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sample of case taking for classical homeopathy for practitioners.-Courtesy- Dr. Rajan Shankaran

I am sharing a sample of case taking for classical homeopathy for practitioners.
You may learn a lot of things from this.
You must find effect of Mother's Mental/Physical conditions on PT during Pregnancy.
Observe pattern of changes, How external steroid application on 5 months girl converts into skin .
Understand the importance of finding causation and sensation in case taking.
It may be few spelling mistakes because typing work has been done by my daughters Archi and Ananya (student of 4 and 6).
Let me know what remedy can be prescribed for this case. Don't forget importance of stars. Focus on mother and child dreams and creativity. Find out what is common among them.
After your discussion I shall tell you the remedy which has restored her health.
AGE / SEX - 11 years / female
EDUCATION - 6 class
<< DRYNESS AND FROM EATING WHEAT DUST , SHE IS ALLERGIC TO APPROX 35 things. The IgE is on itâ€ââ€Å¾Â¢s dangerous level. Body react to almost all the things and high risk of c----r according to dermatologist.
*At the age of 5 months old, while travelling, she started having green color stool and itching in cold weather.
*Better by external steroid application. And after few months diagnosed with atopic dermatitis.
* Asthma - 2 years of age.
In acute episode inhaler steroids were required. Becomes better on its own.
*Allergic eyes symptoms; unable to open her eyes . Allergic conjunctivitis . watery discharges . redness of the eyes , <<light , <<< rains and the cold weather . 2-3 years after it given all types of allergic steroids for eyes .
* Inflammation of adenoids , sleep with mouth open , and breathing through mouth .
* Allergic diathesis << dust milk , cashew nuts and pea nuts and many other seeds .
*She was very creative .
* Most of the time she close herself in a room , for hours and plan and work on different ides‘s .
* Recently she made a board game with a completely new concept .
* She creative her own recipes and cook.
* Very much energetic , jumping and playful much creative .
* She is very caring and very emotional.
* When someone accused her for something which she didn't done at all she became very sad and frustrated in this situation , became emotional and irritable .
* **When her father and mother didn't comply or not understand her feeling she became very sad and sulky , become better with consolation. ***
* Childhood -
She used to cry a lot , mostly in night , didn't had any other peculiarity.
Physical general -
*Appetite - Milk ** cheese, sweet, chocolates, bread, ice - cream***
* Aversion - sour food
*Perspiration - Scanty, mostly on neck .
* Thermal - hot
* Urine - Normal
* Stool - Normal
* Sleep - disturbed because of itching and obstruction of nose
*Dreams - Falling from height, and become
very frightened and wake up after it .
*Used to become angry on her house maid .
* Very very happy and contended all the time
*Physically, mild spotting in first 3 months ,took progesterone for it and then she got better .
* Dream of animals not scared of them she saw lions , and was very happy to see them .
* She is very quiet , and sitting just quietly in one place .
* Moist and perspiration on palms and coldness in sole .
* No steroid, No medicine. Used Only Oil coconut and moisturizer
* Analyzing-
* Remedy Suggestion--
* School miss - Because of eye problem
* Ophthalmologist - Told its allergy - so immediate treatment done .
* Then we went to one allergic specialist he suggested some nasal drops .
* On and off graph always been there .
* It could be in skin - looks like wound so we have to apply band on that part and send her to school .
* Lot of rubbing in eye. there is some problem .
D: Her nature..
M: Caring and sharp observation intelligent girl . Sometimes remain quiet in front of new people . When she was young and used to come from school she always bubbly and cheerful .
D: Describe bubbly and cheerful to me .
P: We used to say her, you are very amazing. And then she becomes very happy and wants to share everything about what happened in school .
Now everybody used to say she has some allergies, so she used to feel I donâ€ââ€Å¾Â¢t have friend because of my allergy .
