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In which case of mental illness crocus sativus is given?
  loko on 2019-07-30
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
Hi- homeopathy does not work as” take this for
Only a few homeo meds work like that-
For instance- bruising or physical injury-( Arnica)

There are over 5000 remedies. A homeopath
Looks over many symptoms and sees which
Remedy matches you best. Homeopaths
Go to other homeopaths because they are not
Neutral enough to observe themselves- when
People read materia medica , basically Everyone
Finds themselves in EVERY remedy.

Some symptoms count more than others.

When a remedy is good, many times that remedy
Will make your symptoms worse for a short time-
Then you should start to feel better.

Best1 started you on Nat mur- your symptoms
You said were a bit worse. 200c dose can
Have effects for at least 2 weeks.you should wait
And see - if any improvement.

Best1 got suspended on here for spam.
I would wait another week to see what Nat mur
Is capable of doing- then report .
[Edited by simone717 on 2019-07-30 16:36:34]
simone717 last year
The main symptom is mood swing but you are treating depression.

If mood swing is stoped then automatically depression will be stopped.

No need any additional remedy for depression.Need remedy for mood swing which is light...not as severe as bipolar.
loko last year

You are still not understanding-

When the remedy matches many things ?

It starts to return your system to health.

It does not matter if a person has mood swings,
A cold, a spine problem , a thyroid problem,
Vision issues or anxiety— the right remedy starts
To work the entire mind/body and put things
Back into balance.

Please google Herings law of Cure and see what
Homeopaths are looking for after a remedy.
simone717 last year
But nat mur is not working...😓
What to do now?
loko last year
You said earlier in the other thread-
Nat mur was making your symptoms worse.

What got worse?

Explain in detail-
simone717 last year
My depression got worse...

Tell me one thing...ignatia is the remedy of hysteria but for acute case.

My question is..
Nat mur has the same effect but in the chronic case?

Because i believe ignatia is my remedy as it has the mechanism of alternating state of mood.(but in acute case)

Nat mur has the same mechanism like ignatia? Does it work on alternating state of mind? ( but in chronic case )
loko last year

What country are you?

I cannot figure out if you do not understand my explanations
Due to English translation.

A person is Not a Remedy. A person can need
Several remedies as one may release a layer
And then the next layer of symptoms shows up.

Remedies are going to Release what is wrong.
Including states of mind, including suppressed
EMOTIONS, including physical imbalance. Also
Releasing every time you took a western med or
Remedy that suppressed.

Ignatia is often given for trauma and suppressed
Grief. I have seen people take it for events
Years prior. They reacted by having days of old
Memories and sadness come up- after days of
This they had released emotions they did not know
They were holding.

Nat Mur is often given for the same type of
Grief/ trauma.

If your depression is worse from Nat mur,
You need to wait for another 5 days or so
To see if it lifts off. Because it seems like
You are aggravating and then there should be
[Edited by simone717 on 2019-07-31 00:49:46]
simone717 last year
I'm from india..

IGNATIA is the main remedy for hysteria and brooding silently. It is suitable to a person who is sad with a tearful mood.

The characteristic symptom of hysteria is the alteration of moods – Uncontrollable laughter alternates with crying. With grief comes headaches, trembling and sleeplessness.

He feels better when someone hugs him(-L-)

My question is...do nat mur have the same symptoms like hysteria and all that?
loko last year
Yes, they are similar.

Have you tried Ignatia in the past?
If so, what potency, how many doses?

What were the results?

Did your problems start from a trauma?
Or long term abuse/ rejection?

What were you taking for the years you were not on the forum?

Regardless, you need to wait a bit more to see
Effects of Nat mur.
simone717 last year

Then started to smoke cannabis(ganja)

The problem started after the rejection.
I can not bring into my mind...
It was very painful..

I left bathing..
I left sharpen nail...
I left brushing teetch.

Always i am in that memories.

I need strength to prove myself(!!)

She rejected because i couldn't score well in the exam.

She used to love The topper of the college.

All this began 10 years back in yhe college.

They used to have sex in front of me...
I used to cry...cry..cry

Then again started smoking cannabis in heavy amount.

And finally today i'm become extreme depressed with light mood swing.
loko last year
Are you still smoking cannabis?

Did you ever take anti depressant meds?

Are you working or able to work?

Do you have any friends or family you are close with?

Please answer the question about taking Ignatia
In the past.
[Edited by simone717 on 2019-08-01 06:57:02]
simone717 last year
I took ignatia only 3to4 doses of 200c

I am working as software engineer but i feel very difficulties on my work...those are unable to concentrate and memorization problems.

No every doctor prescribed mood stablizer instead of antidepressants.

Because in the case of psyclothemic disorder antidepressants is not allowed to prescribed cuz it can make depression worse and sometimes trigger mania more worsen.

Only mood stabilizer(ignatia,crocus,moschus,valeriana) helps on cyclothymia .

