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interpreting responses from a homeopathic remedy

As per the above article, the expected responses from a homeopathic remedy are: 1) No response 2) Healing 3)Aggravation 4 ) Return to old symptoms.
I recently administered a well matched homeopathic remedy 30c strength to a family member for her chronic ailment. Within 12 to 24 hours of administering the first dose, there was aggravation of the symptoms. The aggravation went away after 1 to 2 days. But there was no sign of healing of the original symptom after this. I waited for a few days and repeated this exercise twice. On all occasions, the results were same.

As per the article above, the aggravation confirms that the remedy selection was right. I would like to know from the experienced practitioners, why the right remedy did not start healing after the aggravation was gone? Is the strength 30c too low for a chronic ailment? Shall I try out higher strength (example: 1 M) and check whether I get better response?
  Arak on 2021-09-02
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
Are any old previous things showing up briefly-old mental states, rash or ? That would indicate the remedy is working on unwinding things.
simone717 last year
30 potency has to be given frequently one dose on all three occasions aggravated but did not cure
Try the same remedy give it thrice for at least 2 days
It is the best option since it has worked do not try anything else
Kaps last year
You need to know what the chronic condition is first.
Skin problems can produce too strong aggravations with too high a potency.
When you aggravate -Stop- when your reaction is good -stop. I don’t see the poin of making the aggravation way worse by taking 3 doses in a day.
simone717 last year
The article from the link is on skin issues but the post does not mention any symptoms how can one deduce that the remedy was given for skin issues
Anyway no contest with anyone
Kaps last year
Simone717> Thank you for your response. I agree to your advice "When you aggravate -Stop- when your reaction is good -stop". The case background, treatment and response so far are:
1) The patient is 70 year old lady whose immune system was likely disturbed by Pfizer vaccine in May 2021, resulting in psoriasis eruptions at first in the feet, then in palms, then in neck (Confirmed diagnosis by a skin specialist). 2)Topical steroid ointments tried out unsuccessfully for 2 months after which homeopathic treatment started initially with best matched remedy "Graphites". I already mentioned that initially 30c strength was given 3 times with some time gap. But each time it only aggravated but did not improve patient's condition after aggravation disappeared. 3) Then 1M strength tried out. This time there was aggravation followed by temporary improvement for a few days. 4) Repeated 1M after a week. Once again there was aggravation followed by steady improvement for 10 days. 5) When there was no more improvement, 1M was repeated again 2 days back, followed by aggravation. I expect that after aggravation disappear this time, the improvement may last longer. 6) My main challenge is to determine the precise time for repeating the dose, so that there is no aggravation or minimum aggravation. In other words, how do I determine that there is no more improvement and I can repeat the dose safely without causing aggravation. I would welcome guidance from experienced homeopath like you. Thank you.
Arak last year
Hi-you are going in the right direction. See how long improvement goes this Time.
Skin problems can take time. One reason for that is each time meds were given to Suppress?( allopathic) The correct remedy is going to push out what was suppressed. Keep going and you may want to try the 1m as a plussed dose .Put the pills or drops in half cup of water bottle.
Shake the bottle 6 times and give a tsp for a dose.
This changes the remedy vibration slightly and can stimulate a better response.
Also, there could be less aggravation. See what happens and keep track.
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simone717 last year
Also-you can click any user name and see bio plus all posts on here. I am not a pro homeopath. I love studying honeopathy -am a follower of Dr Luc de Schepper( now retired) he used to have lots of common sense articles on internet-I follow his dosing protocol. I looked him up recently-seems he is doing some open lecture once a week now on the web.
simone717 last year
Thanks Simone717: Your reply gives me the confidence to continue with the treatment plan. My ultimate goal is to restore normal cycle of the body's skin renewal process (arising from the patient's immune system got disturbed by Pfizer vaccine). In this case the remedy chosen not only has to push out allopathic suppression (steriod ointment treatment for 2 months), but also has to normalize the the skin renewal function of the body's immune system. I am already using the 1M as plussed dose. For determining the right time for repeating 1M as plussed dose, this time I am considering waiting till improvement lasts - signified by beginning of another aggravation and return of old symptoms (ROOS). Is that the correct approach?
Also, is there a link in the internet to access the archives for articles of Dr Luc de Schepper - free of cost?
Many thanks for your guidance to an amature homeopathic enthusiast like me.
Arak last year
Hi-Wait until you know improvement has stopped. Then dose again.
I don’t have a link that works-You will have to see what google has currently.
simone717 last year
Simone717, Here is an update on the treatment of the patient with Psoriasis. As per your suggestion, I continued with 1M plus dose of graphites (this is the best matched remedy for this patient's symptoms) at increasing interval between dosage. After 4th dose of 1M plus of Graphites 8 weeks ago, the symptoms aggravated again. I had been waiting for aggravation to subside and to start improving the conditions again. This time there was not much of noticeable improvement. Instead condition has steadily deteriorated to the level where the treatment started 4 months ago.
After studying the article on "Interpreting response from a homeopathic remedy ( https://www.trilliumcreekohio.com/patien...) again, I found that it mentions "An aggrevation means you have the right remedy but need a lower dose".
I wonder whether I made a mistake by repeating with 1M plus strength of graphites in spite of aggravation after each administration. Even increasing interval between doses have not helped. Now that long time (8 weeks ) have passed after last application, the effects of previous applicatioms of Graphites might have wornout. Should I try with 200C graphites now to see whether lowering of strength helps?
Please advice.
Arak last year
I saw a webinar on psoriasis by one of the leading homeopathy doctor
He says and has also given the statistics that
Psoriasis is caused by some mental trauma just prior to the onset of Psoriasis
Though it does match the query here in this thread but just to share

