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Remedy Finder -- Input "symptoms I have right now"? or my "usual symptoms, but not currently having"?? ++

I tried to use the Remedy Finder for a few issues, but am having trouble deciding how best to answer the symptom specifics (sub-symptom category check boxes). For ex, if I want to look for remedies for "high blood pressure", as an example, the Remedy Finder asks if I have "headaches", and "where/what kind/etc of headache it is, etc".

Do I check "headaches" (or any other "symptom") IF I usually DO have them, but I am NOT currently having one right this minute? Or do I only check "symptoms" that I am currently having?

Question 2:
Same question regarding "state of mind". If it asks me if I am "angry" or "anxious" or "feel better for warmth" or "feel better in fresh air", does it mean RIGHT THIS VERY MINUTE? I am confused because it all depends on the headache at the time (for me). Sometimes I have a headache that I may only get relief from with a hot pad on my head. Other times, I feel as if I need a very cool shower or need some very cold air (A/C in summer, or open window in the winter). It really all depends....

So, how do I best use this Remedy Finder for info on "high blood pressure"? Answer in general? or for right this given moment (as in IF I do not have a headache right now, eventhough I do frequently have them, I should just SKIP that "symptom"?

Thanks! and yes I understand this forum's info is not "medical advice", etc etc. I have a huge interest in homeopathy (have used basic remedies for over 20 yrs, such as Arnica for bruises, Apis for bug bites, etc_, but I really want to learn more! :)
  Aimarkie on 2021-09-04
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
The Remedy Finder is good for acute problems. You put in your current symptoms for a good match. For chronic problems like high bc, it requires a lot more info and how to weigh the importance of symptoms. You can easily be checking boxes on some lesser symptoms that would give you an incorrect choice.
simone717 2 weeks ago
Thank you so much! I appreciate it!

I also have a question re "how to find your constitutional type".

I understand that the best way to do this for the most accuracy, is to see a homeopath. However, I still want to be able to answer questions that a homeopath would ask in order to figure out my constitutional type --- just out of curiosity. Is this possible to do with the Remedy Finder? Or is there an online Constitutional Remedy Finder?

I found one (costs $25 US), but am unsure if it is a scam or not, so I have not tried it. Is there a FREE quiz online?

I did find a pdf that has 10+ questions you can answer for maybe 10 different constitutional types, but I wanted something more in-depth, and one that would give you an online "answer" about your constitutional type based on the answers you give. The pdf I found is to be printed out only.

I am wanting to find something more like an "online quiz" type of constitutional type finder, vs a pdf to just print out and fill.

Any such thing you can recommend I try?

Much thanks!
ps: If I should make a NEW post for this question, please alert me.
Aimarkie 2 weeks ago
The way to look at this is /do you have a Chronic disease or Acute illness.
“Constitutional”is kind of like what is your astrological sign - while people have certain characteristics , those things are not set in stone. I’ve seen books on constitutional remedies for marriage-describing what the outcome could be with a a “nat mur” woman and a “staphysagria” male ( ridiculous)
The main thing to understand is does the remedy match well enough. Because homeopathy works because the human body will not ACCEPT two similar disease states. The remedy is mostly water with a molecular imprint. When it matches well, the body recognizes a similar. The body raises life force to get rid of the remedy And is targeting the actual cause by doing this. Healing of Chronic disease often follows a pathway(google Herings Law of Cure)
Start reading with Hahnemann-get the real basics first.
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simone717 2 weeks ago
Thanks simone! Sorry it took so long for me to thank you -- I was having computer trouble for a few days.

Yes, I will start reading re Hahnemann. Can you recommend any books (avail on Amazon) for me to get started with? So far, I have just been reading info online.

