clogged we get a blood pressure in the tubes between pump and filter. Any gardner or mechanic would clean the filter or replace it. The doctors put down the power of the pump by giving betablockers, a medicine which reduce the muscle power of the heart.

If a gardner or a mechanic would do that he would be fired on the spot. The doctors don't get fired, although by doing this stupid thing they destroy the heart of millions of people and this "medicine" will cause many problems in the body since we need any single milliwatt of heart power. This is the most important organ and has to deliver enough blood from the toes to the brain. The most things people feel when they get betablockers are weakness and diziness which is a very logical consequence.

Another thing doctors prescribe in the case os BP is a snake-poison called "ACE-inhibitor" which will cause your vessels to dilatate and some more bad things a snake will do when he wants to kill a victim. If a gardner or a mechanic would replace the tube with a thicker one to get less pressure in the tube, instead of cleaning/changing the pump, he would be fired on the spot. Not the same with the doctors, there are nobody to fire them.

Taking an ACE inhibator pill is like beeing bitten by a snake; the blood vessels dilatate which allow many things to happen in a bad way, (vessel ruptures due to lack of elasticity, etc., things get off the vessels deposits and start to move within them, etc ).

Imagine what happens with a 50-60 old water tube with lots of calcium on it when you start to blow it and releave it daily.

Beside keeping the blood vessels dilatated this ACE-inhibitor push the water and the salt out of the body thickening thus the blood. By decreasing the water content in the blood we decrease also the blood volume and in consequence the blood pressure. But with what huge risks involved this is done: heart and brain attack due to the thick blood is preprogrammed. Anothe important side affect of the ACE inhibitors will be the long term destroying of the calcium metabolism.

The 3rd poison doctors give for BP is a blood thiner (such as heparin) , a substance similar to many poisons from snakes and spiders.

The betablocker acts like a bite of snake who paralizes your heart muscle, the ACE inhibitor and the blood thinger acts like a snake which will dilatate you vessels and change the viscosity of the blood.

By taking the standard alopathic medicine in case of blood pressure is like beeing bitten daily by 2-3 different types of poisonous snakes.

For doctors the kidney doesn't exist anmyore when the word BP comes into discussion.
They are programmed to give this 3 medicine, all together, or one after the other, depending of the reaction to the betablocker which will be the 1st options.

If the betablcoker itself doesn't work - this happens pretty often- the doctor will give you one or both of the different 2 poisons along with the betablockers.

It is obviously that the kidney and only the kidney has to do with the blood pressure for a person without heart problems and this because of more simple reasons.

a) the kidney is a filter and this filter has to clean the blood. The kidney is an amazing filter. Although it weighs only 120 gramms and it has a volume only of 130 cm cube, the filter channels of the kidneys have 80-100 km in lenght and there are around 1500 liter blood passing through them daily.

And as anybody knows, most people have sand and stones in the kidneys which means this filter cannot work 100% anymore. The allopathic doctors make no connection between this simple and known facts and that is because they don't think themselves. They are just there to sell medicine and wave the people through their offices in and out and they are just used to take over the theories the pharma industry gives to them.

And the pharma has no theory about the BP so the doctors have no theory either.
And the pharma is not stupid to reveal the real cause of the most frequent affection in the industry nations and loose the big money they make with the 3 snake medicines above which will destroy anybody's heart and health in a short time and for a long term.
That is why is called essention blood pressure till today.

An now lets come to the more important causes besides the mechanical ones.

Another physical factor for the BP is the distortion of the hormon NORADRENALIN which is situated in the cortex, a gland situated above the kidney. This is as a stress hormone and reveals also one of the psychical causes for the BP: stress and the tension induced by stress whic will contract the blodd vessels and the kidneys.
The production of this hormone can be also distored or inhibited by allopathic medicine.

The distortion of this hormone is not the cause itself, but is the consequence of the stress and tension in the mind/spirit. So by only inlfuencing this hormone will no treat the cause.

The kidney is the place where the soul is connected with the body and the kidney are organs directly affected by the state of the soul. Tthe kidney are the organs which reflect durectly the joy or the sadness of a person.

When the partner of some older person will die, that remaining person will get sad and will make maybe for the first time BP because the sadness of the soul will reflect in the kidney which cannot filter the same amount of blood as in a normal state. Most people make for the first time BP after the disease of death of a close relative. And you will barely find a happy peorson making BP !

When somebody has resentiments it will develop kidney stones, when somebody will cry a lot than the amount of urine will be affected imediately. This shows us the direct connection between emotions and the kidney functions.

There are few happy people around, many people are alone, many people are in stress, many people are unsatisfied with lifem with themselved , with the partner and this will reflect at a higher age in the BP.

To heal BP one should to these things in this order:

a) get a homeopathic medicine to be able to make that persone overcome the grief and sadness and the cause for it or get out of stress and tension.

b) get a new partner (beeing alone is a daily sadness), practice an old/new hobby, get a new job, go out of the house, go travel , get out of the monotony, put joy in life in any form. Or change the job to a less stressful one, change the wife, the parnter, whatever gives you stress.

c) cleanse the kidneys from sand, stone, cholesterin deposits (use the appropiate homeopathic remedies Calculi renales, Lithium carb., Lecithinum, Cholesterinum, Calcarea carbonica, Lycopodium, and other )

Taking something like Rauwolfia or any heart herb or medicine, even homeopathic, is the completly wrong method because the cause of the BP has nothing to do with the heart which it will beat the same.

It will be probably better to get any remedy which allow you to feel more happy, relaxed, help you overcome the stres, grief or sadness that you definitely must have.

A Bach remedy which you can choose yourself withing 10 minutes matching your character and problems will have much more effect on your BP than a consultation at a naturopath/ homopath who only treats the simptoms. So better do that than to take Rauwolfia...
  anuj srivastava on 2018-08-30
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
Thanks Anuj. When dr Mohla was on here, he often gave the
Indicated remedy individualized to the person along with Bach flowers
To help them feel a different mind set reaction,
Which over time changes thinking habits that are stressful. Bp results were good.
simone717 last year
I no,people recommend many medicines for BP only Rauwolfia,leading the list of remedies,most abused,unfortunately does not help.
[Edited by anuj srivastava on 2018-08-31 05:39:32]
anuj srivastava last year
Rawfolia Serpentina: Patient feels the heartbeat to the throat. Palpitation efforts, intense, the feeling in the fingertips. Precordial pain on effort. Palpitation with an irregular heartbeat when lying, standing or walking better. Transient elevation of blood pressure followed by hypotension.
anuj srivastava last year

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