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azoospermia with Continous reduction in testis size

sir my age is 26.height 5ft 11inch..weight 76 kg..unmarried..since may 2015 i was noticing huge reduction in my testis size..i also had moustache and chin beard only and full chest hair ..Then i did my total testosterone on july 2016 ,it was 2.21ng/ml ( range 3 to 10), Fsh was 6.36miu/ml ( range 1 to 12),LH was 4.58miu/ml ( range 1 to 9)..Endocrinologist said nothing to worry ...then on august 2016 i again did lh it was 4.79miu/ml..but i was noticing huge reduction and my mind was full of tension then again i went to that endocrinologist,he said you are fine dont come to me again.Then again i did total testosterone at that time it was 232ng/ml ....Then i took an homeopathic mother tincture ashwagandha and my tessttosterone after one month was 3.2ng/ml ( range 3 to 10) but was still noticing reduction..then on july 2017, i went to an urologist and insisted for my issue..he ordered test and at that time on 17 july 2017 , Total tesstosterone was 2.29miu/ml,FSH was 6.56miu/ml( range 1 to 12) ,LH was 1.78miu/ml ( range 0.9 to 9), semen analysis showed azoospermia and everything was nil and fructrose positive.USG scrotum showed left testis volume 8cc and right 9cc , epidydimal cyst of 2mm*2mm on lef testis and mildly pampinform plexus bilaterally on both side ( 2mm on left testis and 3mm on right testis)..then urologist again asked to do tesst after absentinence of 4 days..total testosterone was 3.1ng/ml,LH was 2miu/ml( range 0.9 to 9) ,FSH was 11miu/ml ( range 1 to 12)...semen analysis again showed azoospermia and everything was nil ..transrectal ultrasound showed normal study..urologist said it is non obstructive according to me..then he asked me to go for FNAC of tesstis and said that then i will further plan ..but as i was afraid to left everything there...but as from 7 months i was noticing patched in bewteen moustache and chin and pubic hair growth i.e the areas whicch is used to have hair growth earlier now are having patches and hair are not growing in those area and this thing is also in head hair line..hair growth diminishing...Then 3months ago i visited same endocrinologist,he did Total testosterone was 2.2ng/ml , FSH was 6.5miu/ml ( range 1 to 12) and LH was 1.98miu/ml ( range 1 to 9) ..He said that you may not have testicular failure as your FSH is in normal range ..prolactin was also 11 ( range <20)..then i said to him that sir as my lh is going down with time i may have issue with pitutary or hypothalamus gland ,he said you may have but there is no test for hypothalamus so you go to aiims delhi and have genetic testing that what is the problem in your genes...my hair growth still diminishing..testis are very small now..ultrsound is not performed since 1 year...they are almond shape..my mably characteristic all are going now..please help
  harry250513 on 2018-10-14
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
Need more info about you so please answer the general questions;