Yes, I do want to begin with the real basics, BUT there are a few issues that I wanted to try and treat on my own as I cannot afford the cost of seeing a Homeopath. They are very expensive, and while I am sure they are worth it, I just can't spend $200-$400 for a "consult on ZOOM" -- I am trying to avoid doctor offices due to covid season. In the meanwhile, I have tried a homeopathic remedy "complex", but then I read on this forum that "they don't work.....they can have remedies that antidote one another", etc etc. I also read that someone on this form named "Murphy" did feel complexes work (or that is what I think the post said), but when I searched for his posts, none showed up regarding "homeopathic compound remedies/complexes, etc".

I did use a homeopathic compound remedy and it HAS worked (an eye care remedy -- as I suffer from allergy eyes/sinusitis, dry eyes, etc). It has worked quickly, but it hasn't "cured" my eye issue, as they will eventually return after a few weeks, etc. I then repeat the remedy. I am hoping to learn more about how to self-diagnose (find the best remedy that matches), so that I can maybe try just a single remedy (I did try Allium Cepa 30c after researching online and it DOES work, but again, once I am in contact with an allergen/pollen/etc, the issue comes back again.

Is there a book you can rec that explains how to self diagnose/match remedies? I find that I never match the remedy "exactly". I may find that I have things in common with 3 or 4 remedies, but each also has things that do not match at all. So, if I am choosing between 3 remedies -- and each has the same number of "matches" and "non-matches", which do I choose? Can I try all 3, staggered during the day? Or do I just pick one and try it for a week or so? For example, I am trying to get rid of a few moles (light-med brown, round). I did the Remedy Finder and it said Pulsatilla. Can I take that in a 30c for a few weeks, in addition to a "compound remedy" for moles? Or must I choose one or the other?

Those are the types of questions I am looking to have discussed in a Homeopathy book.

Is there one?

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Aimarkie last week
I will get back to you on all of this.
As far as allergies, you need good case taking as allergies are the immune system over reacting. In combo remedies you cannot tell what is working and what is not working. Taking remedies specific to the symptoms can help but not cure because they are not going deep enough into your overall mental and physical state. I had bad allergies/grass, pollen etc and it took me a year with 3 different remedies(only about 2 doses of each spread 30 days apart and a year later my allergies were gone and never came back. If it’s seasonal, best to wait to start this “chronic” treatment after the season passes.
In meantime use what helps, including air cleaners.

You need to learn case taking and that is an entire subject. You need to use a reperatory-know how to turn symptoms into rubrics and weight them and what counts more than others. You need to study materia medica of remedies.Then another course is posology-how to dose. There is dry and wet dosing and always do one thing at a time and Evaluate reactions. Google Herings law of cure.
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simone717 last week
My suggestion is write to LEWRA at AOL dot com-This is homeopath Elaine Lewis-she frequently writes articles on another site. She has tremendous enthusiasm (like you) and loves to teach. I think she will be able to set you on a good track to start your studies.
simone717 last week
Thanks SO SO much! I think I have read some of Elaine's articles in the past. I will definitely contact her! Yes, I am enthusiastic to learn as much as I can about homeopathy. I love love love it! I have used certain remedies for the past 20 years (arnica, rhus tox, ruta, apis mel, etc) for common acute issues without fail. Homeopathic remedies have helped me, my family, my pets, and even my friends. I am always telling them to try these instead of over the counter medications. I want to learn as much as I can. I wanted to enroll in an online course, but they are too expensive for me at this time. I do read many blogs to try and learn (incl this one now).

I will contact Elaine, and in the meanwhile I am going to try Pulsatilla for the moles I mentioned. I also have many tiny dark brown ones, and I guess I will try Thuja on those for now. I will start with Pulsatilla and see what happens to the lighter ones. My plan is trying Pulsatilla 30c , 3 x day, for a few days. Wait and see for a few weeks. If nothing happens, I will try Thuja 30c. I am going to search "moles" or "common acquired nevi" on this forum, and maybe re-try the Remedy Finder and see what happens if I answer more questions (check boxes). Maybe it will give me a different remedy.

