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How to take Merc Sol after Thuja?

Hi Doctors,

I would like to know the gap between thuja and merc sol. thuja works on me for 3 weeks. i can feel it. I was advised to take Merc sol which i took seperately after 2 months of taking thuja.It did not work that well. i want to check if they work together.I am very confident of this combination on me. How should I follow one another? a day gap or intercurrently .kindly help me in this line doctors.I am case of chronic illness.

Eagerly waiting,

  ganapathi1 on 2019-06-19
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.

I see you have resumed interest in homeopathy :)

If two months gap did not work, then reduce it to two weeks.
maheeru last year
Dear Doctor Maheeru,

namaste after long time.

thanks a lot for remembering me and my case.

I have improved a lot since last time. following are successful remedies for me:

Thuja : it removed 80% of baryta provings.
Medhorinium, Arg Nit, Lotus Guild 1M, nat sulp.

i was diagnoses with diabetes and once I addressed this diabetes I am recoverving very fast. syszium jambolanum Q is what I am using.

I will update further.

ganapathi1 last year
Welcome Ganapathi,If you got good effects from Thuja and Arg. Nit, then Dys. co is something one can consider at some point. I see Nat. Sulph. in this list too. When did you take it and for what? Lotus Guild seems a new and an uncommon remedy. Who suggested this? Did you get any benefit?

How about the symptoms of heartbeat in head? Inability to perform coition? And solax plexus issue?

When did you get a diagnosis for Diabetes?
maheeru last year
Dear Sir,

Dys.Co is bowel nosode I guess. which potency should I take? At what point should I take?

I am currently taking syszium jambolanum for diabetes. 15 days gone. I was diagnosed in Feb 2019 for diabetes. All my homeopathic medication was not working becuuse of me being diabetic.

One of my family friend in UK suggested Lotus Guiuld in LM potencies in march 2019 as it suited my constitution. It did a wonderful job of removing terrible brain fog and kind of spinning sensation near top center of head. it did a wonderful job on me. but not able to say more exactly. Now I stopped it as I am taking jambolanum now.

I was suggested Lotus,syszium and nat sulp 1M at once but seperated them and adding them one by one.

I used allopathy medicine for diabetes for 7 days and found that my solarplexus more specifically it is left hypochondrionic region I used to feel palpitaton like sensation , which disappeared completely. I was shocked and concluded that diabetes is the obstacle to my healing. I was diabetic since last 4 years. so that was the big culprit. Now i am focusing on removing diabetes so body will heal itself.

heartbead in head is nothing but same sensation i feel at left hypochrodionic region which is being transmitted to center of head.
heartbeat in head, inability to perform coiton remain the same till date.

I am totally confused guy. Before taking Lotus guild I was worst. now I am doing okay.

thanks doctor for your concerned replies.Let me know how to take dys.co and nat sulp 1M.

Currently if I have to say more bothering problem then it is breathing, poor short term memory, confusion.

ganapathi1 last year
Yes Dys. co is a bowel nosode. It should only be repeated rarely like once in 3 months. It may come at some point later.

While I want to see what symptoms dominate currently? What is the problem with breathing?

Yes diabetes can impact how medicines work. But homeopathic medicines can be least affected compared to other medicines. What are the symptoms you have under diabetes?
maheeru last year
Okay doctor I will describe diabetes symptoms now:
1. feeling thirsty at night time.
2. after eating, the vibration/palpitation like/stabbing sensation in the left hyppchondrionic region (as shown in the image linked https://helpyourback.org/wp-content/uploads/2015/05/epigastr...) increases.
It is exactly this sensation that is the goal of my life to stop. It goes very fast producing this same sensation in centr of head/occiput region also. This movement disturbs my natural rythmn of breathing.so i have this laboured breathing.
3. The same sensation is there in the center of stomach ei solar plexus.
3.Teh palm of my feet burn or burning sensation increases after eating. I get relief when you press it. I mean apply pressure in that area.
4. I have flautulence once i eat any sugar food.
5.there is always restlessness, nervousness which I feel orginates in navel region or stomach in my body. I never feel relaxed even after 10 days of sleeping. I did this seriously. I always feel hurried,and when I try to relax and close my eyes I feel this sensation in head and left hypo region. I cannot gather focus at all. i will be taken off by slightest visual input.I get lost in dialogue with any mental impression put .terribly confused.
6.i feel very anxious all the time.
7. My vision is affected with this diabetes.
8.Even after slightest physical exertion/effort like running, I feel hell exhausted. I will be breathing very heavily.

my father was diabetic too.

