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Internal tremors

Hello, I’m struggling to find my symptoms on the finder.

I have internal tremors within my body. They are there all the time and I also feel like I have an electric pulsing current running down my arms and through my fingers. It is affecting my hands and legs (hands more than legs) but it feels like it is strongest inside my body.

I tried Nux Vomica and it helped hugely however the side effects were too much, I felt like I was going to pass out and my breathing was effected.

Please can you help me, I don’t want to use pharmaceuticals.

Thank u
  Peggy2 on 2019-02-17
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
Hi Peggy,
When did this condition start ?
What was going on/ or why do you think it is happening?
Do you have any illness and are you taking any
Other medications?

How many doses of nux vomica have you taken?
What is the potency?

Have you tried any other homeopathic meds or herbs?
simone717 last year
Thank u for answering,

I don’t know what has caused it I’m affraid.

I don’t take any other medication other than multi vitamins and I’ve recently started taking extra vitamin D3 and B6 as I have read that these have helped other people in recent studies with similar conditions.

I’m sorry I know so little. I suffered with depression for a lot of years and took citalopram which made me shake at first (this was the first time I ever noticed shaking in approx 2011) but I stopped taking them in approx 2014 and I don’t remember shaking after coming off them, but I don’t remember not shaking either). it felt very unusual when it stopped just a couple of weeks ago which makes me think it has been there a long time and I’ve grown use to it. People have noticed it at work which has made me feel I needed help as I use needles every day and need a steady hand.

When staying with friends last year I accidentally used an alcoholic drink each morning as lemon cordial and I noticed it stopped it briefly, again I noticed a very strange calm that was alien to me.

The Nux Vomica is 30 strength and on the packet it said to take 2 every two hours for the first six doses and the 2 four times a day. On day two I felt like I was going to pass out and my face was red and I couldn’t speak for long periods, I began to whisper. My shaking did stop though.

I haven’t tried any other homeopathy yet but I am eager to as I don’t want long term medication.
Peggy2 last year
Sorry, I forgot to say, I’ve been free from depression for a couple of years now with no medication. I’ve had a recent bought but that was just the effects of the propranalol I believe. It seems to have eased since I’ve stopped taking them. :)
Peggy2 last year
Very professional questions asked by Simone717. Greatly appreciate. Let's see what she suggests for you Peggy.
Ibrahim3 last year
Hi Peggy,

Many companies are required by law now- to say what a remedy is for
And to give dose instructions. Both these things are wrong and
It is not how homeopathy works.

Homeopathy is a system based on the fact,
That the human body will not accept two similar things going on.
Remedies are highly diluted and chosen to
Match what you already have. When the match
Is good the body reacts- it raises life force to clear
The diluted remedy out - and at same time it
Then clears the “ real problem” out.

1. You can look up materia medica of any remedy
And see hundreds of symptoms it can be used for-
2. Dosing is NOT done like western meds or herbs.
It is done by monitoring the reaction of the patient.

If one has too many doses it will bring the problems
Back and can cause new symptoms- these are
Called proving symptoms that you can see in
The materia medica. Because remedies in
Materia medica have all been given to healthy
Groups of people and the main symptoms they
Experienced are listed in materia medica.

What you need to do now is wait for a week
With no remedies. Your symptoms from
Too many doses will wear off. Many times after
They wear off you will find you have relief.
Nux vomica is a great remedy for clearing out
Drugs, alcohol, too much of anything .

You can report back in a week as to how you
Are doing at that time.
[Edited by simone717 on 2019-02-18 16:41:05]
simone717 last year
Ok, thank u, my shaking has subsided. I did read that once the symptoms subside I should stop. I will do a week with nothing. Do u think I will then b ok to use Nux Vomica again as it has been effective and what dose would u suggest as I really don’t want the bad side effects again?

Thank u for your help :)
Peggy2 last year
Hi ,
Sometimes, the remedy will activate releasing
Your past similar ( shaking) in stages. It will show up
And then be gone in a few hours.

So please observe and keep track of your symptoms
Over the next week. If you are feeling fine, ( no symptoms)
And let’s say a week or two from now they start
To show up? Take one dose of two pills in the evening
And see how that affects after 48 hours.

You may find that you do not need anything,
Or that a dose is needed with longer gaps
Between until you do not need anything at all.
Every person is different in what they need.
[Edited by simone717 on 2019-02-18 18:49:42]
simone717 last year
Thank u very much, your help is greatly appreciated!!

I’m very happy that hopefully I won’t need pharmaceuticals!!

