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High B/P and Buzzing Ears

i m 35 years old, for past 2 years, my blood pressure seems to be around normal value but recently, it started increasing again. its not giving me headache now but my eyesight is getting worse. i have buzzing in ears all the time like some sort of whistle and bp remain around 145/90 but recently it got around 152/100 after which i took Rauwolfia Q as prescribed by my local homeopath.

my left ear is buzzing a lot and their is sort of heaviness inside ear, seems like swelling due to . i took ayurvedic medicine chitrak haritaki avaleha and in 2 doses, my ears heaviness is less but the buzzing sound in left ear is still there, specially in the evening. recent bp readings are 152/100, 145/95 and 142/97. my eyesight is too blurry now but surprisingly there is no headache

i got my lipid profile checked today and below are the results

Total Cholesterol 205.6
Triglycerides 255.4
HDL Cholesterol 33.1
LDL Cholesterol 139.6
VLDL Cholesterol 32.9

as per report, my HDL is low and LDL and VLDL is a bit high

checked my b/p again yesterday, it was 145/97 with pulse 85
  fizspace on 2019-01-21
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
please somebody respond
fizspace last year
Please see your md for advice- 140 is the threshold
Where one starts bp meds. The goal is to have steady readings
Under the threshold and no spikes.

The elevated levels can start damaging your kidneys
And there is no fix after that-so you need to get
Bp meds now, and then work on diet, exercise,
Salt reduction etc to see if you can get it to
Normal levels again - but you Cannot have
Hit and miss results with homeopathy right now.
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simone717 last year
Thanks simone717 for replying, i consulted a homeopath here, he gave me rauwolfia and some other medicines but i am not feeling better after 3 days. the b/p keeps fluctuating around 145/95 to 152/100, pulse remains around 75. i started exercising too with a long walk in the evening. i get uncomfortable at night, laying on my bed specially when i keep my hands on my chest or sleep on left side. also the left ear buzzing is continuously disturbing me, it is also affecting my hearing from left ear. i feel gastric too, is it possible that the spikes or pain in my chest is due to gastric problem ?
fizspace last year

Handle your bp first with bp meds from the md.

There are many reasons for high bp- some people
Have excellent diet, exercise, weight and low stress
And high bp is genetic. I know of some who kept trying
Homeo meds, herbs etc for a couple years still having
Spikes. They had to get a kidney transplant because
They were ignorant of what spikes could do.

People have gastric problems and NO high bp.
I don’t know if your weight is high, or if you have fatty liver,
Or if you are eating acidic foods, acidic drinks ,
Fast foods, etc.

Like I said- handle bp now- and work on the rest .

I saw Anuj prescribed. If bp does not stabilize, get the meds.
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simone717 last year
Cases with b.p and diabetes are hard to handle. Shortly stick with your family physician.
Ibrahim3 last year
thanks simone and Ibrahim, as advised by physician, i am taking S-Amlodipine tablet for B/P and will also be taking the homeopathic medicines with same.
fizspace last year
its been 5 months since this high bp and buzzing left ear problem started and after consulting so many doctors i am still unable to find the real cause of all this.

initially my vitamin d was too low and b12 was also little less, took 3 months supplements but no use. senior doctors didn't find my case of high bp and asked me to remain calm and do not take tension. unani doctors found it to be cold congestion in my head, they are somewhat right since i never had cold for last 7-8 months. juts got my heart checked and its perfect, bp is normal, only boosts when i got internal tremors and mostly at night. got ent doctor checked and he found it to be possible fluid in my ear due to cold and gave me medicines which are not really working.

i am feeling too weak and confused to what i should go for.... please help

also, my triglycerides are high 293, hdl is low at 31, non hdl is high at 157, chol/hdl ratio is 6.1, ldl/hdl ratio is high 4, very low density lipoprotein is high 58.6

i have started morning walk and taking vegetarian food only. left ear buzzes a lot and the hearing is very low. left arm is having mild pain which extends from near the heart, dont know if its gastric
[Edited by fizspace on 2019-07-12 06:45:36]
fizspace 10 months ago
start with

Ginkgo Biloba mother tincture for buzzing and high BP

Crataegus mother tincture + Allium Sativum mother tincture

Aconite 200c first week daily at nite time, than reduce to 2 times week

Arnica 30c can be taken daily for life

Salt imbalance, Nat Mur is the best, No med is better than Nat mur ( many ailments are covered with Nat Mur )

these meds shall fix your issues.

If you are on allopathy meds, than u have to slowly taper them off. Side effects are bad for allopathy meds.
lal_anar 9 months ago
Hi Fizzspace,

Forum members are asked to comment
When advice is NOT safe.lal-anar is not
A dr or a homeopath.

