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Painful teething in baby maheeru only

Thank you for your opinion on multiple consultations at once. I did not plan on pursuing other suggestions further. I did start your recommended calc carb 30c,for 2 days now. Baby had a really good day today, best she's ever had. Slept well during nsps, energetic disposition, minimal fussing except to signal tiredness for sleep/nursing. I will count for a week total. Thank you for your suggestion. If she doesn't respond well continously, I may need to be strengthened energetically for her sake. Thoughts?
  Crusader4him on 2020-05-02
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
Thank God, good news after some hard time. As long as she responds well she could be continued with this dose. If she stops responding we either try this in 200c or follow this with a Tuberculinum dose---probably 1M. Teething children do well on these both medicines or if the symptoms are different then we go with that indicated remedy.

I would not say a mother needs to be strengthened for baby's sake. She needs to be strengthened based on her own symptom profile. If the remedies are same well and good, but if not, still we go ahead.

On that thread I could not get enough info. on mother's symptoms. When I get time I will go through mother's symptoms(you can also post your details covering various spheres when you get time) and will let you know what to do with post partum depression---because that needs to be treated as well.
maheeru 8 months ago
Yes, thank God for some relief with baby. She had a hard night after a calm day. Not eating very much, trouble falling asleep at, bedtime (crying when trying to get her to nurse, pulling off breast, preferring to be held to fall asleep, tired but wanting eye contact/cuddling). Once asleep however, she slept the longest stretches she ever has (woke 1x to feed briefly). I will continue updates for baby.

Thank you greatly for your time.

As for me, I will copy the symptoms for my Postpartum depression for if you have tie to review:

Remedies/supplement mom current using: Vit D, vit c, recently , Histaminum hydrochloricum 200c for seasonal allergies, lecithin occasional for plugged milk ducts.

No complications in pregnancy. Normal birth.

Mom general state of health during pregnacy: good overall (mood, physical health, some general anxiety about new baby coming) , extreme tiredness 1st, 3rd trimesters. Took for pregnacy/healthy development, prenatal vitamin, zeolite suppliment as maintence for candida, heavy metals.

Mom health: Emotional: History of depression, history of postpartum depression after having 1st child, present postpartum depression onset 5 days after birth of second child. Stressful first 2 weeks after birth due to colicky newborn, mastitis (fever, breast pain, flu like symptoms) and feeling resentful/helpless/ hopeless/pressured in not having any support network to help me besides spouse. Continued stress until present for now teething, inconsolable baby who is not napping/sleeping well (don't t do well as a personality type without sleep). Two children under 3 yrs old, feeling irrtible due to needs/demands from children. Underlying anxiety due to life's uncertainties, tendency to become angry quickly. Becomes angry/overwhelmed by hearing noise (crying baby constantly). Feeling stuck/helpless to find solution for baby. Seems symptoms (tried a few doses Sepia 30 with no noticed improvement). Feel frequent overwhelm that leads to frustration. Use of prayer to cope but tendency to surpress emotions in order to care for family's needs, leads to irritability through day or blow ups of frustration. Mostly underlying powerlessness/ frustration about fussy baby. Feel guilty for feeling and reacting this way.

Physical: Good health. Good organic diet. No coffee. No allopathic drugs. Seasonal allergies.
Crusader4him 8 months ago
Please elaborate on these things when you get time.

Blocked ducts problem and what kind of lecithin are you taking and under whose guidance?

Can you explain this episode of mastitis a bit more?

Histaminum 200 under whose guidance? since when? and what are those seasonal allergies?

What's that resentment not having support---any specific emotional issue?

Any thing else on worsening/bettering factors, any associated or miscellaneous things about you or your complaints.
maheeru 8 months ago
Blocked ducts problem--Began taking sunflower lecithin after developed mastits 1 week after birth. Developed sore, hard, lumpy, red, inflamed breasts during nursing. Had a fever off and on for 3 or 4 days. Flu like body aches related to overwngored milk ducts and baby with a tounge tie. Treated mastitis with lecithin 4x/day, phytolacca, belladona. Now only take 1 lecithin very rarely when have a sore plugged milk duct during breastfeeding. It's a natural means of making milk flow more freely/help to not get plugged.

