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Memory power

Please suggest a medicine for increasing memory power

Tried Reckeweg R54
Kali phos 1m but there is no change
I feel pain and uncomfortable when I concentrate on any problem
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  Amit23 on 2019-04-12
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
Hi Amit,

You need to give more details for someone to help

Not being able to concentrate is not the same
As not being able to remember.

When did this start? What was going on at this time in your life?
Describe the kind of pain ? You have when
This happens - if you are not concentrating
Does the pain go away?

What do you mean by uncomfortable?
Agitated, anxiety, depression , tension ....?

What is your age and occupation?

Do you have any medical conditions and are
You taking medicines for anything?
simone717 last year
My age is 36 years ,occupation is mechanical engr
I will try to explain the problem
When I m talking in a group I usually forget the topic reference names like name of a person or any other ...

When I try to concentrate on any difficult problem I feel that something is stopping me and start to feel heaviness or some stopping forces are acting.This problem is there from past 7 years

I have diabetes from last 2 years and under control now
Amit23 last year
With due respect Simon can I,
Please keep pace with me and respond quick if you are late you maybe forgotten.
What all medicines allopathic and homeopathic remedies have you taken or you are taking regularly during last two months?
Do you forget the right words other times also I mean when not in discussion or presentations
Due you feel difficulty in concentration? If yes , then, while doing what all?
Do you feel that your retention is low and you have to keep going back to the notes or books?
Do you have aversion to mental or physical work?
All symptoms related to diabetes you encounter in your routine please elucidate
Any peculiarities or changes have you noticed about yourself in the recent past and from the time you have been detected with diabetes
Anything that comes to your mind worth telling me in any sequence let those things flow on the post
Your location
Kapsdquack last year
I am taking below homeopathic medicines from last 2 months

1. Lycopodium 30 4 drops morning and evening
2. Argentum nitricum one time 4 drops for 7 days and stopped
3. Sygygium jambolanum q 3 times 10 drops daily
4. Reckeweg R54 3 times 10 drops daily
5. Kali phos 1m 2 drops once in 15 days

No I don't have aversion to physical and mental work

Diabetes symptoms are burning sensation in foot sole daily in the evening time
Frothy urine daily and sometimes burning sensation while passing urine
Also while drinking water in the morning time. I feel gas in the stomach and feel chest pain sometimes as if gas is entrapped in chest
Uric acid levels rise sometimes in last six months
Also there is no thirst for water but still I forcefully drink 3 litres daily.

I am nervous and shy kind of a person and all the time I suppress my anger in whatever situation and I when I get angry I shiver a lot and my breathing pattern changes kind of shaky and I can't talk in that moment

This happens rarely 1 or 2 times in a year.
I doubt everyone and don't have trust at all apart from family members.
If I see others problem and have constant fear as if it has occurred to me

Very emotional in relationship
[Edited by Amit23 on 2019-04-13 07:00:07]
Amit23 last year
Do not force yourself to water torture drink water as follows
Have two three glasses on waking up 1/3 glass of water at Mid Meal and no water with meals then after 45 minutes of the meal have stomach full water. In between theses times have as much as you feel thirsty let your body demand then have it.
Nothing solid to eat within 90 minutes of bed time.
Any allopathic medicines for diabetes?
Who prescribed these medicines to you?
Kapsdquack last year
Get urine tested for sugar in it
You should be sweating a lot, where do you live?
Do you go for urine in the night?
In case you’re urinating less than normal let me know any other issues with urine like hesitation lower volume of flow excessive urination high volume at one time dribbling of urine etc. please post
Kapsdquack last year
Homeopathic doctor suggested these medicines and these are not working except sygygium jambolanum

Can you suggest some other medicines
Amit23 last year
OK I will test urine sugar also
I live in India Maharashtra
There is no such problem in urine amount
Volume of urine is OK
If someone stands behind me then urine doesn't come easily it takes time
Amit23 last year
That’s fine somebody standing behind you
Kapsdquack last year
Can you suggest some other medicines
I have given all the details now
Amit23 last year
Hi Amit,
Please be patient and wait for K to study your case so he can give
The best advice to you, which may require frequent

You have a lot going on physically besides
Anxiety mentally. What is your height and weight?

