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Hypothyroidism, pain lumbar to front to left leg front tights then calves down, periodic globus hystericus, periodic change of voice, low blood pressure, itchy back

Hello i need help, i have the following symptoms:
i have no gallbladder due to stones, myoma uteri, follicular cyst left ovary, hypothyroidism, pain lumbar to front to left leg front tights then calves down, periodic Globus hystericus, periodic change of voice, low blood pressure.

Age: 50
Sex: Woman
Period: Normal cycles
  homeopathyLover1 on 2022-02-16
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
Tell me
Physical activity
Since when are you having these issue
Your thoughts and feelings
Sleep dreams etc like a story
What all medications are you taking and since when
Kaps last year
Hello, thank you for the response. The answers to the questions are the following:

-Physical activity - walking half hour, active standing 7 hours at work

-I have these problems for around 2 years, i think they might gone worst since the passing of my sister and some other relatives

-I fear more about the health of others than my own, i can tolerate a lot of pain physical and emotional. Emotionally i'm scared from bad hospitals and doctors since they were part of the reason my sister died, i don't trust them after all that happened, i work as a pharmacist. My biggest fear is the wellbeing of my family.

-Dreams about dead relatives mostly my dead sister, she is always telling me something, visiting graveyards

-Dietary supplements: vitamin D, selenium, magnesium
Homeopathic: RusTox 30c, hypericum 30c, kali carbonicum 30c, and in times of need natrium muriaticum 30c, nux vomica 30c, with cimicifuga 30c i have slight improvement.
homeopathyLover1 last year
Stop all the remedies
With cimifuga 30 what all symptoms are better I am sure it’s the pain I th Lumbar region
Take Cimifuga 30 three doses half an hour before meals for theee day’s and post symptoms pertaining g to the pain in the Lumbar region
Kaps last year
Three doses does that mean three times a day before meals?
homeopathyLover1 last year
also yes, cimifuga 30 made a slight improvement in the lumbar region
homeopathyLover1 last year
one more symptom i forgot to mention, the lumbar pain wakes me up in sleep, and is more intense in sitting or lying down position less in walking
homeopathyLover1 last year
less when walking*
homeopathyLover1 last year
Thrice a day yes
Did you get MRI of spine or any other tests I ask to confirm that the spinal discs are OK
Kaps last year
Haven't done any checkups like that
homeopathyLover1 last year
Take Cimifuga 30 as prescribed and post symptoms after three days
We will review after that
Kaps last year
hello i started having headaches, should i proceed?
homeopathyLover1 last year
Proceed with what
Kaps last year
homeopathyLover1 last year
Haven’t you started it yet or u are asking to stop
If you feel that Cimifuga has caused the headache then stop it and observe symptoms
Kaps last year
it's been 3 days, i have improvement in my upper back, slight improvement in the left lumbar and to the front (lower left abdomen in height of the left lumbar) and the wire that goes down my leg but the pain is still there the most troubling area is the lower left abdomen area. Maybe this is also something important: whenever i lift something heavy pain gets worst for the next few days. What would you recommend from here?
homeopathyLover1 last year
Wire running down your leg ? Do mean the nerves of any wire has been put in the body after surgery ?
Try Cimifuga 200 twice a day for three four days
Kaps last year
I mean like a wire the nerve, i haven't been trough any surgeries
homeopathyLover1 last year
except for gallblader i took it out due to stones
homeopathyLover1 last year
Cimifuga 200 as prescribed
Kaps last year
Hello i have update, i haven't taken Cimifuga 200 because i couldn't find, so i continued with 30c and situation seems to be improving i don't have pain in leg and upper back, now i only have uncomfortable feeling on the left lower side of abdomen to up until the lower left last rib of the ribcage. when i press lower left abdomen side it feels better, now i don't have pain in sitting and lying position i have pressure in standing position.

I had a checkup with ultrasound on abdomen, turns out my colon is irritated and full of gasses, my uterus is completely okay, i have a minimal uterine fibroids even smaller than last time. They said we should eliminate reasons like food intolerance to gluten, fructose and sucrose and lactose and to see if it's beginning of hernia.
homeopathyLover1 last year
I feel it is partially due to gases
Sit on a chair fill up half your lungs hold breath and get your chin as close to the knees as possible ( no discomfort) hold in that position for as long as you can again without discomfort, straiten up and inhale rest for few seconds and repeat as much caution do not do after food give a gap of 04 post meal

Post the final diagnoses after all tests
The bloating OD colon or the digestive track is very uncomfortable causes so many false alarms to many ailments
Do some exercises or see Pavanmuktasan on YouTube very effective the chair exercise is partially that only

What about the headache which you posted fearing it was causwd by Cimifuga 30
Kaps last year
Thanks for the exercises.
I have minimal headache above left eye and up to top of head from time to time. I will try to find cimicifuga 200.
homeopathyLover1 last year
Not needed just have Cimifuga 30 for another 2 days
Kaps last year
Hello please help my son if you can dr, he was given a treatment berberis vulgaris q 15 and also nat sulph 6x we didn't know what the q stands for so we tried lm 1 we tried this 4-5 days ago but so far it doesn't seem there are changes and the person that recommended this didn't respond back, this is what he wrote and he added some more symptoms that might help, recently went for a checkup since i felt numb or low pain in the right side under the ribs or around the last rib also slight stinging pain on the left on the left side the same level as the right i would say, turned out i have gallbladder full of stones and they want me to remove it, the liver is in a stage where it can be healed so i have to change diet, so i'm dieting. They also saw full hashimoto (not sure what exactly it means) and recommended me to check hormones next. I'm a male, my diet was mostly meat(pork), carbs(coca cola, chocolate, and other sweet things which are chocolate flavored) in the summer i would eat ice cream also chocolate flavored, i prefer every sweet to be chocolate. I also have painless swelling on around ankles, i occasionally get redish dry looking skin around nose and next to it slightly towards the cheeks, i also have varicose veins, i have dandruff, i have pain around the lumbar region it's been on for few years, when i stand too long it starts to hurt, when i sit too long it starts to hurt when i lie down it's better, if stand up straight and bend forward it hurts and also when i bend backwards, i feel like when i press and bend it doesn't hurt that much, i feel like my lower back weak like it would break. In my neck around the thyroid i feel slight pressure on some spots sometimes. Gums are bleeding easily in mouth. I have red birthmark on the left side of my face that goes to my neck, it might be called port stained wine, i think it's small capillary to the surface of the skin but not sure. I'm also prone to hemorrhoids', but currently i don't have any.
I don't smoke, i don't drink alcohol.
i'm 25 with sedentary lifestyle.
My kidneys, hearth, lungs were fine.
If there is any more info i can provide please let me know.

Thank you for looking into my case.
homeopathyLover1 last year
Firstly keep a check (Very strict) on your diet
Do not proud of your lazy life style start doing some physical activity
Berberis Vulgaris mother tincture it is also called q
10 drops thrice a day half an hour before meals
Belladonna 200 liquid whenever you feel there is pain due to the gall bladder stone have 05 drops directly on your tongue

Get some medical tests done for spine pain and post those here
Kaps last year

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