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Desperate for help

Hello all. I hope you can help me, as my homeopath has failed me and there are no other ones in my area.

I suffer from an increasing debilitating pair of ailments. First is unknown fear every time I leave the house. It manifests in my head. I don't shake or tremble but there is a vise-like pressure around my eyes and internal pressure in the top of my skull. My vision is fine, no blurriness or spots or movement. It feels like there is wind blowing around in my head and cramping outside, all the muscles around my eyes hurt like hell. And God help me if I move my head too quickly. Best thing to do is lie down and not move a muscle. Eventually it passes onec I get home.

The second problem is eating-related. 8 years ago, I did a calorie restricted died to lose weight, and it worked, but set off a bad reaction. If I go too long without eating, I start to stiffen, all the muscles in my neck, I clench my teeth to the point of pain. I start to hyperventilate and the symptoms above (pain in the eyes).

It comes on in advance of hunger, often well before I get hungry and gets way worse with real hunger. Intense mental activity makes it SIGNIFICANTLY worse. I am a journalist and if I am working on a story, I can be in serious trouble by the end of the story. My productivity tends to go to hell after 4 pm.

The solution is food, solid, heavy, warm and fatty. A salad does no good. It only gets worse. Same for fruit, a candy bar, a drink, whatever But a chicken sandwich or cheeseburger? I'm in good shape again in 30 minutes.

It can be pretty bad, and the panic can be bad. I get pretty weak but have never fallen over or fainted, but there have been some scares. And it is really set off by emotional responses. It's been getting worse as I type this.

Here's the worst part. As badly as I need to eat, I can't. Not that my stomach can't handle it, I can't get it past my throat. Any food in my mouth almost feels pushed out from the back of the throat, as though the tonsils were trying to eject it. I have to really force myself to eat, very slow, in tiny bites. I can't eat much, so I get full fast and get hungry again in 2 hours.

And it's not blood sugar. I have checked repeatedly. Blood sugar is normal to elevated.

The basics:

51 yo caucasian male
a little overweight
journalist, so I sit at a computer all the time
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  AndyP on 2018-10-18
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
Did you do any investigations??
Endoscopy or any blood test ?

Let me know the history when it all started
Dr.Jitesh Sharma
drjitesh last year
Do mentions names of homeopathic remedies already taken
Their effects as well

Dr.Jitesh Sharma
drjitesh last year
Blood tests normal, no endoscopy.

I've taken Histaminum, and that's when it got worse. It's been a long-term problem, a solid 8 years now. But lately it's so much worse, compounded by the fact I can't eat and food almost revolts me. I have to force myself to eat.
AndyP last year
So, anyone?
AndyP last year
4 pills twice a day then report me after 10 days

Dr.Jitesh Sharma
drjitesh last year
I will do so, thank you.
AndyP last year
Dr. Sharma, I have to say that after five days I am totally miserable. My symptoms are worse and making it hard to function. I started the remedies on Saturday, felt wonderful on Sunday, and it's been misery ever since. Please advise.
AndyP last year
Wait for 3 days

Report me
drjitesh last year
Will do. Thank you.
AndyP last year
Dr Sharma. The digestive sphere in this case indicates Lycopodium. The 4 pm aggravation crowns it all. And potency must be 200 or above.
To Mr Andy P I request to furnish a little details about the homeopathic treatment (remedies/potency). And are you sure that it is not the high blood pressure behind "the pressure inside the top of head".
Gilmour99 last year

It's not blood pressure. The "wind" sensation is triggered. All I need to do is be asked to do someting I don't want to do and boom.

I should add that gas is a huge problem. I know how to belly breathe from studying meditation and there are times when I simply can't fully expand my rib cage. Several lengthy belches later and I can feel my rib cage contract and it becomes possible to fully inflate my lungs. It's not painful, I don't feel heartburn or gas pressure. But boy is the gas there.