Amazing , thank u!! :)
Peggy2 last year
You are welcome Peggy. Hope all goes well,
And feel free to post if you need to
simone717 last year
Thank u :)
Peggy2 last year
Hi, I’m off work at the minute but I am self employed so I need to get back to work ASAP the problem is I work with needles and need an extremely steady hand. The shaking is back only mild but seems to subside when I eat more but isn’t going away completely.

The other thing is that the medication that my Dr over prescribed gave me waves of depression and anxiety which still creep in especially when I think about getting back to work, I seem to be worried about my shaking and anxiety coming back while I work. I am a tattooist, this would cause massive issues if I’m half way through a piece. The medication has also left me with concentration issues which seem to be subsiding but are still there.

Can I take Valarian to help calm me? And could I try the Nux Vomica again yet do you think? I need to get the problem fixed before I can work again which again is stressing me out.

Apologies, I did intend on waiting a whole week before writing again and then trying the Nux Vomica if needed then but I’m feeling a little bit desperate.
Peggy2 last year

Yes , try another dose of nux vomica now, and see
What it does - observe for 24 hours after you take it.

Nux seems to be working, and it is clearing other
Medicine side effects.I would not take other herbs,
Tinctures while you are working with nux because
Nux May also clear out those things too and you will not have an
Accurate idea about what they can do.

It is a common thing that you would be anxious
If even lesser levels of things show up
- try to stay calm and not get into catastrophic
Thinking .
simone717 last year
Thank u so much for responding!

I have noticed that this is definitely linked to eating. When I eat more the shaking is less if not totally gone and then creeps back again until I eat again.

Would you suggest anything different? Or should I try the Nux Vomica again anyway?

I have cancelled this weeks appointments to try t give myself time to try and get on top of all this which has stopped my panic mode!

Thank u for ur help :)
Peggy2 last year
Nux vomica helped- do not switch remedies.
Homeopathic remedies release the problem from the body
- western meds suppress symptoms. As long as a remedy
Is working you continue with it- and monitor the reactions
So dosing can be fine tuned.
simone717 last year
Ok, I understand. Thank u. :)
Peggy2 last year
Just an an update, I have been keeping a diary. I used Nux Vimica only twice again last thing at night and all my internal body tremors have now gone and the tremors in my hands are now minimal! Thank u very much for your help Simone it has been invaluable! , for anyone with the same problems I would also suggest yoga, this seems to be helping keeping them at bay hugely! :)
Peggy2 last year
Hi Peggy,
Happy to hear about improvement. You are dosing
The correct way.
simone717 last year
Hi Simone, my shaking subsided, thank you, however I now believe it was linked to something else, mould exposure. Is there anything you can suggest to help clear this out of my system? The doctors have been very slow in diagnosing this and repeatedly want to put me on antidepressants to mask the symptoms but say that here’s nothing to clear the spores out of my system.

My symptoms are:

1) Lack of concentration as though my brain isn’t working properly
2) I feel like I don’t have enough oxygen in my body, specifically in the middle of the night waking can’t breathe, this is eased by breathing only through my nose and having windows open and also when I talk too much this feelin comes over me too.
3) feeling sick
4) slight headaches
5) every easily stressed out. This is unlike me.

IIf you could help I would be really grateful and I am happy to pay you for your help, I am unable to work because these have become so intense. thank you Penny
Peggy2 last year

The first thing you have to do is either get the mold
Fixed or leave the place. You can google mold
Check - they have a test kit, where you put these
Vials in rooms and you can then see where the
Highest mold count is. There is always a problem
With a leak somewhere that starts it. Unless
Someone above or below, flooded their bath,
Sink or ... and never repaired the water damage.

If something like roof leakage , etc that has to be found and fixed.
You have to not be present, and
Certified people have to remove the damaged floors,
Wall board etc into plastic bags and then put in new material and paint,
New carpet, etc.

You cannot get well in that environment because
Your body is using energy to fight the mold spores.
Many people have a genetic allergy to any mold.
Once it triggers off, they have to be very careful
That they are not in a moldy building. Others,
Even if not allergic, get affected by toxic types of
Mold no matter their genetics.

I worked with a young man on the forum who
Lived with parents and remedies were not helping-
He found mold in the home and parents were not
Affected and could not repair. He finally slept on their deck until he had enough energy to move. Once
He moved he got well, was able to work etc.
Other entire families had insurance repair
And moved back after.
[Edited by simone717 on 2019-05-29 13:57:46]
simone717 last year
Thank u Simone, I’ll do that! :)
Peggy2 last year

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