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DOCTORS: please! hypothyroidism/fibroid/psoriases

would you help me please?
I am suffering from lots of diseases produced by hypothyroidism as psoriases, fibroma and mastalgia.

The think is, I had a doctor that has passed away and over the years he gave me a lot of medicines like (conium 200ch wich helped with night sweets and mentally too), thuja 6,30,200,pulsatilla (calmes me down), lucopodium (mentally and physically it is wonderful for me, I feel energetic and happy), but only when I took carb 1000ch and hepar sulphur 12ch that I felt the bigger results.

after taking calc carb 1000ch I vomit a lot, had a fever and felt horrible for a week, after that my mental state wasn´t good, but with time I recover totally, but only calcarea 1000 has cured the mastalgia I had for years and diminushed a lot of the flow and pain I was having during period because of the fibroma. calc also got me a very bad jet lag, since I started going to bed and waking up 3 hours later than usual.

After that another medicine made the mastalgia come back so as I was taking

I was taking a formula for fibroma made by mysristica sefifera8D,silicea10D hepar sulphur 16D, gunpowder 8D, but hepar sul. made my intestine stop working, so the doctor told me to redo the formula withour hepar sulphur and also take hepar sulphur in 5ch.

Right after taking it the mastalgia cured for 1 day, but came back on the day after that, so he told me to take hepar sulp 12ch

hepar sulphur 12ch started curing the psoriases I still have, but it look a lot better.

then he gave me the 30ch. When I took hepar 30ch I didnt feel well.

I felt extremelly sleep, and on the next day a bit depressed, and until today I dont feel like doing anything (which is disturbing my work). And it has create a need for sweets for me. I felt like taking lycopodium which I feel it is the best remedie for my mental state.

What should I do.
Clearly hepar sulphur 30ch was too strong for me.
but up to the 12th potency, I was feeling well.
Can lycopodium follow hepar sulphur as it has sulphur in the composition of it?

Thanks a lot
  julia2 on 2018-11-15
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
drjitesh 3 years ago
Ok doctor, It was really easier to do it for my mum.
writting about myself is confusing, I feel I have a lot to say...
here we go:

things I like to eat: orange juice, juicy fruits, vegetables, olive oil, strong cheese, all sort of spices, salt, alcohol (wine and beer), coffee (decaf). I cant drink regular coffee because it gives me insomnia. I cant drink anything with caffeine. I don’t thing it is because I am too hyper, but I am really sensitive to stimulants. Alcohol, allopathic medicine, homeopathic medicine are another example of this sensibility.

I need fan to sleep even when it ´s winter. I sleep in a close room (window and door) to avoid sun light and noise, so I have to use the fan. When it gets hotter, I use the AC. Can´t stand summer without it.

Love winter, snow. I leave in a tropical country, we don´t have snow here, but I strongly love when I see a movie with snow. And when I am in the snow, I really love it. I love everything related to it, the cozy wood houses, the spicy food, the calm feeling when in winter...

But I can enjoy sun and beach too. I sometimes feel I don´t have strength to stand the summer (because I feel lazy, sometimes sad, I feel as my metabolism is slower, and I can´t eat until the sun goes down.

when it´s really hot, sometimes I feel sad during the sunset. and when it finishes I get a big relief.

I always have problems with my metabolism before period and during the hottest days of summer, and now that I am getting older it is worse. I am 42.

My hypothyroidism gets really worse before period. And I feel the same way when it is really hot.

I think my weight gain is also because I am in peri-menopause (I am 42) I read that the best medicine for weight gain during peri-menopause is graphites. Would it be ok if I take it?

Since I am little, I dream with fame and success. Now this feeling is weaker. I don’t know if it is wisdom that comes with age or if it is a prostration caused by hypothyroidism.

I live in a colorful world, can´t see the news since I get extremely touched, I don´t like to see tragedies, horror movies, or even disable people get me really impressed.

I can´t stand prejudice.
I wish I was vegetarian but I got anemic.
I often do charity and in some point I thought about only doing it in life.

Since I am little my parents don´t approve my artistic abilities, haven´t encourage me at all, they have tried to discourage me and have laugh at me, so I grow up feeling difficulties to expose me. And when I am in the stage, I feel really nervous.