Thanks again for the info, Simone!
Have a great day! :)
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Aimarkie last week
Hi-no need to do 3x a day.
Take one dose-wait for a few days. Remedies can act for weeks. You will have new symptoms and aggravated symptoms overdosing. Example : gave nat mur one dose for cold sore and explained WAiT and WATCH. Personsaw the cold sore start to disappear. Forgot what I saw d and then took 3more doses next day.They then had eruption of many cold sores.
Skin problems can take some time. I know Elaine helps some ppl for no charge.
Try asking her.
simone717 last week
Site edit feature not working-sorry about typos.
simone717 last week
Thanks for all of the info, simone.

See? The info you just gave me about NOT repeating so many doses because you might cause an aggravation? I understand that and have read that on quite a few blogs. On the other hand, I was researching "the virus that shall not be named", and wanted to find out if there were any homeopathic remedies that my husband and I could take prophylactically, in order to help our immune system better resist the virus, should anyone around us be infected. We are not going to take this vaccine for many reasons -- primarily all of the associated side-effects, the use of unborn fetus tissue in the vaccines (from what I have heard), the fda rushing approval in just 1 year *unheard of), etc etc. We have good immune systems, but I thought a homeopathic protocol might be of extra help. I found a blog citing the Banerji protocol using Thuja. Since I also have these tiny dark brown moles, I thought maybe it might be a good idea to use it. The instructions said:

---Days 1-7 (week 1): 5 pillules, 2 x day.

-- Then, on weeks 2, 3, and 4:
Take Thuja 30c 2 x day for 2 days per week only.

We just completed week 4. I hope that helped in regard to the virus issue, but it has not done much of anything to lessen the moles on my body -- I think 1 or 2 might have disappeared, but that is all. . It hasn't gotten worse, but it didn't make it lots better. During that time I was taking Thuja 30c, I stopped using the "remedy complex" for the moles, but I think some of the moles went away when I was on that complex . I think I will just try the Pulsatilla, as per how you recommended in dosing. If I do not notice any improvement after a month, I will go back to the remedy complex, I guess. Btw, the complex just has potencies of 15x. ? I guess that is so you can repeat them so often during the day (they say 1-4 x day, but I usually just do 2 x day).

So, in regards to dosing in general, when using 30c potencies, are there different modes of thought on how often to take the remedies? For ex, Boiron told me I could take a remedy 3-4 x day, for up to 2 weeks. This was a few years ago. Other sites have said what you told me -- take one dose and wait. Other holistic blogs have said to take 3 pillules, yet some say 5 pillules, and I read a few blogs that said ONE pillule is sufficient. :/

The last thing I want is MORE moles. :0 I will just pray that extra ones do not pop up now after I have taken 4 weeks of Thuja. Actually, the complex remedy also has Thuja (in 15x) in it! I just checked. So, maybe I should not use it for now, and just do Pulsatilla. I think that is my plan now.

Thanks again. Sorry for going on and on about my issue, but I just freaked a bit when I realized I took so much Thuja ....I do not want more moles. They are dark brown (some red) and tiny (size of a sharpened pencil lead tip) and flat, but I am getting a ton of them on the side of my lower neck area, upper chest/shoulder area arms, and now some on my legs and back. The dr said they are normal, but I hate them. We eat organic, so I don't understand why I am getting these -- unless it's from years in the sun when I was younger (in the 80s, before sunscreen was a thing). :/ I have had a stressful few years (my mom was ill and past on last year). I have had a hard time with it, and THE virus has caused a lot of stress, plus the stupid vaccine mandate getting me upset. It's just been a lot. Gah!, if stress does cause these moles, I fear I will one day wake up from bed, look in the mirror and be just one big dark brown dot! lol :/ sigh

Thanks again for all of your help and for letting me go on and on with all my questions. I just want these moles and the allergies done away with, and patience is not one of my strong points -- but I will try my best to just go slow and continue researching and learning. I will contact Elaine on Monday. :)