D: Two phases- one phase she was bubbly and other is not like that
P: She creates a lot , she created such an amazing game , its called- The Risk . some no will have - most of them take a risk - its actually risk but very funny very nice game -family game .
She likes to cook .
In travelling she feels like munching and eating . sudden recipe comes in her mind
D: Weather ?
P: Cool is better , in dryness the itching and uncomfortable
D: Any crack on skin ?
P: Dryness is much more .
D: Where the skin troubles are maximum ?
P: Neck , little bit in stomach area . ankle area has also when she was youngest but now its not there at all .
Even in her hands also .
Over the years - the skin becomes thick .
D: What happens with the eyes ?
P: Itching , redness , watery , sometimes canâ€ââ€Å¾Â¢t open the eyes in morning .
D: How are the hands ?
P: Around the wrist - earlier it was but not now.
D: Tell me what are the things you fond of in food and drinks ?
P: Pizza , ice - cream .
D: And ?
P: Donuts .
D: What you say she is very creative .
M: She create new things even in the games , drawing and recipe. first when she draw - It was dustbin which was very nice .she likes doodling and coloring . creating treasure hunt kind of game .
D: What is the game exactly ?
What is the fun part of game ?
P: There is a little cards and you do dares and risk written cards you roll the dies and what
ever no . comes you have to do whatever written on card . some risk involving like taking funny sellers and post it in to the group where no family members are there .
D: Something funny in it ?
M: Basically the person has to do things which makes other laugh . Something that difficult to do but makes you laugh .
D: What else you enjoy doing ?
P: Cooking .
D: What do you like ? what is the fun with cooking ?
M: You get to eat what ever you make .
Sometimes her night sleep disturb because of skin . morning she get good sleep .
D: How was your mind state during pregnancy ?
M: Excited .
D: Feeling of excitement ?
M: Very creative at that time - I was creating my own house -- space to our self and more of in dependency and lot of stress for small small things . stress and exhausted many time
D: In what way ?
M: Small things - I donâ€ââ€Å¾Â¢t know how to do and what to do there and then works didnâ€ââ€Å¾Â¢t do like that so I used to search a lot , rooming a lot to make things very well .
But then it was very good looking so very peaceful .
D: Describe peaceful ?
M: My own achievement , beauty
I used to read so many house magazine to find new things . I used to love watching what is being cooked
D: Anything specific you want to eat during this pregnancy ?
M: Instant craving - and I used to know what I ?
D: Nausea more any particular time of day ?
M: No
On her time some spotting was also there and some disappointment may be this pregnancy would not last and then took progesterone .
D: What dreams do you get ?
M: Dream - family guru he is very young and flash of his face like a reassurance .
D: Something about lion ?
M: Tiger about - it was not scary - he came and lead me somewhere . white tiger .
D: What was the feeling there ?
M: More like a surprise and shock kind of feeling .
And my elder sister also seen some lion dream in her pregnancy .
I wasnâ€ââ€Å¾Â¢t scare . but lot of surprise , 1 I saw it was dog and in ground it was running and then it was tiger so at that time I scared but then I donâ€ââ€Å¾Â¢t feel like it .
D: Describe that feeling .
M: OH my god what is happening .
One ream which I got was that guru - smiling face and reassuring me - blessing kind of .
D: What is the feeling there ?
M: Everything will be ok . because I was very scared whether it would sustain or not .
Because we were planning and I was near in 37 when I had her . also towards 8 month something amniotic fluid was very less .
{ observation - finger around lips all the time, playing with lips }
She has allergies of so many things like eggs , cashew nuts , pea nuts .
{ observation - skin is very thick , rough everywhere but on neck very prominent and on her hand . { elephant skin }}
  anuj srivastava on 2018-08-31
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
Is the case was taken by Sankaran, using the sensation method? It looks like it is...