My last remedy was Histiminum LM. My homeopath only used LM doses. I don't recall what was done before.
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AndyP last year
Andy P/ Dr Sharma

Lycopodium covers gas problem particularly in the intestines... If your former homeopath always used LM potencies there must have been a reason. My reading of the case here scooped up Lycopodium as your constitutional remedy. That being said means it is deep acting remedy... Working in waves so to speak. Not to be repeated so often if taken in higher potencies. part of those unknown fears and panic attacks are also covered under Lycopodium.
But I insist and request to Dr Sharma to continue with the case.
Gilmour99 last year
Yes I am hoping Dr. sharma chimes in soon...
AndyP last year
update me current situation
drjitesh last year
Nothing has changed. I still get lightheaded when I go too long without eating, even though I have no appetite or hunger. It is made worse by intense mental activity, like computer use. It is made worse by motion, and is somewhat mitigated by lying down and not moving. I am very gassy and belch quite a bit, and hyperventilate. I feel this upward pressure under my diaphragm. My neck and shoulders become extremely tight and painful.

It's so hard to eat some times because I have an atrocious gag reflex. I tried to eat a salad with dinner but every leaf triggered the gag reflex and it was impossible to even have the salad in my mouth. And the main meal was hard to get down. It was lik my throat or tonsils were pushing the food back out. Worst time of day is from about 1 pm to 8-9 pm. Best time is late evening.
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AndyP last year
get endoscopy done asap !!

then report me

Dr Jitesh Sharma
drjitesh last year
Andyp: No need to run for endoscopy. I think your case is not that difficult. If Jitesh is really a doctor then having knowledge of what could be expected to show up in endoscopy he could have asked you some pointed questions as to how you feel etc. After all this could not have been his first brush with an endoscopy report.
I feel your symptoms are quite distinct and I feel they can be handled.
If you want me to help you pls state your case, what you see and what you feel in layman's terms.Tell me names of any medicines you took etc.
Rahul2018 last year
I agree. I have no gastric issues beyond a lot of gas. No pain, no weight loss, normal bowel movements, etc. I can just imagine my doctor's reaction if I told him why I was suggested to get an endo.

Basically I am coming to the realization that much of my problems are due to a sedentary lifestyle, made worse by foot pain that makes walking painful. My doctor called it metatarsalgia, which confused him as to why someone who sits at a desk all day would get it, it's a condition of runners.

But I do see one reason why. I frequently catch myself pulling my toes back, so instead of them in a normal position they are curled back. It hurts to curl them forward after a while.

I get very tense when I concentrate on something. Back when I played bass guitar, I clenched my teeth. By the end of the song my mouth would hurt more than my teeth.

I am a writer, but when I work intensely on a story i get that sensation of upward pressure, pushing into my forehead and eyeballs, and pressing up from my stomach. Blood pressure is normal. I've checked a million times. Ditto the abdominal pressure. And it has been present all my life. It's only getting worse as I get older.

I looked up Lycopodium after Gillmour's comments and a lot matches me. Very gassy, worst time of day is 4 to 8, worn out from exertion, especially mental exertion, tired all the time, dreading going out of the house and better when I return home, pains on the right side.

The one area where Lyco disagrees, at least according to Kent, is headache better from motion and worse from lying down. It is the opposite for me. If I lie down, shut my eyes and don't move, I dont feel the discomfort. Eventually I do and when I get up and move around, it's bad. Can't move my head quickly at all and forget driving. I need to eat something, preferably warm, to quiet my stomach down.

Another strangeness is my appetite increases at night. I can eat breakfast at 6-7 am and not have lunch until 12-1. Then the appetite grows. I'll have dinner at 5, with the dizziness real bad, it goes away for about 2-3 hours, then comes on again.

The worst part of all is how hard it can be to eat. I've got this swimmy headed sensation that says eat, but when I sit down to eat I don't want it and literally gag on the food. It's a struggle to get it down. So I think I have some kind of issue where the problem is ameliorated by food but not caused by a lack of it.

It's nuts, I defy all categorization.

I've taken a variety of remedies over the years. Sulphur, Arg Nit, Calc Carb, Phos, Caust, Lyco at least once, Psorinum, and the last one Histiminum. Nothing worked.

Actually, one did in the wrong direction. Before I first had homeopathy, I was a fearless fllier. I loved to be in an airplane. My first dose was a 1m of Sulph. And from then on I was terrified of flying. I have not been on an airplane since 1999. Just thinking of flying makes me shake, and I don't know why.

