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Please Read this!! I need help


I am nikhil, Computer student but college drop out. 23 age, 5.4 hight, 60kg around weight. thin body.

a few years back I was a drug addict but somehow controlled my habit but these days due to pressure of certain circumstance of life, I'm having urge to start abusing drugs again which I definitely do not want to! in this case, Caladium medicine really worked for me, after taking this there was only faint urge left but I was able to ignore that but the problem is at the same time, It is causing me intense fear. Especially at night. The fear is unendurable to me, dying was looking better than enduring this fear, I tried to be busy but didn't help. this fear was hunting me all the time. I do not have any explanation about fear. Even I do not know what I'm afraid of, there are many things I care about like future, Family, Something bad happening, ghost, dark etc.. but these are all just excuses for this fear.

I always see Bad dreams at night even before I took caladium, these days are very often. most of the time I see crocodiles or Being hunted or car brake stopped working etc. last time was strange one, I saw in dream that I'm with Siblings at someplace like beach or something and unknowingly ended up spending big amount of money in which I didn't spend single coin after learning the bill I got afraid about, My father is going to get hurt emotionally because the amount of that money was totally unexpected and had to pay unwillingly. that dream didn't really make much sense to me but even though I was scared of something which woke me up. there is one thing common every time, I felt acid or sour feeling in throat whenever I felt that fear at night or had a nightmare and after taking herb for acidity, that fear was gone just like that.

I never feel satisfied, Due to this fact I overdo everything, because of this fact I never take tea or coffee and market food because I always overdo things or get addicted easily but still I have to eat something so I always end up eating too much because no matter how much I eat, I never feel satisfied. and always stays up late night because Always feel incomplete and want to fulfill my self with something. sometimes I take adel 51, It helps in sleeping. I tried to exercise but couldn't continue because I'm thin but body feels very heavy and easily get tired. I tried Laxatives and felt less weight in stomach but body felt same heavy and didn't even want to move hand or want to stand up at all. One doctor prescribed me Calcarea sulph which worked like laxatives but didn't help in heaviness. another doctor prescribed me adel 36 but heaviness in body stayed same. same doctor prescribed nux vomica 30c which helped me fall asleep quickly but there was no desire for sleep but at the same time wanted to sleep because of the feeling that it is the right thing to do besides even after sleeping I always woke up with the desire of wanting to sleep more but in morning I was unable to continue sleep and no matter how long I stayed on bed, sleep was always incomplete... so I stopped taking nux vomica. ignatia was another prescribed remedy but didn't feel any change.

I want to continue caladium, Drugs is not the only reason but I think it pushes my memory which was blocked for a long time and affect other urges which are not in my control. Is there any solution to fear?
  nikhilsharma0588 on 2018-10-25
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Lachesis 1M, one dose ( 2 drops) a day for 3 days may help your fear and an addiction.
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Tui 4 months ago

Thanks, I thought no one was going to reply...
nikhilsharma0588 4 months ago

Hello Mr. Tui

I have completed Lachesis 1m but still minor fear is there but it is not the reason I'm writing again, The reason I was taking Lachesis 1m is because I wanted to take caladium and I wanted to take caladium because of craving for drugs and since I have taken caladium 200c 2-3 times already so I'm not having craving, At least Right now I do not feel craving till I have too much pressure or disappointment but right now facing no issue like this. The reason I'm Writing again is I feel like, I crave for drugs when my body detoxifies old drugs. but I feel like My body is not detoxifying drugs because it is already 1 week but My brain is still dull Unable to concentrate, not much aware of surrounding , do not remember date or day not even about what I was doing 30min before, Most Important thing is, Often having trouble while talking and understanding and I always Feel like as If I'm mild High.
I didn't misuse anything other than Weed and Hemp.

Is there anyway so My body detoxify drugs better and quicker? and cure these symptoms?
nikhilsharma0588 4 months ago

Take Avena sativa Q, 10 drops in a warm water twice daily, also you can take it whenever you feel like taking drugs.
Tui 4 months ago

I used to take Avena Sativa Q at night 10 drops, it used to help me in waking up full of energy as if I'm slept deep after a very long time but eventually stopped working.

