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1.What is the main reason you need treatment?
I think and feel that I need treatment.
Post delivery, I have seen symptoms back in me.

So these symptoms were not there after post delivery but developed when my mother in law came.

2.Describe your complaints giving the following details:

a. What does it feel like?
It does not feel good.I do not feel upto the mark.I lack confidence and do not want to meet people.I do not want to buy new clothes for myself , though i am not miser.I feel I need to look healthy first to wear good clothes otherwise, there is no point in having a choice, because everything looks same on a bad body.

b. When does it happen?

For the first time I had these symptoms, when I got married
and my mother in law came to stay with us.I some how always felt that she has dominant behavior and wants every one to develop schedule as per her.I always felt uncomfortable in her presence due to her nature and habits.I was cured by a single dose of pulsatilla 30.I was fine for 8 years then and developed the same symptoms again, when after few months of delivery, my mother in law came to stay with us.My husband and mother in law form a team and then I am like an unknown person who is without any reason living with them.I have no affection towards any of them.

c. What sort of things make it worse?
It becomes worse when i think about staying with my husband and specially mother inlaw.She is a very difficult and interfering lady.She would not interfere directly but through her son.She and her son, would plan things as per their convenience and liking .Later on they complain that I do not like being with them.While they would know that what ever was planned was not as per my convenience.
They would also not like me going out and neither my parents visiting.I have to be very alert, when i am with them.
Now I am not with them, but I still have complaints.

( after conceiving), ( 8 months after delivery),hair under chin trapped under skin,Hairfall,thinning,Weight gain, dryness in skin,borderline diabetes, bad skin, cracks in feet(after taking sepia, but no cure)

d. What sort of things make it better?
Now that I have my baby with me and I take care of her.So financial security is something , I always have in my mind.I would normally play safe.Have savings and then plan for future, but now things are not planned so I have anxiety at times, when I think about future.This anxiety would have not been there if I had a permanent financial source.

e. What else was happening when it first appeared?
It started with hair growth under chin and I knew, other complaints like, weight gain, dirty skin will follow.I had anxiety due to health issues .I started looking in for remedy myself,as because of one of the incidents, it gets difficult for me to trust doctors.

f. Describe the quality of the pain, being as creative as you can. How would someone else imagine the pain happening to them?
There is no pain but mental botheration.I want to look clean like I was before and like others are always.I feel I am loosing myself.

g. What does it look like?
It looks dirty.Dirty Skin malnutrition-ed skin, Under chin hair, Dirty Skin and because of all of this, No interest in wearing decent clothes.I wear anything available.Overall a dirty looking personality .

h. Do any other symptoms occur immediately before, during or after?
Weight gain(around 10 kg) in few days.Insomnia, Anxiety,

3. What illnesses have you had in the past?

Same as i describe above.I too had uterine fibroid, which I got operated.They cam back but did not grow due to pulsatilla.

4. What illness run in the family?
Diabetes, Heart Problem.

5. What do people die from in the family?

6. What medication are you on?
I take Diabetes medicine.I stop taking that as well as I fell better without it.Taking medicine, increases my food intake.I start feeling hungry soon after taking it.

7. What foods do you crave, whether you allow yourself to eat them or not? List from the strongest craving to the weakest.
fried food, salad, like soups,stuffed chapati(in breakfast) .I also like butter for which I opt oil based option.

8. What foods do you have an aversion to? (hatred or repulsion for)
vegetarian person.so take anything plant based.I stopped taking milk when I was 1 year old.I do not like it but take it in tea.

9. What is your level of thirst, and what do you prefer to drink?
Normal.I drink more water during night, because of which i keep on getting up to urinate.During night,after every 2 hours I wake up to urinate.

10. What foods aggravate you? (including )
dnt know.

11. Do you suffer from any digestive complaints? What is your bowel habit like?
Yes.I had a problem of constipation since birth.I was on laxatives until pulsatilla cured it.

