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Toddler 3,5 years old has very hard time sleeping

Hello, I am looking to get help for my grandson 3.5 years old, who has a very hard time sleeping. I am looking for constitutional remedy according to totality of symptoms, as I can get a combination remedy myself, but prefer to address deeper issue if there is one.

Ever since birth he cannot settle to sleep easily, can wake up during the night often multiple times, sometimes screaming loudly. He gets rocked back to sleep, only to wake up again a few hours later. He has always and to this day resists having an afternoon nap.

His birth was very good and non-traumatic, he was breastfed on demand until 2.5 years old, has attentive parents who raise him at home (has not been to daycare so far).

He was born with an undescended left testicle and soon after birth developed an abdominal hernia. I looked up those two symptoms to find a remedy that applies to both and located Aurum 200C. I gave him one diluted/wet dose of this. Slowly the left testicle almost descended but can go back up sometimes, so its not really fully down yet. The abdominal hernia resolved itself over the next few months after the one dose of Aurum. No other dose of this remedy was given. I tried giving him one dose of Chamomilla 30C to see if it would support him in sleeping better but it did not give immediate nor lasting results. Last year my son took him to a local homeopath who gave him Pulsatilla 30C, a few times. They did not see any real difference with this either, so I thought I might try get some help here.

When he was slowly introduced to solid foods he would try greens, berries, and other varieties of food, but over the last while all he wants is floury things such as pancakes, toast, rice with olive oil, some chicken, perogies. etc. His dad makes him good homemade soups of which he has little bit, but if he has french toast he will eat very well.

He is very thin, a brunette boy, somewhat small for his age if one compares to other toddlers, dark hair and eyes. His temperament is very sweet except when he disagrees with you, ie if he wants to do something a certain way he will insist that you do it, but not get angry necessarily.

The main symptoms right now is that it is a very big struggle to get him to sleep, and when he does its not uninterrupted, he will wake up often. The times when he slept through the night are few, ie if he is really really active during the day.

His parents take him out to the park every day and he plays well with other children but I can say he is fearful of new things. He needs to get to know people and situations really well before he can get comfortable to let go and have a good time. He is an excellent conversationalist once comfortable and his doctor even mentioned that he may need a school for gifted children. His parents are not in favor of rushing anything and want him to be healthy in all aspects of his being.

If he gets really mad he can hit his mom or dad because he is so frustrated that they try to get him to sleep. He says, no we will not rest.

To recap present symptoms:
left undescended testicle
refuses to sleep
loves carbs
can get very angry if told to sleep or eat more variety. Also hard to change his mind if he says no more food.
At 3.5 of age not fully toilet trained, for example he worries when he comes to my place and only settles to play well when he I put on the diaper. Then he relaxes and he gets to playing carelessly. He is a very thinking boy-always something in his mind.

I really do appreciate for help/suggestions as to how to go about here. I read that Calc Carb 10M plus Thyroidinium 30C for the testicle, but I dont want to do any harm due to my limited knowledge. Thank you so much
  Magenta123 on 2021-06-09
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
If he is having 10-12 hours of sleep everyday there is no cause to worry
Children do not sleep to the pattern we have for sleeping
There is nothing to worry if his total quantity of sleep is good
You need not give him any remedies
Kaps 2 years ago
thank you Kaps, he is not having 10-12 hours of sleep each night. He does not nap and his total hours may be only 8 or less. I am pretty sure this is not enough for a little child. I have had 4 children and never experienced such resistance in sleeping, this is why I am asking for some guidance.
Magenta123 2 years ago
You may try this whenever he takes milk add extra sugar he will fall asleep early I have never slept in the afternoon but give him curd with sugar he will fall asleep
Kaps 2 years ago
What do yo mean by curd? do you mean tofu?
Magenta123 2 years ago
Curds is Yoghurt but a bit more sour made at home
Chamomilla is the specific for sleeplessness in kids
Do not give him any potency beyond 30 and no mother tincture too unless prescribed by a good homeopathic practitioner
8 hours is also good enough every body is deferent
I too have a grand daughter even she sleeps less like him
Most of the time it is the psychological satisfaction of the parents and elders
Discuss with his mother as to what was her sleeping pattern specially in the last trimester when she was carrying him things have changes since you were young no TV mobile entertainment processed food hardly any hard work so think it that way
Every human being is born different behaves different grows different and lives different look different u are unnecessarily getting worried enjoy his childhood
Since you say he is very active in his brain and thoughts thes kids as such sleep less
I used to be playing when everybody was sleeping in the family during afternoons
There’ are people who sleep for hours in the afternoon
If I go to sleep anytime before my normal sleeping time I wake next morning only even if I sleep at 2 PM I ll kar up next morning maybe very early
just give him calc Carb 30 single dose
Nux Vomica 30 single dose atleast 02 days apart
ENJOY his growing years without being critical it is your anxiety not his health issue
Have you observed the small chicks of the birds or pups or calves all kids including humans’ behave similarily
Let him grow naturally without the influence of remedies or medicines
Kaps 2 years ago
He does eat plain very good quality yogurt. I think you are assuming that we do not enjoy his childhood but I think you are misunderstanding me. We definitely enjoy this child, but we also see that he is not happy when he is overtired but refuses to sleep,or if he wakes up crying at night or even worse screaming. He is been treated so gently by his parents and all of us around, and he has not had antibiotics nor any other medications so its not like they are trying to medicate him. Due to his not settling, his parents are always tired too. Anyway, it is not very professional to shift it to the parents. Something is going on here, either allergies or something deeper. I am sure a constitutional homeopath can figure it out this is why I am here.

He has taken Chamomilla 30C in the past with no change
Magenta123 2 years ago
Children spring up suddenly on being laid down in bed; or may be sleeping quietly, when they suddenly wake up, screaming and holding on to the sides of the cradle, without any apparent cause.
Does he have this kind of symptom
Kaps 2 years ago
When he was in the crib often he would bang his head against the bars of the crib, sometimes he would bite the crib. His parents would pick him up immediately and hold him nurse him, etc. until he settles again. Now since he is in a toddler bed he does wake up often crying or screaming, and mom or dad go over right away until he settles.
Magenta123 2 years ago
Children wake up screaming, recognize no one, and cling to those nearby.
Or this kind now
Kaps 2 years ago
Any problem in digestion or urination as these pains in abdomen or bladder a cause children to wake up like this
Kaps 2 years ago
He used to sleep in the same room with his parents until a few months ago so he did see them right away. Now he is in another room but as soon as he wakes up mom or dad go right away. No problem with pain, he has said nothing about it, his urination is fine A few times he has woken up with nightmares, though not every time. Its more that he does not get into a deep sleep.
Magenta123 2 years ago
Nux Vomica 30 single dose
Borax 30 single does a day after Nux Vomica
Revert after 03 days
Kaps 2 years ago
ok, I will tell his parents to do as you advised here.
Thank you Kaps.
Magenta123 2 years ago
Hope your grandchild is keeping a normal sleep
Kaps 2 years ago

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