I am really creative.
when I was reading the mag carb materia medica you gave for my mum, I have noticed the kind of dreams it have...and I guess it fits me as well in some way.

I really often dream I am in a other country, by myself trying to come back home, but my bag is too full to close or, I can´t discover wich bus I have to take to get into the airport or I have to see somebody I don´t see for 20 years before go back, but I don´t have the telephone number of the person and the time is getting over...

Recently, after hepar, I dreamt that I was in stage and I couldn´t remember the text I have to say. And I am about to enter and I can´t find a text to read. it´s somewhat funny because I never get to see what happen. It is only this feeling of despair.

I am really feminist. I used to get really angry about chauvisnist stuff, now I am calmer. I had to learn how to deal with it because it was affecting my health, so I start changing about 10 years ago. I am still a strong feminist, but dont get sick with chauvinist people anymore. I also try to be construtive with bad emotions. If I can´t deal with the feeling, I write a book about the theme, or a song, or a blog. Or I go and help to change the world in the point that is disturbing me with charity all this kind of things.

I am really happy, I laugh easily, get offended easily, sometimes I have tantrums. I guess I am intense. I am very sensitive, I am very spontaneous and have the positive child side on me.

I used to love doing exercises, now I only feel the need to it, in order to feel well. Maybe it´s my metabolism?

I am very loving.

I love bathing.
the temperature of my bath is hot during winter, warm during spring and autumn and warm or fresh during really hot days of summer.

What I hate to eat: I don´t know. the only thing I don´t like it is because of ideals, or because it is too caloric and would make me fatter, not because of the taste. So I got used not to like meat and fat, but before I have hepatitis I used to love fried cheese(!!!) And I do feel I need protein. white meat (fish and chichen) or eggs. I really enjoy drinking alcohol.

I dont like milk. I used to drink a lot when teenager, but it happens naturally. when I realize I wasn´t drinking it anymore.

but i love salt.
I am not having appetite lately after hepar sulphur30
but I have to tell you that hepar sulphur 12ch has wonderful for me: I was laughing more, I have tied a drawer that I had some mind blockage to tide. It´s being 6 years I live in this house and I had never tied it before hepar.

I changed the position I sleep, return to the position I used to sleep when teen. I was sleeping better, but I was tidying things more and producing less. I dont know if it is good. Not to mention mastalgia and psoriasis that got better.

I have cracked lips for years. It is really really dry. Gets worse in the winter. or when it is dry. i dont know.

I am really persistent person. I dont give up easy. I often hear this complement for others.

If everything is horrible in life I still can fell happiness if I am able to do my art and be creative.

I dont think people are a sex, a nationality, a age, a profession. I think about people as beings, energy, essence, soul. I guess when you are able to think like that, the respect for others gets bigger and natural.

I really enjoy nature, that is a very strong characteristic on me. I need to have contact with animals, trees, forests, falls, sun, otherwise I start to get sad. And I live in a big city. We don’t have it here. So sometimes I have to get away and look for it.

I always felt I was out, of the system, of the groups or, of what is considered to be normal, when I got into a group, the feeling was to really care on what they thought about me, bacause I didnt want to lose it. But now, that they dont exist anymore and I live reclusive but I think I don’t care as much on what people think about me. I am not sure about that. When I am on stage I do. I fear the ridiculous. When I was a child I was ugly and I suffer bulling so that is another explanation for that awkward felling I have about myself. But don’t get me wrong I am almost cured about it.

when I feel angry it is out of proportion. after 5 minutes I realize it.

have instestinal gases
raw garlic and raw onions dont agree with me. but I really like raw garlic. and I eat it.
I dont feel really well after eating more than one egg.
If I eat an egg with soft yolk I dont feel well, when I was younger I used to eat it and after I vomited.
I am absolutely crazy for orange juice and oranges in general.
[Edited by julia2 on 2018-11-16 20:54:09]
julia2 3 years ago
Your personal relationships and sexual life
drjitesh 3 years ago
last year libido is low
personal relationship??? what do you wish to know?

I guess I am very affectionate, need some time be by myself and also know groups make me feel well.

