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Can homeopathy heal homosexuality?

What is the best remedy for homosexuality problem? anyone can tell me? For a person(man) who has a sexual feeling towards man but he resists the desire strongly.
  servantforever on 2006-04-20
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
homosexuality isnt a disease--an individual in response to remedy may no longer have homosexual tendencies....some might call it curative and would be! ONLY!! if individual is in greater state of well being...homosexuality is just another characteristic symptom of a much larger picture---

religion now!! that puts much pressure on the subject--that would have it called a disease--a sin--...etc--just another form of suppression ---allopathy and organized religion---push inside what they fear to see--THE TRUTH..we are all n this together...so what is there to push inside but aspect of our ownselves...
John Stanton last decade
A boy who has developing a sexual feeling towards same gender since he was small. What was the cause? Is it possible for him to get married with woman while he has no sexual feeling at all with woman? Some homeopathic doctors suggest to take PULSATILLA in a high dose.
servantforever last decade
some homoeopathic doctors are also fools --to stereo type remdy to such trait..."materia peccans"

as for child whom grows as such--why is this child confused--bring me this case for real and then we talk..no suppositions......
John Stanton last decade
John Stanton, YOU ARE THE BIGGEST FOOL! Looks like you haven't even read the Lectures on Homeopathic philosophy by Dr.Kent!
Homosexuality is a sexual perversion caused by the miasms. Sex is meant for the propogation of the human species. Break the Laws of Nature and pay the heavy price!!
I have nothing against homosexuals personally, but I sincerely do believe that homeopathy can cure them if they want to be cured. But for those who are happy with their lifestyle, then don't try it.
Pulsatilla can be found in Kent's repertory, Mind section page 9,under the rubric aversion to the opposite sex. Lyc and Sulph are also there. Again in page 48, Fear of women: Pulsatilla. You have to ask the patient through your interrogation and powers of perception whether it is fear, aversion of women that the patient feels or a combination of both. Again in page 55, Indifference to opposite sex: Thuja.
You have to determine based on other symptoms, which remedy is the most suitable for the patient. This is a problem at the mind level and only high potencies like 1M and upwards will help.
jerryacu last decade
For all the others out there, don't get me wrong. I do believe that many people are born homosexual through no fault of theirs.
This is a pathological problem that is caused by the miasms especially Psora, Syphilis and tuberculosis.
The strong Syphilis miasm is making a lot of homosexuals very susceptible to Aids. It may be inherited 2, 3 or more generations before. And if the patient has acquired Syphilis and gets it suppressed by Allopathic treatment, then the acquired and inherited miasms will cause havoc in his/her body. Please read the book Aids and Syphilis the hidden link. - by Harris Coulter.
jerryacu last decade
Is it also important WHY someone is gay? Have they "become" gay because of some experience they had, for instance women who have been raped/sexually abused. Or whether they were born that way...

I can understand what your saying out of biological evolutionary reasoning: sex is for procreation. But the way you put it: "break the laws of nature and pay the heave price" doesn't sound like you have nothing against homosexuality...
kayhello last decade
Yes. Why is also important. Maybe due to past experiences.
I still insist that I've nothing against homosexuals as people.
Has it made you wonder why the virtual non-existence of homosexuality in many primitive cultures, even to this day? Maybe their lifestyle is very close to Nature?
Modern civilisation is partly to blame.
jerryacu last decade
Is that so about primitive cultures? What about homosexuality in animals then or is that only seen in domesticated animals? Just wondering....
kayhello last decade
Found some info about homo and bisexuality in animals maybe interesting. Have only skimmed info myself, but seems that there are animal which form homosexual couples including sex activities....
How do you explain that then?
kayhello last decade
Thank you Kay for your beneficial explaination. So in conclusion, the remedies are Pulsatilla and Thuja. IT's true now John Stanton knows nothing.
servantforever last decade
I was more asking questions then answering or explaining...