Let me know how to proceed doctor. Nat sulp 1M gave me good relief. about to take 10M.

Thanks for your time doctor. you are source of huge hope to me.


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ganapathi1 last year
Ok Ganapathi. You can try N.sulph. and see how much it benefits. Then you can follow it up with Ars. Alb.
maheeru last year
Dear Doctor Maheeru,

I have taken nat sulp 10M on 5th july.

The following picture came up:
1. I became extremely forgetful. Ex. I forgot to lock the bike and came away. I just forgot it. I register them in brain 5 mins ago and I forget it.

2. I am having tough time breating. I have to force myself to take the breaths in.

3. i had aggravation of feelings of Grudge.I have panic attacks when these grudges come back. it came down now.

4. Phelgmn formation happens in the evening and more after eating dinner. this came down when I took allopathy tablets for diabetes. But since last 1 week I am not taking them. Now that phlemn is coming back again. but overall its very less after taking nat sulp.

5. nat sulp has broken a very fat thick layer of delusion that forms in my mind. But I am still delusional brain.

I got full diagnosis of my Diabetes. I was told I have type 2 diabetes.

1. Doctor says fat is deposited around the cells in the body and hence insulin is being resisted ie insulin is not going into cells. hence diabetes.
2. I have small 5mm stone in kidney.
3. I have enlarged liver and fatty liver.
4. There is a heavy pain in the head of peanus while doing penetration.

Advice further doctor. should I go for Ars Alb?
i bought dys.co and kept.

thanking you,
ganapathi1 11 months ago
Despite being sensitive you should be courageous to take 10M strength medicines.

Please try Ars. alb in 200c first. It may also help with blood sugar levels. So keep a tab on that.
maheeru 11 months ago
Dear Doctor Maheeru,

I will do as said and report to you.

I would like to say a final thing:

I have this heart in me beating/vibrating/stabbing sensation still in me . nat sulp only brought my solar plexus sensation down. But not this heart sensations. I beg you to listen to this Heart sensation and only this heart sensation and suggest remedy. just focus on the heart.

I owe you so much for being with me till this day. that baryta carb and silicea have ruined my life. If you can clearly read baryta action on the heart and undo it . My life is saved .
Best Regards
ganapathi1 11 months ago
Dys. co--which potency have you purchased?

Dys. co has good action on heart discomfort. Please take it ONE dose ONLY. Then you can follow it up with Ars. alb leaving a gap of 10 to 12 days.
maheeru 11 months ago
Dear Doctor,

I took on the day you wrote the post to take ars.Alb 200c.

I brought 30 and 200c of dys.co. what to do now?

Best Regards
ganapathi1 11 months ago
No problem. After giving a gap of 9 days after the previous Ars. Alb 200 dose, you can take one dose of Dys.co. 200.
maheeru 11 months ago
Dear doctor Maheeru,

How are you?

I took that dys.co 200c. I did not see any improvements around my heart region sensations. I took a long break and I am back.

Best Regards
ganapathi1 8 months ago
That can work for weeks. If 10 weeks have passed from the last dose, you can repeat another dose.

Did you take ars. alb?
maheeru 8 months ago
Dear Doctor,

I have taken Ars Alb.

I am repeating this dose again from today.I will report the changes.

Thanks for your time doctor.

Warm Regards
ganapathi1 8 months ago
Dear Doctor,

I felt good after taking these two remedies for 4 days and then all was back. same sensations in that back of head, frontal lobe and around the heart region. especially in the solar plexus region.

I think diabetes is my enemy. I underestimated it completely. is it true that diabetes prone people don't have healing power?

is my diabetic symptom covered in the remedies you gave ?

thanks doctor for your keen interest in my case.

