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Inflammation of the bladder region- thank you kindly!

Hi, I had a cystoscopic examination. The results show an inflammation of the inner region of the bladder, which sometimes may occur because of an infection. I had a UTI a year ago and still have symptoms but UTI tests show negative. This urge to urinate only when I lay down and constipation has being going on for 1 year exactly. Can you please help? It is an inflammation of the vesical trigone. Also, although urinalysis shows negative I still test positive for leukocytes which could possibly be due to the inflammation etc.

I am a 41 year old athletic female, Professor and pescatarian diet without children. Thank you kindly Dr.’s for your time!
  Uolumba on 2021-05-15
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.



anuj srivastava last year
Cantharis 200 02-03 drops in water/ 02-03 pills thrice a day for three days
Day four onwards Apis Mel 200 05 drops in water / 5 pills Empty stomach ( wake up rinse mouth and take the remedy ) nothing orally or brushing teeth for 20 minutes for three days
Urge to urinate
Is this urge ineffectual or you get up and pass urine?
Does this happen whenever you lie down or only once you are going to sleep
Do you wake up at night to pass urine? If yes, then how many times and at what hour of the night?
These two remedies are for UTI and inflammation
How is your water in take and are you having enough fibre in your diet ?
We will deal with it after a week
In general if you have two glasses of water first thing in the morning,
Finish lunch with a bowl of curd and have glass of warm milk before sleeping most of stomach issues are addressed
FEEDBACK after three days OR whenever you feel significant change in symptoms
Caution nothing orally 20 minutes prior to and after taking remedy
Kaps last year
Sorry Anuj I feel u posted while I was writing I ll delete if you say so
Kaps last year
anuj srivastava last year
Thanks for the confidence brother
Kaps last year
No, to all of the questions. No fever or backache. I use the UTI home strips and it shows positive for leukocytes ( white blood cells) but not nitrates.
Uolumba last year
Is this urge ineffectual or you get up and pass urine?

Yes I actually do urinate

Does this happen whenever you lie down or only once you are going to sleep . Only when I lie down

Do you wake up at night to pass urine? If yes, then how many times and at what hour of the night?

Maybe once a night (if that) , sometimes I don’t wake up to pass at all. Once I’m sleep I usually don’t have to weak up to pass urine.

lThese two remedies are for UTI and inflammation

How is your water in take and are you having enough fibre in your diet ? I do need more fiber- I will buy some today. I will increase water intake.
Uolumba last year
Follow the protocol posted
Kaps last year
Urine Urge
If you don’t lie down, how is the urge to pass urine ? Is it like , there is no urge in other body postures no matter how long back you passed urine ?
Ie there any other sensation when you have this urge like pain itching etc,?
Kaps last year
No urge to urinate until I lay down but ultrasound shows inflammation in the trigone region- this is where the feeling of the urge to urinate comes from , because the bladder wall is inflamed in a small area and when I lay down it presses against the urethra etc.
Uolumba last year
OK same protocol
[Edited by Kaps on 2021-05-26 02:48:24]
Kaps last year
Hi, Doctors!

Here is an update. I didn’t notice any improvement using Cantharis but I notice when using Apis Mel symptoms have improved about 60%. Is there a remedy that can help with 100 percent recovery? Thank you kindly!
Uolumba last year
Cantharis is for UTI
and Apis for swelling in the bladder
If u are 60% better
Stop both and wait for for another two days
60% percent better does not convey anything
Do u have the urge to pass urine normally or only on lying down
Hope u got the question
Elaborate on the symptoms now
Kaps last year
I have the urge to urinate only when lying down. When taking Apis, the urge to urinate when lying down happened sometimes not all the time.
Uolumba last year
Got it
What do the UTI strips indicate now ?
The cure will be when you have urge to urinate in a normal fashion
Stop Apis as posted earlier 60 % means the remedy chosen is right and it will cure you completely
Kaps last year
Hi, the UTI Test Strips still show leukocytes( white blood cells) and I still have the urge to urinate although I feel somewhat better but not cured. Thank you kindly!
Uolumba last year
Have Apis Mel this time have 2-3 drops thrice a day for another 2-3 days
Don’t have Cantharis
Have you got test for WBC count (CBC) if yes possible the value with date
Kaps last year
Hi Dr:

I still have symptoms but feel a little better, so not cured yet. I went to my doctors office and here is what he said is the issue, please read below:

Trigonitis is inflammation or "chronic cystitis" that is localized to the trigone region of the bladder. This inflamed patch of bladder wall acts like a bladder "ulcer" where chemicals and toxins in the urine are able to seep into the otherwise protected bladder muscle, causing irritability of the bladder muscle. These effects together then create the symptoms that mimic a UTI. Inflammation of this trigone region, whether it is from a bacterial infection or chronic cystitis, will produce hypersensitivity and bladder spasm causing increased frequency and urgency, burning with urination, painful intercourse, bladder pain, blood in the urine, and often pelvic and back pain.

At this time I only feel the need to urinate when I lay down. Here is also another doctors view:

There is only one condition that is known to give rise to such a symptom- "trigonitis".
Believed to be more common in women and estrogenic influence is suspected to be a factor in the etiology. This condition can occur in males as well.

Can be
- idiopathic,
- due to indwelling catherters or other indwelling devices,
- urinary bladder calculi,or
- in endemic places, due to Schistosoma haematobium infection.

In the supine position, the trigone lies inferiorly and gets irritated and therefore, the affected person complains of urge to void in this position only.

Although it is called "trigonitis", suggesting an inflammation, it is not. It is a squamous metaplasia of the trigone. Therfore,a more appropriate name has been proposed - "trigonal nonkeratinizing squamous metaplasia".
Uolumba last year
As posted earlier you have only one symptom that is urge to urinate when you lie down and as your condition mimics the pathological findings of UTI like WBCs in the urine
Since you mentioned and pathologically it was found that there is inflammation in the Trigone area I prescribed Apis Mel and it has given you relief but not cure
Sometimes this happens and the way out is to sulphur followed the same remedies
The cause as you have posted is the application of force to evacuate the stool when you had constipation maybe the trigone area was traumatised
Stop Apis
Sulphur 200 3 drops thrice a day in water for 3 days
Fourth day onwards Apis Mel 3 drops thrice a day
Revert after three days post any changes aggravation or improvement in symptoms
Kaps last year
It’s been long hope you followed the protocol
Kaps last year
I’m on the 3rd day of Sulphur, I don’t feel any changes. I will continue protocol.
Uolumba last year
I think you need a long time to get the remedies
If Apis Mel does not cure you completely in next three four days
You may need Pulsatilla 200
Give a feedback after raking Apis Mel for three days
Sulphur is fortify the effect of Apis Mel as it did make you better but not completely cured
After finishing sulphur start Apis Mel thrice a day for three days
Kaps last year
Will do, thank you!
Uolumba last year
Hi, no changes after taking remedy.
Uolumba last year
Pulsatilla 200
5 drops in water/05 pills once a day for three four days
Kaps last year

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