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Chills, extreme tiredness, brain fog, heaviness/pressure in eyes

I am male, 58 years old and have been having this problem for several days but unfortunately I have not kept track so I will say approximately 3 to 5 days.

My symptoms started with some amount of tiredness - this is an atypical symptom for me so very important. Normally it is impossible to slow me down through any disease condition but this one has made me rest and sleep a lot.
When it started, the dominant uncomfortable symptome was a dry aggravating/fatiguing cough. In addition there was some general tiredness and body chills.

The dry cough came in spurts of two consistently so naturally my mind went to Pulsatilla. I took Puls 200C split dose for a day and immediately the cough became more productive. Though there is a small amount of residual congestion in my lungs it isn't a problem because my body is self-clearing.

Instead the emphasis of symptoms shifted to extreme tiredness, fatigue and brain fog. So it is hard for me to concentrate and do demanding mental activity. These symptoms existed earlier but they were not dominant. I get the feeling of chills all the time. I am feeling cold but my body feels hot and burning. For sure it is the winter but there are 3 other people in my house who do not at all feel cold. Clearly it is some kind of indicative symptom.

Based on the fatigue and the fact that it appears to follow Pulsatilla in the repertory, I switched to Bryonia 200C. I did notice some amount of improvement but it seemed to fade in few hours and I started using split does.
Maybe 2 days I have been using Bryonia but while it helps, it clearly has reached a maximum benefit because I don't make successive improvement on successive days. I have reached a plateau.

Challenge for me is that I am so tired it is hard for me to have the energy to repertorize. I did little reading and I think possibly Belladona because of hot flashes & cold but not really confident. Deep bursting pressure on eyeballs as if they are being squeezed.

I would appreciate if anyone can give me suggestions or ask me questions for more details.
  mmene on 2021-12-21
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
My apologies but I forgot another important symptom that might or might not be helpful.
I also have some pretty deep neck/shoulder pains, dominant on the right side but on both sides.

I am not sure if it is relevant because I have a congenital joint disorder and it is very common for me to have neck & shoulder pain. It just seems more troublesome this time but possibly it is an irrelevant distraction. I know Bryonia can be associated with neck/shoulder pain
mmene last year
Try Aconite 200 single dose once a week
Kaps last year
Thank you sir, I will try it out. Since I posted my message a day ago I also tried out Belladona 200C.
There actually was reduction in the headache and some reduction in tiredness. But strangely the nagging dry infrequent cough came back.

Still lot of tiredness and still a general feeling of cold.

What is strange for me is anything I try out seems to almost work and improve some symptoms but not all and not completely. Hopefully Aconite will work. I am not sure if I have 200C but I surely have 30.
Normally I expect that Aconite symptoms have very rapid onset which I did not have but I trust your judgement.
mmene last year
Take Aconite 30 it shud take away the chill hopefully once the chill is off other symptoms shud go away too
It shud act almost instantly
Kaps last year
Mr Kaps it has been almost 24 hours and I wanted to report back

As mentioned, I only have Aconite 30C so I took that once yesterday and repeated it today.
As you predicted just a single dose made the chill go away. Maybe I was still feeling cold but it was more of normal feeling cold in the winter. Previously I was having weird intermittent hot and cold sensation which I could not make sense of. One minute I wanted more clothes to become warmer, next minute I feel I need the fan because it was hot. That aspect normalized.

The problem is that it looks to me like I have transitioned to a different remedy possibly.

Now I still have a lot of tiredness and desire to rest/sleep all the time. This is infuriating for me because I never let illness slow me down. Even when I'm Bryonia, I keep going thought it is uncomfortable. So it is a remarkable symptom.

I had that before Aconite too but some new symptoms have emerged. I have deep stabbing occipital headache. It is there most of the time but when I cough it intensifies, like my skull being hammered from the inside. Unlike earlier I don't cough much, very infrequently. But when I cough it happens.