Warm Regards
ganapathi1 7 months ago
Yes Gana diabetes drains the healing power. When diabetes is there immunity is lowered as is the natural healing ability, so when sores/infections take time to heal or heal slower, diabetes is a good suspect. When sugar levels are not under control, most medicines do not work that well.

Ars does cover diabetes just as the previous med Nat. sulph., but I'd want you to keep tab on sugar values. Only by tracking them regularly we'd know if our measures are effective. Hba1c measure is something that will show us how better or worse, sugar level is controlled over a period of time.

Are you employing any measures to keep sugar in check?

You can take Dys.co one dose every month. Ars alb you can continue weekly doses. If dry doses seem too much, use wet doses.

(You could leave out the 'doctor' address)
[Edited by maheeru on 2019-11-14 00:11:27]
maheeru 7 months ago
Dear Maheeru,

Yaa in Feb 2019 I came to know I am diabetic. I was taking care since then. currently I have 100/200(2 hrs gap) readings.

That nat sulp did give me very tough time remembering even smallest things. so I dropped it. It brought my anxiety high.

I will update you accordingly.

As I came to know the real culprit ie diabetes , I will solve it and see how things go.

Thanking you,
ganapathi1 7 months ago
Nat. Sulph. you were taking 10M right? May be this was not the right potency.

100/200---Non fasting reading seems high. Yes that needs to come down around 150/160.

How do you intend to solve this(Diabetes)?

There is a natural way that can complement other options including homeopathic mother tinctures.
maheeru 7 months ago
Dear Maheeru,

I took nat sulp 12x 3 tabs every day.
I took sysgium jambolanum Mother tincture Q 10 drops for 15 days.
I took sysgium jambolalnun 3x 3 pills for 1 month.

the change was very good. But they did not help me in transforming me. they stopped working.

the expression of diabetes in me is what I would like to describe. It has been life spoiler for me. I understand it now the fundamental reason why my vitality is retaining those barya carb and silicea symptoms. I am just not healing at deeper levels sir.

IF you ask to me describe my problem, I will first describe only my sensations. Purely sensations.

1. frontal lobe
2. back of head
3. solar plexus mostly back
4. left hypochondriac region.

Now homeopathy will ask , emotional and mentals.I have:

EMOTIONAL PROCESSING IS NULL. I CANNOT BE DIPLOMATIC AT ALL. i CANNOT COME OUT OF THAT EMOTION. my mind protects me by diverting my attention to something else. This is my fundamental issue. I just cannot process my emotions. My mind does not work when emotion has to be handled. It goes out of control very very easily. to say emtional IQ is zero.

1. No thurst at all.
2. pain after urination near the head of peanus.
3. exactly when day is changing to night and night to day, I get lot of out of control.
4. when the emotion goes wrong , my solar plexus burns.
5. that same burning sensation goes to left palm of the feet.

I kept my diet in full control. it was 160/340 . Now its 130/200. these fluctuations are happening. i have to go for kids doctor. I am 36. how brutal life has been to me.

One observation I want to share. only plant based remedies have worked successfully to me. If i take similum of baryta carb and silicea in plant kingdom, i think it may work. I bought jan scholten books. But i am unalbe to do that mapping of baryta carb to equivalent plant remedy.

If i can knock out that diabetes, I think baryta and silicea will be taken care by my vitality.

thanks Maheeru for being with me.
Let me know what to do.

Warm Regards
[Edited by ganapathi1 on 2019-11-16 06:11:32]
ganapathi1 7 months ago
I would mention one natural way to keep sugar levels under control, there may be more. Let three to four okra vegetable having vertical slits [cut the slits narrow enough that internals don't spill over] in water overnight and filter the water alone in the morning and consume it in empty stomach in the morning. Continue this for a few months.

Since you have already tried Syzygium Q, you could try the same but for a longer period say a few months. If you are also taking one natural thing, you can just take this syzyg. once after the dinner or so. Take just 5 to 7 drops in water. Many sources will recommend close to 15 drops but let's just go minimal.

