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poor concentration

My concentration is very poor while attending trainings, i easily lose focus and get bored and tired. Any homeopath8c medicine that help me concentrate better.
  Libby1 on 2020-10-10
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
How is the Kali phos working for sleep/ anxiety?

In your training- are you bored bc it is Actually Boring?
Taught in a boring way? Is this something you are not interested in?

Or are you sleep deprived? One has to address the cause.
simone717 2 years ago
Kali phos helped with anxiety i used it twice in 2 days. But yes my training is totally new information.
Libby1 2 years ago
Asking do you think inability to focus is from lack of sleep or poor sleep?
simone717 2 years ago
for poor concentration according to ken reportery there is 162 drugs Anac, bar c, carbo v ,carb s, causticum,glon, graph, hell, lach, lac, lyc,nat ar, nux m, nux v, pho ac, phos, sep, sil are in first preferences . for that your detail history and causative factor should be searched by taking full case history for that pls send following detail
Regd No. Date :

Name : (Mr./Mrs./Miss/Mast/Baby) First Middle Surname.
Date of Birth : Age Sex : S/M/U/W LMP
Blood Presser…………………. Height…………………….. Weight………………………WBC……………..TSH……….

Blood Group: :

A. K/C/O : known case of means poor concentration [Duration is important. e.g. HTN since 2 yrs. etc.]
B. Investigations :
Date : Haemogram / Blood Report/ Urine Report/ CT scan/ MRI/USG Abdomen & Pelvis/ Thyroid Function Test, etc.
Write any abornomality:

C. Chief C/O: Write the complaints with sides & duration.
Give them separate nos. [e.g. 1] Abdominal pain(Rt. side)Since 8 days. Etc.
Please start with History of C/C : How complaints started?

H/o C/C : Write every complaint individually with-
Onset, decline, causation.
Location& Extension
Character of Pain.
Duration of Pain.
Modalities : Movements/ Positions/ Thermals/ Food Habits/ Seasonal/
D. Ask for any recurrent complaint. Ex. Fever, Cold, Coryza.
E. Past H/o : Any major illness (along with side if present) e.g. H/o Typhoid/ Malaria / Jaundice/
Fracture/ Fall/ Injury/ Accident.
And H/o Vaccination – Hepatitis B / Dog bite Vaccination, etc.
F. Family H/o

G. Physical Generals :
• Habit : Alcohol / Drugs/ Smoking/ Tobacco, etc. (Since how many tears?)
• Diet : Veg./ Mixed.
• Appetite : Any alteration?
Whether patient can tolerate hunger?
• Desire : With reference to taste and not any particular food item. e.g. Sweet, Pungent, Spicy,
Sour, Fatty(Oily, ghee), Non- veg, milk, milk products, tea, coffee, Vegetables, Fruits, Ice Cream, Cold Drinks etc. is important. Also ask for any desire for indigestible food items.
• Aversion : Main taste e.g. Sweet, Sour, Fatty, Non-veg etc. is also important.
• Food :
• Head :
• Eyes :
• Ears :
• Nose :
• Mouth : any odour
• Tongue : Dry/Moist/ Coating/ Cracked/ Fissured/ Imprints of teeth
• Thirst : Thirsty/ S.Q.S.I./L.Q.S.I./Thirstless.
• Teeth : Carries of teeth.
• Gums : Bleeding Gums.
• Taste : Any particular taste in mouth
• Throat :
• Chest :
• Stomach/ Abdomen :
• Bowel : Character of stool is important. Dry/ Hard/ Soft/ Loose. Color, Smell, Straining or not? Etc.
• Bladder:
• Skin :
• Chest& Back :
• Extremities:
Upper Extremities:
Lower Extremities :
• Perspiration :
Scanty/ Profuse. On which part of the body?
Stain /Odour.
Hot/ Cold sweating.
• Sleep :
Time : Daytime any sleeping habit / Night time sleep hrs.
Sound/ Natural
Refreshing/ Unrefreshing
Startles/ Snoring
Position : Whether lies on back / sides-which side ?
Bed+ Pillow
Talking/ Walking sleep during?
Eyes open / closed sleep during.
• Dreams :
• Female:
Menstrual History
i. Menarche
ii. Duration of cycle
iii. Color of discharge/ Any clots, etc.
iv. Smell
v. Any pain Before / During etc.
• In General Discharges : Color/ Smell/ Quantity –scanty/ profuse etc. (very important)
H. Mind :
• Education :
• Occupation : (Working / Retired)
• Childhood at which place? –City/ Town
• Marital Status : Married / Unmarried
• Childhood :
Family : Joint / Separate
Financial Condition : Sound/ Poor/ Rich etc.
About Study:
Nature : Obstinate/ Mild/ Pampered/ Short Tempered/ Irritable.
Desires Company or Not?
Close to?
Fear of/ Stage courage
Playful/ Studious.
Any impactful/ disturbing incidence in childhood.
Angry when? How is it expressed ?
Timid / Daring.
• After Marriage.
(Suppression injustice and relation with inlaws, Adjustment)

