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Twitching/Spasm in Face & Leg; Restless Legs at night


Recently, I am having twitching in my face and in my legs. Details below:

About 6 weeks ago, I got an uneasy feeling in my left toe at night. A few minutes later
it was followed by a nerve vibrating fast about two inches above my knee. It continued
for about half minute. To describe it, it was like a guitar string was plucked. The vibration was felt all the way to my toe. It did not happen again, though now I am getting a very strong uneasy feeling in my other toe as if it is going to happen.

After that I am having twitching in my thighs and legs. The twitch can happen once or several times continuously. It is very frequent in occurrence and feels like a muscle twitch.. In about 5 minutes, there can be upto 10 twitches (either in same or different area of my legs and even feet) (at least that was what it was last time I counted.)

About couple weeks ago the twitching started in my face as well. Mostly occurs below my right eye, just at the top of the cheekbone.

My medical history:
36 yrs old. Female. Diagonsed couple months ago with Fibromyalgia. (Though another
Doctor thinks its Rh. Arthritis.) . Stiff & painful joints especially in hands and left elbow.
Stress makes it worse. Better with moving about. Exertion makes the leg muscles very very very tired, especially hurts more at night. About couple months ago, started having restless legs at night ( achy, creepy, uneasy feeling in legs. Makes me want to walk to relieve the symptom. ) . Always feel cold especially in hands and feet.
High stress level. Suffers from anxiety. Last anxiety attack was last night when the twitchings increased.

Current medications:
-Antihistamine (for grass pollen and dust allergy)
-Antibiotic (sinus infection – on 3rd day of a 10 day course)
-Ayurvedic (Liv 52, Rhumayog without gold : 1 tab each morning and evening. Have been taking it since Nov 2005).

Any guidance how to eliminate the twitchings as well as the restless legs that I get at night will be appreciated. My thanks in advance.

  rasingh on 2006-04-23
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
seems like medicinal affect-possible suppressive treatment consequence...

when excatly antihistimine started (date or weeks/months ago)?

what were exact symptoms experienced that you decide to use antibiotics for?

what illness you have prior to this current?when (date)?

how often you treated for allergies as this?please explain
John Stanton last decade
wgat is excat antihistimine product name?
John Stanton last decade

Here's the answers to your questions:

1)Antihistamine is Zyrtec.
Started Sept2005.

2)Antibiotic for Sinus Infection: Pain and pressure under eyes and on cheekbones.
Suffered from a bad cold and
ear infection in early April 2006.

3)About 15 days ago, I stepped on a nail.Took Ledum 1M as preventative. Only one dose. Later decided to take Tetanus Immunization shot also.

4) Muscle pain in different parts of the body since Jan 2006. Doc thinks its Fibromyalgia related.

5)Allergic treatment since April 2005. Test for allergy indicated grass pollen sensitivity. (Though I believe I am allergic to something else too which I was nottested for, since I get allergy symptoms -- itching especially at night and aggravated sinuses all year around. ). Moved to current area (seattle) about 18 mths ago from California.

6) Had twitching in one eye last year (May thru Oct)which was finallycured by taking first Agaricus 200 for a week followed by one dose of Sulpher 200 ( had dryeyes too). But at that time twitching was on the eye lid only.

rasingh last decade
what effect of ledum?what noticed after taking?

what is exact typical dietary intake(foods and drinks)? snacks?.etc?

when (date) last time had sinus infection? ear infection? how treated?
John Stanton last decade

1)I took Ledum as preventive for Tetanus. I took 2 drops
of the liquid (ledum 1M) in water. I did not notice anything out of ordinary after that.
Note,twitching was there prior to this incident as well, though now its more frequent.

2)Diet : Vegetarian. Occasional can of soda. About 2 cups of tea/coffee per day.
Snacks: Crackers, cookies. Occasional frozen yogurt. Feel need for sugary things around 4pm.

3)Last time I had a sinus infection was in September2005 when I took antibiotics for it. I believe
its name was Augmentin.