Regarding respiration, I seem to have developed a very deep persistent chest congestion. It affects my ability to talk, there is no pain but I speak softly and forced almost like a chronic cigarette smoker. I have never smoked in my life BTW. I am puzzled why I have such a deep rooted congestion but not much coughing.

early on I had quite severe catarrh on right nostril. If felt congested though it was not dripping. I could not even clear it with a saline rinse/neti pot, but I found one way to clear it. Since I nap often, if I sleep on my left side with the right nostril elevated, it feels clear when I wake up. Though there was no dripping.

Stomach feels just a bit queasy. I can eat but low appetite and not much desire. I need fluids but prefer it warm, even plain water.

Still a little pressure in my eyeballs but not as much as earlier. Maybe because I am using Aconite 30 rather than 200.

That is all I can think of now, I will add more if I think of anything else.
Please give me your next recommendation
mmene last year
There seems to be aggravation it’s a good sign
Repeat Aconite till symptoms related to head and eyes start to subside
You shud avoid 30 potency as it aggravates
You have narrated the symptoms in detail one question do you have stubby nose?

I am a Mech Engr practising homeopathy

For breath issues Spongia Tosta 200
Single dose
Please do not self medicate till you get better
Pranayam helps
Reply query ASAP
Post symptoms on change
[Edited by Kaps on 2021-12-23 02:41:56]
Kaps last year
That was great timing Kaps, I was in the store and just bought Aconite 200C. When you say avoid 30C are you saying to go up to 200 or go down to lower like 6C or an X potency?

Don't worry about your credentials, I have been here a long time and I realize there are many talented non professionals. All I expect is that you are smarter than me and you have demonstrated that. I too am an engineer dabbling in homeopathy. As you can see I am fine at case taking, does not mean I am equally good at prescribing.

Also you suggested Spongia - is that in addition to or instead of Aconite. I am not sure exactly what sequence you are suggesting and how many times a day.

My nose is very slightly crusty, but not enough to be noteworthy. In general an interesting aspect is that though nasal passages feel inflamed, there is no runny nose. Which is what I normally expect. More like dry catarrh. If I blow my nose hardly any secretions.

But you did remind me of one more aspect I forgot to mention which is that sometimes my breath feels hot and inflamed. It is an odd thing to describe, as if I am breathing in hot acidic air. Not all the time, it comes and goes.

And one thing that clearly ameliorates is heat. If I take a hot steamy shower, all my airways are soothed. But once I come out, it does not take long for things to go back. No much lasting impact.
I also got some distilled water from the store to use with an inhaler.
Pranaym would seem to make sense too.

Please reply on the specifics around aconite/spongia. I hope you won't be asking me to go to a lower aconite potency because I would have to go back to the store for that
mmene last year
Do jot Aconite 200 as of now because another two three doses you shud be fine
Spongia Tosta is for clearing any issues with the airsacs and comforting lungs
I asked the shape of tyohar nose STUBBY or sharp or medium
Kaps last year
No one has asked me that question before - I would say a medium average nose. A few years back I had an operation to straighten my septum if that matters. I have also been diagnosed with Obstructive Sleep Apnea in the past but I feel that is no longer a major factor for me.

I am not 100% sure what you are suggesting but I think you are asking me to take Aconite 200C once a day for a few days and then transition to Spongia when the time is right.

Normally I don't combine two because I don't have the skills to understand multi-remedy solutions which some people here seem to have.
mmene last year
No No
No aconite 200
Take Aconite 30 two three more doses
Also take Spongia 200 single dose
Hope I m clear as 30 has done half the job
Din t bother about shape of the nose
Kaps last year
Multi remedy is a new breed of practitioner like me so no issues
Be rest assured I m doing the right thing
When I said 30 potency it was in general
Kaps last year
thanks, that is clearer. So right now maybe I take Aconite 30C, wait an hour or so and I will take a single Spongia 200C does.
will report back tomorrow on progress.
mmene last year
Kaps last year
Mr Kaps, I hit another small issue. Right now I cannot find spongia 200C. I have Spongia as 30C and 1M. 1M definitely seems too high so I will try 30C now.

