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Possibly Long Haul Covid - Need Help


33M here with some possibly post Covid issues.

About 2 months ago I was tested positive for Covid and had most of the common symptoms -> Fever, Aches, Fatigue, Loss of Smell/Taste, Chills. I got hit hard and fast as same day I got sick, in about 6 hours was already at 100 degree fever. But in 5 days recovered from everything aside from the loss of taste/smell which took another week>

Everything seemed normal except exercising, S.O.B. but was not terrible as I assumed it was from not working out for a month. Fast forward to week of October 11th, I assumed I had food poisoning one night after eating out, can't recall if it was Nux or Arsenicum that I took to alleviate the nausea and able to sleep. That Thursday morning I woke up around 3am with a swollen upper lip, no other symptoms (no itch, no burn, breathing was fine, no discoloration). A prescription for Prednisone was called in an I took that for 3 days, swelling went down and so far has not returned. That week started up a lot of anxiety for me. I saw 3 different doctors, one being an allergy specialist and they are unable to determine the cause. Blood panel was all in normal ranges (vitamin levels, RBC/WBC counts, allergy negative/low, thyroid and blood sugar good, etc). For a few days, maybe a week I feel halfway normal so I attempted going to the gym but was difficult and have not been in weeks now.

I have also kept an eye on my 02 with a pulse ox, has not dropped below 97% at any given time. I also keep checking BP and HR, in normal range for my age

For the last few weeks I have felt dizzy and lethargic most of the time, with wanting to lay down as that seems to help. I also have a stuffy nose but no discharge, no itch or burn. My ears do pop when swallowing now as if something needs to drain but nothing helps so far.
My chest was tight for a week, if that long and felt like asthma (had it as a kid but recovered and have not had it since probably past age 13) but since seems to be much better.
It is hard to concentrate most of the time and I am anxious about not returning to 'normal' (how I was early October or before Covid)

My voice started to get hoarse a few days ago.

Every day I take a muli-vitamin but since covid also Vit C, D, Zinc. A doc prescribed me NAC, Ivermectin and Fenofibrate (started those last week but stopped taking Ivermectin and slowly stopping Feno as I am unsure those are helping).

I read one of the Covid mega-posts on here and only have a small handful of 30C remedies here but ordered almost all that I could find there.

Tuesday night I took a dose each of Bryonia, Eupatorium Perf, Gelsemium Semp and Carbo Veg. The next day I felt a bitbetter with the dizzy feeling only in 'waves' but was mostly morning. The stuffy nose had not changed much.

The following day (wed) I took a dose of Phos 30c as well and was feeling pretty good yesterday but today I seemed to have gone a step backwards.

I have no prior health concerns, no family history of med issues. I am generally very active (weightlifter 5-6 days per week, healthy diet) and used to rarely get sick (generally just flu once every few years).

I keep reading the Covid mega post and when it mentions the 7 blend at the end, I do not have any liquid form (just pellets) and most of the 200c ones come in over the next week. Also, the bottles say to take 5 pellets per dose (for 30c) and I am not sure this is correct.
What do I need to do to get rid of these symptoms?

Thanks all
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  deetee1 on 2021-11-12
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
You needed Calcarea Carb when you had food poisoning and taken Nux Vomica and Arsenicum album. Swollen upper lip is covered by Calcarea Carb only. It may still work. If you decide to take it then go for either 200 or 1m potency.
telescope 2 weeks ago
Even thought the swollen lip happened weeks ago I should still go for Calc Carb? I need to check and see if that was a remedy I ordered
deetee1 2 weeks ago
I have some updates regarding my state.

Some time last week or week before I took Phos 30c again however this time I did 2 pellets in 80z water, taking 1 tsp of that. I slept very well that night for the first time in a month as well as the following 2 nights. 4th morning I woke up feeling a bit off and anxious again so I dosed again. Later Later that afternoon I got a bit sad, still feeling like I wont ever get back to normal. Took a nap and felt a bit better after and have not dosed again until this morning but I have been very tired all day.

It seems like the vertigo is subsiding a bit (also no head rush when I stand up too fast).

Hands and feet are generally cold and that is unlike me, usually I am warm and keeping the A/C down in the house.

Looking for some guidance on the issues. I assumed my remedy must have been one of the combo I took as the next day I felt a bit better but the 2nd would go right back to feeling bad.

Just a side note, after the brunt of covid symptoms (aches, fever, etc) I felt pretty normal (about a month) until the lip swelling which had me anxious all the time
deetee1 last week
Also forgot to add that my ears are still popping, I am draining generally in the morning but not much, very clear.
deetee1 last week
I think you need Calcarea Carb even now. But as you have taken Phos it would be better to have a dose of Sulphur first.
telescope last week
How should I take these? Same way as I did Phos?
deetee1 last week
I do not know how you took phos. If the medicine is in pallet form take 3 or 4 directly. If in liquid, mix 2 or 3 drops in mineral water and then take it. Do not use tap water.
Avoid sour food and drinks for two weeks.
telescope last week
Ok I took a dose of sulphur 30x 4 tablets. I do not have Calc Carb right now but may be able to get some at a local whole foods here in a bit.
deetee1 last week
telescope last week
Calc Carb 30c was what they had. Took a dose of that.

Def been feeling lightheaded all morn. SOB a but as well. Just had a cold front move in too
deetee1 last week
30 is low power, you can't expect much from it.
telescope last week
I woke up at 3 am unable to sleep well after. Once I finally decided to get up I have a bit of a headache that started back of my head, and the sides. Draining some, clear
deetee1 last week
Monday night I had some slight dizziness that seemed to be worse when laying down so I took Phos just before bed.
Tuesday my head felt like it was light and that I had too much caffeine but was in office for work so I did not take anything until last night (Nux to try to antidote the Phos). Took melatonin some time after to try to sleep even with the dizziness. I feel that I am still in a 'fog', pretty disconnected but still able to focus enough on work and get things done. I am still not going to the gym as before to try and recover more.
Throat is still dry/hoarse but no pain
deetee1 2 days ago
As you are fond of self prescribing I don't think I will be able to help you any further.
telescope 2 days ago
Ok. Hoping someone else here can give me some clear direction
deetee1 2 days ago
Start a new thread as other people may not respond to this one.
telescope 2 days ago
Ok thanks. I assume I may need to clear/reset my system to get to the root cause. I obviously still relatively new to treating myself with homeopathy
deetee1 yesterday
With that being said I meant to also add I will not be taking anything else until then. Been reading and studying up on DeLuc's website as well as Vithoulkas
deetee1 yesterday

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