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lycopodium reaction

I am 27 yrs old unmarried male. Recently I consulted a homeopathic doctor on online platform because of my almost daily habit of masturbation and sexual thoughts since 5-6 years. I was unhappy about my masturbation urges as I felt guilty and drained out, as if I cannot live without practising it. So decided to deal with it through homeopathic medicine

Doctor prescribed me:
1. Lycopodium 1M / Two doses of 4 drops in one spoon of water at gap of fifteen minutes / Only for one day

2. From next day Five phos 12X / 4 Tablets three times a day / For 15 days.

Current Problem: After taking the lycopodium 1M in powder form, I had good feelings for 1-2 Days, followed by
1. Feeling restless with no sleep at night.
2. Increased gas with flatulence and repeated urgency to pass stools.
3. Heaviness in Head.
4. No erections or sexual desires (I wanted to deal with masturbation habit, not the other issues as these)

OTHER PRE EXISTING PROBLEM: I am a IBS patient and was under homeo treatment till recently through Natrum Sulphuricum medicine. The problem is under control.

I fear I have been poisoned and go mad. The doctor didn't reply properly when asked to. He also said that there is no problem and to continue Five phos 12x. WILL IT HARM ME FOREVER? HAVE I DONE A MISTAKE? PLEASE HELP ME.I NEED SUPPORT.
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  FOXTROT1 on 2020-08-25
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
You are having an aggravation from lycopodium( old things showing up)
It will wear off . The 5 phos is used to strengthen your system.
It really is like a trace mineral supplement to balance your cells. Remedies are so highly diluted that they are just a molecular imprint
In water. They cannot poison you.
You can try rubbing Vick’s vapor rub on your chest
/ stomach ( has camphor in it) to alleviate the lyco effects. The potency
Was probably too high-
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simone717 3 years ago
Thanks a lot simone.
Yesterday Night I used vicks all over body and had a good sleep.
However, I woke up early today and had to rush to toilet to pass stool. it was like a full blown diarrhoea followed by dizziness and heaviness in head.

what should I do..How long will this effect last?
FOXTROT1 3 years ago
Hopefully a few days- keep doing Vick’s.
simone717 3 years ago
Thank you Simone.

I had a talk with doctor. He was sort of reluctant to say anything but finally prescribed Kali Phos 30 4 drops 3 times a day.

I am not at all confident to try any sort of homeo medicine since this incident. Moreover, Can I take 5 phos 12x only, since it contains Kali Phos 12x?. Would you suggest anything?
FOXTROT1 3 years ago
Kali phos is for irritated nerves among other things.
Read materia media .......remedy name. If you feel your nerves are out of control , you can try one dose of Kali p 30.
Watch your reactions over 8 hours. If it helps
Then take a dose only when you feel it has worn off and nerve pain returning.
Otherwise, you can use the 5phos and Vick’s .
simone717 3 years ago
Ok...thank you simone.

I didnt take any of the medicines yesterday. Also the restlessness is kind of gone now, not completely...but as I could sleep well..i think its mostly gone.

Sinone, my digestive system is badly affected. There is constant rumbling in stonach & flatulence in the early morning. Had to rush to pass stool early in the morning. The stools are floating with lots of gas. The appetite has gone too. Is this lyco effect?

Can u advise anything? Should I start Nat Sulph, as it helped me deal with these problem earlier.

Actually, the main problem with my body is poor digestive system( IBS) & have been suffering since years, till I met a homeo doctor who helped me cope up with IBS through Nat Sulph. I feel completely ok once my digestive system works fine & I feel irtitated if its in bad condition.

I m worried this lyco aggravatiob has brought in picture all the old problems. I m sad & frustated.Please reply.
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FOXTROT1 3 years ago
Lyco is given often for digestive symptoms.
It seems the lyco is bringing up your old symptoms-if so this is aggravation and it will subside and you should feel better.
The aggravation is stronger due to the potency you were given.

Can you talk to your homeopath who gave you Nat sulph?
Because I am not sure if the Nat sulph was
Just helping symptoms but not really curing them.
simone717 3 years ago
Actually I am not in a position to meet him in person nor does he consult in other forms except face to face.

Anyway...He said that my gas and stool problem is primarily due to me residing in a place where the weather remains damp for almost a year. I am been taking his meds for over a year with some breaks in between after consulting him. I feel a lot of comfort after taking Nat sulph.

Anways meanwhile, i passed stool 3 times already and each time it was watery and diarrhoeac. I m feeling weak sir...:(

Its like a punishment that I hv taken lyco all of a sudden. I dont want to fall sick and get hospitalized again as it happenes with me several times earlier due to stomach issue.
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FOXTROT1 3 years ago
What potency Nat sulph you were taking?
simone717 3 years ago
hi simone, im on lycopodium too, i have had 3 doses of 30c 2 weeks go, will the remedy still be working, does it have duration please, or do i repeat if i feel symptoms coming back
paula1 3 years ago
Repeat if symptoms return.
simone717 3 years ago
thanks simone, much appreciated
paula1 3 years ago
Hi Simone..sorry for the delay.