I am always with a smile on face, even if I am not really happy.
I am often criticized by traditional people that cant understand a spontaneous way to be. but I look like a calm person to strangers.

With my husband and mum and dad, I am very affectionated, always caressing them, making jokes, with my husband I can be the real and complete me! he is my best friend, my light, my everything. but when we fight I can think for a moment that he is nothing for me. that I dont want him...

with everyone, but my husband: I guess because I am really sensitive I know how words can hurt, so I am very carefull not to hurt people with my words. I am not a sharp tongue.

with my husband I can be very harsh in a fight. I have learn with the best. An old boyfriend verbally violent. I am better now, but once you learn...

I have dificulties to do this. talk about me, not because I am ashamed, but because I feel confused.

A strong characteristic is that I always thing in possibilities nobody would, my mind is really open, so it is a little more difficult to understand what people mean in a normal conversation. what seems obvious for everyone, is not so obvious for me.
[Edited by julia2 on 2018-11-16 21:15:07]
julia2 3 years ago
i have edited the last post a lot. please read again.

correcting: I am very polite and sensitive with people until I realize there is no other way unless fight. I dont fight often. And I dont like to fight, I hate discussions. I think people need to learn how to give their opinion and end the argument. People love to show how right they are, how they know more than you. I dont like to do that. I like to give my opinion and end the conversation. so I give the opportunity for people to think differently but I dont force anybody to think like I do.

So correctiong: I dont like fights, and I normally dont but if it is inevitable and it is serious I can be really harsh with everyone. but it would take a year to get me in this state. sometimes I prefer to end a friendship than saying the harsh true.
[Edited by julia2 on 2018-11-16 21:20:44]
julia2 3 years ago
when I said I have tantrums I meant I get really angry but sometimes I get angry exactly because I didnt say anything to someone that should listen to me. But I am not used to fight.
julia2 3 years ago
I say thinks to my husband but not to everybody else.

And I am not too patient
Iused to be in a hurry for everything, but again, I dont know if its age, hypo, lack of hope or if I have changed, but it seems better now.
julia2 3 years ago
I am learning to lie. in the past, I used think the only way to live was to be true to everyone. Now, I understand it is necessary to lie to live in society. SOmetimes a small lie can make the other person happier, can avoid discussions.
julia2 3 years ago
The fibroma have appeared after the insertion of an intra uterine dispositive.

if you think my information is too confused I can ask my hisband to write about me. Sometimes an outsider view can be more organized.

As a child I was very affectionated ,needy and independent. Loving freedom.

As adult, needy is better. but whenever I feel fear, the need for reachurance is back.
[Edited by julia2 on 2018-11-17 06:48:25]
julia2 3 years ago
You have a lot of friends ?
Do you crave ice ?
Dreams of snakes?
drjitesh 3 years ago
I dont crave ice, but I like it a lot.
I never dreamt with snakes
I dont have a lot of friends, mainly because I dont have time for friends. Art, my parents and husband take all my time. I work a lot and have no time for friends. but all my life, even when I have the time, I was always really selective. So, never have a lot of friends.

I am having the feeling that I made you confused with non accurate in formation. is that true? that is the problem when I am talking about myself. Do you want my husband description of me?
[Edited by julia2 on 2018-11-17 15:47:26]
julia2 3 years ago
ok this rudness think is like that: I am very happy and polite with everyone but if someone is rude to me I will probably be rude. I will not say everything I should bit I will make it clear I didnt like it.

With my husband everything is different. I always make it clear when I dont like something. But with him, I will say everything I want and I often say rude things but in the next minute I am happy again. think about someone that has aries as ascendent and cance and piscies very present at the map. that is me

it is a contradiction.
julia2 3 years ago
I really like biscuits without feeling. I guess I have a tendency on having lumps all over body.

places I had them bwfore:

a lump close to pituitaria
a lump on thyroid
ovarian policistic yars ago
polyp nasal
a benign lump.on left breast
a fibroma
a really small one on anus

I have lots of cance cases in my family

I am very itchy
sometimes I have itchness all over my body.