But sinus pressure/pain is there almost every month, but is usually better by taking decongestant. In Nov2005 it was particularly bad, but I did not take antibiotic for it.(Doc said he wont give antibiotic since I did not have a cold prior to it. Wanted me to get a catscan again which I declined since I had gotton one in Sept and the result ofthat was chronic and acute sinusitis).

I also forgot to mention earlier, that I use two nasal sprays to control the post nasal drip I constantly have . They are Nasonex and Astelin. (Nasonex is a steriod).

rasingh last decade

Thanks for sharing your experience. I do realize that stress could be a factor for the twitches. I am trying to work on that area too, but its hard with fibromyalgia, plus I have two small demanding kids!
Lets see.

rasingh last decade

I forgot to mention:

1) EarInfection : That happened 3/28/06. Antibiotic taken for it was OMNICEF. 10 day course. Ear was filled with fluid. Was deaf in left ear for a while. Now its normal.

2)Takiing AVELOX for current sinus infection.This evening willbe day 4.

rasingh last decade
when last menses(date)?when next expected(date)? what was the last menses characteristics?what accompanying symptoms are assocciated with menses (just before;at start of;during;after)? how has menses cahnged over past months/years..etc?please explain

i am slowly getting somekind of order fo events---maybe help me out here..please expalin date sequence of health history and all complaints /diagnosis' and such....may take a bit --but will help..
John Stanton last decade

1)Last Menses date: 4/7/07
Characteristic: moderate flow, three and half days.

Before menses, I get water retention, irritability and depressed at least for 3-4 days. Once menses start, no longer get these symptoms.

At start of menses: Pain in lower belly and back. Take Ibuprofen for it. After first few hours or a day no longer take painkiller.

After menses: Nothing particular that I havenoted.

2) General : Menses usually last 3-4 days. Very regular 30-31 day cycle.

3)Health history.
Prior to 2000 : Sometimes breathing problem as if not able to breathe in . (Later diagnosed as anxiety in 2003). Generally good health and apetite. Stomach sensitive sometimes,got diarohea sometimes but generally constipated.
Some depression due to marital problems.

Jan 2000 - Two months after first child was born, got stiffness in left hand especially in the last two fingers of the hand (little, ring).
Got worse over next few months, now showing stiffness in the little& ring fingers in BOTH hands.

Oct 2000 - Stiffness in allfingers of hands. Better with movement.

General health not good since catching lot of colds.

April 2003 - 2 mthsafter second child is born, after some stress at home , the stiffness was in entire left arm for 3-4days. Stress makes the stiffness worse. X-ray,blood tests have notshown anything abnormal so far.

Oct 2003- First panic attack .It occured the night my elder child was diagnosed with asthma. Felt was about to die (choking feeling) in middle of night. Threw up after a few mins.Was ok by the time paramedics arrived.

Next few months, got breathing test done - no abnormalities. Chest x-ray - that was fine too.
Hence diagnosed with anxiety.

Doctor put me on Paxil which I took for 3 mths. Then switched to Effexor XR (Both were the lowest doses available since my bodycould not handle higher dose. ALready I had constant nausea, diarohea, drowsiness because ofthis medicine). It alleviated the depression but not anxiety. Weaned of the anitdepressant by oct 2004

Healthwise it was mylowest point.I constantly had colds, was stressed out between home and kids.

Also got headaches during this period. Tried biofeedback. Did notreally
help. There was one week of migraine forwhich doc gave an injection (dont know the name)

OCt 2004 - Moved toseattle area. Started getting post nasal drip constantly. Earlier once in a while Iwould get it for a few days but not constantly.

APril 2005 - Started on antihistamines. Later allergy test showed grass pollen allergy.

Anixety continues to get
worse with frequent episodes though Ican control it betterwith slow breathing and bach flower remedies (rescue, mimulus, redchestnut).

Sept2005 - Antibiotics for sinus infection.