I should add that my emotions are completely unwired. I get a lump in my throat listening to the opening theme of my favorite TV show. I can't listen to music when driving, it upsets me too much. And forget about going to the doctor or dentist, which I absolutely hae to do. The fear is so overwhelming I can't get out of the house.
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AndyP last year
Maybe Jitesh can better explain need for suggested endoscopy.
Rahul2018 last year
AndyP I would still recommend endoscopy as you are suffering this problem since long time only taking medicines nothing getting confirmed or relived
also get your LFT test done and let me know

I can prescribe you in one shot but you know as a doctor. I believe in investigations which is necessary atleast in your case only randomly giving medicine won't help

first get this reports done
then I can consider I would need to take up complete history as well. That I will post the questionnaire form. you fill up and send to me if you want me to treat or else you can continue your discussion with rahul2018 I don't mind its your choice. I don't like interfering in between

Dr.Jitesh Sharma
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drjitesh last year
Andy: pls ask Jitesh some questions relating to your ailment before making a beeline for endoscopy.
Rahul2018 last year
Dr. Sharma these are problems that have existed for years and have been investigated by my doctors to no end. They are brought on by mental/emotional triggers. An endoscopy will find nothing. Neither did bloodwork. I've had that, too.
AndyP last year
Fine fill this form if you want me to suggest the remedy