Out of 165 cases he used Sulphur for only one case
So Graphites may not be the right remedy
You have to investigate life space just before the onset of psoriasis
The stats are appended
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Kaps last year
You can find a thorough analysis on the topic in 'Lectures on Homeopathic Philosophy'by James Tyler Kent. The book is available in Amazon.
telescope last year
Telescope-would you be willing to advise?
Arak, please follow Telescope if he has time.
The case may have to be retaken, and I am not able to do that.
simone717 last year
Ok. I can look into the case.
telescope last year
Two of the most frequently needed medicines for bad effects following vaccination are Thuja Occidentalis and Sulphur. Thuja is indicated in greater number of cases than Sulphur. As the patient is advanced in age lower potencies are advisable.
I would suggest Thuja 30 one dose to be taken preferably in the evening. It is not to be repeated. You may give feedback after three days.
telescope last year
telescope: Thanks for your suggestion. I have 2 Thuja formulations in my stock (Thuja 200 and Thuja Mother Tincture). Can I try out one dose of Thuja Occidental 200 (with dilution to minimize aggrevation) or do I purchase and try Thuja Occidental 30 only)?
Arak last year
You can try Thuja 200 one dose only. Best time would be evening.
telescope last year
Thank you. shall give feed back to you after 3 days.
Arak last year
telescope last year
Today is the third day since Thuja 200c one dose was administered to the elderly patient mentioned in this thread.
One good thing this time is that the patient did not have severe aggrevation as had been happening after each of the previous few doses of administering Graphites 1M. May be because, the remedy strength was 200c (which is lower than 1M) this time.
Thuja is a slow acting homeopathic remedy. This may be the reason why I am not able to see any visible improvement yet in the affected areas of feet and palms in terms of the level of skin breakouts, pain, itching - when compared with the level before administration of Thuja 200C.
Today the patient has taken Pfizer vaccine booster dose i.e. 3rd dose of Pfizer vaccine (Her psoraisis reaction started 2 weeks after 2nd dose of vaccine on 28 June, 2021 -nearly 6 months ago). Kindly read the tips in the attached link (https://www.theroundclinic.com/single-po...) and advise me on :
1) whether Thuja 200c dose taken two days ago will help in minimizing the side effect for this patient from the booster dose. If not, whether Thuja 200c needs to be repeated now or whether we should wait and watch?
2) I myself had side effect of lymphnode inflamation 2 weeks after 2nd dose of Pfizer vaccine. This side effect normally goes away within a month or two through natural remedy of hot compress and massaging the inflamation area. I have also taken the booster dose today. My family physician (allopath) expects that I may get the same side effect within two weeks when antibodies increase to a higher level. Do you think I shall benefit in minimizing the side-effect by taking single dose of Thuja 200c now?