I have also ordered 200C on the internet and it should arrive tomorrow. It is possible I might find it in my own house in teh morning if I search carefully too.
mmene last year
Since when are you having this breathlessness while talking
If you want to take Spongia 30 take it after finishing Aconite 30
1M is high but if your breathlessness is troubling you have it
01 drop or 02 pills once day for three days

Also you posted that ill health never held you back from being active
Age does take its toll on human body so
Go easy
[Edited by Kaps on 2021-12-23 09:36:32]
Kaps last year
yes breathlessness when talking or with exertion. Worse in cold air, improves with warmth
mmene last year
Mr Kaps, my update after another day.

As you know I have only Spongia 30C, not 200C, but in less than a day I will receive 200C in case needed.
I am currently taking Aconite & Spongia 2 times/day since in both cases it is just 30C

From the first dose of Spongia there was slow but steady improvement. After first dose about a day ago, an infrequent but productive cough. Expelling small amounts of tough sticky tenacious mucus from lungs. Upper airways are clear, the only congestion is in lungs. Note that until now I just was not clearing congestion from lungs at all.
Though only expelling small amounts of phlegm, it is making a difference. My guess is that there is not much fluid in my lungs but the little that is there is persistent and has a deep impact. Apart from cough, after a few hours have passed since taking Spongia, the effect of clearing lungs reduces until the next does.

The most important positive change is clear improvement in vital force. Once again I feel like I can actually get out of bed and do things. I went shopping to several places and did some work around the house. Partly just to demonstrate to myself that I am returning to normal.
I still feel more sleepy than normal and can probably sleep 24 hours if I want to. But the difference is that I can also overcome that and do work if I have to.
When I do things around the house I get tired a little more easily than normal. When I start I might be 100% energy but in a few hours instead of 90% energy, I might drop to 50%. So I a conscious of exertion.

Also on first Spongia dose, there was sharp reduction in stabbing occipital headache but still stabbing suborbital pain in right eye. By second dose both are further reduced and I think there is a clear trend for improvement though still not zero. This is one that that makes me wonder if in this specific case I should switch to Spongia 200C when available. Or possibly another remedy, not sure but I don't think so since symptom profile is largely similar.

Earlier I was sleeping huge amounts of time but sleep was not at all refreshing. I would sleep very soundly but when I wake up would feel like I am ready for more sleep. Even if I sleep 12 hours a day. Now when I wake up from sleep I feel the improvement from the rest. Still excessive sleepiness, but at least it is worthwhile.

One thing I noticed when I am outdoors is what breathing is slightly labored and it hurts my upper airways a little when breath in in cold air. This is winter - so there is only cold air to breathe. Fortunately for me this is the only benefit of pandemic, because when I wear a mask I am not breathing in warmer air and problem solved :-) I don't know for sure if this is new symptom because earlier I was not even going outdoors to have the opportunity to experience it.

Lungs feel distinctly improved though clearly more room to go. Personally I feel my talking improved because though still a little softer and hoarse I feel my voice is clear. I don't sound like a 90 year old cigarette smoker with asthma. But it is a good thing I want outside because I realized my perception is incorrect. 100% of times when I had to talk to someone in a store or anywhere they are asking me to repeat myself and be louder. So I am clear but insufficient volume. It is hard for me to yell so I just go closer to them and talk and its now okay.
My own family don't ask me to repeat myself but probably because they are so familiar with my voice that their brain interprets it correctly.

At this stage maybe #1 thing that bothers me is almost complete loss of appetite. I tried switching to eating very simple meals like soup. It is nutritious but the moment I start eating I feel a little queasy. I still persist but each spoon I eat my stomach complains a little more until I just have to stop. So now I am eating 2 small meals a day. I don't feel weak or anything, but clearly that is insufficient food. Especially when recovering.
Fluid intake is clearly dropped a lot as is evident from discolored urine. There is no problem drinking warm water, the problem is that I am sleeping so much that I am drinking less. I have to be conscious about it and anyway I feel that sleep is slowly reducing.

