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Medhorrinum child

My 4 year old son wants to eat all the time. He is always complaining that he is hungry. He gets angry and cries easily, and sometimes over very petty things. He does not sleep much, and wakes easily. He is extremely stubborn, and sometimes challenges my authority without hesitation.

Our homeopath prescribed him Medhorrinum 200 a few months ago, which worked beautifully. He no longer stammers, doesn't bite nails, does not scream from his naps, does not destroy things out of curiosity, and no longer complains about backaches. He is better.

I can't afford to pay the homeopath right now for the follow up.

Can you advise, please, for the remaining symptoms? Should I give another dose or a different remedy? His symptom picture seems different than before.
  umi1023 on 2019-09-05
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
The first thing you need to think about is:
Is the medicine still working? Are things
Still coming up , even new things, and are those
Things then improving or leaving on their own?

Because when a remedy is really well matched,
Improvements can go on for months.
simone717 2 years ago
Thank you for your reply. I gave it some time to observe before responding. I have noticed that almost all of the symptoms I mentioned to you in the last post have passed. He is doing well. The symptoms that do seem to be lingering are pains in his legs around his knees, also pain in his lower back, sometimes his face and teeth. He also has poor sleep. He wakes up often to come to my room for comfort. He also has developed an urge to hit. He hits his older brother. It has been many months since he had the one dose of Medhorrinum 200, and it seems that it's still working. I will not consider repeating just yet.

I did give him a dose of Phosphorus 30c to help with a cold, and it seemed to have helped. He is a definite Phosphorus child at the core, I think. He fits almost everything under the descriptions. Does giving him Phosphorus cancel out anything with the Medhorrinum? Should I not have done that?

umi1023 2 years ago
I do not think you antidoted anything by treating
The cold with phos. Medorrinhum nosode has
Proving effects of shifting arthritic type pain.
So if the child has had these type pains before?
Perhaps it is clearing out. The remedy seems well
Matched and that it is still active, I would stay patient and keep observing.
simone717 2 years ago
Thank you, again. The exact date he took the Medhorrinum 200 was May 2nd 2019. The aches and pains are not a new symptom but were from the original set of symptoms that prompted seeing the homeopath. The symptom that is most worrisome is a low back pain on the right side. It disappeared for a while but has returned for a week, now. He always complains about that same spot. Allopathic doctors are referring him to a nephrologist for possible kidney disease. His urine showed high protein level on Friday. Before he took Medhorrinum, his Creatine level was high from blood test, but after Medhorrinum and a retest, the creatine levels were normal. So, this seems like a return of symptoms? He also complains about his legs a lot, esp around the knees. He grabs them and bends downwards. He says, "my legs are breaking." I tell him to sit down or lay down here. He tells me, "It hurts when I walk." It's like my heart is breaking to see him like that. I know Medhorrinum covers kidneys but perhaps another dose will be called for if it doesn't clear up, or he may need Thuja to finish the job?

Anyhow, he will do another urinalysis on Friday to recheck the protein level. I will keep you posted about the results. I am hoping this will also clear up and out and leave him well.

Even his urge to hit seems less this week than last, less tantrums. He's even taken a refreshing nap here and there!

I thank you for your time and expertise. I look forward to further discussion and advice.

I was prescribed Staphysagria 200 for sycotic miasm (right shoulder pain, herpes blisters, itch in vulva after coitus, and compulsive sexual thoughts, suppressed anger). I took the 2 prescribed doses. It helped me, except the thoughts return periodically, and I don't confront situations that bring on anger, out of fear.

I have self-administered a dose of Thuja for Ovarian pain/cysts, uterine fibroids, chronic pain in right arm while at rest, aversion to husband, warts in the past, skin-tags around the eyes, little white spots on skin like possible Vitiligo, hirsutism.

I took Thuja because it seemed to encompass my symptoms better than repeating Staphysagria. I am a Silicae constitutional type.

The one dose of Thuja 30c did some good but most symptoms have lingered after 4 months. Also I developed a pain in my left foot after taking it that has not gone away. It is worse in the morning when I get up from bed. Was this a proving, you think?

What are your thoughts on my case? If to take more doses, how often should I take it? How do I know when to sto dosing or increase potency? I appreciate any response.

Your expertise is truly a gift. Thank you in advance.
umi1023 2 years ago
Hi Umi,

If the pain in your foot never was there previously,
Then it is most probably a proving symptom.
You have a lot going on and your case needs
To be retaken. You are also very sensitive
To remedies, and you need to let whoever
Helps you know that ( one or two doses of
Remedies has a long action with you)

I suggest you open a thread for yourself,
Ask for Tui or Free homeo to take your case-
You can put their user names in your headline.
simone717 2 years ago
Thank you, Simone. I appreciate your help.
umi1023 2 years ago

In both cases, if I were you, would have stuck with homeopaths' suggestions. They were working with one remedy at a time and repetition schedules were reasonable. Even if there was a small gap between their advices and actual similimums, I'd have expected results like you saw post Medorr., in your child. And when super polycrests like medorr., are used, they should not be stopped with one dose. They should be given sufficient time to go to the root of the problem.

Wanted to give you this input, all the best whichever way you go.
maheeru 2 years ago
Hi Simone,

Thank you for the well wishes. My son is doing okay. I agree with you. It's going to require something to get to the root of his illness. His urine test results came back normal. The doctors are not really worried. I know something is still off, though. Mommy intuition. He has now developed a type of itch all over. It seems to bother him a lot. There's no rash, no redness, just itchiness. The skin is not dry either. All the previous complaints are gone. He also has become clingy and more affectionate, and has fears of the dark and things he didn't fear before. Is this still the Medhorrinum? I'll have to get him to see the homeopath, again. Thank you.

As for my case, it is pretty complex. It would be nice if my insurance would cover homeopathic costs. I am a believer in homeopathy, hands down, though.

Be well.

I'm going to try to stick with the homeopath I started out with. Thanks for your advice.
umi1023 last year
Hi Umi,

FYI, the post above your last post was from
Maheeru , not me.

I do believe the med is still active. I am glad you are going
Back to your original homeopath- I think that person
Is very good at homeopathy.
Best wishes for your own self -that you can go too.
simone717 last year
Yes Umi, like Simone pointed out, we're different members. We are also independent thinkers meaning ---you get two unique perspectives at times :)

Wish you the best.

If indeed it's a financial problem, then you can always seek help on the forum, but do a homework on members here, seek somebody who is close to your working style.
[Edited by maheeru on 2019-10-23 21:14:48]
maheeru last year

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