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Erection Problems, Possibly from Proving. HELP HELP HELP

I experience erectile dysfunction right now. Let me tell my story shortly.

In 2018, I used Sulphur 30c single dose once in a month, than my homeopath changed to 200c. I used it like a start remedy for anxiety and GERD. Than, when Sulphur 200c stopped to work, my homeopath gave me Lyco 30c, than 200c. I was OK till 2019. Last time i took Lyco 200c in 2018 was in September.

After new years, I had some stomach issues and acidity, some worries and stuff and i got once more dose from Lyco 200c. This was ~January 2019. I wasn't satisfied with the result and i got to my homeopath.

He gave me Lyco LM5 every second day. When I started it, it cleared my anxiety and stomach symptoms, and I was very pleased that i had even bigger erections and libido ever!
After the first week something changed. Suddenly i got erectile dysfunction and nasty panic attack. I stopped the remedies but the erectile dysfunction didn't stop. I menaged to get erection but it was very very hard.

Before one month, i go to my homeopath once again, a he gave me Lyco LM5 once in a week, and arg nit LM1 2 times a week. My erection problems got worse and now i am officially impotent. I have pressure on my prostate, i got turned on but my penis is dead.

Is it aggravation, is it proving, or what the heck happened? How to return to my normal sexual state? Please help me.

P.S: In the moment, I don't have problems with my stomach or else. It is just my erectile dysfunction thing.

I feel too much shaky and nervous when i drink coffee, i sense adrenaline rushes in my stomach (like butterflies in stomach but much worse (feels like adrenaline rush will stop my heart)), I want to sleep much and I am in bed the most of the time.

Do i need Gelsemium? Do I need Sulphur again? Do I need Phos Acid? Do I need something else?

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  WoriedOne on 2019-05-31
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
One of the symptoms of lycopodium is impotence.
So it is most likely that you have had too much of it
And you are proving the remedy.

I would stop taking it and stop going to that homeopath.
An antidote for lycopodium is camphor. What you
Could start doing is get something like Vick’s Vapo
Rub( do not know if you have it where you are)
Rub it all over your body to help antidote.
You can also take camphor as a remedy, but if you
Stop taking those prescriptions the effects will wear off and
Using an ointment with camphor will help it go faster.

Since you had digestion relief, I would also say
To now look at the types of food you are eating.
Google acidic and alkaline foods- because over
A long time of having too much acidic - including
Tea, coffee, chocolate, spicy foods, citrus drinks
Or fruit- the body cells will go to an acidic ph
Instead of normal alkaline ph. This sets off
Gerd , reflux, indigestion. To maintain good digestion
You have to eat right and know when to cut back
On the acidic foods.
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simone717 last year
Thank you for the fast answer simone717.

I will try to wait for some time, also I will try the menthol thing.

I will just ask, if it doesn't become better, what should I take? My sexual life suffers at the moment. And I dont want to take Viagra.

What about the other symptoms and feelings I have at the moment?

Adrenaline rushes in upper stomach are still here, you know, like feeling that something bad or scary will happen (jumping from bungee feeling). I have pain in my lower back. (That's also a new symptom). I have pressure in my prostate. But I pee normally with normal flow. I have OK libido, I want sex but I cant got hard. Like something is blocked down there. This morning I had morning erection which made me feel better. So the problem is psychological I guess. When I think of sex and I am horny, I have prostate water coming out but no erection. That's all symptoms right now.

I forgot to mention. I am 26.

Thanks again,
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WoriedOne last year

Lower back pain, enlarged prostrate, upset digestion are all symptoms
That lycopodium Is given for. You are having
A lot of proving symptoms because of overdosing. They
Will all wear off after not taking.
Arg Nit also has impotence, fear, trembling ,
Stomach issues and you are proving that remedy too.

You can always google materia medica of
... remedy . Look at Boericke materia medica.
It shows all the hundreds of symptoms these
Remedies caused in the healthy group of people
Who were proving the remedy.
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simone717 last year
Okay than. You have my trust.
I will update after 10 days.
WoriedOne last year
Little update:

It was 1 week after the problems. I got checked my prostate - it was everything normal. I still got erection problems, but the situation is better (i guess) cause i experience morning woods.

I still got a problem for having erection when I want to, it's too hard for me to go erect and ejaculate. When I finally ejaculate, than my penis is in normal erected position. I still have needle pains around scrotum, prostate and that area, but i dont have the pressure anymore. It feels like my mind is blocking the erections.