But i took allopathic mood stabilizer which is lithium.

Never tried homeopathy mood stabilizer.

Yess i have family.
loko last year
You have to answer the questions or important info
Will be missing and time is wasted.

There is no judgement and homeopathy is not
“Mood stabilizers”.

How long were you on lithium? And are you still
Taking it?

Are you still doing cannabis?

When did you try Ignatia 200? What were the results?

Have you been able to have any relationships
With women since that past event?

Have you had a physical exam recently? CBC
And so on?

Cannabis acts on keeping you out of your body,
Which makes things worse, and will not let remedies
Work correctly. Sometimes one has to detox From
Past drugs so there is a clean slate - and often
People can have real physical issues that cause
Low energy- which automatically causes depression.
[Edited by simone717 on 2019-08-01 14:43:58]
simone717 last year
Near about 3 months i was on lithium.

Nope...i am not taking lithium due to it's side effect.

I didn't try ignatia properly only 3 doses i took. I Felt nothing after taking three doses.

No i don't have any relationship since i was rejected.It was the first and it was the last.

No i didn't take any recent physical exam.
loko last year
What about using cannabis???
simone717 last year
I don't take cannabis now..
loko last year
When did you stop using cannabis?
What are you taking now- supplements, other
Remedies, any herbs, etc?

Have you ever been to a homeopathic dr in person?
simone717 last year
I left cannabis 5 months back...
No right now i am not taking anything.

Is this question going to select the correct remedy?
loko last year
One has to fully understand what a person
Is doing/ experiencing/ has been doing.

Many, many times on here, people do not
Fully tell everything. So that totally wastes
The time spent trying to help the person-

You came on here with the wrong take on
How homeopathy works. I still think you
Have wrong ideas about it.

I am surprised you felt nothing from ignatia-
But since I have no idea. WHEN you took it-
It could have been blunted by lithium or pot.

And as far as Nat mur- future doses depend
On your reactions now.
Is your depression still worse from Nat mur?
What Is the status?

It may be that you have to detox from
Lithium, weed, etc, to clear your body
And mind from those things.

What you would do is take nux vomica 6c
At night- and take sulphur 6c in the morning
For a week at least and see what happens.

But answer about Nat mur first.
simone717 last year
I am volunteering my time with you because
You need some education on your condition
And I have experience as a counselor with
Many young people who are in your condition
From the same cause.

At first, they just want the Medicine! To fix this.
But you would be surprised at the amount of people
Who start using weed to medicate the pain.
Then get into more problems taking western meds
On top of it.

First- your self esteem- how that person treated
You was wrong and abusive. You have to understand
That is not normal behavior and it caused trauma.
The trauma programs your lower brain( survival
Set up) to then be afraid that “everyone” ( women)
Are going to discard you, betray you- because you
Are not good enough. The truth is they were not
Good enough, but you have to understand how
The brain works and go thru the fear with new
People. Counseling helps support a person
To get back on track. You were too young and
Inexperienced to value yourself enough and
Realize this person had serious integrity problems
And they will reap what they sow.

In counseling, the work is helping a person
Move into new healthy situations, help
Them with the “post trauma” fear and wrong
Thinking, make sure that they are physically
Ok and keep up good habits, send them to a
good homeopath for remedies, and in simpler
Cases without drug use.. Ignatia and Nat mur
Worked very well. I believe you need a
Good homeopath in person and a counselor
That understands TRAUMA specifically.

This forum is not a clinic, and your case is
Going to take time and adequate support.
I wish you the best, you deserve to have
A happy life .
simone717 last year
I am taking nux vom and sulphur as you told.

But it would be better if you can tell me the the main selected medication.

Please sir...
I am in a big problem with my disease.

I have lots of challenges in my life.

Please help me.
loko last year

I find it too difficult to communicate with you.
I asked you what the status was with Nat mur.
Whether your condition was still worse ?
Or what the status was. Because depending
On that report , maybe more doses could benefit,
Or doses that are more diluted , so they could have a gentle
Effect and be taken more often.

I don’t think taking the “clearing” remedies will
Really disturb anything, but one has to monitor
Reactions in order to determine if the medicine
Has effects and then how to manage dosing
To keep effects going .

I also told you there is probably some layers
Of meds needed and that means there is not
ONE main medicine.

Please find a good homeopath and follow
Their prescriptions.
simone717 last year
Nat mur is not working still i am depressed.

Nat mur increased my mania.

Please you only tell me the medication cuz already i have visited lots of homeopath.

But i don't know the remedy they prescribed.

Please you only tell me the remedy.
loko last year
Only go to homeopaths if they tell you what
They prescribe. Ask them on the phone first.
I believe people have a right to know what
They are putting into their body.

You can do a new thread again and ask others for help on
Here if you want. This is my last post on this.
simone717 last year

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