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Retained placenta that has calcified

I had my baby 19 months ago. I had a retained placenta following the delivery and also hemorrhaged. The placenta was manually removed with the OB hand. It has been 19 months now and the pieces of placenta has calcified.

I have about 5-10 calcifications in the endometrial/myometrial junction.

In between periods, I have ongoing clear-yellow-white very stretchy discharge like egg white. But also this can be jelly like too.

This past period, the flow was bright red with small dark clots. It stopped when sitting and laying but gushed when standing. The flow was light to medium and for in the past few periods the flow has never gotten too high of a flow. I bleed for 4-5 days. The 4th and 5th is normally just spotting.
  KBerry on 2018-11-05
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
All cases I have read on this- patient goes back to
Obgyn, gets a sonogram and then has a d&c to
Remove the pieces. I don’t think homeopathy is
Going to take care of this problem.
simone717 last year
I’ve been advised not to as it will cause more issues. And besides the D&C can only treat the lining of the endometrium. Mine are underneath the lining, which in the Endometrial/Myometrial Junction.
Are you a homeopath? You may want to look this up on where it’s located in the uterus.
I will not let one doctor destroy my uterus. Every health professional knows the severe risks involved in a D&C - uterine scarring.
KBerry last year
simone & KBerry: If I may join. In homeopathy there are specific cures for retained placenta. I may be able to help her. Unless it has become dangerously toxic there may be a solution. KBerry can state her case in as simple terms as she can and seek my help.
Rahul2018 last year
Hi again

Why not ask her some questions to help guide her
In stating her case?

I think many people think they are giving adequate info
And have no idea what else to state. People come on here from all over the world, and many think homeopathy is a great
Alternative but have the idea “take this for that”-
[Edited by simone717 on 2018-11-11 14:46:10]
simone717 last year
simone: I'll do my best to help her. If KBerry reaches me I shall do what you (very correctly) suggest.
Rahul2018 last year
Hi Rahul2018. Yes I would very much like to work with you please.

Thank you!
KBerry last year
KBerry: I'll do the best I can for you. Please tell me:
1. Did you have any fever within 2 months after delivery?
2. How much time did the delivery process take? Half hr/1hr etc. If you don't remember then describe what all happened and how long did it feel it could have lasted.
3. How is your mind now? What kind of sensory feelings you have?
4. Are there discharges? Are they foul smelling?
5. Is there any indication of infection inside the uterus now?
6. Can you think clear & straight now?
7. Did you get your blood tested recently? Was it okay. If they told you what's wrong, if anything.
8. How are you NOW.
Enough to start with.
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Rahul2018 last year
1. Did you have any fever within 2 months after delivery?

I didn’t have a fever, but did have lower abdominal pain.

2. How much time did the delivery process take? Half hr/1hr etc. If you don't remember then describe what all happened and how long did it feel it could have lasted.

I was 38+2 weeks. My water broke around around 4:30 am. I was GBS + so I needed to go into the hospital right away to get antibiotics. I got 4 rounds of this throughout the duration of my labour. My daughter was born at 545pm almost exactly 13 hours. The first 4 hours I dilated 2cm then nothing the next 4 hours they pumped me full of pitocin. So much that there nurse said that she had never given that much to a patient before. 2 hours later I was at 8-9cm then you rested and then started pushing 2.5 hours prior to delivery.
I received laughing gas for the pain and also an epidural as the pain got way too intense for me to bare.
During the delivery, the OB offered to do a Csection - I refused. He then asked to use forceps - I also refused.

After the delivery, I had a retained placenta and hemorrhaged to the point of almost death. I lost 2.5L and had 3 blood transfusions. I was in and of emerg for the next 9 weeks of recovery. I passed a peach sized clot around 4 weeks post pregnancy. I also had a hemoglobin of 62 4 days after delivery.
My milk came in but not until 3 weeks ish. At the beginning, it was not a good supply.

3. How is your mind now? What kind of sensory feelings you have?

My mind and thoughts and worry’s are constantly on my uterine calcifications. I obsess over them. I obsess about having another baby and whether the calcifications will cause issues during pregnancy and delivery, for example; miscarriage and placenta accreta.

4. Are there discharges? Are they foul smelling?

I have non stop egg white discharge throughout my whole cycle. Sometimes it’s clear, sometimes, it’s white, and sometimes it’s a yellowish colour.
It’s always sticky, but sometimes it’s gobbish (like glue or booger’s).
My get the discharge on the first and last day of my period when my flow is light.

