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Protocol that prevents Covid19 vaccines side effects. Does it really work?

Hello everyone,

I've been sent this protocol to avoid Covid 19 vaccines side effects :


It asks people to take Thuja 200 and Arnica 200 to avoid the vaccination's side effects.

What is the forum's homeopaths' views on this?

I was told, and I believe, homeopathy does not work in prevention, but can we take it prevently to avoid a vaccine's side effects?
  syria on 2021-04-17
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.

"homeopathy does not work in prevention" Homeopathy can work to prevent otherwise there would not be a concept called prophylaxis. The caveat would be it won't be 100% effective. Even Hahnemann recommended a prophylactic remedy at the height of scarlet fever epidemic. Context decides how important prophylaxis is.

Arnica is the first line remedy after vaccine shot. It'd help with body ache, feverishness after the reaction sets in. It'd not prevent the vaccine from taking effect. Those who want vaccines to take root can take this to help with general malaise post vaccination. One could also add Ferr. phos 3x to help fever to resolve soon.

Thuja---(past literature) it's been shown that when it's taken prophylactically vaccine does not take take root or the effect diminishes. Those who do not want vaccine take effect may try this prophylactically if they are forced to take vaccine against call of conscience. And it's the first line remedy to deal with side effects resulting from vaccination. This is also listed as prophylactic for Covid in P. Banerjee website.

Lachesis--very relevant remedy about clots. Personally I have used this as prophylaxis at some point during this pandemic.

Third part seems to involve too many remedies but this is for some commoner who may not have any reference work to cross check choosing a remedy. Others may take closest similar according to symptoms. Any way people could always exercise some choice and discretion based on their knowledge, skill and experience.
maheeru 2 years ago

When you say vaccine does not take root, it means it is antidoted, right?

So if one wants this effect (that the vaccine doesn't take root), how long after the vaccine shall one take Thuja? 200 potency is the right one?
[Edited by syria on 2021-04-18 00:53:40]
syria 2 years ago
A vaccine's purpose is to provide immunity to a condition, body's immunity system flexes it's muscle when it encounters a foreign entity (sort of mimicking a disease) and the reaction there in creates a protective cover. If a reaction is good like fever(from the angle of the purpose) it serves the purpose that's why just arnica and ferr. phos to just give relief and not to interfere with vaccine's effect. We can't say the same about Thuja. In one past example, thuja 30c was used but was used earlier. That means this medicine was started five days prior to vaccine and was continued thrice or twice a day for three or four days respectively. Post vaccination thuja is not to prevent the vaccine from taking root, it's more like trying to fire-fight the undesirable effects.

So in nutshell, people who want vaccine's protection should shy away from taking deep acting medicines prior to vaccination. It's also reported in one incident that Sulph. doses prior also prevented the vaccine from taking root.

200c as suggested should be ok too. But all this is for low to average sensitive(homeopathy) patients. Others(sensitive people) should probably skip prophylaxis but keep fire-fighting medicines ready just in case. They also can employ wet split dosing post vaccination based on necessity.
maheeru 2 years ago
Thank you very much for this post!
In my country there are some homeopaths, who in case of "ordinary" vaccines give the nosode made from the given vaccine prophylactically.
I have also seen on our medical homeopathic association homepage as a general suggestion Thuja/Nux Vom/Sulph as detox after vaccines.

I have recently received the first dose of covid vaccine, and I have hesitated between two options: taking some remedy prophylactically to avoid vaccine damage (since I was taught at homeopathy school that all vaccines cause damage). Or not to take any remedy, since who knows if the remedy might weaken the immunization effect (and I really would like to have that immunization effect). Funnily I decided to take the second route: not to take any homeopathyic remedy, until the full effect of the second dose of vaccine kicks in.
[Edited by lajhar on 2021-04-30 21:14:34]
lajhar 2 years ago

Thanks for your feedback and kind words.

Yes it's become a habit in some regions to give the same vaccines in attenuated doses. May be necessitated if the vaccine damage is hazardous.