Histaminum 200, I began taking in the last 2 mos for seasonal allergies that trigger strong autoimmune symptoms (wheezing (asthma); itchness- eyes, face, skin; runny nose/swollen nasal passages; hot and clamy skin; foggy head, sneezy), Allergic to dust, grass, pollen, most animals (dogs, cats, horses...). Not taking wt any guidance.

Resentment/abandonment: Up until last month, felt very alone, abandoned by few family supports in their uninvolvement in helping with the new baby. Two incidents in particular: Change in relationship to close family member (resulting in abandonment, hurt, and anger) ; and dissapointment/anger/hurt toward mother in law from failed commitment to help with after birth/baby. Both incidents were not only expressed/addressed with respective parties.

Overall felt dismissed, invalidated by friends/suppprts during hard 1st month after delivering Baby. Felt misunderstood regarding the hardship of difficult baby. Felt no one to turn for help.

Any thing else on worsening/bettering factors:

Tried Sepia 30, 200- seemed to slightly help irritability but not long lasting and not to lift depressed mood/helplessness. Pulsatilla 30- no change. Sunshine helps mood/overcast skies perpetuate depressed mood. Natritional causes--inorganic wheat flour, folic acid vs methylfolate, sugar, dairy--worsens mood, lethargy, fatigue. Helping others less fortunate helps emotionally feel accomplished.

Please let me know if need clarification.
Crusader4him 8 months ago
wht infant current status?
mum's current status?
John Stanton 8 months ago

I've completed the Calc Carb 30c for a week for teething 4 mo old baby. She is definetly less irritable/in pain than before remedy but she is still fussy more than not during wake times (hand in mouth, flicking ear, gets hot/sweaty easily). Her sleep overnight is often shorter periods, waking often crying, not wanting to eat as much. She seems to be developing worsening excema (spreading, dry patches on arms). Should I continue with Calc carb? Increase frequency? Thank you
Crusader4him 8 months ago
wht the health history of her skin exema mentiooned?is this new ?in any way?or?please explain ty
John Stanton 8 months ago
from ur latest update post with infant...wht new (never had in health history) symptoms have ocured since dosing calc ?

concerning ur/mum's medicine usage ..wht new symptoms have occured since using ur meds?since back when started?please explain
John Stanton 8 months ago
wht mum's current allergy symptoms that are existing cuurently?
please deatil best can...how often dosing histimine med?when last dose?
John Stanton 8 months ago
ps ..describe skin ill ..u called excema...best u can..exact locations.characteristics..
as well be sure never put anything at all on this ..no skin topical in any form...no do such ever
John Stanton 8 months ago

Move to the wet dose we discussed earlier. Give one dose from the wet dose after 4 days have passed from the last dose.

One pill dissolved in 150 ml of water, from this solution one or two drops as a dose. Just before the dose you could shake the bottle gently up and down for 5 times--in the downward motion hit the bottle gently against the inner side of the other palm. Dose preparation is a one time process and from the preserved solution, further doses will be given so preserve the bottle.
maheeru 8 months ago
Yes, I actually had been giving her wet doses for 7 days as you suggested. It has seemed to help but she is still fussy related to her teething. I just wasn't sure if it was safe and indicated to continue giving her the Calc Carb daily or if it would prove symptoms or there be a better match to completely resolve symptoms?

I forgot to include baby has developed dry patchy excema on her arms within the last 30 days that has spread now to other areas (cheeks, diaper).

Also, can you advise on the post partum depression with the given info I had provided from previous texts? Thank you for your time
Crusader4him 8 months ago
it wil do mum /infant well answer questiuons so as th e prescriber wil hav e more info..since taking full case data is not their value..to ascertain wht is ocuring in case...


as to wondering if proving med ..new symptoms are th e key..

if new persisting symptoms/characteristics occur afer any dose of any med
then new med must be sought more homoepathic to case

i wil repeat and stress mum and infant are one thru pregnacny thru breastfeeding until weaned...and it is enuf for mum is to take the med....no matte r wht mix-opathy preachers tell
mum's meds wil affect /inteffere with solo infant treatment..

again i tell mum is to stop all self prescribed meds all of them..no other self prescribed herbs.meds....etc etc

then dose with med of most homoeopathic to case.ful cas e anaylsis is important ..do not short cut thi s aspect of treatment it is vital...