Regarding the potency of Nat Sulph, I hv no idea cause its not written in prescription, or its written in short form which I cant understand.

Meawhile, aggravations are reducing it seems.
FOXTROT1 3 years ago
Good. How is the stool frequency and diarrhea?
simone717 3 years ago
Hi simone.

Although many problems, such as restlessness has subsided, some are persisting in less scales such as sleep breakig up in early mornings, distended stomach, lots of flatulence in the night.

Stool frequency has reduced to max 2 times with semi solid or liquidy consistency but after stools in mornings, I feel weak and tired. There is feeling of thirst and dry mouth after passing stool.

I wish all things get back to normal. I am worried.

Is there any thing to worry about actually???
FOXTROT1 3 years ago
No worries. You had aggravation and now it is less. This should keep getting less and then improvement is expected.
simone717 3 years ago
Hi sinmone.

Sorry for the late reply.

The aggravations seem to have reduced...but the stomach problems are consistenly giving me problems.

Although stools are semi-solid and freqeimcy is 2 times a day for last 3 days..I feel extreme heat inside belly. While passing stool, burning is felt.

Also, within a week, I am feeling so thin and drained, lethargic & dull. A feeling of sadness. There is no motivation to work, to play sports etc,

Not in a good mental health. What do u say about it?
[Edited by FOXTROT1 on 2020-08-30 14:40:05]
FOXTROT1 3 years ago
Have u had the heat and burning in the past?
Or is this totally new?

And were these things going on before you ever took Nat sulph?
[Edited by simone717 on 2020-08-30 14:52:19]
simone717 3 years ago
I would like to add that recently I talked to a local reputed homeopath and he suggested to deal with the stomach issue with Carbo Veg 30 2 drops in a spoon of water in the morning and evening. Got some sort of relief from distended abdomen.

I never experienced such burning sensation in the lower abdomen and locwer back before my treatment with Nat sulph.

The past complaints were majorly gastric pain in the upper back, stool inconsistency with someehat muddy stools and greenish tinge.

Definitely not the burning. It seems new. And there is sometimes increased hunger and then followed by fullness.

I dont know why, but I m afraid of the developments. Is there anything to worry, simone? :(
[Edited by FOXTROT1 on 2020-08-30 16:19:45]
FOXTROT1 3 years ago
You don’t need to worry.
Your symptoms now match well with Nat sulph.
Start with one dose of 30 c. 4 pills or 2 drops in a couple tablespoons water. Observe reactions over 24 hours and report.
simone717 3 years ago
Hi simone..
I took Nat Sulph today early morning as per dose and potency suggested.

Today there is a sensation of heat all around the stomach, back till neck and primarily in upper portion of the body.

Passed stool 2 times till now. In both occassion it was a bit offensive, as if associated with heat.

While waking up,there was heaviness in head and dullness. Also experiencing weakness in legs
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FOXTROT1 3 years ago
Simone, I want to ask a question based on the feedback I am getting from my acquaintances and feelings.

Today, many of my collegues are saying that I have become thin and looking pale within a week!! And I too am feeling tired.

So my question is,can any case, is it possible that Lycopodium actually caused me Jaundice or anemia?? Is there actually any health risk by taking Too high potency.
FOXTROT1 3 years ago
impossible for a remedy to do this- the substance has been diluted so many times , the only thing left is a molecule imprint
In water.
simone717 3 years ago
Ok...simone..I hv started taking 5 phos 12x 4 pills 3 times a day & perhaps I m feeling a bit better throughout the day.

Stools are semi solid & occurs 1-2 times a day Burning has drastically reduced.

Weakness is there, but can be tolerated.

Hunger is consistent now. Sleep is definitely good, although early morning there is a gush of energy and restlessness with persistent erection.

Simone, Before all these incidents, I had a well built physique but it seems I hv lost much weight & weakness is still felt. Although I get good morning erections, & will to abstaining from masturbation has increased, but it is still difficult for me & the semen volume on ejaculation is less. Can lyco assist me address this problem?

Actually, I want to get rid of this daily non essential sexual practices, revitalize my body from the loss I did with this habit for years , gain a normal male sexual health & good physical & mental state. :)

Any advise simone?
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FOXTROT1 3 years ago
Keep up the 5phos.
Right now just concentrate on getting back into good food, good sleep exercise, and keeping your mind active, engaging with friends and family.

You are in a hurry, you are too much in your head,
And you need to recover from the lyco dosing.
See how you are doing in 2 weeks.
simone717 3 years ago

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