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Menopausal Help - Is doctor freehomeoforall available?

I am a 51 year old female with menopausal symptoms, the most disturbing to me is rapid weight gain, despite a healthy diet and eating low calories, and hairfall.

My periods have always been normal, four days, and on the light side. No pain or discomfort.

My symptoms:

1-In the last 18 months, my periods are heavier, still very regular, just heavier causing some anemia (Ferritin at 35). I am currently taking iron supplements and my Ferritin levels are at 75, which has been my normal throughout my life. The blood is bright red with mild clotting.

2-Increased sensitivity to heat. Not flushes or flashes, just an overall increased sensitivity to heat. I used to love to sit in the sun, and now I avoid it. I get overheated easily and then I feel lightheaded and woozy and I get sort of hyper and restless and I can't focus until I cool down. My feet can still be cold even when the rest of me is warm. I always used to be a chilly type.

3-My hair is falling out. My thyroid is normal and my iron levels have been normal for over a year, and my hair is still falling out. I have had all kinds of nutritional tests. Silicea worked for hairfall, but the hairfall comes back. Silicea no longer works. The strands growing in are very thin. Narrower than my normal hair.

4-Rapid weight gain, especially if I eat carbs. I can eat 1200 calories per day, all healthy food, and I will still gain weight. I eat low carb, and I can slow the weight gain, but I don't lose weight. It is maddening.

5-I have a terrible addiction to chocolate my whole life. In the past eighteen months, it causes terrible pain in my stomach if I eat it. This started at the same time as hairfall and heavy periods.

6-My breasts grew 2 cup sizes when my heavy periods began.

7-My skin is dryer than it used to be.

8-Sleep is fine.

I like to be alone and get irritated if I am interrupted too much. I don't like to answer the phone or engage with people much.

I have self-prescribed Sabina 30 for heavy periods and that helps to lessen the flow a bit. Sepia has been prescribed by a homeopathy doctor, but my hair started to fall out worse. Lyco has been prescribed twice by a homeopath, and I gained 8 pounds within a week both times I took it.

I have had fatigue and gas/bloating issues for many years prior to these new menopausal symptoms.

Thank you kindly for any help you can provide.
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  emeraldbridges on 2020-04-07
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
Thank you.
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emeraldbridges last month
emeraldbridges last month
Start: Calcium Carbonicum 200- Pill Form
Just take 3pills in the morning in empty stomach.
Don't eat or drink anything within 30 minutes

Single dose only. Don't repeat it without suggesting.
Keep updating.
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freehomeoforall last month
Thank you very much. I will take as instructed and report back after some time.
emeraldbridges last month
Best of luck.
freehomeoforall last month
I took Calcium Carbonicum 200 several weeks ago.

My period is three weeks late (I have never had late periods). I am having big bloating since taking the remedy and I am not urinating as much as is normal for me. I wake in the morning with no need to urinate. I have to lean very far forward to urinate and then I sometimes dribble after I am finished.

Thank you.
emeraldbridges 2 weeks ago
Hello freehomeoforall-

My period started today with the New Moon. I am urinating a little bit better. I will post in a few days to report on my flow. Thank you.
emeraldbridges 2 weeks ago
freehomeoforall 2 weeks ago
My period was running late (which it never does) prior to taking the Calcium Carbonicum 200. My period started two weeks after taking the Calc 200. It was a very hard period.

From the day I took Calc 200 I had difficulty urinating and I had bad spasm pain in my very low abdomen (my acupuncturist thought it was cystitis, which I have not had before). I was bloated and did not feel well.

My period started on Friday with cystitis pain and then my flow started. It was the same amount of heaviness or a bit more heavy than my last period, with flow at night too. No noticeable reduction in flow. I retained fluid (whether from hormones or having trouble urinating, I don't know). On the third day of my period, I started to feel better. Today is the fourth day and my flow is very light. I have lost some of the water weight that I put on. I have a very foggy head with trouble concentrating for the past four days (a new symptom). I am less irritable than I was prior to taking Calc 200.

On Friday night, I did take one dose of Staphisagria 30c which eliminated the cystitis pain. I have not had that pain since Friday.

Please advise. Thank you.
emeraldbridges last week
Could you please tell me the main problems? According to your given information, you had no any problem before taking the suggested remedy. And unwanted symptoms have been appeared after taking the remedy. Your periods were regular, iron level is normal, blood flow was normal, there was no painful menses. So what was the problem we took remedy for? Please clear that. I am not very well in talking English. Please give me your facing problems simply. Only problems you are facing. Then I may ask some question again.
freehomeoforall last week
My main symptom we are treating me for is heavy periods.

The length of my cycle was normal, but the flow of the blood has become very heavy.

About 1.5 years ago my periods became very heavy and my hair started falling out. I also gain weight before my period.

Thank you.
emeraldbridges last week
What is the positive changes by Cal Carb?
What is the negative changes by Cal Carb?
freehomeoforall last week
Positive Changes from Cal Carb:
Less irritable, started my period.

Negative Changes from Cal Carb:
Cystitis, fluid retention before period, weepy, more bloating and pain in abdomen than usual, foggy head.

Thank you kindly.
emeraldbridges last week
Please come back again after the time of period.
freehomeoforall last week
My period is just now finishing. Do you mean now?

Or did you mean after my period next month? Are you looking to see what my flow is like next month?

Thank you kindly.
emeraldbridges last week
Okay. Take another dose. Take only 3pills in a morning.
freehomeoforall last week
Thank you freehomeoforall.

I must let you know that I am really not feeling comfortable taking another dose of the Calc 200. My head is still feeling very foggy from the Calc 200. I feel a weight in my forehead area and my thinking is slow and confused. I am having trouble recalling words. My vision is also foggy with this weight-like feeling.

Thank you.
emeraldbridges 5 days ago
Take a dose of Nux Vom 30
3drops with half cup water
In the evening
freehomeoforall 5 days ago
Okey...I will take Nux Vom 30 tonight...thank you kindly.
emeraldbridges 4 days ago
I took Nux Vom 30 on Monday night and today (Wednesday evening) I feel about 20-25% better in the front of my head...less weight/heavy feeling and less confusion.
emeraldbridges 2 days ago
Okay. Wait for 5days from last dose of Nux. If problem persists, take another dose of Nux 30
freehomeoforall 2 days ago
I will do so and report back. Thank you kindly.
emeraldbridges yesterday

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