Thanks in advance for your advice, which I value very much.
Arak last year
You can take one dose to counter the bad effects of vaccination. In case of the elderly patient 'wait and see ' would be best in my opinion. Aggravation generally do not occur in these type of cases. Other medicines may be required to finish the case.
telescope last year
Thanks Telescope. Shall do as suggested. Give feedback when any change noticed.
Arak last year
Telescope: This is the status of the elderly patient- suffering from psoriasis due to Pfizer vaccine side effects for last 6 months. Here is the history in brief.
Level 1 in 10 point scale: reddish patches of sore, dry and rough skins on palm and feet, painful cracks on feet due to shortening in skin degeneration cycles as body's immune reaction to the vaccine. Severe itching in affected areas.
Level 10: Normal skin before vaccination.
June 28, 2021: 2nd dose vaccine . Mid July, after full development of antibodies the patient's condition deteriorated to level 1
July - August 2021: Under treatment of dermatologist with steroid ointment for psoriasis, the patient's condition remained same as level 1.
September: Referred to https://www.drhomeo.com/homeopathic-trea.... Tried out first with Petroleum 30 - response: No improvement. The patient condition is same as level 1. Instead aggravation resulted. Did not repeat this remedy.
October: Graphites 1M administered due to maximum match with symptoms plus the match with 3F characteristics with Graphites (Fat, Flabby and Fair). 1st dose resulted brief aggravation followed by slight improvement to level 2. Repeated after 1 week. again brief aggravation followed by improvement to level 3. Repeated after 2 weeks. Resulted longer period of aggravation followed by improvement to level
4.Repeated after 4 weeks. Resulted severe aggravation followed by short lived improvement up to level 5 but again came down gradually to level 4 to level 3 after 6 weeks.
5. After 6 weeks, tried Sulphur 1M due to next best match with Symptoms. Also, none of the previous remedies relived the severe itching and burning symptom. The sulphur is well indicated for itching and burning. Sulphur had a short lived improvement from level 3 to level 4, then back to level 3. hence it was not repeated.
6. After another 1.5 months Thuja 200c was administered on December 18, 2021, followed by booster dose of Pfizer vaccine on Dec 21. No improvements were noticed till 2 days back. During last 2 days (i.e. 11-12 days after booster dose and may be due to increase in antibody level), rapid deterioration in skin condition is noticed. Today's level is level 2, it may reach level 1 by tomorrow.
7. Need to provide a remedy to the patient asap which can reduce suffering and gradually restore the skin condition from level 1 to level 10. I know for sure that 1M will cause aggrevation. Therefore we should consider lower strength of Thuja or Sulphur to counteract side effect of vaccine and / or graphites due it's maximum match with patient's symptoms and past improvement with 1M. I have at home - Thuja 200c, Sulphur 30C, 200c, 1M, Graphites 200C & 1M.

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Arak last year
Further to the previous communication today, enclosed are two more pictures of patient's feet:
1. stage 1 - painful and inflamed red patches
2.stage 2 - opening of new crack or reopening of old crack exposing raw skin
When there is aggravation, multiple cracks appear or reappear on one or both feet. After one heals, another crack may appear in never ending cycles.

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Arak last year
If she is Fat, Fair and Flabby as you mention she probably needs Calcarea Carb.
Please give her one dose Calcarea Carb 1m preferably in the evening.
Tell her to avoid sour food and drinks as they will antidote medicine.
No external applications to be used.
There will probably be aggravation but that should subside in a day or two.
Report three days after taking medicine or earlier if needed.
telescope last year

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