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Attention: Dr Reva V, Dr Tui, Dr drjitesh -Please Help - ED & PE

I have taken 2 doses of Acid Phos 200 with gap of 12 hours. 2nd dose taken today for the following problems:

- Instant ejaculation during intercourse 
- Sudden relaxation of penis during intercourse 
- discharge of prostatic fluid during foreplay or on sexual attractions 
- Incomplete and unsustainable erection 

I want to know:
1- how many more doses of Acid Phos 200 should I take?

2- Is Acid Phos 200 is right potency for the stated problems or Acid Phos Q will be more effective?

Please advise for the above, History is given below:
Age: 42 years 
Height: 5’.4” 
Weight: 52 kg 
Body: Slim 
Marital Status: Married 14 years back have 4 kids 

Major Problems: 
-Instant ejaculation during intercourse 
- Sudden relaxation of penis during intercourse without ejaculation
- discharge of prostatic fluid during foreplay or on sexual attractions 
- Incomplete and unsustainable erection

Other symptoms: 
-Frequent urination 
-Irregular stools
-Poor Appetite 
-Physical and mental weakness
-Strain in Neck and Lower Back, frequent backache
-loss of Hair 
-Post nasal drip (unclear throat, mucus like sticking in throat)

•Sad behavior, want to be remain silent
•I feel unconfident for real intercourse
•I mostly remain calm, avoid confrontation 
•Smoker with 15-20 cigarettes per day 

I had extreme sexual attraction since school life, I was frequent to masturbate and imaginary sex, I frequently suffered from spermatorrhea and prostatorrhea before and after marriage, I was also addicted to porn before and after marriage. 

Remedies Used:
i- Staphisagria 1M one dose per week total 8 doses, as advised by senior homeopath - some improvement for erection was observed but PE was remain the same. I felt aggravating after 6th dose and stopped using it. Last dose taken in March 2018.

ii- Lycopodium 200, one dose daily total 4 doses - Erection stiffness was improved but instant ejaculation and sudden withdrawal of erection during intercourse was there. Last dose taken in July 2018.
  Seck on 2018-10-07
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
First my advice would be stop smoking

don't take acid phos

first tell me more if you have taken any more HOMOEOPATHIC REMEDIES apart from staph 1m or lyco 200 please mention specifically

then I can help you .

Dr.jitesh Sharma
drjitesh 4 years ago
Dr Sharma, thanks for your kind advice. I am a smoker since more than 20 years and had tried to quit smoking many times but failed. Actually starting smoking is also due to my above sexual problem. I was suffered from spermatorrhea and prostatorrhea 20 years back and related problems which gone worse after Herbal and Homeopathic treatment and unitration/prostate problems start, ultimately Trans urethral resection of the prostate (TURP) done, but Spermatorrhea and related problems remained same. At that time i was severely disappointed and grieved so start smoking 1- 2 cigarettes daily.

As regards using Acid Phos, after studying different remedies the symptom of "Sudden relaxation of penis preventing emission during intercourse" is found in Acid Phos, which actually happens with me during intercourse.

Apart from Staph and lyco, I didn't use other remedy.

In view of the above I will be grateful for your further advice.
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Seck 4 years ago




drjitesh 4 years ago
Dr Sharma, thanks for taking my case.

Can I use Caladium Seguinum 30 liquid dilution, and how many drops in a dose?
Seck 4 years ago
No try to get pills if you still cant find
Then take 2 drops from dilution
Twice a day

Dr.Jitesh Sharma
drjitesh 4 years ago
Dear Dr Sharma, I was unable to find pills so I got 30c dilution by Schwabe Germany.

I have started with it, will report you accordingly.

Seck 4 years ago
Dear Dr. Sharma,

Sorry for bothering you, I am confused about the progress. Following is details:

DAY 1-1st dose was taken at evening about 6 p.m, within few hours after taking 1st dose I feel decongestion of my esophagus and feel better breathing, also release of mucus from my throat for which I had to spit repeatedly for some time. I had dinner and didn’t feel and burning and heaviness, I had a comfortable sleep. I feel better from earlier. Such progress is not noticed in following doses.

DAY 2: 1st dose was taken at morning empty stomach, after breakfast I didn’t feel any disorder after an hour I had a stool which was normal however there was discharge of few drops of prostatic fluid with urine. I feel some irritability after taking 2nd dose in evening.

DAY 3 -1st dose was taken at morning empty stomach during that day I feel frequent urge for urination, an hour after taking 2nd dose at evening I feel sudden fatigue with Nervousness and I was not willing to take dinner this situation disappears within half an hour. After that I feel better and relaxed also had dinner and comfortable sleep.

DAY 4 - 1st dose is taken today morning.

Desire for smoking is noticeably reduced however whenever there is nervousness, irritability it compelled me for smoking, it is reduced to 4-5 per day.

In view of the above please let me that should I continue with same dose size and repetition? Also if I avoid intercourse while taking above doses, as I didn’t do it since start of above remedy?

Seck 4 years ago
Yes it's good
Now you can stop it and take medicine as per your need
Don't over dose yourself

Try to reduce smoking
Go for regular exercises walking running
This will boost your stamina as well

Increase amount of salads in diet and fruit juices don't take any supplements

Do this all for 15 days more
Then go and check your TESTOSTERONE LEVELS

Dr Jitesh Sharma
drjitesh 4 years ago
Thanks for your prompt response Dr. Sharma, I will report you accordingly.
Seck 4 years ago
Dear Dr. Sharma,

12 doses of Caladium Seguinum 30 during 21 days have been taken till now, dose chart is give at the end for you review.