Sinus pressure and pain happens frequently. Decongestant helps.

(Current health situation I already explained in my earlier email.)

rasingh last decade

Let me also mention one more thing:

The stiffness in my body got spread to entire body last year, first it was my foot, and knees. Today I am having
a lot of trouble with my left elbow as well. Painful and stiff when I try to straighten it.

I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia in Feb 2006. Earlier another doc had said itwas early signs of Rh.Arthritis,butthen my current Rheumatologist said it was Fibromyalgia. I gota bone scan done of hands and wrists & it showed no damage to bones or inflammation which confirmed his suspicion that itwas not Rh. Arthritis.
SInceFeb 2006(when I last sawthe rheumatologist) I am having increased pains in thebody. Mostly seems like muscular pains, except my left foot and left elbow where it seems more like a joint issue. Lot of muscle fatigue.
Also muscle fatigue in lower back so that I cannot lie down in one position for more than few minutes.

I am not on any medication for Fibromyalgia as yet.

My sleep is poor. Always has been like that, but seems like after having children, I hardly ever had good sleep.
Now the twitches, and also some pressure feeling on lower back (chiropractor says its due to muscle fatigue)and compounded with anxiety& stress keep me from getting good sleep.

rasingh last decade
ok-start treatment ( 2 pellets sulphur 200c in 20 tablespons of water--in clean water bottle--shake vigourously) take single teaspon dose of this mix--in the morning on empty stomach--1 hour at least before first eating....put lid on water bottle and place in refrigorator (for possible further use)--do not repeat dose on any other mornings--after accessment maybe --wil decide then.

must avoid all sweets--anything sweet is to be avoided..

must avoid all acidic foods and drinks (coffee,teas;fruits and fruit juices;all alcoholic beverages;pickled foods;vinegar;all carbonated soft drinks;..etc)

no foods with preservatives or aditives

no milk or milk products..except.only goat's milk/whey /products of reputable organic source allowed..

no other medicines/treatments (painkillers;skin coverings of any sort;herbs or herbal teas;.nothing ) just simplified diet--and single dose of sulphur as mentioned..clear?

keep me closely informed
John Stanton last decade
Thanks so much. I will take the single dose that you mentioned tomorrow morning.
I will follow the diet restrictions you mentioned as well.

1)Sweet- Are fruits - apple/pear/papaya/carrots okay to eat ?

rasingh last decade
no fruits at all for now..

all vegetables are fine except tomatoe /potatoe/eggplant
John Stanton last decade
You said no other medicine....I am half way thru on antibiotics. From what I understand, antibiotic course must be completed, and thats another 5 days.

WOuld it be better to delay taking the sulphur dose another 5 days?

Let me know your thoughts on this. Thanks.
rasingh last decade
the problem is if symptomology changes in 5 days --as use of antibiotics is not to solve underlying causation of sinus problem...

if fear of stopping antibiotic use then dont take sulphur til done with your other treatment---and we will retake case then...so DO NOT TAKE SULPHUR TIL WE ACCESS...

meanwhile---START NOW

taking Lactobacillus acidophilus,and
Bifidobacterium bifidum (probiotics combination)---and take 250 mg with the mentioned probiotics --both together once daily with biggest meal of the day..

also start NOW following dietary adjustments mentioned in past post.
John Stanton last decade

that is to read--- "...take 250 mg vitamin c with mentioned probiotics.."
John Stanton last decade
in adition to mentioned probiotics---start use with same meal as others Lactobacillus Plantarum-- can get in product named "Plantadophilus"----

but all 3 are in "Udo's choice super 8 probiotic"---

important start probiotics now...
John Stanton last decade
Thanks John. I will start on the probiotics and contact you again in 5 days.
rasingh last decade
John Stanton last decade
John Stanton last decade

I took the last antibiotic tablet yesterday evening.

Here is the current situation:
1) Twitching is still there. Happens more when I am not moving. Is occuring in areas where it didnt before, example back of thighs, right eye (earlier it was under the eye), knee.