My pain in my lower back is getting worse, I cant find the reason why still throbbing me.

I sweat a lot, when I am on some event or when weather is hot. I sweat everywhere. My neck, my forehead, my waist, my back.. When i go outside and on air, I am better and i dont sweat.

My stomach is EXCELLENT! I can eat whatever i want, i DON'T have heartburn.

I sleep on my left side. Sleeping on the right side gives me pain in my chest for some reason.

I am preoccupied with my erection thing, my mind is 100% preoccupied with the thing. I can't even make a normal conversation.

I am in bed most of the time, i am very nervous, my hands are shaking and feels like my body have too much cortisol / adrenaline. I can't got relaxed. But i feel tired. I am overthinking about everything. I need calm!

I can get asleep okay, but the first time I open my eyes the next morning, my brain goes crazy and I remember the problems that i have and i got anxious. I think about it all the time.

Now, this week when I am nervous i eat very little, I got 3kg down. I feel desperate and this situation is killing my confidence and life.

When i was younger i had some problems with sex with new partner because of shyness, overthinking how would it be and such, but this is something else, because I can't got erected even when I want to masturbate.

It feels like normal things cant turn me on anymore.

Last 2 years, i had problems with erection when I was drunk. Whenever I used alcohol like 4+ glasses, It was hard to keep and erection.

New symptom that i have is, when I drink too much water at once ( 1 glass for example), my water stops at my esophagus at chest area and gives me pain like heart attack. Like my esophagus got spasm or something.

What to do?
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WoriedOne last year
You need to wait for another week to see
What is left. And the water esophagus pain
Is acid reflux. You can start Nat phos 6x
Cell salt 3 tabs after each meal( 3x a day)
For a few days. And you really have to look
At what you are eating and drinking.

No chocolate, no citrus drinks or fruit,
No coffee, maybe only one cup of tea a day,
Etc. Figure out the acidic foods - drinks and
Cut way back to allow the area to heal.

And alcohol will always have a bad effect
On everything.
[Edited by simone717 on 2019-06-08 14:48:29]
simone717 last year
Ok. I will try to find the Nat phos.

And no, its not acid reflux. I had acid reflux at the past and i know what is the symptoms of it. This is just like spasm of the esophagus. I dont have acidity at all.

Out of subject, tell me if you know, according to the classic homeopathy, is it possible some old remedy to help in some situation if it is already used in the past? Or its action is done forever?

I ask about sulphur.
WoriedOne last year

Old remedies can be used again if they match
Enough symptoms. Sometimes potencies and
Amount of doses need to be changed.Often,
If people are in a hurry for instant results, they
Go for another remedy too quickly because
They do not understand the process of waiting
And observing.

I am going to disagree with you on acid reflux.
I have known many who have had the esophagus
Spasm and it feels like a heart attack. They go
To the ER and get diagnosed with acid reflux./ GERD.
Google esophageal spasms-
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simone717 last year
Hello again,

It seems that the proving isn't stopping. I dont have adrenaline rushes in stomach anymore, but the other symptoms are still here.

I cant get fully hard, I have a constant need to check the situation (masturbation - too hard to achieve), my sexual passion is deminished, i want to be like before, and even if I got hard, its never full hard. I tried the ABC Remedy Finder, and the first remedy is Lyco, second is Graphites, Third is Ph-Ac, and the fourth is arg nit.

Can killing fire with fire be useful in this problem. Maybe I should try Lyco 200c once again??

I took Lyco 200c in April 27 by myself and the erections and passion went back, but than I expirienced some other symptoms like extreme worried for my health and i did go to my homeopath which gave me LM5.

Maybe i should try again with Lyco 200c? What do you think? Kill fire with fire, or i will expand my symtoms?

I am f***g depressed about the situation.

P.S: I read that proving can be a really good sign for eventual total healing, but i dont think this proving is useful at all.
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WoriedOne last year
Please list all your present symptoms- in order
Of the most distressing to you. Include a description
Of anxiety. Do it like -1.xxxxx 2.xxxx
After you list it - please state when this symptom
Started- years back, or after taking what remedy.

What is going on with esophageal spasms?
Have you tried the Nat phos?
Have you tried adjusting your diet in any way?
Are you using a camphor product on your skin?
Are you having alcohol?
What weather do you prefer?
Do you feel cold or hot / need to use cover at night, etc?
What type of food do you prefer- spicy, sweet, bitter, etc?