You cannot take Arnica for “life” because
You will start to exhibit new mental symptoms
That you never had- google materia medica
Of Arnica. Homeopathic remedies are meant
To match symptoms and trigger your life force
To Cure the problem- they are not like supplements
Or herbs that one can take every day.

You have to be very careful about “tapering”
Off BP meds and should be checked regularly
If you try that. Because Bp can fluctuate
And that can cause kidney damage that
Cannot be fixed except for a kidney transplant.

Aconitum is more of an acute, short term remedy
When indicated. If it is not matched well,
You will start to exhibit symptoms listed in
Materia medica.

Also taking all those suggestions? You will not
Know what is doing what to your health.

I suggest you start a new thread and list
Current symptoms, what you are taking now-
This thread is too confusing now to sort out.
[Edited by simone717 on 2019-08-15 16:45:50]
simone717 9 months ago
I have lot of patient who are taking Arnica for life for years without any side effects or provings

Myself takes Arnica, daily twice a day and taking it since last 12 years. It provides benefits without any side effects.

My parents are in 80's, they are taking Arnica for many many years.

My mother was prescribed 5 pills a day to control her BP. Even taking 5 pills her BP used to shoot 180 / 100. Many times I took her to ER.

Since 2007, she started taking Arnica and Nat Mur daily. Crategus along with Solidago and Berb Vulgaris.

No more ER visits since than

Unfortunately, lot of ppl try to convince the dangers of homeopathy without much knowledge of homeopathy.

I have lots of patient who takes Aconite along with Crateagus and Ginkgo for years this has control BP very well.

dangers of allopathic meds have caused lot of side effects.

Please note, I am not here to harm anyone or play with someone's health.

Do not try to convince other if you don't have knowledge or experience.

Any remedy which is suggested are based on experience.
[Edited by lal_anar on 2019-08-15 22:09:36]
lal_anar 9 months ago
My experience giving Nat Mur, Aconite,
And Arnica is that people begin to have proving symptoms after
Taking / overdosing- Nat mur( sneezing, cold sores,
Depression etc proving symptoms- Aconite( panic
Attacks) Arnica( incontinence proving symptom,
And changes in mental state where the person
Thinks they know all and one cannot convince them otherwise)

The rest of your advice is giving mother tinctures
Which is not that different than taking the herb itself-
And one Can take herbs daily if they know how
To monitor side effects that can happen.

If you are telling people to take potencies(
Not MT) forever.. you are not following
Hahnemann principles - of prescribing.

Brisbane homeopath explained some of this
To you in an old thread. You were and are
Following Joe. Joe was not a homeopath or
Dr but a retail store owner who never found
Success in prescribing according to homeopathic
Principles. He experimented with Arnica
And other things- which are his own ideas-
Not homeopathy.
[Edited by simone717 on 2019-08-15 23:28:48]
simone717 9 months ago
Dr Clark prescribed meds more than one. He mixed remedies too. He did not follow Hahnemann principles when treated patients.
he always called Hahneman is pioneer of homeopathy which no one denies.

Hering also mixed homeopathy remedies.

I have seen lots of homeopaths says real homeopathy treatment is single remedies.

I do not disagree but, they have to agree that some cases more than 1 remedy is needed same time same day. It depends on the extent of the disease.

Regarding diseases like BP, Diabetes, there is no 100% cure, but safe and effective control is possible with no side effects with homeopathy.

There are cases where 100 % cure possible if patients approach homeopathy at beginning.

80% of patients come to homeopathy when they are drowned with side effects of conventional treatment.

Regarding MT, i have discussed with many people before, are they same as herbs or not.

My reply was always No, they are not herb. MT manufacturers, which follows homeopathy principle like Boiron, Reckeweg, Schwabe, Bjain, etc. They make MT with single drop of actual substance with 99% water and alcohol.

As compared to Herbal meds they have different standards.

If someone asks me can I take Hawthorne, rather Crataegus. I always says No.

I still disagree with you that taking Arnica or Aconite or Nat Mur causes all the symptoms u wrote.

Anyway, I don't want to argue further.

My main objective is to help someone to get relief.
lal_anar 9 months ago
i will post new thread since my b/p is not the real problem
fizspace 9 months ago
You may take:
1. Glonoine 1x 1drop in 2spoons water
After 3 hours:
2. Crataegus Oxy Q- 5drops in 4 spoons water
After 3 hours:
3. Passiflora Q- 5drops in 4spoons water
After 3 hours:
1. Glonoine 1x 1drop in 2spoons water

It will be repeated circularly whole day.
Continue till your blood pressure goes down.
Then report.
[Edited by freehomeoforall on 2019-08-20 14:51:18]
freehomeoforall 9 months ago
thanks for the meds but my problem is not bp now, i have posted a new thread https://abchomeopathy.com/forum2.php/579744/0#p579785
fizspace 9 months ago

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