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numb lower leg, tingling

Several days ago I took too much nat mur and kali mur (tissue salts) for a stiff shoulder. I had the opposite effects from what it should be helping. Dry mouth, dry eyes swollen feet. I stopped it for 3 days and symptoms resolved. I started 2 days ago the bioplasma since I was having some pain in.my feet. Today after standing in the morning to cook breakfast, I feel my right leg ( part between the ankle and knee numb and tingling). I was putting more pressure on it I guess. I took the phosphates, combo 5 since the feeling was not good(4 pellets). But it did not help much. I read my book for tissue salts and it said Calc phos should help with numb and tingling sensation. I have the tingling sensation in my lower arms now (area between the rist and the elbow, mostly around my wrist. What should I do? The book says to get nat mur but I am afraid this is what started it in the first place.
  Lola1234 on 2021-06-10
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
Could it be from too much Kali Mur that produces fibrin? If yes, how should I fix this?
Lola1234 last week
Stop the salts
Acid Phos 30
2-3 drops thrice a day in water for three days
Revert after three days or as and when you feel change in symptoms
Kaps last week
Thank you!
Lola1234 last week
Lola1234 said Thank you!

Would taking Nat phos help meanwhile until I find it, or this is better.

Thank you!
Lola1234 last week
It is obvious that the tissue salts are not agreeing with your constitution
And in your own words you have overdosed yourself
do you have five Phos it is a biochemic combination of calc mag nat kali and ferrum Phos is it like the phosphate combo 5 then take 04 pallets thrice a day it will take 06 to 08 doses to show significant improvement
Your query answered
What is bioplasma which you took for pain in your feet
In your other post I told you stop the tissue salts and you did and you got better

You started with salts for your stiff shoulder how is it now ?
If you have any vitaminB complex tablet have it it shud help
I suggest that you stop self medicating and get some professional help either on this forum or a doctor or homeopath near you
it is evident that salts are not suiting u
If you want a good advise post your health issues physical mental psychological you know it
So help yourself
Kaps last week
Thank you!

I used the 5 phos, but my hands starting to tingle with that.
I will contact the doctor and do all the labs. My shoulder is still stiff, it resolved when I took nat mur and Kali mur, but started again when I stopped them..

I started to take tissue salts because I was feeling slugish and tired. They helped, but I took too many nat mur and Kali mur, I thought they would not hurt as long as symptoms resolves and my shoulder was hurting.

I have stopped the tissue salt and I will go and buy the homeopathic you suggested.

Thank you so much, and I will contact an homeopath too
Lola1234 last week
I feel the tingling sensation shud go away soon have another dose this time 02 tabs about 4 hours after the last dose and if the tingling goes away before that do not take the next dose
Get you consultation and lab work as the doctor says
Kaps last week

Is a light head a side effect of the acid phos?

When I woke up I still had some pain in my hands so I took another dose 2 pellets of acid phos (this should be the third).

The tingling in my hands felt better but not completely gone.

I felt like I forgot what day was in the morning, and I was preparing for work until I was reminded by my husband that it was Suterday.

Does it makes sense to continue the acid phos in that case?

Thank you!
Lola1234 last week
Lola1234 said Hi,

Is a light head a side effect of the acid phos? My head kind of feels funny. Not sure how to describe it.

When I woke up I still had some pain in my hands so I took another dose 2 pellets of acid phos (this should be the third).

The tingling in my hands felt better but not completely gone.

I felt like I forgot what day was in the morning, and I was preparing for work until I was reminded by my husband that it was Saturday.

Does it makes sense to continue the acid phos in that case?

Thank you!
Lola1234 last week
It’s the first day of Acid Phos 30
Take the three doses today and revert how do you wake up tomorrow you must be feeling mentally drained and maybe physically too and tell me whether you have had similar symptoms earlier?
You said that you had tingling/ numbness but today it is pain
Continue 5 phosphate and Acid Phos u shud be better tomorrow
I feel you shud post your Croat symptoms after giving a careful thought to your health and feelings and mental and physical issue
The above to prescription will definitely help with the symptoms you have posted
Do not repeat more than prescribed or over dose it will definitely have an adverse effect
Keep in mind if the symptoms aggravate initially more often than not it is a good sign
Kaps last week
I was drained today, feeling not so well. So you advise to take tissue salts combo 5 if I am understanding you well? If yes how much should I take? I have stopped them. I have the spray combo 5 from schuessler, lactose free? So take 4 sprays thrice?
By taking 3 doses today and 'revert" the word revert does it mean stop?
What are "Croat" symptoms?

