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Measles. Homeoprophilaxis. Please Help.

Hello everyone!!!
I just had a baby. A week ago.
Right now, in my country there is an epidemic of measles.
I HAVE NOT HAD IT AS A CHILD. I wasn't immunised either. I had medical conditions as an infant and wasn't immunised at all). So now, I do not have any immunity.
I have two school aged kids at home too.
I do want my big kids to get measles and naturally obtain the immunity .
But obviously not right now. As I have a tiny baby and I am myself have no immunity. 😱😭 I can't immunise myself either, as the vaccine is considered dangerous for BREASFEEDING women and will not create antibodies in breastmilk.

The question is - is there a way to protect myself with homeopathy?
Is there a way to Prepare myself in case my older kids bring it from school?
Please any ideas and opinions are so welcome!!!!
I am very nervous and very stressed about this (((
And don't really know what to do, except for give kids cod Liver Oil and vitamin c.
Thank you in advance!!!!!💓💓💓💓💓
  Anet on 2019-09-07
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.

Homeopathy cannot prevent measles. I have older relatives
Who lost half of their hearing ability due to measles.
You should have your older kids vaccinated and
Get yourself and baby vaccinated after breast feeding.
simone717 last year

Morbillinum 30c could be tried as prophylaxis. Dose would be two times per day for two to three days or once a week or once in two to three days. People could decide the way they need to dose by taking their sensitivity into account.

Even if somebody contracts it, Morbillinum 30c taken twice daily for three to four days would help significantly. If needed Belladonna 30/200 can be added later or used along with Morbillinum. This combination works well sometimes even better than another specific medicine Pulsatilla which could also be used as a preventative medicine(in 30) and will also help if as as an after effect, there is some problem with ear or hearing ability. There are medicines to help with post measles issues as well.
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maheeru last year
The above “could” be tried - but this is no guarantee.
As far as hearing loss, the cause was nerve damage
And homeopathy cannot regenerate nerves.
simone717 last year
Thank you simone717
The epidemics is right now, we have cases in. our comminity. I am absolutely terrified as I know it's very hard disease for adults(((( but I can't stop breastfeeding. And immunizing older kids also brings a risk of shedding...and the vaccine immunity kicks in in two weeks time only. I need some sort of protection.
Anet last year
Thank you maheeru!!!
I have ordered morbillinum 30. Should I give it to everyone as it arrives? Two doses a day?
Will it help to not catch it? Or catch it but get easier when sick? Thank you!!!💓💓💓
Anet last year
If I get MMR vaccine is there anything I can do to help my body detox?
Anet last year

I have given three variations of dosage. The more the person is sensitive to remedies, the number of doses should be less and the interval of doses should be farther(like one dose every week for four doses or till the epidemic loses steam); if the person is less sensitive they can take more doses repeated frequently(like once in two or three days). Very sensitive people should avoid preventive stuff and should resort to other methods.

Homeoprophylaxis is not 100% successful. It's close to 80%. So there is a possibility that one may not catch the epidemic issue, or one might catch it in a milder form, and occasionally it's possible to not have any protection at all.

I have mentioned one and the first line remedy to tackle with hearing loss that's caused by measles. There are more. Nerve regeneration is occasionally possible with homeopathy based on some specific factors. I have found Hypericum LM doses over a period of time helping nerve cell regeneration in spinal cord accident survivors.
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maheeru last year
Thanknyou Maheeru!
I will start everyone on Morbillinum30 as soon as it arrives. I think I am pretty sensitive person as I respond to homeopathy very well, so I will take one dose a week myself and if I see kids getting it I will take one dose a day.
For kids I will give them a dose a day.
Untill the epidemic subsides.thank yiu!
I have Pulsatilla200 and Beladonna200, and Hypericum200.
Should I get all those in 30 potencies ? Is 30 potency preferable to 200 in measles?
Thanknyou so much for your help!!!💓
Anet last year
200c can be used in place of 30c. 200c is powerful than 30c.

The concern is not to cause aggravation or proving symptoms taking preventative medicine.

So I think instead of once daily for kids, twice a week would do.
[Edited by maheeru on 2019-09-08 02:04:52]
maheeru last year
I will never use Hypericum in my practice for the breast feeding or pregnant women.

Very careful observation showed Hypericum harming infants. It was a tough learning.

Sorry if it confuses, but thought should share for consideration.

Pulsatilla 200 has the tendency to dry milk
Reva V last year
This is all so scary.
I am literally paralised with fear and it seems like even homeopathically help is probable, but aren't assured.
I am concidering vaccinating my daughter older daughters who are 6 and 9 years old. It's only MMR vaccine they have. Not a single measles vaccine. In case I do carry out their vaccination, what would be my measures to help their bodies deal with the vaccine? Maybe there is a remedy I can give to help detox ?
But I am scared of shedding(((( and if I vaccinate my older kids would shedding be a considerable risk for me and the baby or it's a milder version? Thank you!!!
Anet last year

According to USA Cdc ( center for disease control)
Shedding means a person who actually has the disease
Spreading the virus. The vaccine itself is too weak
To cause shedding, and shedding is a myth spread
By anti vaccine groups.

