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any help for C patient

why no one here wants to take C patient, where shall we go, I am looking for a brave homeopath no scared and help me. If you are one talk to me please,.
I have great experience on this forum, now i want some help with this topic.
  pinkyM on 2019-05-24
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.

The owner/of this forum does not allow C cases
On here. They require dr advice and careful,
Monitoring. You cannot do this online. The forum
Is set up for discussion and not a clinic.

Please google pbhrfindia.org. Generations of md’s using specific protocols for C. They will email you a prescription
For free. If you want they will take your case,
Monitor you and send meds for a reasonable fee.
They do not have an issue with doing allopathic
Treatment at the same time. They share their
Data with USA largest C hospital, MD Anderson,
In Texas.
simone717 4 months ago
Hi pinkyM

It's not cowardice that stops h'paths from answering C cases--it involves great effort and time involvement and it's sort of draining. This forum owner is based in Great Britain, and there homeopaths are legally discouraged to handle C cases---it is same in some more countries. Most members are just respecting the forum rules. However in the past there have been C cases on here briefly. I too have suggested things to take after chemotherapy sessions, for pain and other associated symptoms and also for the main complaint with respect to specific organs.

C patients require frequent dosing irrespective of side effects. It's a sort of a trade off but in a forum set-up where distraction and disruption may come into play, it would not be easy and time/supervision are crucial. To understand why frequent dosing is important please search on internet for A.U. Ramakrishnan protocols and the rationale behind them.

As we(read as those who answer bulk queries on here) have our profiles on the forum, we get all sorts of questions on health from sundry to C questions on private communication and if we can contribute constructively in any manner we don't shy away. I do not know of others but atleast i try to give helpful pointers even if it's just the fact that A.U.R protocols have an edge compared to other methods in this instance, even without taking them as private patients. I can particularly remember a patient who was on C watch due to the history in her parents ---without telling me this fact she received treatment for her menopause woes and later told me that it's likely her treatment with indicated remedies kept her at bay while the C watch program managers continued to wonder why she has not contracted it yet. Sometimes truth is stranger than fiction!
maheeru 4 months ago
The owner/ moderator states correctly, using
Common sense, that C disease often
Needs urgent allopathic intervention, for right diagnosis
And to know the allopathic options one has.
[Edited by simone717 on 2019-05-24 16:30:59]
simone717 4 months ago
Hi Maheeru,

You say AUR protocols have an edge over others.
Are you saying AUR has better results than Banerji
simone717 4 months ago
Hi Simone

Yes AUR protocols have an edge over other methods including Banerjee protocols---the latter would be second choice if the first is not available and additionally those who are following the former may charge more monetarily. The plusses are wet plussing dose, administering a base remedy that minimises pain, interspersing with classical polycrests like sulph., Ars. and symptomatic treatment. But both protocols use more than one remedy at a time and employ frequent dosing over long periods atleast over a year and may be frowned upon by strict orthodox community.

Literature also throws in some pathalogical prescribing cases where low dilutions and potencies were used with success. Dr. Koppikar in his book mentions about how he used and relieved C pain in his aunt with just silica 3x(a tip he picked up from clarke's little booklet) after a reputed doctor who home visited had given a medicine without revealing it's name which did not work.

Practical sense dictates that alternatives should only be used as adjuvants or complements in such complicated problems. But some patients after a time stop conventional medicines out of choice unable to withstand the bad effects even though it's generally not advisable.
[Edited by maheeru on 2019-05-24 17:58:57]
maheeru 4 months ago
Thanks- I meant statistic facts as to results.
simone717 4 months ago
Banerjee protocols it seems they are transparent about results. They categorise complete remission, improvement, patients do not continue treatment, aggravation and or death and percentage ranges corresponding to these are 21, 24, 23, 32 atleast when i last read their work.

AUR and his followers, i do not think they have published any statistic results. But from what I have heard, the success rates are close to 50%.
maheeru 4 months ago
Some years back AUR had posts of parts of
One of his books on this forum. He got into
A conversation, where he stated “rescue remedy”
Works 100 percent of the time! There was a large push back
Of people who said what their experience was with rescue remedy-
Nothing happened from taking it - zero relief.Including the Brisbane homeopath,
Who also found no one got results and commented that to state
That it works 100 percent of the time, is beyond belief.
AUR insisted he was right, despite what people
Said.He got angry and stopped his postings.

So, at least the Banerji are truly doing verifiable
Scientific research and sharing their database
So that the allopathic drs are including that in treatment options at the MD Anderson C hospital in Texas.
[Edited by simone717 on 2019-05-24 19:43:16]
simone717 4 months ago
thank you to all, who took time and replied, I am going through all kind of treatments alo-path has to offer and I have strong believe on homeopathy, i just some one who is ready to help, it works or not it does not matters, journey must be smooth and beautiful? is any one of you ready to work, give your private contact.
pinkyM 4 months ago
I'm not aware of the conversation where AUR talked about rescue remedy. Did he say it worked on physical plane? Because it's a bach flower remedy and can work for anxiety and panic---not sure about physical plane. However there was another tip from Dr. V . Krishnamurthy about cherryplum being a painkiller that works 100% during labour pain. I was sceptical initially until I read Dr. Farokh Master endorsing his point. But the oddity in homeopathy is that certain remedies will work beautifully for some homeopaths while having mixed results in others' hands. And at times these star homeopaths the best marketers themselves go overboard in suggesting something will work 100%. According to me nothing in homeopathy will work 100% except when the *symptoms* agree.

I didn't mean to say AUR and his followers don't have scientifically verifiable results but they are not as transparent(in the sense they don't think they are a separate organisation and should post results in an organised way to calculate statistical data like an organisation) as Banerjees because the latter are doing it like a service organisation with less money motive---also I have not read former's works closely so it could also be my lack of knowledge.

From my experience i can say AUR protocol has an edge over B protocol ---the reasons I have mentioned as plusses in one of the earlier posts. Since i improvised on them they can't be called AUR protocols as such. I call them AUR protocols only for better understanding and not because they were an invention. The protocols were an improvisation on pathalogical prescribing cases already available in the literature.

I picked up the contours of this approach from one of his disciples---I do not know if the disciple also has improvised. I do not know if AUR has got any flaw in his personality or he is not as much successful as he claims but I know that disciple is getting results and i have been able to reproduce results(comparatively because I'm yet to see a better approach in h'pathy) so i have faith in this broad idea and it's efficacy. Remember the crux after all came from the self-sacrificing h'paths from yesteryears.
[Edited by maheeru on 2019-05-25 02:08:20]
maheeru 4 months ago
PinkyM Did not see your post earlier. You can pick any member's private contact from their profile by clicking against their user name. That way you can also check their profile and earlier threads.
maheeru 4 months ago
what is AUR and Banerjee protocols. I send request yesterday the web site you have suggested no reply yet but its weekend. ANy other site which might be helpful. Thanks
pinkyM 4 months ago

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