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Speech Delay with hearing issue

Hello to all the homeopaths in the forum. I am writing after quite sometime.My son is 2.5 years old.He is still not talking any meaningful word. His history is below.
Name: Abdul Rafay
Date of Birth: 11 April 2017
Age: 2.5 years
Height and Weigh is OK as per age.

CHIEF CONCERN: Speech delay,mild to moderate degree hearing loss.

DELIVERY: Was a C-section baby as cord wrap around his neck. However, there were a operation when he was 6 month of hernia.

MOTOR SKILLS: Can rotate key attached to a key ring which is his favorite hobby nothing else.

EATING AND DRESSING HABITS: He can hold his glass,not spoon, plate on his own. He can drink from the glass on his own. He can eat small pieces of food on his own. He can turn the pages in the book one by on. Sometimes he can put on his shoes on his own. Generally, he is quite dependent.Fear from his elder brother,unable to climb the stairs own his own.But with the help of some one.
He loves to hold keys in his hands,hold hand of mother and appoint her what he needs and try to speak but unable to deliver any word but ENT doc says his do not have any throat issue.

PLAYING WITH TOYS: Now a days start to plays with toys but not much interested in them what to watch tv cartoons and easily enjoy when alone at room.

HEARING: His hearing has issues in hearing whose test reports are as

SPEECH: He has not started talking yet. Not lot of sounds only sometimes baba
For example, if he wants milk, he will take me to the fridge, take my hand and put it on the handle of the fridge and make some sounds. When I open the fridge he tries to bring the milk can out.
If he wants me to read a book, he brings the book to me and keeps it in front of me, turns the pages and makes sounds as if requesting me to read.

RECEPTIVE LANGUAGE: He can generally not respond to one-step directions. For example, if I ask him to go to the bathroom to take bath, he will not run towards the bathroom, he will not brings his pants, shirt, shoes to me.But if he sees that his mother is dressed up to go outside he will start pushing and crying to go out as early as possible.

He loves to take bath play with water and to go outside for a car drive.

SLEEPING HABITS: Sleeps well.But very late and for only 6-7 hours of continuous sleep.

Toilet training not started yet.

Family history his grandma have schizophrenia issue.I as father is diabetic type 1 my wife is fit.Elder brother is also have speech delays and going to speech therapist. Please suggest
  EngineerFez on 2019-10-05
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
Dear maheeru!

I think you may handle this case more effectively.
Please help.
freehomeoforall 3 years ago
1. Do you see sweats on her head when he sleeps?
2. Is her head looks bigger than his body?
3. Is his abdomen looks bigger?
4. Dose he want to hode him from strangers?
freehomeoforall 3 years ago
Thanks freehomeoforall for those kind words.

At this stage I'm inclined towards N. Mur.

If faiz answers your questions and gives further miscellaneous information that guides to a specific medicine--ok---otherwise my tentative choice would be to try Nat. Mur first.
maheeru 3 years ago
I was waiting for you maheeru.

I was thinking about BC/CC.

Please follow the instruction of maheeru.
freehomeoforall 3 years ago
No need to wait freehomeoforall, whenever I get time/I see the post I will respond in due course. Sometimes I may reply after two/three days.
maheeru 3 years ago

When you answer, please answer the questions of freehomeoforall and add any information that you may find is unique/miscellaneous. Also explain about the hernia.
maheeru 3 years ago
1. Do you see sweats on her head when he sleeps= NO
2. Is her head looks bigger than his body=NO
3. Is his abdomen looks bigger=NO
4. Dose he want to hide him from strangers=Yes very shy.
EngineerFez 3 years ago
EngineerFez said 1. Do you see sweats on her head when he sleeps= NO
2. Is her head looks bigger than his body=NO
3. Is his abdomen looks bigger=NO
4. Dose he want to hide him from strangers=Yes very shy.

Two days earlier Doc perform EEG and recommend us to give him resperidon 1mg (RISP) 0.25mg daily

Also says he is mild autistic some times feels alike.

But he only shouts no speech and when we call his name he not look into it.
He likes NIDO powder to eat and demands about it.
Bites as well on pillows,wooden bed side on bed sheet as well.Bites his moom as well for a while he do after that he became normal.
EngineerFez 3 years ago
Please wait for maheeru. He will give you you advice what to do. Keep patience.
freehomeoforall 3 years ago
Engineer Fez

On the other thread you have given some additional information about his biting and his difficult teething.