I guess this is not the whole case but just a part of the case? because I don't see any sensation in the case... unless this is a mineral case or animal case, then they don't have a sensation like plants. For example, mineral row 3, the issue is a relationship, row 4 is a job, security, family, row 5 creativity, and row 6, the issue is responsibility and so on. And the animals have a different experience, depending on which kind of animals.

Having said that, if creativity is a real issue in this case, then the remedy could be from mineral, row 5 may be from the left-hand side of the column....
Tui 3 years ago
anuj srivastava 3 years ago
I don't see the case from the link.
Tui 3 years ago
anuj srivastava 3 years ago
still couldn't find the case from the link, but I'm just going to guess the remedy.

The mother talked about her mind state during pregnancy as 'Excited' 'Very creative at that time'. Here, I initially thought this may be from the mineral Row 5, but I don't rally see any mineral theme from what you have written here.
So I think this excited feeling and creativity is maybe from a plant kingdom 'Rubiaceae' family. The remedies belong to Rubiaceae family desire for stimulation and they usually have a lot of ideas, fantasies, excitement. They are creative people who pursue creative writing, music etc.

I'm not sure of her Miasm but her feelings about the dream of a white tiger may point to the Miasm of something closed to Acute miasm or Thyphoid miasm.

The remedy might be Ipecac or Chininum sulphuricum or somewhere around there. Ipecac has a lot of respiratory symptoms and some itching skin, but not sure so now you have to tell us the remedy.
Tui 3 years ago
Sulphur may be the remedy of choice
[Edited by Mister4 on 2018-09-01 10:53:05]
Mister4 3 years ago

Did not realize this is Sankaran/ sensation method.

First- this is not case taking that works online-
Brisbane homeopath tried this online for years
And remedy would end up correct after he did regular case taking.Patients loved describing their dreams, sensations,
And were thrilled to hear they might be a dolphin,
A horse, a swan , exotic plant etc. A year later,
After no results, they were cured by a polycrest like Nat mur
When he retook the case with regular methods.

Second the “rows” of the mineral remedies pioneered
By jan schulten and sankaran have not had “proving “done- they are “theory”.

Third, the method of dividing people into plants,
Animals or minerals Is an artificial layer that
Just confuses things and sells books.

Fourth, I have suggested patients ( some homeopaths
Even) to go see in person some well known homeopaths
Who are main prescribers of this method in India.
Sankaran teaches his potency / dose method/
Which sounds reasonable? But in real life
The prescription was brutal - like take Lachesis
1m every day for 3 weeks ? Of course there was
Horrible aggravation and that patient ( a homeopath) was instructed to continue the daily dose???
Soon stopped believing in these people.

Cases sound great - but this is”guru” homeopathy and
It sells books.
[Edited by simone717 on 2018-09-01 14:42:23]
simone717 3 years ago
no-i am not saying for online consultation.

this type of case taking cannot be done online.

this is good for practitioners having their clinics.

i have shared two links also for people who would like to follow the docs .

there are many cases listed in the second link,but no remedy has been mentioned.

oh my god lachesis for three weeks?who can prescribe like that.even in 200 potency it should not be repeated.

yes his books sell like hot cakes.

yes division does not serve any purpose,and not many are following that method .
[Edited by anuj srivastava on 2018-09-01 14:59:48]
anuj srivastava 3 years ago
Analysis Of The Patient.

“First,” Dr. Gandhi tells us, “identify the kingdom to which the patient belongs. The first step is to get your kingdoms right.” One is guided to the correct kingdom through tracing the patient’s words. The following guidelines direct one to the correct kingdom.

Mineral – Individuals who need a mineral talk about, “lacking something; lacking capacity, identify.” They may state, “The problem is me. I lack or I will lose. I am unable to do this because of this limitation. I am the problem. I wish I could do this….” They discuss structuring the life, relationship, role, performance, power, attack and defense.

Plant – Individuals who need plant remedies discuss being, “Stuck in one place and being unable to react,” or they show some “sensitivity to a situation and then react.” They talk about how things affect them. “This bothers me, this affects me.” For example, “I have been choked, contracted, constricted.” Plants show the feature of one basic sensation and the opposite. For example, tight and loose; pain and numbness; or tied and untied.

Animal – Individuals who need animal remedies generally speak about, “Not being the problem. Someone else is the problem.” For example, “My mother-in-law has made my life miserable.” They talk about another person. They talk about issues of survival, victim and aggressor, and attractiveness.
anuj srivastava 3 years ago
I find all this above to be artificial and over simplified.
You could have a person who missed stages of
Development due to a lack of parenting -mineral,they could be a naturally sensitive person(artist) plant, and then get
Caught up in an abusive relationship( animal)

They complain about the abuse and have plant type pains-
One can easily get off track here. Probably the case would go in layers and would work if it is repertorized the hahnemann

Many famous homeopaths have tried to use
Plant, mineral , animal and got nowhere -
I had most of the books and courses on this
And my conclusion is it is a waste of time.
simone717 3 years ago

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