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Head spinning and blurred vision in a 8 year old child.

Dear homeopaths,
I would be super grateful if you could suggest a remedy for my daughter who has been complaining of her head spinning for a few months now. And we have just brushed it off thinking she is just tired and needs rest or is dehydrated. But the head spinning didn't go away and gotten worse. So much worse that she didn't go to school this week. And I am extremely concerned. We are booked to have an MRI in a month time as it's a long que. So I al really praying and wanting to try homeopathy before MRI.
She was checked by a Dr and he said it's not vertigo. And unlikely related to ear, but we will see the ENT specialist next week too.

She is 8 year old girl, almost 9. Very very skinny, and small in general. She have over-flexibility if her joins. Just recently she had a ganglion in her thumb aspirated.

Current symptoms :
Head spinning all the time.
Eyes are affected and sometimes blurred vision, but not all the time.
Hates loud noises, makes spinning worse.
She has gotten quite pale. And had dark rings under eyes.:-(((
She was quite moody and clingy, but I have her Pulsatilla and she seems much better, but all the head symptoms are there.
I have her Silica. And am planning to try Gelsemium or Nux Vomica.

Please, any suggestions, questions or remedies would be greatly appreciated!!!! Thanknyou!!!
  Anet on 2019-08-23
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
You seem to knowing Homeopathy. Good.

Please give the suggested remedy (not to mix with other remedies on your own). Be very prompt in writing regularly, preferably every day, until she has cross the threshold.

1. Sarasaparilla 30, twice a day. If you live in US, then order 15c from this site. It comes from Canada. After you get 15c, switch from 30c to 15c

2. Keep her feet in a bucket of water (not hot, not too cold) for as long as he could sit on it comfortably. This can be done, while she is on any activities. A few hours a day is preferred and doing this morning, afternoon and evening (Spread across the day) is preferred. Use a thermometer to measure the temperature of the water. If it get one or two degrees warmer, then replace water (to the colder side, that is comfortable for her to sit). You can start with this as soon as possible.
Reva V 4 years ago
THANK YOU so much!!! I
I don't have this remedy, so I have ordered it. It will arrive in a couple of days. Thanknyou!!! I have ordered 30c. And will start the water tonight. Does the bath count? She is taking a warm magnesium bath regularly. Thanknyou
Anet 4 years ago
My husband just checked the pharmacy, and they don't have Sarasaparilla:-((( I live in New Zealand. If I order it from this site it will probably take s long time to arrive here?
Anet 4 years ago
If you live in New Zealand and if it is shipped internationally, you as well order 15c now (and cancel 30c if possible)

Apply pure coconut oil on the top of the feet (sole not needed) up to anklet line, every morning

MRI is an invasive test. It is better to wait for a week to see how she responds to water in the feet. It is true that you dont want to delay any diagnosis. You must go with your comfort and intuition.

Is it a custom to give Mag bath regularly? do you see the benefit on a daily basis?
Reva V 4 years ago
If you have Phosphorus 200c, then give one dose. If you have 30c, then use it the same way. One dose only. This will address one dimension of her problem. It is better to give this, until you wait for Saras. to reach.
Reva V 4 years ago

If you have called all the NZ pharmacies?
And no one has this- Call Newtons homeopathic
Pharmacy in Sydney and order.

You don’t have to order this from this site.
simone717 4 years ago
Thank you! I have phosphorous 200 and gave it today.
Anet 4 years ago
Call Simillimum pharmacy in Wellington or email your order; www.simillimum.co.nz

If you order today or call them tomorrow, you will get it by Tuesday or Wednesday the latest.

They are very good and I buy all my remedies from them.
Tui 4 years ago
She is doing the warm water and afterwards I apply coconut oil on the top of her feet.
Anet 4 years ago
Thank you Simone and Dr. Tui for offering your help.

The water must be either her body temperature (or preferably a few deg. lower). Glad you gave a dose of Phos 200.

Please do mention about her head spin and blurred vision every day.
Reva V 4 years ago
Thank you!!!
I think she is better, she wanted to go to school today. But we had a very relaxing weekend...maybe it's overexertion...? She is all-or-nithing kind Orof a child. Veeery active and doesn't have a switch-off. So either super high, or super low. And it's winter here in NZ. Or maybe phosphorus worked..? She still is sensitive to noise, but looks and acts normal, she says the spinning comes and goes...dark rings under eyes are still there.

I am going to the GP today with her and will ask for a full blood test...to test her ferritin hemoglobin and b12.... Maybe something else I need to check?

My family (my father in law is a retired doctor) insists on her having MRI done which I m really opposed to😭 as it's just horrendous radiation....so hoping for the dizziness just to go away.

Thank you do much for your help!!!!
Anet 4 years ago
Hello! Thank you!! I know simillimum and checked them first, but it was Saturday so online I couldn't find it. But called now Monday morning and they have sarsaparilla !!! They have both 30 and 15 potencies.

Should I get 15 right?

Thank you!!!!
Anet 4 years ago
I have a friend who can give me SARASPARILLA 30, or should I order 15 better? Is 15 going to be better? I can have 30 for a bit cheaper and much faster. Please could you answer, thanknyou!♥️♥️♥️
Anet 4 years ago
Please buy 15c, if it is available locally.

A very high regards and thanks to Tui and Simone to read this thread and help to get you the medicine.

Please continue with water in feet (morning and evening on school days; three times a day on weekends) and coconut oil every day.
Reva V 4 years ago
Thank you!! I have ordered the SARASPARILLA 15c. Should arrive tomororw!!
I have a question re water temperature. She really wants it to be warmer rather then room temperature, she actually wants it hot. I am doing a warm one now, and she complains))) is it really not good to have the water hot? thank you!!!💓💓💓
Anet 4 years ago
Start warmer and go towards cooler side as days goes by
Give Saras once then write. Wait before you repeat please
Reva V 4 years ago
She is complaining she doesn't like cool water at all, even warm she doesn't like:-(((
Anet 4 years ago
Then, please stop water on the feet. Apply coconut oil, three times in a day.

Give a daily update on her initial complaints
Reva V 4 years ago
Hello! Sorry for the delay, I just had a baby! We were in hospital and just got home. I have given one dose of Sparasporilla 15 this morning.
Anet 4 years ago
Very good to know.

Please repeat once a day, in the morning and report about the head spinning and eye sight as often as convenient

IF there are any changes, then stop and write.
Reva V 4 years ago
Just reporting, all good so far. Given 3 doses. Each every morning. Alice feels ok
Anet 4 years ago
Continue the same for a total of 2 weeks and report.
Reva V 4 years ago

If you are going to give this child the medicine
Told to you by Maheeru for measles?

Please inform Reva of this, to get furthur advice.
simone717 4 years ago
Thank you Simone.

Ankit, if you are giving any other Homeopathic medicine, you should stop Saras, until the other course are done.
Reva V 4 years ago
Yes sorry, I am still waiting for the morbillinum and wanted to write to you regarding this.
There are confirmed cases of measles in our village. My kids aren't immunised. And while for the kids it's ok to catch it. It's absolutely not ok to catch it for me with the baby.😭
So I am planning to take the remedy myself when it arrives. And give to kids if there cases in their school.
Would that counteraction the Sparasporilla? I will not give saras if I give the morbillinum. Right?
Thank you Reva and Simone💓
Anet 4 years ago

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