1. What do you crave for in food items and what are your aversions?

2. How is your thirst; Less, Normal or Excessive?

3. How is your hunger; Less, Normal or Excessive?

4. How well do you sleep and do you have a particular posture of sleeping?

5. Do you normally feel hot, warm, cold, or chilly?

6. What medications have you been taking to treat the disease?

7. Briefly describe your history of illness ( and medications if any).

8. What major diseases are running in your family?

9. What other physical / mental symptoms do you have? Describe the symptoms in detail.

10. Do you have any fear?
Tui 5 years ago
1.I like both salty ( not spicy too much) food and sweets.in my childhood i was a sweet lover..even now also i love sweet..i like choclates and choclate related item very muxh..choclates are my favourites
2.My thirst is very less..but whenever i have thirst i drink 3..4 glasses in a single round .
3.My hunger before may 2015 was very good and normal but now my hunger is there but i cannot eat too much due to body problems and abdominal pain and now my hunger is mild ..i have morning hunger sometimes at night when i wake up even eating normal at night but my hunger is 20 percent as compared to the time before may 2015..
4.MY sleep is good but from the time i have body problem due to some day tension in mind my sleep get disturbed at night but still sleep is normal and before may 2015 my sleep posture was lying towards facing the bed but from that time i tried to improve it and now i lies normal facing towards sky and keeping hand over eyes by folding
5.Before may 2015 i used to feel hot
.my body temperature was hot..even upto 2016 it was hot but now i do not feel that hot bit still feel hot...
6.i have been taking homeopathic medicine as an symptomatic treatment for my other body problem too and i have tried more that 50 homeo medicine but no one has cured my problem
7.sir my current age is 25 going to be 26..from may 2015 i started to have body problem which started from left half head pain on back side.Along with this i started to have frequent urination,numbness and tiingling in body,bone and muscle pain,abdominal pain on left side mainly on intestine..i was also noticing reduction in testicular size along with this problem..i showed to many doctor and a single endocrinologist but he did not took it seriously even my total testosterone level was very low i.e 2.26ng/ml ( 3 to 10)...But i was noticing huge reduction in both testis size..for firsst 2 years all my reports were normal except total testosterone...but as testicular reduction was more then i met a urologist and insisted him for checkup..He ordered test..Test were done twice and reports showed azoospermia and fsh range was normal and lh was normal lowet..in azoospermia everything was nil..testicular ultrasound showed 8cc volume of left tetsis and 10 cc of right and mild pampminform plexus bilaterally ( 2mm on left and 3mm on right)..then he suspected it as non obstructive and asked me yo fnac but i was afraid so i left the matter there but 1 year ago i started to have bleeding in stool i.e totally black stool..then i showed to gastro doctor..endocsopy revealed fundal gastritis and stool occult blood was positive and even i had bleeding in either sputum for 3 days continously..i do not knwo from where it came either from chest or nose..i must tell you when i was 15..16 year of age i got severe nose bleeding contnously for 7 days...doctor gave tretament of antibiotic for 1 month but improvement was very little and my numbness and tingling ,bone and muscle pain was sevrere..my vitamin d and b12 is in deficient range now ..earlier it was perfectly normal..then doctor said to me that you can have tumour in intestine then he sent me to pgi chandigarh for capsule endoscopy..but in pgi they denied to do so and made me run here and there for 6 months ..then i left to go there as they were not doing specific test..5 months ago i started to have swollen lymph nodes in groin..then i showed to an homeopathic doctor he gave medicine lymph node got decreased..but after that new lymph node in other part of groin started to appear..now all the lymph node part in body having pain...i have too much weakness now...my tessticles are still degrading in size..now from feb 2018 i was having white patches on skin and stretch marks all over body like branches if tree and before that i had white spot on nails and red verticle stitches on nails and black blue vertical lines on nails which started from july 2016...then again i showed to gastro doctor ...my ct scan reveals partial occluding thrombus seen 2cm from origin in SMA and perirectal and pericolonic mesmeric congestion noted....then colonscopy was normal..again the pointer came to small intestine test but they did not write...my kft test showed little bit uric acid increased..now i am having pain in both foot from lower side..unable to walk properly..having severe 24*7 hours tingling in body,numbness and pain in body including mouth ,teeth everything...left half head...my bp is 150/100 since problem started ......my tetsis are reduced so much......i am in too much trouble sir..my hair growth on pubic hair ,chin and moustache and near hair line is diminshing in form of patches and pores are ther ebut hair stopped growing and on some area white patches are there now...and also i started to get white hair from the age of 20...now my 70 percent hair are white and also since my childhood upto age of 12 i had problem aof abdominal pain but its root cause was undiagnosed..also when i was 17 years if age i got nightfall first in my life..from 18 to 20 i used to mastturbate occasionally or one time a day and from 20 to 22 i used to maturbate 4..5 times a day whenver i used to feel depressed i used to masturbate
8.currently no major disease running but i must tell you my grandfather died because of bleeding in sputum ( disease was not known might be tb or some other but mainly due to this problem) and one of his uncle ( his father's cousin) died because of fits or epilepsy
9.I used to be very angry man and shy also..i get anger on little little things and used to break things in anger as i cannot beat that person so i used to break things but now i controlled it a little but stil i have anger in me...whenever i thinks of my past and thinks that my mother was always against me ..if she would have given me what i wanted then i would be fine ..i have somekind if anger in me for her...she never nourished me like flower that is the drawback in my mind for her.from the time i started to have problems i was very weak mentally as i was thinking of dsome deadly disease and also my health was very weak butfrom 2016-17 i started to strong myself but my health issues are still ther..when i heard that i have azoospermia i became very neevous but as i am strong beliver of hoemopathy this thing gave me strong feeling and i met and homeopath for all my body problem but it has been 6 months,none of his medicine gave mer relief..still i am beleiver of hoemoapthy but as my symptom getting worse my faith is degrading ...sometimes i think what will happen i am not normal..i cannot marry and reproduce..my self confidence is very low even i was very intelligent but now my degrading health and tessticle issue making mevery weak..these days i am very nervouse due to my hair diminshing iSsues
10.i have fear of facing people when the time of marry will come..how do i will deny..i have fear of not able to do sex with mh wife properly if i marry..i havefear of not able to reproduce my childeren..i have fear of going in night as a feeling that something is behind
harry250513 5 years ago
Please start witrh Cereus serpentinus 30c twice daily.

1 dose is 2 pills/drops.
Tui 5 years ago
for how many days
harry250513 5 years ago
Take the remedy for a week and see how you feel but it is not going to fix all your problems in a week or even a month, so please be patient.
Tui 5 years ago
sir currently i am under homoepathic treatment of a doctor who lives nearby to my area.if i do not get beenfit within 15 days then i will start this remedy as i am taking his treatment since 6 months but do not have any kind of relief ..this is last time i am trying but please be in my contact sir
harry250513 5 years ago
Tui 5 years ago

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