They also say it is perfectly fine for a breastfeeding
Mother to get the MMR vaccine.

If you or kids have a problem after getting MMR,
There are homeopathic meds to deal with it.

I suggest you all get vaccinated and the issue
Is solved for good.
simone717 last year

May be first you should be treated for the nervousness/panic you are feeling about this epidemic.

There are many opinions and some of them very diverse. I'm not of the same view on Hypericum as Reva--but it's not important because we do not deal with the question of Hypericum in the first place(mention of hypericum was in another context and not in relation to measles at all). I think your kids are under Reva's care, then you might ask Reva, how to deal with this epidemic and go from there. You might use prophylaxis suggestions for others who are not under any h'pathic treatment currently.

There are medicines(homeopathic) that can help with measles and it's aftermath. But if there are bad effects post MMR vaccine like autism spectrum disorders(please do a research on the connection), then it'd really be difficult to deal with the challenge on hand.

Please take a decision (homeopathics or vaccines or just immune booster supplements or one or more of them) after an informed study and research. If your emotional state does not allow for that, go with your intuition.
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maheeru last year

Besides other health org’s finding no link
To autism from MMR
You can google: A measles, mumps,rubella
Vaccination and Autism: a nationwide cohort

This is a Denmark study of 657,461 kids born
Between 1999 and 2010. Followed up thru

This is an exhaustive study to find links .
Scroll to the Discussion at the end. They can
Find No links with MMR.
simone717 last year
Anet I wanted to correct an impression in midst of this digression:

If you want to use Morbillinum as preventative, like you said you could do once a week and for kids --once or twice a week. But cap the doses to the maximum of six in a single leg, even if epidemic lasts a little long. We don't want a case of over-dosing.
maheeru last year

Yes there's been a study in denmark that rules out connection between MMR and autism. But there have been numerous studies since 2002 'concluding' that there is no connection between MMR and autism. 'Lancet' the famous medical journal that 'concluded' 'homeopathy does not work', also published a Dr Wakefield conducted study that linked MMR to autism, the study has been since retracted[2012]. He has been struck off medical practice and has been dishonoured--- these studies have been done 'concluding' that there is no connection between MMR and autism. In some places it's hard to decide against vaccination because children can be snatched from parents legally. Big pharma has a long hand and might be behind all this. There's nothing to stop another study/whistleblower disproving the current study. These studies will remain inconclusive for a long time. But even before these studies, homeopaths have known that Vaccine pollution can lead to acquired sycosis a polluted constitutional soil that can give rise to various ailments based on experience and understanding of homeopathic basics. For instance Tinus Smits has done good work on autism and the connection between the disorder and various factors like Vaccination, micro waves, plastic, sugar etc.

Unlike you(you are pro-vaccine here), I don't have strident position against vaccines, even though I gave some insight into how homeopaths/sceptics of vaccines can see vaccination and it's effects. If practical sense dictates let any one take any vaccine as long as they are not forced to do so. Not interested to make this into some serious hair splitting argument/marathon discussion--my opinion should be considered just that---a second opinion on a query from Anet!
[Edited by maheeru on 2019-09-09 01:11:35]
maheeru last year
Hello Maheeru, my daughter got sick and is running a fever 38-39 degrees on and off. She was taken to her grandparents, so she away from me and the baby, but,I can't really get the symptoms picture(( I sent my husband there with vitamin c and combination remedy for flu.

The question is, should I give her the morbillinum30 or not? Dr doesn't think it's measles, it's most likely another virus, but it's not 100% either way.
Anet last year
Simone, you know I would have probably considered a single measles vaccine, but they don't have it here in NZ. It's only a combination vaccine which I don't like at all. Also a medical Doctor told me that this vaccine is strongly not reccomended during pregnancy and breasfeeding. He knows about shedding thru bodily fluids, and in fact quite certain about it. And he is not 'anti-vax' at all. He recommended me getting that vaccine after I finish breasfeeding.
Anet last year
Maheeru: my post was addressed to Anet.To give
Her more research info in case she could use it.
As a Mom, myself - I know how overwhelming things
Are time-wise when you come home with a new baby.
My post has nothing to do with your opinion.

Anet: you have to do what you think best ,
And I respect your decisions , wish you
A successful outcome for all your family.
simone717 last year
While you are waiting for Maheeru to suggest remedies for your daughter in fever, please give this

1. Chamomila 30, one dose only
2. Epsom Salt, 2 grains, twice a day (it comes like a sugar grain. Give 2 grains on the tongue to sip). This is very effective for flushing remedies
3. Allopathic fever remedies to address the acute conditions
Reva V last year
Thank you Simone for clarifying. Yes we wish all the best for people who get into such dilemmas.
maheeru last year

Since it's not clear if its measles, put morbillinum on hold for the time being. If possible get some symptoms when you update. Do we have skin issues along with temperature?

Meanwhile you can follow Reva's suggestions.

Reva knows your child's history right? Then it would be appropriate to follow her on this. Let's wait to see if there is improvement/relief.
[Edited by maheeru on 2019-09-11 19:29:10]
maheeru last year

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