12. What is your level of energy like? Rate it from 1-10 (10 being excellent). How does your energy fluctuate throughout the day (and night)?
Difficulty in getting up in the morning.Then onwards normal energy levels.
The energy levels increase more in night.I normally do not feel like working post 5 PM and enjoy resting but that does not happen because of my baby, home responsibilities and job.

13. What is your level of sexual energy like?

14. How is your sleep? What position do you prefer to sleep in? Is there any position you cannot sleep in? Any unusual behavior during sleep?
I do not get sleep beyond 2 hours.Then I get up and go for urination or other wise get up and try to sleep again.Because of this, i keep on sleeping till 9.30.In case I get up early i feel sleepy at 11.30 am/12

15. Have you had any reoccurring dreams or images/ pictures/ themes that repeat themselves in your dreams? Please describe.
I do not get dreams.

16. Describe your menses (periods). Describe any . Have you been through ? Any gynecological problems?
Post delivery ,They are getting delayed by a day or 2 , every month.
-. Hormonal imbalance- Trapped hair under chin.

17. How does the weather affect you? Are you sensitive to the temperature in any way?

I prefer slightly cold weather.I do not feel much cold.

18. Is there anything else in the environment you are sensitive to, perhaps more so than the people around you?
unhygienic places.I prefer clean and systematic places.

19. What is the worst thing that has ever happened to you? Describe in detail.
Getting married.It ended me, my career, my life.

20. What part of your life do you have the most difficulty coping with? Why is that?
Post marriage .I was being questioned for every small thing.I am not used to it.I have lived in Hostel and then doing job myself.My parents knew everything related to me.Post marriage such weird questions like, why r u so late from office, u are working from home, what fun...would hurt me.Because, if i am woking I am working, what difference would that make , if i am at office or home.Then Mother inlaw, she wouls restrict me for my basic work.I was not able to adjust mentally with that thought process, but i would not also speak loud,as she is elder to me.They exploited me for money, transferred my money to their accounts(though it was with my consent) but never added my name for the property they bought.

21. What was your childhood like? Describe your parents and your relationship with them. Describe your relationship with your siblings and other extended family members. Did anything in your childhood have a profound effect on you?
Very nice.My parents have been easy going.I would not share my stuff with anyone.Because I do not like how others handle things and then if it is not in a same condition, I cant use that.I would have just 1 friend at a time .I would love animals but was afraid of touching them.This fear was gone with pulsatilla.As a child i have been thinking and trying to find out cure for my constipation.i know how it feels to be diseased and do not want anyone to be in that situation.

22. Describe the romantic relationship you are currently in. What causes the most problems between you?
None.I dnt think so, I have any feeling of that type left

23. What is your occupation? What differentiates you from the other people in your place of employment? What difficulties do you have at work?
I work as an engineer.none.Its going smooth.After my marriage i knew I will have more responsibilities so I opted for less busy job to take care of all the things.I have been the primary member taking care of house hold stuff and my husband preferred a lazy life when it was about house hold activities.

24. What is your self-confidence like? When is your confidence at its worst?
I dnt knw.Definitely i lack confidence, for how i look now as i believe I looked good before.Its worst when I do not look upto the mark, gain weight and when i look ugly.like now.

25. What fears do you have? Do you have any phobias? What things in life do you have trouble facing?
I do not want uncertain future.For example Prior family i wanted to have enough savings so that in future i dnt have job,i am in condition to take care of my family.

26. What parts of yourself or your life would you change if it were at all possible?
I want to be disease free, happy and same on work front as i used to be prior marriage.I would definitely like to tell my parents that I am not a marriage person , as I do not enjoy this association.

27. What do you do to relax?

I lie down and at times read.I also like buying some good clothes but wear them only when I am cured.I like cycling as well.

28. What is something that you have told nobody else, or at least very few people? Why is that?
I dnt have secrets.I am open to share anything.I dnt get anything in mind.

Remedies given: Pulsatilla, Calcarea Carb, Cal. arsenicosa, Sepia,Carcinosin, Conium( given now along with Sepia),Arsenicum album.

Here, Please help me with treatment.

  HoneyKhanna on 2020-12-10
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.

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