On 14th day I suffered from flu ( which I suffer every year as I mentioned earlier that I have problem of Post Nasal Cattarh - Choronic Sinusitis), it started with sneezing and watery discharge from nose, next day blocked nose and discharge. It is now one week but still I am expelling mucus from nose and throat. It is relevant to note that this time it is easy to expel mucus earlier it was hard, may be due to use of caladium. I didn't took any remedy or medicine for the above this time.

Please advise for above, should I use any other remedy for this and stop Caladium for the moment or continue with caladium. Also please let me know repetition of Caladium.

Overall I am feeling improvement as sleep is better, appetite is better, urination is no so frequent, flatulence and stool is better, feeling energy, however sometime there is nervousness, smoking is also reduced it is now only 1-2 cigarettes per day. As regards sexual problems I can't update as I didn't undergo for intercourse. Also I will go for your prescribed Test in some days.

Dose Chart - Caladium Seguinum 30c

DAY 1 = 0+1
DAY 2 = 1+1
DAY 3 = 1+1
DAY 4 = 1+0
DAY 6 = 1+1
DAY 7 = 1+0
DAY 10 = 0+1
DAY 11 = NIL
DAY 12 = 1+0
DAY 13 = NIL
DAY 14 = NIL ( start of flu)
DAY 15 = NIL
DAY 16 = NIL
DAY 17 = 0+1
DAY 18 = NIL
DAY 19 = NIL
DAY 20 = NIL
DAY 21 = NIL
Seck 4 years ago
Ok now stop the medicine
Start improving your lifestyle
Have more fruits and vegetables
Workout excercises
Like walking

Dr.Jitesh sharma
drjitesh 4 years ago
Dear Dr. Sharma,

Today morning we were lying together, although we were not preparing for intercourse. We just kissed each other; I feel a mild erection. We remain for few minutes, then I go for stool. I noticed that penis was shrinked and there was emission of transparent sticky fluid. After stool and urination there was also discharge of transparent fluid like thread.

I have examined my gentiles and observed that:

-Testis are not equally aligned, MY RIGHT testis is slightly lower than LEFT.
-Penis is inclined to MY RIGHT side.
-Feeling of tenderness in MY RIGHT testis's Ducts.
-Feeling of some swelling on MY RIGHT testis's Ducts.
-Frequent urge to urinate after discharge of transparent fluid (as mentioned above)

Please let me know:

1-Is the above are symptoms of EPIDIDYMITIS?
2-What should I do for the above?

Last dose of Caladium Seguinum 30 was taken 7 days before, complete dose chart is given in my earlier post.

Seck 4 years ago
No problem take one dose again and wait
For 10 days report me after that
drjitesh 4 years ago
Dear Dr. Sharma,

My dentist has recommend Root Canal of my 4 upper front teeth as there are deep cavities and one of them is also shivering.

Kindly suggest any remedy which will helpful for the above Root Canals as Post Nasal Catarrh with excess Saliva in mouth is still there. Also which remedy will be useful if there will be pain during the course of Root Canals.

Visit for Root Canal is scheduled on day after tomorrow. Your earliest response is requested.

NOTE: Last dose of Caladium Seguinum 30 was taken 6 days before.

Seck 4 years ago
Take MERC SOL 30
One dose

Dr.Jitesh Sharma
drjitesh 4 years ago
one dose daily? & for how many days?
[Edited by Seck on 2018-11-06 12:10:05]
Seck 4 years ago
only one time
drjitesh 4 years ago
Dear Dr. Sharma,

There is some improvement regarding tenderness and swelling on MY RIGHT Epididymis however testicle alignment and Penis inclination on MY RIGHT side is there. I have sent pictures for your information and understanding. Although there is mild morning erections but have not observe hard erection. Since yesterday
Flatulence, urge to urinate and smoking is increasing.

Last dose of Caladium Seguinum 30 was taken 8 days before. Please advise further accordingly.

One dose of Merc Sol 30 was taken three days before. There is some improvement regarding excess Saliva in mouth however throat clearing due to Post Nasal Catarrh is still there. Also one upper teeth move when I touch, it is loose. Root Canal Treatment started and I am talking antibiotics as advised by Dentist. Please advise further.

Thanking you in anticipation.
[Edited by Seck on 2018-11-08 20:06:48]
Seck 4 years ago
its ok no problem get your RTC done then you please update me
as I don't want to give any medicine while you are on ANTIBIOTICS

let this finish up ! then I can advise you
drjitesh 4 years ago
Dear Dr. Sharma,

Please review my case. My sexual problems are still as it was.

During intercourse last night I ejaculate too early, erection was average. If I want to hold ejaculation it results in loss of erection and if start jerking to get hard erection it results rapid ejaculation.

Just for observation I watch porn today and I instantly ejaculate even without getting full erection.

Desire for smoking is also as it was before.

22 doses of Caladium Seguinum 30 were taken during last 2 months.

Please suggest for the above problem, if you need any other information please let me know.

Seck 4 years ago
Tell me what can you tolerate cold or hot more??
Covering thick or thin ??
Bathing hot or cold water ??
[Edited by drjitesh on 2018-12-07 16:57:18]
drjitesh 4 years ago
Tell me what can you tolerate or hot more??
A: I can tolerate both at average however can tolerate hot more.

Covering thick or thin ??
A:Thick in winter and thin in summer, even in hot season I used to cover thin bed sheet while sleeping.

Bathing hot or cold water ??
A: I take bath daily morning with cold water in summer and Luke warm water in winter.
Seck 4 years ago
Do you prefer warm food eating ?? Rather than cold food ??
drjitesh 4 years ago
Yes, prefer warm food eating.
Seck 4 years ago
drjitesh 4 years ago

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