2)I stopped the antihistamine and sprays as you had suggested. However yesterday I got a very severe headache pain with immense pressure on my face and head along with increased postnasal drip ...quite thick that I had trouble swallowing. There was tingling in my mouth and lot of pressure on my jaw and teeth , more so on the right side. THe whole episode was unbearable, So, around 4pm yesterday I had to take antihistamine and nasal spray. The pain is now gone but the pressure is still there on my nose and cheek (right side of nose and right cheek is more affected). Feels like someone punched me there.

3)I also noticed that in the past few weeks, during night my face gets very flushed on teh cheeks. The redness is not usually seen during the day except when I have done some exercise or am tired.

4)I tried to follow the diet you had mentioned. The sugar was the hardest part for me. The first couple of days I stopped taking it at all but then would binge on my kids cookies around 4pm. Then I now take max of one spoon sugar in a day and am trying to wean myself off it, but its very hard for me. My body craves lot of sugar and carbs. I am educating myself on hypoglycemia too and realize this could become an issue for me as well if I dont control it. i really tried on this one, but maybe I need to do it more slowly. WHat do you suggest ?

Last time you had suggested taking sulphur. Please let me know if that will still help.

rasingh last decade
the response to stopping antihistimine...lets start there...explain once again in exact thoroughness all that experienced ---did you ever experience such as whn stopped antihistimine ? when?

are you taking probiotic at this time?
John Stanton last decade

Response to stopping antihistamine :

The first time I started taking antihistamine was in April 2005 (so one year).
I had the same symptoms of pain and pressure on my face, increased post nasal drip, difficulty swallowing since Feb 2005. In March, I went on an international trip for 2 weeks, and was just fine. When I came back the pain and pressure started again.
So, in April 2005, the doc started me on trying Allegra , Allegra-D (didnt suit me...burnt my throat). Finally a couple of months later we settled on Zyrtec and Astelin spray. Later allergy test showed me having grass pollen allergy, so Nasonex was added as well.
I was told April - Sept here in Seattle area would be the worst season for me because of grass pollen.

Now if I stop the antihistamine - Zyrtec, the first reaction that I usually notice 9 out of 10 times is that I get itching on my body (all over) at night. (I use fragrance free soap and detergent on all clothes and sheets). Also after a couple days I will get thicker and more frequent post nasal drip which makes swallowing difficult.

I have gone off the nasal sprays sometimes but not off of Zyrtec also at the same time. Usually the pressure increases after a few days on my face , nose , jaw....sort of feels an elephant is sitting on my face. Usually the pressure increases slowly....not like yesterday when it came with a bang along with a headache.

As teh pressure increases on my face, there will be pain in my teeth and jaw as well.

When I can no longer take the pressure, I use the spray again. Sometimes it goes away after I take off the counter decongestant regularly for cople days, otherwise I see the doctor ... (once he gave me antibiotics, once a stronger decongestant, once nothing...).

Yesterday was pretty acute. I felt choking sensation as well when I couldnt swallow properly. There was tingling in my tongue and enormous pressure on my teeth. Dont know if it was the pressure or an allergic reaction...hence I decided at that point to take the antihistamine. There was some relief after about 90 mins, and by night, the tingling feelign was gone. I also took the nasal sprays around 4pm or so , and I felt the pressure on the face reduce after a couple of hours, so though then I was not screaming in pain anymore, I still had lot of pressure on my face, especially right side and still have it now.

What I noticed this morning was that the right side of my nose seemed a bit congested as well and was a bit runny as I moved around. Now there is the pressure on right side also on the cheekbones and eye. Normally when I have pressure its symmetric on my face.

rasingh last decade

Thanks. I did try what you suggested, and it does make me feel better. When I feel twitch coming on, I tell myself its ok and relax and let it come if it does.

rasingh last decade

I started them 2 days ago. Should I stop them ? How long do I take them ?

rasingh last decade

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