So taking that into consideration, I'd suggest you to give him, Belladonna 30 first.

One or two pills as a dose. One dose daily for 10 days. Observe changes and report.
maheeru 3 years ago
Besides balladona 30 should we continue with risp?
Doc suggest to do BERA again and MRI as well
EngineerFez 3 years ago
Continue doctor given medicines for now. Yes you can take tests as well.
maheeru 3 years ago
My elder child age 4 is detected as speech delay and his learning ability is improved after 6-8 month visit to doc but we want to listen complete sentence from him accordance to his age he have some moods issue like when we need a toy he will not listen unless and untill get it and will quarrel with us.
Going to school and learning at snails pace we also notice he is lack of memory as well unable to remember names even after ask him too many times.
During pregnancy my wife have some issue of dreams may be that effect my both sons.
Please suggests
EngineerFez 3 years ago
Please elaborate on what kind of dreams did your wife have during pregnancy.

Also give more details about your elder son. Any other complaints, any cravings/aversions, temperature preference or anything else about him or his complaints.
maheeru 3 years ago
She did not remember well about her dreams only thing is she says that she feel she forgot way back to home.Or wandering here and their unable to find way to go back home.

Elder son have some behavior issues ,fight with us if not able to convey his message speaks a bit though and follow commands,his sleeping habit is not good very light sleep.Sleeps only 7-8 hours with breaks sometimes speaking while sleeping.

Able to wrote going to school good interaction in school major issue is speech delay which we are going to speech therapy.

low in confidence very shy some times feels OK.
EngineerFez 3 years ago
Ok give your elder son, Lycopodium 30c one dose every week for 7 to 8 weeks. One dose will be two pills/drops.
maheeru 3 years ago
maheeru said Ok give your elder son, Lycopodium 30c one dose every week for 7 to 8 weeks. One dose will be two pills/drops.⚠Please tick why you are reporting this post:Duplicate postArgumentative / Attack on another memberContains explicit or inappropriate contentPrescriber requesting offline contactPost is trying to sell somethingPosted under a false (duplicate) user name.Off topic for this thread.   Report Post     ♡+Endorsing posts shows your approval of this forum member and this particular post. Click the red button to endorse.Endorse Post  
WHEAT-ALLERGIC 3 years ago
Well hello;
It has been 2 weeks that we are giving lycopodium 30 to son .one doze per week as recommended.
We have seen that he tries to speak more even though the words are not correct as speech deficiency.
Also his behavior is seen sometimes very rash as he sometime hit his head to me and my wife yet his sleeping habit is better now.
Does this medicine also works on hypertension? or anger management?
EngineerFez 3 years ago
Please reduce the number of pills/drops from two to one.

This definitely works for anger management.

If his rash attitude continues, dosage may have to be further fine-tuned.
maheeru 3 years ago
Ok we have reduce the dose.

Please help me abt elder one 2.6 yrs old doc are suggesting autism therapy.
Please suggest medicine.
After giving risp for about a month we have seen his habbit of bitting is little less.
He try to speaks something but unable to speak any word clearly.
Forcefully try to speak but no words.
Constipation is a big issue for him.
Sometimes see his hands.
Doc says he has ADHD Symptoms some says autism.
EngineerFez 3 years ago
Please label the symptoms under appropriate labels. If this is for 4 year old son--he is elder son. If it's for 2.6 yrs old son, then he is younger son.

I think we gave LYC to elder 4 yr son. He was to get the dosage reduction from two pills to one.

Now the last post of yours---is it relevant for 2.6 years old son or 4 years old son?
maheeru 3 years ago
Yes i am talking abt 2.6 year old please see the above symptoms for hearing issue therapist says that we need to evaluate him for 3-4 weeks then we can says he has hearing issue.

Yes for 4 yr i have given 1 drop of lycopodium now for this week
EngineerFez 3 years ago
When my 2.6 ye baby happy we see him dancing jumping and make sounds loud sometimes bites and twist things in his hand in a circle details also share above
EngineerFez 3 years ago
Ok was this 2.6 yr old son given Belladonna? If yes how many doses and what has been the change till now?
maheeru 3 years ago
Not given any homeopathy medicine uptill now.

Suggest time and dosage because we are giving him risp 0.25mg per day after dinner.
EngineerFez 3 years ago

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