Thank you so much for your help!
Lola1234 last week
I think it is auto spell which is causing trouble
5 phosphate combo 3 times a day for another four days it is a tonic for the nerves
Acid Phos 30 3-4 drops in water / 03 pills thrice a day for another three days
Both are for numbness or tingling
Revert implies post the feedback on the effect of remedies
I know the combo 5 is tissue salt and it has helped you but somehow the single salts are giving you adverse reactions
CROAT I want you to post your complete symptoms
For CROAT read COMPLETE In previous post
Please confirm your hat u are clear about this
Kaps last week

So 4 sprays of Combo 5 for 4 days. I did not start it, but I can start it today.

I can increase Acid phos to 3 pellets. I am taking 2 under the tongue now.

OK. I will post all the symptoms I feel with this treatment.

Thank you so much!
Lola1234 last week
I understand now about the profile.

Where can I find the questions to create a profile?

By the way, I took 4 sprays of combo 5 and and the tingling has increased in my hands. Could also be because I am typing on a computer.

Thank you!
Lola1234 last week
Not understood what do you mean by profile and on which site
What questions are you referring to if it is about the answers to the questions a homeopath asks the patient then just narrate whatever is the problems with your health strong likes dislikes aversion whether u like cold or hot (weather food water ) past history of health issues whatever is not normal is a symptom mental physical sleep dreams routine stuff like stomach sweat urine menses any pain vertigo thoughts fears resentments
Just narrate like a story I will question you on that if I have any doubts
Dose of spray I m not aware just take one or two sprays take half of one dosa mentioned on the packing and take thrice a day or
Hope it is clear
Tingling is it like pins pricking or it starts from the tips and rise up towards the wrist or vice versa or there is this sensation all around the wrist to fingers it is on the palms too which hand has more right or left
Describe as exact as you can
Same is the question you posed for profile and the questions
Kaps last week
Ok. I will do that tonight. I saw someone's else profile and she has answered a series of questions, so I thought there were in the website.

The feeling is like sleep hands from pressure put on them from non movement mostly on my wrists and then it goes on my fingers.It is mostly around the wrists and thumbs and palms. It is not very pronounced, but I know this is not how my normal should feel. I also feel pain in my fingers when I am trying to open something.
[Edited by Lola1234 on 2021-06-12 20:40:00]
Lola1234 last week
OK just post all symptoms start with strong likes and dislike mental symptoms symptoms related to intelligence then memory and then specific organs you can get a general idea from some of the threads in the forum
Kaps last week

The tingling seems better, but I have so much pain in my shoulder when I sleep all night.
Then I wake up in th morning and my feet hurt when I start walking.
Then I start moving around the house and the pain in my shoulder and feet gets better.
Another thing I did not mention is that I feel like my hands are dry and my feet too and the area behind my knees and elbows. And I wake up with dry mouth.
This happened after I took Kali Mur and Nat Mur in high doses.

Do you think taking this 2 salts in low dosage will stop the aggravation they caused?

Not sure what is going on but pretty sure that these salts created some imbalances.
Thank you!
Lola1234 last week
Any other symptoms
Is your Thirst normal
Dry tongue is it everyday and any stiffness in the tongue is your mouth also dry ?

No pain in the morning it starts towards evening/ night or only once you hit the bed to sleep
How long do you sit with computer and what posture
Elbows on the table or in air
Neck if it is towards one side most of the time whether hanging or upheld for long can cause shoulder pain so just be conscious and post if this the reason ?

Pain in the morning is it pain or the feet feel abnormal as if they are not able to take the weight?
Location of pain ?
Continue Acid Phos as of now
Kaps last week
My thirst is normal. I do not have stiffness in the tongue. Dry is only at night and I wake up feeling it is dry. It improves during the day.
The pain in the shoulder I feel it when I sleeping, and it is always my left shoulder, and it really bothers my sleep. There is light pain during the day. I sit a lot in front of the computer due to my work, elbows in the air. It might be the posture.
Pain in the feet is in the morning when I start walking, I do not feel it in bed. Then it improves during the day.
It is the sole that hurts. But not much the heal.

Dry hands and feet, I can feel it during the day.
Lola1234 last week
Kaps last week
I have stopped the homeopathic.

Have some pain when I wake up in the morning on my feet, but better with tingling.
Lola1234 last week

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