Then I am noticing other things that probably were there before but were very marginal to full symptoms like aches and stiffness in neck/shoulder area. This also might be simply from lying in bed for over half the day.

I think that covers everything. As I was sitting here writing I feel the stabbing suborbital pain in right eye sporadically and briefly appearing. Maybe from the fact that I am mentally concentrating and focused on a brain activity.
But the difference is that it does not dominate me and I can mentally dismiss it and continue on my important task till it is complete.

Hope this reveals some new insights and let me know any changes are suggested.
mmene last year
Stop Aconite and continue Spongia and post a feedback tomorrow morning
Kaps last year
Okay. I hope you realize that I am USA so tomorrow morning is about half a day from now
mmene last year
I did not know that u r in states anyway wait for the final effect of Spongia
Kaps last year
So this is the next morning and I wanted to report in. Not all positive unfortunately.

Good news is that the cough/congestion is better but not fixed yet. Last time I took aconite was last night & will not repeat, I just took spongia minutes ago. It is possible Spongia 30 has diminishing benefit.

When I went to bed and also woke up this morning I still had stabbing right eye pains coupled with headache, somehow the come together. Fleeting in and out pains. It was quite crippling in the morning and I did not know what to do so I tried a trigger point massage since the headache seems to move to specific points. If I did the massage for a LONG time like 5 minutes it helps but temporarily.
The pain sees more nervous that physical pain as if there was a physical injury. Makes me wonder if hypericum.

I am not clear what triggered this since I was much improved during the day yesterday. I have a few guesses. I was so improved yesterday that it is possible I pushed myself too hard and overdid things. What I found is that the most aggravating thing does not appear to be physical effort but talking and engaging in conversation which also seems strange. When I was driving around in the day not much impact. But in the night I had a long conversation with my son who is back from college after a long time and that when when the deterioration because obvious.

So far have not been able to make improvement except very slowly. The other potential aggravating factor is I told you almost any food makes me queasy. last night I had an egg sandwich which I thought was light but same queasy effect. I may switch to just bread and jam. Worst Christmas ever.
The only thing I can easily consume is I start and end my day with water/lemon juice/sea salt/honey. That goes down fine and feels great because I rehydrate. I might also think of just having that for a few days. Not a real meal but will sustain energy level while I heal

I think that covers the key things. Spongia 200C will be at my house in a few hours if needed. But let me know if you think any change is called for. Right now, I really really need the headaches and eye pain to stop. lungs can take their own time because right now they are just a nuisance
mmene last year
Since you are usa, I suggest go onto Amazon and order Host Defense Reishi mushrooms. This is simply powdered reishi in a capsule.!Take 2
Caps morning and evening. ReIshi is a huge immune booster-no side effects, you just forget you felt sick, and in 24 hours you will notice feeling better. Only get the capsules and only this brand.
My family has used these for years and they are amazing.
simone717 last year
Do you have Aurum Metallicum and Cactus G and what potency ?
Kaps last year
I will look for Reishi. I don't have Aurum Metallicum or Cactus G. Do you recommend I look for those? Won't be available in stores so Amazon or elsewhere. Spongia 200 has just arrived.

But another important update in just a short time. I told you that trigger point to my temples seem to help with headaches but only if applied for a long time. I have a little trigger point gadget and I took a long nap with trigger point applied to right temple the whole time. I woke up with no more headache/eye ache.
It may return slowly but as I learn more I hope I will be able to anticipate and get ahead.

apart from the primary location of headache, it seems to shoot between points, I am learning those points and treating each as trigger points. When there are no points left the headache stops.
Right now no pain in right eye but very mild in left. Probably it was always there in left but I did not notice since right was so dominating.

Apart from your suggestions, do you suggest I continue with only Spongia for now? If so should I switch to 200C? How often?
mmene last year
Hi, Kaps will advise. Using powdered Reishi capsules (which is simply food) came from me(Simone717).
simone717 last year

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