Man, I know the Baryta, silica and symphytum combination. It was in vogue for height increase at some point, still people take the combination. The advice has the potential to cause side effects. Even if one wants to experiment this, it has to be done with some checks and balances. Interestingly a client approached me asking my help to manage her self-medication of this combination because she was desperate to get a break in cine industry and her employers wanted a few more inches of height. I did help her innovating on this combination ---instead of six months we did for three to four months and instead of same potency we juxtaposed different ones giving adequate time and also adding stretches and running as an exercise regimen, we managed to stretch the natural temporary height variation of a few centimetres to a few inches---this variation is often not long lasting. Though she did manage a break in the industry we could not sustain the increase in height for a long time and this height fluctuated through out the day and she actually struck gold during one up cycle.

Not everyone can innovate on 'this for that' specific protocols. One should have the grasp of basics and the flexibility to innovate. You would have heard cricketers having good classical roots innovating their game techniques to create unorthodox shots that can fetch them rewards in shorter forms of the game. If you had taken the protocol with enough safe guards you would not have seen these bad effects!
maheeru 7 months ago
Dear Maheeru,

In my last 10 years, I never felt like I am feeling now. that dys.co is working wonder in me especially in the navel region. I feel so cool inside. No tension at all. though the sensations that make me suffer are there ie from back of solar plexus, back of head in occiput, frontal lobe tec especially that sensations in the forehead. I think this forehead sensation is the most powerful when it comes to disturbing my concentration and attention defeciency like symptoms.

I am assuming these sensation will come down with ars.alb that you gave.

can I take dys.co(bach) in mother tincture form? I dont know why these potencies work so well in me.

If you ask me how you want to feel more good, I would say just these frontal lobe sensations are very disturbing. they dont allow me to occupy this moment. they dont allow me to concentrate.

I suffered almost 10 years by taking those height medicines. that girl must be lucky to take them under your supervision. By thinking homeopathy would not increase height of individual is underestimating homeopathy power. With one dose of dys.co, I felt like I never felt in 10 years. It takes immense guts to believe in homeopathy. Though it did so much harm to me, I still love homeopathy for I know its potential and I know people who have grown 4 inches. It has the potential to make Einsteins from common man.

I really admire you for taking a patient and administering them in height increase. Most homepaths would run away. I am still open to this idea of height increase and will need a homeopath advice like you. Once I comeout of these effects, I will for sure pursue it.

warm regards
ganapathi1 7 months ago
No would not suggest you to try for height increase ever. You have had a lot of bad effects. Next factor is your age. By 18 most growth factors are down and by 24, most if not all growth factors come to an end. After that it's all about decompressing spine for a few centimetres and not worth the great effort.

Nosodes should not be taken in mother tincture form. We can go low till 30c, exceptionally to 6c(serious skin issues) else 200c is fine.
maheeru 7 months ago
Dear Maheeru,

I forgot few things:

1. Yes I am taking Okra but was cutting them horizontally. Since you told I am cutting it vertically and making sure those white balls inside don't comeout. Regarding fitering, I drink that whole jelly substance also. I just takeout those okra and drink the whole water. Filtering you meant, I should take out those jelly substance also?

2. I did reduce to 7 drops after you saying but I was doing it before breakfast and dinner. Now I will move it to after dinner.

One feeling I want to share is " I have this disconnected feeling from my self. " i have put exactly what i feel. which of baryta carb, silicea or sympthathum caused this?

I read this article on bowel nosodes :

Here is the excerpt:

Bowel Nosode Group:-- Bodily Systems:-- Conditions:

Dys. Co. Group: Autonomic -- Apprehensive Tension

Dysentery Co. (Bach): Anacardium; Arg-Nit; ARSENIC ALB; Cadmium met; Kalmia; Veratrum-alb; Veratrum-viv; Arg-nit; Ars-alb; China-ars; China-off; Pulsatilla; Tub.

Dysentery Co. (Dishington): Ammon-c; Arg-nit; Arnica; Ars; Cactus; Carbo-veg; Coffea; Digitalis; Gels; Graph; Kali-c; Kalmia; Lachesis; Ledum; Lycopodium; Mag-m; Nat-c; Phos; Platina; Sanguinaria; Sepia; Tub.

Your recommendation of Ars.alb is there. I did bring this remedy which I am about to take after 12 days of dys.co as you said.

Warm Regards
ganapathi1 7 months ago

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