Yes if one wants vaccination effect then one will have to stay away from prophylactic deep acting medicines(Homeopathic). Here's a catch though-- a small number of people may be affected by side effects and even smaller number may be grievously impacted. Then time factor will be crucial so one will have to be prepared.
maheeru 2 years ago
Thank you for the clarification Dr Maheeru.

So all in all, your advice would be not to take anything and let the vaccine do its effect. Its not such a bad thing as the anti-vaccines are making it?
syria 2 years ago
As I suggested keeping to arnica and tissue salts can minimise issues and or will buy time if something turns nasty. Other deeper acting medicines are not needed. This is for who want vaccine's effect.

Without anti-vaccine influencers we wouldn't be having this discussion at all. We can't brush the reservations(particularly covid vaccines because they have been done in such a short time...a vaccine needs a minimum of 4 years to be developed properly) aside entirely. But that would be a different discussion. Now we are looking at the simple options that are practically doable.
maheeru 2 years ago
Thank you. That is gold information.
syria 2 years ago
Is it the same protocol for Jonson and Jonson (Jansen) vaccine?
Franc 2 years ago
Johnson & Johnson (Janssen) vaccine is a 1 dose vector vaccine. Astra Zeneca covid vaccine is also a vector vaccine, but consist of 2 doses. I am not a homeopath, but my guess is yes, if you would like to use the protocol, then it could be the same.

Above Maheeru wrote that people who want immunity from the vaccine should stay away from deep acting remedies before vaccination.
lajhar 2 years ago
Thank you . I really don’t want the immunity of that vaccine.
Franc 2 years ago
Lachesis after vaccine, what dosage and for how long please.
Franc 2 years ago
Franc if possible do mention age, pre-existing medical conditions and any prior experience with homeopathy that would help.

If you are not particular about the protection of the vaccine, then you could start use Thuja 30 three days before the shot, on the day of the shot and two days following the shot. On the day of shot and following two days you could also use Arnica 200. One or two pills/drops as one dose and two times a day.

If you notice breathing difficulty or signs of blood clot or heart palpitations you can start on Lachesis 200. First two doses on consecutive days and next two doses 5 days apart. After this point further evaluation and monitoring may be required.
maheeru 2 years ago
Hi! I am 68 years old and have mild asthma. I am new, few months, to homeopathy but have a lot to learn. Thank you
Franc 2 years ago
Does this apply to the Pfizer vaccines (mrna) as well? Thank you
gudiyachettu 2 years ago
homoeopathy for ill effects of vaccination

[Edited by anuj srivastava on 2021-10-08 11:05:18]
anuj srivastava 2 years ago
Thank you for this valuable information. My job has mandated the vaccine and denied the exemption request :(
I don't want to take the vaccine but now it has come down to losing job. I'm so scared since this is an mRNA vaccine, will Thuja still be a good choice before I get the vaccine?

If so how do I take it if I want to reduce the impact of this vaccine?

Thank you!
gudiyachettu 2 years ago

Yes you could use the details from here for PRE measure. After Vaccine you may choose a remedy based on symptoms. J&J and AstraZeneca being vector stuff are more pronounced for clots compared to pfizer. mRNA may have their own issues--for POST treatment go by symptoms.
maheeru 2 years ago
Can I take Thuja 30 instead of 200 if that's what I have in hand? Thank you!
gudiyachettu 2 years ago
Yes, 30c could be used for Thuja in PRE stage. However in POST stage if symptoms warrant the use of 200c don’t shy away.
maheeru 2 years ago
Sorry one more question, how long before getting the vaccine will Thuja work, how many days should it be taken and what dosage thank you!
gudiyachettu 2 years ago
Five days prior to vaccine day and three days post vaccine day.

One or two pills twice a day.
maheeru 2 years ago
Thankyou! I heard in a group regarding silica to be used along with Thuja,(not together) that will help with the spike protein, just wondering what your thoughts are regarding this.
gudiyachettu 2 years ago
Silicea is a good follower and complementary to Thuja, however I have no specific recommendation regarding silicea in PRE stage ....may be at POST stage depending upon symptoms. If there is any material that strongly recommends Silicea in PRE stage I may want to see it before I can give concrete pointers.
maheeru 2 years ago

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