But i think the conclusion should be:you take hyoscyamus and the remedy for the person with the homosexual thoughts does not have to be Pulsatilla or Thuja that depends on the case. And since you have not presented it, no-one can select an appropriate remedy.
kayhello last decade
Also i don't think the homosexuality in itself should be treated, but again no-one knows the case you refer to so....
kayhello last decade
well repertory use challenge?

what of kunzli's kents repertorium general..love withone of her own sex---calc;calc-p-lach-nat-m;phos;plat;sulph....and is you lok deeper yuo see puls has fear of men...hmmmm

check synthesis rep---love -homosexuality----anh;calc;calc-p;hypot;lach;med;nat-m;phos;plat;puls;sulph;thiop;

jerry you only prove to me your a fool...

p.s your miasmic sermon on homosexulaity---lacks inteligence--
John Stanton last decade
I think one should look at C G Jung and his concept of Anima and Animus.

Rather than at Kent .
walkin last decade
Why not just stick with being gay? If you attempt to change what your feelings deep down are, then I'm sure you'll end up miserable! Just be happy as you are, maybe you could try contacting a support group for gay people to talk to people about your feelings.
Be happy.
laurali last decade
From kayhello on 2006-04-20
I was more asking questions then answering or explaining...

But i think the conclusion should be:you take hyoscyamus and the remedy for the person with the homosexual thoughts does not have to be Pulsatilla or Thuja that depends on the case. And since you have not presented it, no-one can select an appropriate remedy.
Can hyoscyamus, Pulsatilla and Thuja be taken at the same time?
servantforever last decade
Servant Forever, you can't come to a conclusion of the remedy like that.
A more detailed case analysis is necessary.

John, you should reserve your IDIOCITY for yourself!
jerryacu last decade
jerry lets be real--you must admit you know less than you profess..it shows by your remarks--you only attack me back with nothing substantial..empty words ...just read your own post really...dont be ashamed...you repeat the vey thing i say in the begining--then you go off on kent/miasm /perversion/...etc..

think about it...the first time i reproached you was yersinia 's case---think back or better yet read..you suggest 3 remedies without further case taking--now you seem to be a fan of kent--what does he say in his little book "WHAT THE doctor needs TO KNOW"...WELL YOU FAILED THAT PART DIDNT YOU--BUT GET SO ANGRY AT IT BEING PINTED OUT---is tis how you use your miasmatic theory--partial case taking...--and why prescribe 3 remedies and sequence --without monitoring sinle dose approach--NOW YOU KNOW kent was a single dose man...i guess mabe you see why i tell you practise jerry-opathy...well anyway---then cmes homsexuality can it be cured---well by the title it insinuates that homoeopathy treats diseases or names of diseaeses---YOU KNOW from homoeopathy 101 that homoepaths treat the patient not disease names----see jerry your just another one of the fellows...that hide behind names of written people----and your aqusation of use of repertory---hmmm ---the list goes on and on--always an excuse isnt there jerry..
John Stanton last decade
there are different kinds of homosexuals there are the ones that after relationship with the opposite sex get hurt,daddy or mummy messed with them,or a pedafile
the real biggy is the demonic one when the spiritual poles cross in the womb constitutional remedie is called for
alangail1 last decade
Demonic spiritual poles in the womb? Really?
ZepOz last decade
unless your a born again
christian to get understanding we live in a spirtual word and seen an outcome you can make all the commets you like
god bless you
alangail1 last decade
if a person gay the sociaty can punish him unfairlyu can be gay without having pysical contact wit a man if ur gay keep i a secret it can destroy your life but dont ruin a girl life by marrying her and not having sex wit her it will end in tear she may force to cheat on u or divorce u talk to doc for advice
rajshangar 9 years ago
This is the saddest thing that I have ever read and it boggles my imagination to think that it was written by someone claiming to be a professional homeopath.
wacourson 5 years ago
wacourson said This is the saddest thing that I have ever read and it boggles my imagination to think that it was written by someone claiming to be a professional homeopath. Pathetically misguided, woefully misinformed and reeking of homophobic bias.
The notion that homosexuality is a disease is the product of a thankfully bygone era, the same era that espoused the notion that Drapetomania - the drive of enslaved Africans to run away from their white masters - was a mental illness.
Sexual orientation is a benign, inborn, immutable characteristic, no more pathological in nature than having blue or brown eyes, red hair, left-handedness or preferring to sleep on one side. While it may be of some diagnostic use in seeking out a simulimum it is no more a disease meriting a cure then any other trait or ideosyncrasy.
Homophobia, transphobia, misogyny, racism - now there are true lesions on the human soul truly meriting of treatment and cure.
[Edited by wacourson on 2017-06-13 01:36:51]
wacourson 5 years ago

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