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Multiple Ailments - Help Requested


I need a major tuneup to my body, have a few issues, some need more attention than others. The list is as follows:

1. High BP (take a small daily dose of medicine to keep it in check)
2. Snoring / Sleep Apnea (Use CPAP machine)
3. Psoriasis (on ankle, itching & scaling)
4. Frequent Diverticulitis (colon infection)
5. Bloating of the abdomen / gassy
6. Some level of spine degeneration / herniated disc in neck, sometimes mild pain.

I think except for item 6, they all influence or affect each other and may be related. I am 58 yrs old male, professional and not much homeopathic help available locally. So help/homeopathic treatment is appreciated.

I will provide detailed case history as needed, please let me know if I need to complete any particular format.
  Banjara on 2018-12-18
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
Lycopodium Clavatum 200C

Please take three doses. Just 3 doses. Not daily.

Get the remedy in liquid:
Put five drop of the remedy in 20 ml of mineral water, hit the bottle atleast 6 time (shaking the bottle is not enough). Take it before bedtime. That’s one dose.

Morning dose: Early morning as soon as you get up, wash your mouth with plain water (don't brush), take the remedy.
Night dose: 12 hrs after the first dose.

Don't drink water along with the medicine. Don't drink or eat any thing for 30 minutes before the medicine and after the medicine.

Note: don't eat or drink any thing before or after 30 minutes of taking remedy. Avoid Strong smell, Coffee, Raw Garlic, Raw Onion, Hing and Tobacco in any form.

Report back after 15 days with the changes observed during this period.

HealthyWorld 8 months ago
Based on my past experience, I took Lyco 200C about 10 days ago single dose and then repeated again after a week, i.e. my last dose was about 3 days ago. Liquid remedy taken directly under the tongue.

I think in the past Lyco used to help me to bring my BP down & had helped me in panic attacks. About 2009/2010 I had started to get panic attacks, all the tests were negative & this is when I started the BP medicine. So somebody helped me and Lyco cured if not completely say 95%+.

Another remedy which has helped me in diverticulitis has been Ars. Album 200C but not sure how effective it has been lately due to frequent episodes (almost every 3months).

One thing I have noticed so far after taking Lyco, I used to feel a pull internally on the left side, middle of the abdomen even when not have diverticulitis symptoms, indicating something is not right. It is hard to explain that pull, something not right in one particular spot in the affected area. THIS PULL FEELING IS GONE AFTER TAKING ONE DOSE OF LYCO. My voluminous gas may have reduced. I am also taking some probiotics, started about a month ago, on & off.

One frequent symptom apart from diverticulitis I forgot to mention is that of "Small Bowel Blockage", the abdomen would become like a pressure cooker, filled with gas & would not be able to release the gas, and abdomen would continue to built pressure and with pain would become unbearable. Have ended up in the hospital emergency room a few times. One key aspect is that all small bowel blockages have been observed in the late afternoon/evening and getting worse as the night progresses.

So since I have taken 2 doses of Lyco, please advise how I should proceed forward. Also had taken Rhus Tox 200C about 15 days ago, 2 doses as I had pulled my muscles below the left knee doing yoga stretches (started recently, 3 weeks ago). Still recovering on the knee, still have about 50% of the issue. Do apply heat locally once in a while which helps.

Thanks & Appreciate all the help.
Banjara 8 months ago
All these details must be submitted before prescribing the medicines. As prescription of a homeopath is based on the details submitted by a patient.

Homeopathy is one of the most popular holistic systems of medicine. The selection of homeopathic medicine for any disease is based upon the theory of individualization and symptoms similarity by using holistic approach.

This is the only way through which a state of complete health can be regained by removing all the sign and symptoms from which the patient is suffering.

The aim of homeopathic medicine for a disease is not only to treat the disease but to address its underlying cause and individual susceptibility. As far as therapeutic medication is concerned, several well-proved medicines are available for homeopathic treatment of joint pains that can be selected on the basis of cause, location, sensation, modalities and extension of the complaints.
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HealthyWorld 8 months ago
The Lycopodium & Arsenicum Album were prescribed before, long time ago by some homeopaths and had worked for me. I took those based on past experience on certain symptoms and yes not on totality of the case.

I presume that I am being asked to submit the full case, if yes will work on it and provide it to you very soon.

Appreciate the help

Banjara 8 months ago
OK, seems like I am having another episode of diverticulitis.