I would not self prescribe - you cannot take your own case-
simone717 last year
Ok. I will try to give you most detailed picture of me.

-I am 26 years old male. I have long hair. I am 194, 98kg. I have big oval head, i have little hair loss on my temples on my head. I have deep voice and presence that nobody can miss me.

My biggest symptoms at the moment:
1. Cant get erection. It feels like my penis is disconnected with my head. My imagination and brain turns off my erections.

2. I am preoccupied with that problem. So preoccupied that i can't think of anything other. I cant even talk. I am drown in my thoughts, i read read read and read about homeopathy and this is the only subject that matters to me. I felt depressed.

3. Before 1 week, I even experienced suicidal thoughts. It was the feeling like i worth nothing, and even if i die nobody will grief on me. That I am failure on everything. I was full of tears but in myself, and at the moment I was out with my friends. I want to be in a company, just i cant approach to new people easily. But i have friends and social life. Thats not a problem.

4. My back HURTS. My lower back actually. It is the first time in my life. I cannot sit well, and even when i sit i sense pressure on my lower stomach too! This is new for me, I dont have any bacteria on my bladder or prostate, i checked it out. It is just a feeling. When I sit longer than 10 minutes, I can't stand up. Pressure on left and right side of my lower stomach. (Maybe the spermatic cords pain?)

5. Sometimes i think that this world is broken, and that i am too good for this world.
Sometimes, i think that i failed in everything i started. My self confidence is bullsh*t.

6. I fall asleep well, but i wake up too many times. At the mornings, when my eyes open up, instantly I think about my worries and I go to my problems all over again. I DONT HAVE APETITE. I eat when i stand up at the mornings, but after that, i think that my apetite is diminished because my stress.
1. Fear of death, acidity in stomach, heartburn, indigestion. Upper stomach problems. Hiatal hernia. Palpitations because of my stomach and gasses. NOW, thats all gone. Believe me, I feel 100% better about this symptoms, only the fear of SUDDEN death still lurking here and there.


I had problems in my past, when I was first time with a girl, asking myself how it would be, creating pressure and having trouble in sex but that was normal for me. The last 2 years when i have 4+ glasses of whiskey (for exmp), I couldn't have sex. I was mentally blocked.

In January, this year, I used Lyco 200c for some stomach trouble at the moment and scared about my health. It was okay, but I felt a need to go to homeopath. I gone to the homeopath, he gave me LYCOPODIUM LM5. Every second day. Here is the trick!

That week, i felt erections like never before. I was aroused sexually, i masturbated maybe 3 times a day. I was full potent. I was happy about it, it was like i feel like teenager.

After that week, that diminished and on 14 February this year, i even did go to the lab to have TESTOSTERONE test. I sensed that somethings wrong. The Testosterone limits were from 8 to 55. My testosterone was 11 at that moment.

After some time, still taking Lyco LM5, at 25 February, i had THE WORST ***KING PANIC ATTACK EVER. It was like shaking all body, like my chest is falling appart. I even prayed to God not to die, and told my parents to not be sad when i die. I took Aconite 30c than, but nothing. I rushed to the hospital - everything was fine. They gave me benzos and checked me up - all good.

When i told my homeopath about this, he gave me arg nit LM1 every day. I took them about ~10 days, and i felt okay and I stop using them. That was 10 March.

In 15 April, i tried to have sex, but i cannot do it. It was too hard to achieve erection, even if i thought about something that was turn on in the past. But, at that moment I didn't connect that with the homeopathy.

At 27 April, i took myself Lyco 200C dose by myself. I felt that i need it. I dont know why. Guess what! My libido and erections went back! I remember, the first of May and the next following days I even was happy about the thing that I am back sexually.

BUT, the following days, I felt again in worried state, i was worried about my heart, i had some high pulse and such. And go to my homeopath. He gave me Lyco LM5 once a week, and ARG NIT 2 times a week.

I consumed them for 2 weeks, and after that BAM - the same panic attack like that in February. THE SAME!

Than i stopped Lyco and continued again with the ARG NIT but i was shaken, my hands was trembling, the erections things and I stopped all things around 24 of May.

NOW its only my depression and erection problems. I dont have problem with my stomach at all, the esophagal spasm was only that time and i couldn't care less about it. The only thing i want to have my erections and libido back. I feel like sh*t.