Have a great weekend! :)
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Aimarkie last week
First on the vax-this mRNA research has gone on for 30 years - nothing was rushed.
There is no live fetal tissue-fetal tissue is Cells lab grown from aborted fetus in the 1970’s. The lab cells are generations removed -even Catholic Church approves of the vax.
Understand that even with great immune system? your body does NOT recognize this virus-it is able to sneak in and start causing organ damage without you knowing. By the time you have breathing problems-with Delta in Days-it is too late. I have read too many deaths from ppl who were in great shape-hiking, biking and no health issues and young.
There is no tried and true homeopathic preventative.
simone717 last week
Every person will have their own kind of reaction to a remedy. You cannot do mechanical dosing .
boiron and others are required by law now to put dosing and what remedy is for on tubes. ignore it.
I use one dose of 30c . Wait a day.
1 symptoms can aggravate and then relief should come. No more until going backwards.
2. Symptoms can aggravate and then even older things show up and leave after a day-remedy is acting deep-no more until going backwards.
3. Nothing happens. Try it one more time.
4. Relief comes but you have to keep dosing-try higher potency -but if you have to keep dosing it is not curing. It’s like taking ibuprofen and will suppress the disease.
Btw-skin things are extra tricky-ask Elaine.
Best to you.
simone717 last week
On 3. Try 30c again-if nothing happens again try 200c. nothinng?
Remedy is not right.
5. You have new symptoms you never had. Look at material medica-and these are accessory symptoms listed and means potency was too high.Wait and let it wear off. See if relief begins. no more until going backwards.
6. Aggravation severe. Antidote or try Elaine Lewisaggravation zapper technique.
simone717 last week
Ok, well I hope we can just agree to disagree, and that my personal views are not now going to dissuade you from answering any posts from me from now on. :/ I appreciate your opnion, but we also have ours. We have known 4 people who had Covid this Spring/Summer, all are older than we are (they are in their mid-late 60s) and none of them needed to go to the hospital. None even knew they had the virus. They all thought they just had a bad cold -- one thought maybe it was a flu. One of them was my sister in law -- she is overweight, does not eat very healthy, and does no exercise. She actually was sick for only 3 days! Another one, a business partner of ours, had THYROID C*NCER at the time (had just recently gotten diagnosed a few months before). She contracted the virus and could not have her thyroid surgery until after she got over it. She was only sick for a week.

So, while I understand that some people have died from the virus, I also suspect there was a lot of fault with the faulty medical treatment they were given (ie, being put on ventillators from the start, which they now know made the virus spread to the lungs faster). Many patients also were said to have died of the virus, when they actually had other life-threatening diseases they were hospitalized for (heart disease, kidney disease, diabetes, etc). Otheres went into the hospital for MINOR issues, but ended up being told they had covid! Case in point: my mother's dentist had told us that her aunt fell and hurt her ankle. All else was FINE with her. She went to the hospital because her sister thought it would be wise to get an xray. The next day they informed her family that she had covid! They could not get her released from the hospital, nor were they allowed to see her -- even though her neice was a doctor. The lady ended up dying 1 week later. ?? Did she get covid at the hospital? and because the doctors had no clue what they were doing, she ended up getting worse and died? Who knows? What they did know was that this woman was healthy and only had a hurt ankle before she went to the hospital. There are many reports of this sort of thing, as well as many countless reports of the horrendous neurological side effects of these vaccines, not to mention the blood clot issues.

*knock on wood*, but neither my husband nor I have been sick with a cold or flu in over 20+ years. We take probiotics, eat organically, yes...we exercise, we use homeopathy in lieu of otc meds, we haven't taken antibiotics in over 20 years, etc etc. My body, my choice ---for some things, but not with this vaccine? Sorry. I won't be forced to put something into my body that I do not agree with. As for the fetus tissue....whether from 2021 or the 70s -- I do not agree with it. Again, my choice.

And as for anyone who says that the unvaccinated are posing a threat to the vaccinated? That does not make sense, since Biden and his administration, as well as Fauci, have all said that these vaccines are so wonderful and protective. If that is true, then the unvaccinated cannot pose a threat to the vaccinated. Moderna has never even produced a vaccine that has been brought to market. J&J and Pfizer, both, have had clot issues.