I am having pain on the left side in the lower part of the abdomen in the center. I was feeling a pulling mild feeling. I pressed on the area and it hurts..signs of diverticulitis. This thing develops rapidly and need to start with something immediately or will have to take antibiotics.

I am very gassy and passing lots of gas frequently, bowel movements normal. No other symptoms for now. I can feel the stretching / pulling feeling while sitting/ during no activity. Based on past experience if left untreated the pain can increase significantly to becoming unbearable and fever will pop up.

I had gotten a colonoscopy in 2010 and everything was normal, I am due for another one. This issue started in 2009, I was extremely stressed out on a project at work, working very late and trying to accomplish a week's work in less than a day. One evening while leaving work felt stabbing pain from mild to very strong in the same area. This became very strong in few hours and ended up in the hospital emergency room. Drs are not available here after office hrs, have to go to an emergency clinic or hospital. They told me that time that I had small bowel blockage but then said I have diverticulitis. Then I had very frequent episodes of diverticulitis every few months or whenever I would have a change of weather or change of place even on a vacation. I was told to not to eat things like popcorn or hard seeds type things which can get stuck in the colon pockets and give colon infection / diverticulitis. Then Ars Album was recommended & that helped me reducing frequency and intensity. However, for the last year this has become very frequent, every three months or so as I have been working away from home; out of town eating outside food and less healthier environment. Last time I got diverticulitis was in Oct 2018, about 2 1/2 months ago.
Now I have been at home for almost 2 months with no stress etc and eating healthy. I don't know if something I ate is giving this infection or what is the cause.
Please advise.
Appreciate the help.
Banjara 7 months ago
One thing to add, pain is worse on motion. It amplifies and makes it very obvious that something is wrong.
On a scale of 1 to 10 & 10 being the strongest, pain currently is 1.5.

Banjara 7 months ago
I am waiting for your reply. I have taken Ars Album 200C dose and not sure if this is the correct remedy for the current symptoms. When there is gas movement in the abdomen it hurts in the infected area. I had a bowel movement and it also hurts in the same area if I apply any pressure.

Please advise.
Banjara 7 months ago

I am really sorry if I have interfered.

I belive lyco was not subscribed on the totality, though it helped. I would like to know how many doses of lyco you have taken and how exactly each dose was prepared. This is very important in prescribing your correct remedy.

mani_jee 7 months ago
Taken total 2 doses of Lyco 200C, 2 drops under the tongue each time, 2nd dose was after 1 week of the first dose.

Now taken 2 doses of Ars Alb 200C, 3 drops in about 4 spoons of water each time. Planning to take 3rd dose this evening. so taking 3 doses 12 hrs apart.

Banjara 7 months ago
Update & help request:

My diverticulitis is all ok now, seems to be healed, 99% symptoms gone, no pain on pressing. Don't know if I need to repeat Ars Alb after a certain time frame to remove any residual infection / bacteria inside, please advise? Had taken total 3 doses of Ars Alb 200C, every 12hrs, starting Sunday evening, Dec. 23.

On another acute, need help on my knee issue. We can come to all other chronic issues after this if ok. I have pain in the knee area which started about 4 weeks ago when I did some yoga exercises. I did not realize of any muscle pull at the time of the exercise. I had just recently started these exercises and had never done them before. The pain started slowly and got worse, currently stable. So I am walking with a limp. The muscles in the back of the knee on the left leg seemed to be pulled, hurts when I fold the legs backward, in sitting or standing posture. While standing if I lift the leg up, say parallel to the ground, it hurts on the lower back of the knee muscles and top of the knee in the front. Lower part of the knee in the front seems slightly swollen, no discoloration. Back of the knee muscle pain is more so in the middle and the left side. Most of the pain & discomfort is here. Light movement exercises, massage and applying heat at the back of the knee helps.
Please advise / help. Please let me know if you have any additional questions.
Thanks, appreciate it.
Banjara 7 months ago
You have also used Lyco during 2009 to 2011. My query was to ascertain exact how much of Lyco you have taken till date.

I am assuming, that your current symptoms might be due to overdose of lyco but it will only be established after your response to my query.

mani_jee 7 months ago
There is no overdose, don't remember the last time Lyco was taken before. In 2009, yes Lyco was prescribed by a homeopath and few doses (total 2 or 3) of 200C followed by two doses of 1M were taken at a gap of 1month. These were taken in 2009 & not 2009 to 2011.

Banjara 7 months ago

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