Will this help me in removing these symptoms of drugs?
nikhilsharma0588 4 months ago

It will help you recover from withdrawal symptoms, also when you feel the urge to take the drug.
Tui 4 months ago

one very Important thing I Forgot to mention,

The reason I started abusing drugs is, I Didn't have any sexual desire yet Something was forcing me to continues masturbation so my allopathic doctor prescribed me fluoxetine Capsule(flunil 20mg), I continued for 5-7 days. First two days I felt good and my heart felt warm but after 3rd day, everything was like before and started feeling like vomiting and too much anxiety so I stopped taking it but after 2 days, I started feeling like something is missing and this feeling is which lead me to drugs...

That is how I started abusing drugs again, otherwise I had stopped taking it very long ago.

Please let me know If it change or add anything in your prescription.
nikhilsharma0588 4 months ago

Mr. Tui,

I believe that My condition is improving, My memory is still same but I'm more awake and aware of my surrounding. I still feel like something is missing which doesn't let me sleep but I'm not feeling desperate like before.

but one thing is still not changing and bothering me, I feel lot of pressure but it is not about life or anything, it is just some sort of pressure I feel. In normal condition, sweating used to solve this condition but neither exercise nor gym makes me sweat anymore and My head feels like burning and chest feel cold so that I need to wear something heavy. Heat troubles in sleep but neither I can endure AC nor cooler. I can not eat or drink something which reduces body temperature nor I can take cold bath because even after wearing something heavy or while using blanket my chest feel cold so that I feel like it is shrinking inside.

is there anything which can make me sweat again, Sweating removes all sort of pressure or tension I feel and makes me feel good.
nikhilsharma0588 4 months ago

Please start with Cactus grandiflorus 200c, one dose ( 2 drops) every other day for 10 days and report back any changes.
Tui 4 months ago

Thanks, I will start this from tomorrow.
nikhilsharma0588 4 months ago

Hello Mr tui..

It is almost 4 days,,
I'm continuing Cactus Grandiflorus 200c 1 dose at night before sleep...

Feeling cold in chest is almost gone but no improvement in sweating, there is not even a single drop of sweat ... After 2 dose of Cactus, I do not feel warm but I Have started feeling like vomiting as if I have eaten too much food which increase body heat like ginger and clove.

Should I Continue Cactus ?

I'm Continuing Avena Q 10-15 drops

No sign of craving for drugs anymore.. but no more improvement in memory or awareness and always get tired easily(mentally). Do not want to do anything and lead a lazy life, I often feel opposite, at that time, If I get to do some work then I keep my self busy because once I get free or enough time to think about anything then I do not want to start doing anything again and then starts feeling lazy and heavy.. The thought of existence of rest is enough to make me feel lazy... I remember that I was always this type of person but this situation got worse when I took over dose of bufo rana... since then I'm always very confused about everything and a single doubt has become enough to shatter my decision and resolve. since overdose of bufo rana, I need to be doubtless to do anything or else the more doubt I have the more heavy I feel. These days the biggest doubt or question mark is why do i want to live or what do I expect from my life or future... and at the same time nothing interest me anymore which makes my situation more worse.

I want to admit that since I have started Avena q, even if my laziness is same as before but the feeling of weakness has reduced as if I'm calmer than before.
nikhilsharma0588 4 months ago

Mr tui...

I just remember something and want to ask you, Few weeks left I tried Calcarea carb 200c. which really worked in my laziness, It was not like it increased my strength but somehow I just started wanting to do something and stopped pending things but Couldn't continue it because whenever I took calcarea carb then my right leg foot started paining, I had fracture there in past and exact same area hurts not all the time but at certain movement.

I studied about jaborandi Q... Is it okay If I take it for lack of sweating? I want to confirm whether sweating still relieves me from tension or stress so that i will not seek for stress reliving drugs?

Today after very long time, I felt mild craving for drugs but took avena q, it worked for me. the craving is gone but left some sort of frustration which is making me want to take drugs whether I crave for it or not. As if, Just give it up or else the pressure will keep rising till I give up so I will eventually give up later then why go through that suffering, just give up now.....

I'm facing watery stool, I use bathroom only 1 or 2 times a day only, I tried certain herbs for diarrhea including China 200c, but I stopped using bathroom still stool was same watery... my family members told me, it makes individual weak.
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nikhilsharma0588 4 months ago

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