• NOW :
Specially ask about main feelings : Anger, Sadness, Hypocrisy, Jealousy, etc. (Please, write in Rubric form)
Family: Joint / Separate
Financial Condition : Sound / Poor/ Rich etc.
Mild/ Short Tempered
Angry when ? How is it expressed?
Talkative/ Less talkative.
Jolly-Jesting/ Submissive
Affectionate / Reserved/ Censorious.
Reaction to Jesting
Reaction to Criticism.
Reaction to Reprimand
Reaction to Mortification
Any major conflicts
Sympathy about ?
Helping nature?
Desires Company?
About Cleanliness.
About Time Punctuality.
About Religiousness.
Reaction to Lie & Injustice.
Fears ? (Being alone, Dark, Water, Height, Quarrel, Exam, Robbers, Animals, Downward Motion)
Sensitive (Physically & Emotionally)
Happy When?
Sad when?
Weeps when?
About Social Activities.
Lazy/ Workaholic.
Industrious ?
Duty Bound?
Relation with others :
 Husband/ Wife
 Son / Daughter.
 In-laws.
 Friends.
 Colleagues, etc.
• A/F :
oAnxiety about what ?
Loan, Court case, Money, Future, Health, Disease, Death, Job, Settlement, Children.
Any Anticipatory Anxiety
Death of Relatives :
Reaction : Grief, Sad, Forsaken, Helpless, Weeping.
Any Insecurity
Fall/ Accident/ Injury/ Fracture/ Sprain/ Loss of fluid.
Suppression of anger.
Any major setback in life.
Your Observation(Physical Appearance/Dressing).
Thermals :
Summer Winter
Bathing Hot / Cold / Luke Warm Hot / Cold / Luke Warm
Fanning requires or not? requires or not?
Covering Thick / Thin? (1 or 2,etc) Thick / Thin? (1 or 2,etc)
• Open air : desires or not
• Require Sweater in Winter ?
• Chills begin from which part?
• K/C/O
• Investigations :
• Chief C/O: [Duration is important. e.g. Abdominal pain since 8 days.etc.
• H/o C/C
Onset, decline, causation.
Location & Extension.
Character of Pain.
Duration of Pain.
Modalities : Movements / Positions / Food Habits / Seasonal /
 H/O Mother History during pregnancy
 Mode of delivery.
 Immediately cried or not.
 H/O Milestones (talking/walking)
 H/O Vaccinations
 H/O Illness
Level of Activity
Threshold of responsiveness(sensitivity)touch/taste/smell/hearing/vision)
Intensity of Reaction
Attention Span & Persistance
AGRESSION (Destructive /Non Destructive)-
• Habit :
 Nail Biting .
 Thumb sucking.
 Putting anything in mouth.
 Hair Rattling.
• All remaining things are same as for the adults.( Diet, appetite….etc.)
 Family –Joint/Nuclear
 Financial condition of family.
 About studies
 Nature-Mild / Short Tempered / Obstinate / Pampered / Irritable.
 Angry When ? How is it expressed?
 Talkative / Reserved.
 Submissive?
 Timid / Daring.
 Close to Whom?
 Fears?
 Carrying :
 Precocity?
 Desires for company or not.
 Hobbies : Music / Dancing / Playing.
 Dominating.
 Active / Passive.
 Decisive / Indecisive.
 Stage Fear?
 Performance
 Happy / Sad When?
 Reaction to jesting, Criticism.
 Envy Feeling.
 Religious or not.
 Memory.
 Lazy, Fastidious.
 Subject of interest / Difficulty.
Thermals: Summer Winter
• Bathing Hot / Cold / Luke Warm Hot / Cold / Luke Warm
• Fanning requires or not? requires or not?
• Covering Thick / Thin? (1 or 2,etc) Thick / Thin? (1 or 2,etc)
• Open air : desires or not
• Require Sweater in Winter ?
• Chills begin from which part?
 Temperature
 Heat
 Perspiration –Mostly on which part of body.
 Chills
 Thirst during fever.
• Active / inactive
deoshlok 2 years ago

This lady has a 6 month old baby and just started a new job.
She is nursing the baby.

Libby- if you are tired you won’t be able to concentrate well.
Having to stay up with child will make you tired.
Is this what is going on?
simone717 2 years ago
Yes i do wake up in between for nursing the baby as well. I guess that is what is making me lag behind is my lack of sleep. And i feel frustrated on not getting the points. Thankyou simone for your concern
Libby1 2 years ago
Hi Libby,
I understand this as I also worked While nursing. My memory
Was terrible from lack of sleep. However, my work was easy as I had been doing it for years.

Can you get any support from family, friends or hire a night babysitter?
Where you could pump or they bring baby in and out so you can sleep more? At least while you train?

All new moms have this - whether they work or not.
Sleep is like gold.
simone717 2 years ago
Ill try to work it out...Now i know the main cause of my lethargy is being sleep deprived ... thankyou again for all who replied with help. Ill stick to kali phos for the meanwhile.
Libby1 2 years ago
If you are USA let me know, bc there are natural food supplements that can help your energy levels.
simone717 2 years ago
I am currently in Islamabad, capital of Pakistan. Can i get those supplements here? Or maybe i could order online.
Libby1 2 years ago
Am not sure about who ships to Pakistan.

Look up Brand called Host Defense organic Reishi mushrooms.
These are powdered mushrooms in a capsule.
They are huge immune system boosters. I take 2 capsules when feeling off. By next day I feel well. My relatives who work long hours take them every other day. It would be worth it to find where you could order the dried mushroom itself-and you can even grow them yourself.just make sure you get dried bc tincture form does nothing.I have a dr friend from India here in USA. Her mom in India was about to go to hospital for chronic respiratory cough(before covid). She sent her the capsule reishi and her mother felt well in 24 hours.

The other thing is called Wellness formula. Combo of vitamins, herbs.
This gives you a lot of energy but you have to keep resting as normal and not use up the energy as it builds your reserves.
We only use it when really sick and mushrooms
Are not enough.

Also, besides Kali phos , you can take Ferrum phos 6x once or twice a day. Ferrum phos builds up red blood cells and if you are starting to get a cold Ferrum phos if taken on first day several times will stop the cold.
But I also use it along with mushrooms for a few days if low.
simone717 2 years ago
Thankyou so much for the lovely advice, i shall look into it. God bless you with eternal happiness. Amen
Libby1 2 years ago
God Bless You and Family too.
simone717 2 years ago

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