I used camphor cream once, and that night i couldn't sleep because of shaking and perspiration all night long. That night - i perspired maybe 2 liters.

I want to be cold at night, i love to sleep at cold places. I cant sleep with clothes on. Only pants. Even in winter. The changes at the weather bothers me. In my country, now is Summer and the first weeks of 30+ Celsius degrees were my hell. Now is still hot but I used to it, so i dont perspirate too much. But i prefer normal weather so to say. I dont want too much hot at all.

I take alcohol here and there, at the weekends but I am reduced.

I dont have appetite now and i dont know what i want to eat. I dont eat very much never, i never ate pizza alone in the past. I cant eat at quantities. I never did it.

They call me that i am too sensitive for everything. Even in homeopathy. I overthink too much. I don't show my emotions always. I dont believe to people. Even if someone insult me (from the people i love), i use to be quiet. I avoid arguing. I can be pi*sed off but in my head. Maybe i am coward, i dont know.
I want to be in a company only when I want. I dont want stupid talks and stupid people. I rather will talk about this life and universum and everything, i dont want cheap talks.
Sometimes, i feel like nothing can make me happy. Maybe because i am in depressed state because of my erections. I don't want anything, just to be healthy at the moment.

THE ONLY THING that makes me happy and shivering is music. I can even cry because of melody sometimes.

I don't experience myself like classic macho man. I never was. I want deep emotions and talks. I keep sedentary life. Sometimes, i think i am too smart for this world but the only thing that kept me away from big things is my self-esteem.
I cant stand injustice in any form.
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WoriedOne last year
Do you still have a hiatal hernia?

When did the lower back start hurting?
After what remedy/ remedies?

You cannot stand up after sitting for 10 minutes- so how do you stand up then?

Were you distressed about erection problems before you started
With the homeopath?

Did you have depression- anxiety problems before seeing the homeopath?
simone717 last year
1. No, i dont think i have hiatal hernia anymore. I dont feel any symptoms. I can eat everything. EVERYTHING. Feels like my problems gone down to my lower body.

2. My lower back started hurting approximately 2.5 weeks ago. Last remedy i took was arg nit LM1 on 24 may. I dont know if there is connection.

3. When I sit longer, i must stand up using my hands i big pain. I can't make a sit up or some exercise. I cant bend over.

4. No i wasn't distressed about sexual problems before i started taking the LM things. Only when i was with alchocol in my blood. But that was temporary thing i never cared. Maybe my sexual desire was little bit diminished but not like this.

5. This kind of depression - NO. Maybe when i was preoccupied with my heart and stomach thing, and the anxiety about sudden death. I am a kind of hypochondriac. But i concentrated on my heart region before 3 years. Out of nothing.
[Edited by WoriedOne on 2019-06-14 18:26:36]
WoriedOne last year

There are different ways to handle this.
I have written to Dr Jitesh Sharma and asked
He read your thread. He and his father have
Helped on here for years and they have a homeopathic hospital.

I trust his judgement. So the options are:
Give an antidote - for the lycopodium and Argentum nit.
Or look at the present symptoms and find the remedy
That covers those symptoms that are going on now.

You do NOT want to self prescribe because you
Will most probably make things worse.

Dr Jitesh may respond on here or if he is pressed
For time he will tell me you need to contact him.
Jiteshsharma2007 at gmail dot com.
I think you are still proving the remedies and
Try to remember this is Temporary- your energy
Is not running right( low back issue) etc and
When energy is not moving thru the spine right?
People can feel depressed in 5 minutes and
Organ systems are not getting energy supply
simone717 last year
Okay. SO what to do now? To wait Dr. Sharma?
WoriedOne last year
Yes. Do not know what country you are, but he is on India time.
You need some expert help in this.
simone717 last year
Bumping up for Dr Jitesh
simone717 last year
Hello simone sir please look at my case,


Thank you
Asifahmad555 last year

I am so sorry for your problem. My boyfriend had the same problem. We had so many sexual problems for a year in our relationship. We tried many doctors, medications etc. But then he found a solution with one online therapist who is specialised for sex problems. He was collecting knowledge for over 10 years from many experts. At first we didn't believe, but then he cured his problem very fast. Now we have a very helathy relationship. I am here just for advice and to help you, so if you are interested I can give you his contact?

Hope you get well soon.

Regards, Adrijana
alexalex last year

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