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Amazing headache relief: what did I take?

I have few headaches, but today I had one and took two aspirin, but the aspirin provided very little relief. I was trying to do a few things outdoors, but the headache was distracting enough that I came back inside. Since I had several homepathic remedies on hand, I read the characteristics of various remedies and what type headaches they relieved. I had a frontal headache, that was a dull and steady ache with no throbbing. Moving my head or eyes made it worse. It wasn't severe, but enough to distract from anyting I wanted to do.

I found a remedy that matched the headache characteristics well and tried it. I felt some relief before the pills even disolved, then complete relief within about five minutes. I'd never had such quick relief from a headache, and since the symptoms described match my typical headache, I'll certainly be trying it in the future.

What remedy does anyone think I used?
  Will88 on 2006-04-23
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
Vitamin C? why make a question.. give us the answer!!!! NOW
Healthy4ever last decade
Not vitamin C. It was a well known homeopathic remedy. We usually see someone describe their symptoms and ask for recommendations. Since I stumbed upon the right remedy, I thought it wouldn't hurt to see who might identity it since my headache symptoms were pretty precise.

Patience, maybe someone will want to reply with a remedy.
Will88 last decade
To Will,

If your headache was triggered by the strong light when you stepped outside, the remedy that I would recommend is Glonoinum which is Nitro Glycerine.

The dosage I would use is 4 pellets of the 30c potency under the tongue.

The remedy I use for Migraine headaches is Bryonia 30c also in the same dose which can be repeated in 2 hours if the migraine does not abate with the first. I also recommend that the patient uses 2 pellets before sleep at night for a few days if these migraines have been chronic for some time.

This routine can also be followed with the Glon and in both cases the remedies are most effective if treatment commences as early as possible when the first signs of an attack are noticed.
Joe De Livera last decade
Hi Will 88 !
Are you in the Quiz game business ???
PANKAJ VARMA last decade
Pankajvarma, no, not in the quiz business. Just decided to see if anyone would take a stab at the remedy. But it was one of the two Joe suggested. I used Bryonia 30X and it did give the quickest and most complete relief I've ever had for the typical headache symptoms I experience.

I think most of my typical, frontal headaches are due to eye strain and occasional sinus involvement, and I'll definitely try Bryonia the next time I have one. And the eyestrain (too much computer time, usually) could be similar to the exposure to strong light Joe mentioned.
Will88 last decade
If Bryonia gave you relief....you are likely to be having constipation, dry mucus memberanes, dry lips, sluggishness....no desire to do any activity.....relief from just lying down etc.

Always desire to return back home quickly from where ever you go.
Pankaj Varma
PANKAJ VARMA last decade
My honey has woken up to bad headaches many mornings this spring. (One possible cause is pollen.) Aspirin had been working fairly well, but yesterday it didn't help at all.

I gave him a single dose of bryonia yesterday afternoon and it seemed to work quite well (thanks, Will!). He woke up this morning with another bad headache. This time I gave him bryonia immediately and the headache was gone in 10 to 15 minutes, sooner than aspirin could have reacted.

He is not constipated, but the other symptoms generally match. Also, irritability and a deserve to be left alone. (I have to remember not to take the mentals personally!)
Daisy43 last decade
If headache reoccured next day, give him higher potency of Bryonia or at least 30C.
kuldeep last decade

I've used Bryonia 30X a couple more times when I just felt one of my typical frontal headaches coming on. It worked both times. I have a small bottle (8 oz.)of spring water in which I put two pills, and succuss that eight or ten times before I use it now. I have some Bryonia 30C, but haven't used it yet.
Will88 last decade
There is a huge diffrence. 30C is double of 30X. Next time dissolve just one pill of 30X in one liter and use it as the medicine.
kuldeep last decade

Kuldeep is right that there is a huge difference. I'm fairly new to using homeopathic remedies. But in general, the more times the remedy has been diluted and succussed (shaken or vibrated), the more potent it is. Here's my understanding, and if it's wrong maybe someone will correct it:

They start out with a small amount of the orginal substance in purified water, i.e., Bryonia, Arnica, or whatever. Then they succuss it a certain number of times. Then they take 10% of that solution add back purified water to equal the original volume, succuss that then take 10% again, etc, etc,. until they've diluted and succussed 30 times for 30X potency.

For 30C it's the same, except they use only 1% of the solution each time to dilute and succuss 30 times to create a 30C potency.

I know there's a discussion of potencies on this site, but I don't see it right now.
Will88 last decade

The description that you gave of potentization is roughly correct except that this is usually done in Ethanol as this is 100% Alcohol and has a better shelf life which is almost infinite. The water may be instable if kept for long periods.

The number of times the solution is succussed does not make any difference. It is the quantity that does :
1 in 9 for the X potencies and
1 in 99 for the C potencies

The use of the wet or water dose was first recorded by Hahnemann in his sicth edition of the Organon but for some reason it was not used generally by homeopaths throughout the world. It was only when Dr Luc de Schepper visited Sri Lanka a year ago that I was converted to the wet dose as I observed that this method was by far more effective in the response that it evoked from patients than the dry dose.

I have been successful in promoting this idea amoung fellow homeopaths in SL and the majority of them now use the wet dose which is more convenient to make as it only involves taking a bottle of preferably spring water and inserting 3 pellets into it to make the remedy.

The main disadvantage in having a remedy in water is that it has to be kept cool preferably in the refrigerator and the chances are that even with a label on it, the water may be used by someone who does not read this label. However no damage is done as it only constitutes one dose and does no harm to the person.
Joe De Livera last decade
Dear Forum Members,

Here I want to share my exprience about Bryionia 6.

After reading this post I tried with Bryionia 6 2 drops in halfcup of water after taking this dose my headache subtised by 90% within 3 hours and I took one more dose at night before going to bed Next day I had no pain.I took again one dose Bryonia
at morning and night my headache came again then I stoped to take more dosses. Now I have no headache . I had

headache since a year and tried many medicines of homeo

suggested by forum members.

Thanks to forum members coperation to members.


Dr R.K.Khatri
RajuK last decade
Dear Forum Members,

Sorry wants to correct the

speling This is Bryonia 6 not

Bryionia 6.

Dr R.K.Khatri
RajuK last decade
Two glasses of pure water alone, will help aleviate the headache.

God Bless,
TimCam last decade

I was surprised to receive an email notice of a reply to this year-old thread.

Glad to hear that Bryonia gave relief to your headaches. Since homeopathic remedies are chosen based on symptoms, I'm curious what the symptoms of your headaches were.

Several presentation of Bryonia headache symptoms described my headaches almost perfectly: frontal headache, worse with motion, dull pain with no throbbing.

How would you describe the symptoms of your headaches?

After a year, I still get good relief from my occasional headaches using Bryonia 30C in the wet dose. Hope the remedy will continue working for you.

Will88 last decade

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