I love to read and learn abput homeopathy and mystic issues and mystic pseudo-ciencies.
[Edited by julia2 on 2018-11-18 05:11:54]
julia2 3 years ago
[Edited by drjitesh on 2018-11-18 05:13:36]
drjitesh 3 years ago
drjitesh 3 years ago
I have told you that already. maybe you have lost some of my posts? I have talked too much, havent I? LOL!

I really really really love nature and animals.
Need to be next to nature and animals once in a while.

I live in a big city but sometimes I have to go an be with nature and animals. Love waterfalls, forests, trees, the smeel of wet soil, animals..
[Edited by julia2 on 2018-11-18 23:59:17]
julia2 3 years ago
but pets... not so much. I think animals are better respected when they can be at freedom or with nature or really well treated with lots of care and attention

but I dont have the time, money or a proper house to have a dog for example.
julia2 3 years ago
have I told you that I dont like the dark? I dont sleep in a complete dark room.
julia2 3 years ago
[Edited by drjitesh on 2018-11-19 13:01:42]
drjitesh 3 years ago
Hi doctor Jitesh! Thank you for your help and attention! I am very pleased you are helping me!
But I have to tell you, I am a little afraid of taking this medicine :) Is it harmful in any way?
It is made from mammary cance cell, isn´t it? It is terrifying!

So, just to be shure can you tell me if you think this is really my medicine after reading the text below?

So, I read it´s materia medica. There are a lot of similarities but here is what is not similar to me:

I really like to be comforted. When I am not sick, I always need attention but when I get sick, if I don´t get the attention I need I complain to my husband. I even get angry with him.

I do have lots and small moles on my belly caused by the exposure to the sun

I don´t have desire to travel. I do like to travel, but I dont have the desire to do it. Everyone close to me is obssessed by traveling so I learnt how to appreciate it.

I am not afraid of cance, too much people, death and high places. I know I said I am afraid of this medicine but I mean, I dont think in this disease at all.

I am afraid of narrow places and claustrophobic places.

I don´t have high libido

If I have to choose one side that I prefer to sleep, I would say it is the left side, not the right as pointed in materia medica.

About tidiness and cleanness:
I had grown up in the cleanest house I´ve ever seen. I am not kidding LOL!
My mum and dad are very obsessed about cleanness, so, compared to them I am messy and dirty, but I do need some tidiness and cleanness, but I am not going to became a slave of myself. I prefer to tide some of the house (the most important things) and have time to work, than keep cleaning and forget about work and fun. Having fun is very important to :)

For instance, I am able to close my eyes for a week if the kitchen floor is dirty, if the leaving room is messy, and for years with my husband´s mania to accumulate papers in a pile.

But my personal drawers are clean and tidy. But sometimes, when i dont have the time or energy it gets messy. I dont really like but I can stand for a while. Not for too long though.

All the wardrobes on the house are somewhat tidy, not freshly clean, but they are tidy. Only one is messy and I am not going to tidy this.
So, I do need tidiness and cleanness, but I am not obsessed by it as materia medica describes.

just so you know, I have taken medorrinum 200 about 6 months ago.

So, do you still keep the carcinosin 200?

And please tell me if it is harmfull in any way. Sorry about my ignorance, but I do have to ask it :)

God bless you!
I am very thankfull!
[Edited by julia2 on 2018-11-19 17:08:04]
julia2 3 years ago
Wait first give me the complete list of medicine you have taken with their effects
drjitesh 3 years ago
Ok. I have everything written, but I have to translate before send it to you. So it can take a while.
[Edited by julia2 on 2018-11-19 17:54:56]
julia2 3 years ago
Why there is confusion ??

People who keep reading materia medica leads to confusion

I prescribed as totality matched your symptoms

Let me tell you CARCINOSIN does not make you sick

It the remedy which has picture same as per your symptoms

Anyways it was my advice it up to you
You are free to decide
drjitesh 3 years ago
I need it I Need to know the complete list since beginning all homeopathic remedies

The reason I'm asking is your symptoms need more clarity

Your picture come in bits of every remedy so need to know all remedies you have taken
drjitesh 3 years ago
doctor the information I have collected is 4 pages. should I sum up?
julia2 3 years ago

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