the mum's emotional/mental/physical well being MUST be consider and treated in unison with infant symptomology....

i do not adhere or support the mongrul-mix opathy treatment i see done here.by maheeru.and fact lack of taking full cas e data..and not treatm=ing mnother and child as one unit...lies..use wisdom...breastfeeding connects /affects....

this post wil draw the negative flies of attention . calling out the prescrber of mongrul-mix-opathy...they wil attach these words...for they are use to telling their prescribing to the innocnet unwell unknowing..that is their only truth...they favor such over learning homoeopathy as taught by founder..thus mongrul-mix-opathy...

please excuse interuption...i will not interfere further...i detest the false teachings thrown around here...and this case and mismanagment..disturbs me to point of hoping to give enuf info so as can get thru the lies...false doctrines used..halluyah
John Stanton 8 months ago

Anything in terms of symptoms that have arisen after calc. carb wet dose(thanks for clarifying that)?

If the skin patches that were around on other parts if they have spread to new areas---that would not be called proving symptoms because they are not new but an increase of an existing symptom.


How often are you taking Histaminum 200? Would you be able to stop it for a period or change to some allopathic equivalent?

We do not know the impact/interaction this could be causing.


You(Mother) could try Nux vom 30c. Start with one pill as a dose one hour before going to bed. Try a minimum of three or four doses on consecutive evenings. Report changes so that will let you know how to repeat further. Also keep a tab on baby's symptoms when you take Nux. If you are taking Hist. or any other homeopathic medicine, stop it while you are trying Nux. While you are taking this you could also stop any homeopathics to the baby.

P.S: If someone's post is making you uncomfortable or someone's teetering close to stalking, you can always report using the feature available on the posts or write to the moderator.
[Edited by maheeru on 2020-05-11 00:36:37]
maheeru 8 months ago
Thank you for recommending Nux for me. I will start tonight and keep an eye on effects to the baby. I have only taken Histaminum about 6 times in 30 days as needed when seasonal allergies flaredmmostly during a 2 wk period (ragweed in bloom). As far as baby new symptoms: mostly positive changes (consistent, long naps except for last nap of the day, mild temperament, smiling during wake time). Only negative: excema flared for a week, spread out more from arms to cheeks but has seemed to calm down today.
Crusader4him 8 months ago
Maheeru: It has been 3 weeks since I consulted wt you about teething baby and post partum depression. For baby: had previously tried calc carb 30c and it appeared to take away intensity and frequency of inconsolable crying/fussing but now baby is 5mo (started at 3mos) and no teeth have appeared yet and she still has crying spells due to pain from teething. I still give her calc carb 30c in water 1x day during fussy episodes (lasting 3 or 4 days). I don't know that it helps. Current observations: Baby started solids, chews on hands, some drool, not nursing as much, not napping well (has had better sleep during day and overnight in the past), trying to roll over, growing out of swaddling, still gets hot/sweaty when crying, happy times every other day.

For post partum: took Nux vomica 30c wet dose as instructed but no change. Also have good and bad days (depressed mood, irritable,, fatigue, wanting to run away from crying baby) based on getting no sleep.
Is there anything else I can try/that you suggest?
Crusader4him 7 months ago
Did you notice even a bit after nux 30 like 5 or 10% positive change? or absolutely nothing?

Approximately how many doses of calc. carb 30 would you have given to the baby till now?
[Edited by maheeru on 2020-06-05 23:43:37]
maheeru 7 months ago
I can't say that I noticed any change wt Nux, it's possible it may have helped the slightest but not obviously noticable. The baby: has taken over 20 wet doses of calc calb in the last month.
Crusader4him 7 months ago
We'll come to baby a little while later in terms of remedy. But for the time being give the baby tissue salts Calc phos 6x and Mag. phos 6x[2 tablets twice a day]---calc carb if needed use sparingly already sufficient doses have been given in 30c.

You can try Nat. mur in different potencies. First try 12c or 30c if not impressed then 200c. Dosage for 12c or 30c would be one dose per day if 200c then one dose per week. If dry doses seem to aggravate use wet doses.
[Edited by maheeru on 2020-06-08 01:00:37]
maheeru 7 months ago

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