My period flow for the past few cycles have been light to medium. 1st day light, 2nd day medium, 3rd day light to medium, 4th is spotting, 5th is spotting.

The 2nd and 3rd day flow is accompanied by small dark clots. Blood ranges from pink-red (first day) to bright red and then the last two days are light red-pink when flow is light. And globby (like booger’s).

5. Is there any indication of infection inside the uterus now?

No there isn’t any indication.

6. Can you think clear & straight now?

Not always. My mind is constantly busy and my memory is lacking for sure.
7. Did you get your blood tested recently? Was it okay. If they told you what's wrong, if anything.

I did. I will get the results on Friday.

8. How are you NOW.

I am obsessively worried about these calcifications and constantly worry what they can cause. I also get tired and frustrated very easily. I also cry normally when I talk about my health issues I’ve been having. They consume my thoughts and mind.

I just want them gone.

Thank you for your time!
KBerry last year
BK: I may not be available for a week or so. So don't worry.
Rahul2018 last year

Rahul has been suspended from the forum.

The truth is, after contacting several homeopaths,
This is not a condition that remedies can help.

You need to consult with really high level gynecologists
To guide you in this. Prayers that you find the right MD
And are well.

Best regards,

Simone 717
simone717 last year
BK: If you are willing to take my advice on what to do please let me know. If you'll want I shall tell you "this med for what". Pls re-write everything pertaining only to retained placenta and symptoms.
Rahul2018 last year
Hi kb,

Rahul is not a doctor or a certified homeopath,
Even tho his email says rahulthedoc. This “forum”
Was set up for exchange of ideas about anything
To do with healing. It is not a clinic, even tho it
Looks like one.

The only way to tell if advice is helpful is to click user names and look at past posts and length of time on this platform. I
Asked several “real” drs with a practice , whom I trust
About your case. They all said homeopathy was not
A solution.
simone717 last year
I am not in competition with anyone. Aim is to get well. Rahulthedoc is not my real name like of most on ABC. So there's nothing to gain for me. I have learnt some and I speak on authority. I shall be willing to disclose sources and reasoning because I admit that I am learning. Let all do this if aim is to gain knowledge. Not all may get cured though.
[Edited by Rahul2018 on 2018-11-25 05:09:44]
Rahul2018 last year
I am not aware on whose authority simone717 is writing all this vitriol. Not to know something is no shortcoming; one can always learn. Just for information of those who want to learn: based on age groups, a child is prone to different types of behavioral attitudes starting from infancy.One should start with looking for miasmatic characteristics of drugs, say, Abrotanum to get an idea. Age blocks are eg 1-2, 3-5,...years of ages. Behavior problems include things as disobedience, absence of concentration in class, now wanting to go to school, lack of comprehension, stealing, exploring nose etc. There is solution for everything in Homeo.
2. There are 6-7 child TYPES starting with a main Type say calc Carb child (having sub types under it), pulsatilla child , graphite child and so on. There are standard books on this subject. I am not wanting to teach someone.
For some ignorance is a bliss!
[Edited by Rahul2018 on 2018-11-25 06:05:32]
Rahul2018 last year
Adults and children are not a “remedy “
Type- the remedy can fit at one time and change- match the remedy to the symptoms- you can have a child who fits the Cal Carb profile
But has a pulsatilla cough- or had a trauma and needs ignatia.
- also miasmatic prescribing is complicated and controversial
In homeopathy- you talk as if all homeopaths accepts these
Theories and they do not.

There is an English homeopath who wrote a book on types-
It was not accepted by most homeopaths because
His sources were based on only patients in his practice- not real proving methods. Jan scholten has a huge book on ages from birth till 90 years old and remedies for “stages” not completed -
None of these remedies have had provings for these stages- it is all hypothetical.

There has been a lot of studies on add and adhd
In the last 10 years and many doctors agree that
There is a gut connection with these maladies
That has to be addressed. Dr. Reva on here has a good
Approach in handling these cases by starting with diet first.
[Edited by simone717 on 2018-11-25 10:40:17]
simone717 last year
Aim is to get well. Unless you know what all is there you cannot even find faults with.
Rahul2018 last year
Do you need help?
surendrakr last year
Female; leucorrhea; ropy, stringy, tenacious; hanging from os in long strings: HYDR(4) KALI-BI(3)

anuj srivastava last year
Pls start with Calc Fluo 12x and Silicea 6 twice daily for 15 days and report.
surendrakr last year

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