Age :                                                Date of Birth :                             Sex :                        Wt.:                                                            
 Blood Group:                                                                                         
__________________________________________________________________________________A. K/C/O : [Duration is important. e.g.  HTN since 2 yrs. etc.]
B. Investigations :
Date :  Haemogram / Blood Report/ Urine Report/ CT scan/ MRI/USG Abdomen & Pelvis/ Thyroid       Function Test, etc.
C. Chief C/O: Write the complaints with sides & duration.
Give them separate nos. [e.g. 1] Abdominal pain(Rt. side)Since 8 days. Etc.
Please start with History of C/C : How complaints started?
H/o C/C : Write every complaint individually with-
·         Onset, decline, causation.
·         Side.
·         Location & Extension
·         Character of Pain.
·         Duration of Pain.
·         Sensation.
·         Modalities : Movements/ Positions/ Thermals/ Food Habits/ Seasonal/
¾     Concomitant.
Complain 1
D. Ask for any recurrent complaint. Ex. Fever, Cold, Coryza.
E. Past H/o : Any major illness (along with side if present) e.g. H/o Typhoid/ Malaria / Jaundice/
Fracture/ Fall/ Injury/ Accident.
And  H/o Vaccination – Hepatitis B / Dog bite Vaccination, etc.
Blood Group :
F. Family H/o
G. Physical Generals :
·         Habit : Alcohol / Drugs/ Smoking/ Tobacco, etc. (Since how many tears?)
·         Diet : Veg./ Mixed.
·         Appetite : Any alteration?
            Whether patient can tolerate hunger?
·         Desire : With reference to taste and not any particular food item. e.g. Sweet, Pungent, Spicy,
Sour, Fatty(Oily, ghee), Non- veg, milk, milk products, tea, coffee, Vegetables, Fruits, Ice Cream, Cold Drinks etc. is important. Also ask for any desire for indigestible food items.
·         Aversion : Main taste e.g. Sweet, Sour, Fatty, Non-veg etc. is also important.
·         Food :
·         Head :
·         Eyes :
·         Ears :
·         Nose :
·         Mouth :  any odour
·         Tongue : Dry/Moist/ Coating/ Cracked/ Fissured/ Imprints of teeth
·         Thirst  : Thirsty/ S.Q.S.I./L.Q.S.I./Thirstless.
·         Teeth : Carries of  teeth.
·         Gums : Bleeding Gums.
·         Taste : Any particular taste in mouth
·         Throat :
·         Chest :
·         Stomach/ Abdomen :
·         Bowel : Character of stool is important. Dry/ Hard/ Soft/ Loose. Color, Smell, Straining or not?  Etc.
·         Bladder:
·         Skin :
·         Chest & Back :
·         Extremities:
o   Upper Extremities:
o   Lower  Extremities :
·         Perspiration :
o   Scanty/ Profuse. On which part of the body?
o   Stain /Odour.
o   Hot/ Cold sweating.
·         Sleep :
o   Time : Daytime any sleeping habit / Night time sleep hrs.
o   Sound/ Natural
o   Refreshing/ Unrefreshing
o   Startles/ Snoring
o   Position : Whether lies on back / sides-which side ?
o   Covering
o   Bed+ Pillow
o   Talking/ Walking sleep during?
o   Eyes open / closed sleep during.
·         Dreams :
·         Female:
o   Menstrual History
i.                     Menarche
ii.                   Duration of cycle
iii.                  Color of discharge/ Any clots, etc.
iv.                 Smell
v.                   Any pain Before / During etc.
·  In General Discharges : Color/ Smell/ Quantity –scanty/ profuse etc. (very important)
H. Mind :
·                     Education :
·                     Occupation : (Working / Retired)
·                     Childhood at which place? –City/ Town
·                     Marital Status : Married / Unmarried
·                     Childhood :
o Family : Joint / Separate
o Financial Condition : Sound/ Poor/ Rich etc.
o About Study:
o Nature : Obstinate/ Mild/ Pampered/ Short Tempered/ Irritable.
o Desires Company or Not?
o Close to?
o Fear of/ Stage courage
o Playful/ Studious.
o Any impactful/ disturbing incidence in childhood.
o Angry when? How is it expressed ?
o Timid / Daring.
o Ambition.
·         After Marriage.
(Suppression injustice and relation with inlaws, Adjustment)
·   NOW :
o   Specially ask about main feelings : Anger, Sadness, Hypocrisy, Jealousy, etc. (Please, write in Rubric form)
o   Family: Joint / Separate
o   Financial Condition : Sound / Poor/ Rich etc.
o   Mild/ Short Tempered
o   Angry when ? How is it expressed?
o   Talkative/ Less talkative.
o   Jolly- Jesting/ Submissive
o   Affectionate / Reserved/ Censorious.
o   Reaction to Jesting
o   Reaction to Criticism.
o   Reaction to Reprimand
o   Reaction to Mortification
o   Any major conflicts
o   Sympathy about ?
o   Helping nature?
o   Desires Company?
o   About Cleanliness.
o   About Time Punctuality.
o   About Religiousness.
o   Reaction to Lie & Injustice.
o   Fears ? (Being alone, Dark, Water, Height, Quarrel, Exam, Robbers, Animals, Downward  Motion)
o   Sensitive (Physically & Emotionally)
o   Happy When?
o   Sad when?
o   Weeps when?
o   Consolation.
o   Hobbies?
o   About Social Activities.
o   Lazy/ Workaholic.
o   Industrious ?
o   Duty Bound?
o   Relation with others :
¾     Husband/ Wife
¾     Son / Daughter.
¾     In-laws.
¾     Friends.
¾     Colleagues, etc.
·         A/F :
o   Anxiety about what ?
           Loan, Court case, Money, Future, Health, Disease, Death, Job, Settlement, Children.
o   Any Anticipatory Anxiety
o   Death of Relatives :
               Reaction : Grief, Sad, Forsaken, Helpless, Weeping.
o   Any Insecurity
o   Perfectionism.
o   Fall/ Accident/ Injury/ Fracture/ Sprain/ Loss of fluid.
o   Overexertion.
o   Brooding.
o   Suppression of anger.
o   Any major setback in life.
Your Observation(Physical Appearance/Dressing).
Thermals :
                                    Summer                                          Winter
Bathing                        Hot / Cold /  Luke Warm              Hot / Cold /  Luke Warm
Fanning                       requires or not?                                             requires or not?
Covering                     Thick / Thin? (1 or 2,etc)                Thick / Thin? (1 or 2,etc)
·         Open air : desires or not
·         Require Sweater in Winter ?
·         Chills begin from which part?
drjitesh last year
This is no homeopathy.
Even if answers were Y/N it'd require a computer to analyse. And jitesh is asking for subjective replies.
Pls ask jitesh to tell you 3 things that he can expect to go wrong in endoscopy and ask you for symptoms for those things wrong.
Jitesh should be able to pose searching questions based on his experience as a doctor.
Rahul2018 last year
Hi Rahul,
Dr jitesh does not need “supervision”-
He already asked that he does not want to be in a 3 way conversation.
Every homeopath has their own way of case taking- what will happen
Is dr jitesh will withdraw and you will be left with the case.

People do not collaborate on here- if one thinks a prescription is very wrong or overdosing etc, they can state an alternative- or ask the patient
If they would like to have you take over.

Patients get confused when two people are talking
To them- even some people post prescriptions
When Patient is already being treated.Patients mistakenly
Think it is from their prescriber.

Andy- please let dr jitesh know if you will be following him ?
And then just keep the conversation between you and dr jitesh.
Dr jitesh and his father have been on the forum for years,
When they have time(which is not often) .
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simone717 last year

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