Hi K,
Nice you are prescribing here. As far as the
Waiting to pass urine-with someone behind you? Or someone
Else in the bathroom...
That is a classic Nat mur symptom.
[Edited by simone717 on 2019-04-13 14:53:48]
simone717 last year
OK I will wait for the prescription
What potency of Nat mur I should take

Please suggest
Amit23 last year
Hi Amit,
K is your prescriber. Your prescriptions may go
In stages. K may not think Nat mur is correct,
And he may think it could be used down the line.

I feel you are thinking of medicines like western
Meds- in other words, wanting the “right” med

Homeopathy is a different system. Remedies
( over 5000) of them .. are chosen to match
Symptoms. You can google materia medica
Of any remedy and those symptoms listed
Are there because healthy people took those
Remedies so the symptoms could be listed.

The human body, will not accept anything that is
Similar to what it already has. The body will
Raise life force to get rid of the remedy( If right)
At same time the real problem is targeted by the life

Please google Herings law of cure to see the
Frequent pathway the life force takes and
Homeopaths look for responses that show
The remedy is really curing and releasing.
Western meds mostly suppress symptoms
But homeopathic remedies if wrong can
Also suppress symptoms(one has to constantly
Keep taking the remedy)

So , in your case there are multiple things happening
And it has to be managed correctly. It’s not simple.
simone717 last year
OK noted will wait for sometime
Amit23 last year
Hi Amit I was busy but am still not prepared to prescribe.
Thanks Simon
I didn’t write anything as he is consulting a qualified homeopath.
The funny part is that I m aPost Graduate Mech Engineer.
Regarding hesitation when someone standing behind you I too had till I was 35 years. You just get conscious and it happens only if you have not started. Let the laughs be
The point of concern is that having Lycopodium high potency and prescribing R 54 having Lycopodium low potency.
Argentum Nit I have used it much but it is more for retention and Amit has a bigger problem with recollection and recollection when needed most
I m too suffering with but the age difference is too much between me and Amit
Amit please be patient as I don’t believe in what your homeopath has done a large no of remedies.let me just sit with your case
Kapsdquack last year
Next time anyone is inline behind you
Let him wait for his turn
He will definitely not pee unless you finish or any other pot is available to him
Kapsdquack last year
I m sure my experience and knowledge is not at your level
If you say it is Nat Mur. Nat mur it is then.
Let him try being stubborn with his system 😃
Kapsdquack last year
I am not getting
Are you making fun of my problem
Amit23 last year
Hi K,

First , Amit has to decide if he is going to follow
You or his homeopath. He cannot have two prescribers.

Next , the only thing working right is the syzgium jambolanum.
I am not clear how? The diabetes is “handled “
As he is having diabetic nerve symptoms.
I think his sugar needs to be tested, and also not clear
On what if allopathic meds for diabetes are
Or have been used?

What about height and weight and onset
Of this?

I really have never seen a diabetic case type II completed
On this forum and I used to often put info
From a Indian UK homeopath who cured his own diabetes
With remedies and diet changes and he did online
Cases. And he was not doing “ take this for that”
Prescriptions but fully finding the chronic remedy matches
For the individual. ( I could try to find his name again- )
There is nothing like someone who has “ walked the walk”’
And is cured.

As far as life history of being a shy person ,
A person who sandbags anger, the anxiety issues
And the strange, rare and peculiar symptom of hesitating or unable
Passing urine when others are near- that fits
Nat mur.

Bottom line - this case is complicated and I
Am not qualified to prescribe.

Maybe you can sit with it and decide to go ahead
If the patient agrees.
[Edited by simone717 on 2019-04-13 17:06:49]
simone717 last year
Thanks I will follow your instructions
Rest on u your mail
Kapsdquack last year
Sometimes there are”translation “ issues on here-
No one is making fun of your problem.

K- I do not understand what you just said to me.

About rest u mail??

Or following my instructions?
I am not giving any instructions.
simone717 last year
Sorry for the inconvenience
I meant
Ready to ur mail sent one just now
Kapsdquack last year
This autocorrect
I meant
Rest to ur mail
Pardon me
Kapsdquack last year
Since I do not list my email on my profile
How are you sending me mail?
simone717 last year
Well we have exchanged mails it was before you changed your profile.
I won’t write if you have any objection but I wanted to share something out of the forum you will understand once you read it
Kapsdquack last year

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