No thanks. Homeopathy may not be a tried and true preventative, but given that the vaccinated also are dying from Covid -- apparently the vaccines are not tried and true, either. Were their immune systems shot> Did they have comorbidities? No one knows because the gov't is not allowing the information to get out. What appened to the info on the VAERS site? It was edited down once the mortality rate of the vaccine got to 12,000 --- that was months ago. NO ONE knows what those mRNA vaccines will do to your body in 5, 10, 20 years, esp for those with autoimmune issues. Can you say that YOU do? I don't think so. If you are willing to gamble your future health, so be it -- but no one has the right to force me to gamble with my life by taking this vaccine. I will take my chances with the virus, until I see how others are faring in a year or so from now.

Ok, I am sorry that this post went off-topic. I really just wanted to learn about homeopathy -- not have a debate about whether or not the USA has now become a fascist nation, forcing *only some* companies to force their employees to get the vaccine. Amazing how the White House will NOT issue a "mandate" for Biden's staff to take the vaccine. People are resisting this Global Dictate all over the World, btw: France, Germany, Australia, etc; not just in the USA. If you recall just a few months ago, when President Trump was in Office, it was Biden/Kamala, and the rest of the democrats who resisted the vaccine. Now, all of a sudden the vaccine is the miracle drug and we all must be forced to take it? And how can the fda have studied this drug "for 30 years", when the trials just began in 2020??? And btw, who cares what the FDA says? Haven't you watched drug commercials and listened to the unending list of "side side effects" that long-standing FDA approved drugs have? The fda's input means little to me. Big Pharma, the FDA -- you really think they have our best interests at heart? Really?

Sorry, but my mother, who was 97 and HEALTHY *she only went in for a UTI tat I told her doctor to treat 2 mos earlier, but she refused...saying there was no uti! She was WRONG! and my mom ended up in the hospital as a result...and got pneumonia while there...and then many hospital errors, needed intubation which they F'd up! and then she DIED!* Before getting the uti she was healthy! No one could believe she was 97! * she wasn't on any prescription meds other than 2 for HBP starting in 2011, DIED because of "hospital MISTAKES". They caused her to have cardiac failure due to a slew of mistakes, despite our protests. We lived at the hospital for 3 MONTHS...I never left her side. Hospitals in the USA do NOT care about the elderly. That is a FACT. I saw what went on in the ICU. It's atrocious. And this all happened BEFORE Covid, in 2019! Doctors and nurses don't give a blank. It's all about the insurance money. That is all. So please don't lecture me on how wonderful any medical procedure or vaccine or medication is in the USA. Look at the atrocity that happened in the nursing homes with those poor innocents dying from covid, needlessly. The USA has become an immoral country that throws out it's elderly, and the poor, as well as minorities. Only 40% of blacks and hispanics (I am of the latter group) have taken this vaccine. And now Biden and many democrats want hospitals to refuse treatment to those who are not vaccinated? Good luck with that. Lawsuits will be coming up shortly. We at least still have a Constitution....for now.

UGH.. This is so not how I wanted my thread to go, but whatever....

I do appreciate the info you gave me regarding Homeopathy, at any rate.

OMG. I think I'll go take a Nux Vom now-- that's the one for intense anger issues, no??
[Edited by Aimarkie on 2021-09-10 21:06:39]
Aimarkie last week
Good luck to you-agree to disagree.
simone717 last week
Hi Aimarkie,

There's so much misinformation out there, it's become impossible to discuss it, because everyone's got different facts.

Looking at the infection rate and the death rate in Scotland (now 80% vaccinated) compared to the previous wave, I'm personally very glad to be vaccinated.

All the best,
moderator last week
Thank you for your reply, Simon. I am going to be posting another question on a new thread right now. I hope you and others can help me there as well.
Aimarkie 6 days ago
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Karlpeter99 5 days ago

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