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gum/tooth abcess

I was searching for a natural remedy for an abcess of my gum/tooth that a dentist told me needed a root canal but does not feel pain in the tooth. The abcess has been draining. I saw on this forum a suggestion for silicea use but was confused about dosage and frequency? I started with a dose of 5 tablets of 6c as recommended on the bottle which also advises 3 times a day. Will this continue to drain the abcess and how long should I continue use?
  tlaw63 on 2006-05-01
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
what symptoms you experienced to tell have abcess or such? or this only what dentist tell?please explain
John Stanton last decade
at first there was just a small hard spot near a tooth I had a crown put on then it developed a white head and pops when I first noticed this I went to the dentist who was quick to suggest root canal and gave me antibiotics which worked but as the tooth already had a crown and have had several root canals I wanted to try a different approach to healing the infection that is reccuring at this point
tlaw63 last decade
recurring ?this is twice now?

if started after root canal--then maybe staphysgria ..but it seem more like hepar or sulphur ---not sure...

do want me dig further to help---or you want to stop here?
John Stanton last decade
I guess I should have said on-going not recurring? it was some time after the tooth was worked crown not root canal yet but there is only the white head popping under pressure no other tooth pain it seems to ease a bit then fill again? any digging you can do is helpful thank you
tlaw63 last decade
what is exact tooth?
where is exact locatin of white spot?
pease explain whatyou meanby popping on pressure...what sort of pressure?for sure absolutely no pain envolved?what is the exact sensation that is experienced?

how long betwwen filling and popping?please explain

when firts go to dentist?beofre all this started?explain point by pont order of occurances rom first going to dentist to current state..sort of chronological order of events..include meds used
John Stanton last decade
tooth is molar on lft side was worked on over a year ago and deep cavity removed crown placed felt some pressure from crown thought was normal not sure of time later that noticed bump with slight pain dentist found nothing at that point and no white yet then it seems like months later the white head formed on the gum on the out side edge below the tooth near where the shot of novacain would have been? and while pressing gum (thought it was something stuck on gum at that point) it popped like a pimple drained and then healed? seemed to go away then came back within a week or so? returned to dentist who xrayed and said root canal was needed no pain at all in tooth only in gum when pressure builds and then feels warm and tastes bitter have had root canal pain before and is not the same was planning visit to new dentist when insurance coverage resumes next month but wanted to consider other methods of treating old dentist seems interested only in high cost treatments at my last dentist visit he gave me amoxicillin that was over a month ago
tlaw63 last decade
painless--close to needle injection-----silica not bad choice--if indeed due to needle (novacain)...infection...

sigle dose (2 pellets) silica 30c--no repetition of dose..

if been taking silica 30c already or higher then ---single dose sulphur 30c...no repetition...may ned come back to ilica after sulphur
--but first we note respose

keep me closely informed
John Stanton last decade
thanks for all your help....I had already taken the 5 tablets of 6c selica as per the bottle directions yesterday at 4pm it felt like it was draining but could not see anything coming out when I looked unless it was in small amounts in my saliva I work the overnight shift so I took another dose just now when I left work should I wait on any more or was this not a strong enough dose? I would be nervous taking anything in the sulfa group as I did have an outbreak of hives several years ago when a dr. prescribed a sulfa based antibiotic
tlaw63 last decade
well sulfa based drugs not the same as sulphur prepared as for homoeopathic use...

also seem thta silica 6c was help draining...take just single dose silica 3o c..and allow response--we'll see if it holds..
John Stanton last decade
the site of infection seems much better on the surface and the gum sensitivity is diminished greatly you suggest a single dose of 30c is there a way to reach that dose with the 6c tablets I have now? it has been nearly 12 hours since I took the 4 tablets of 6c this morning
tlaw63 last decade
if doing fine with 6c --then forget 30c--2 pellets of 6c silica in 20 tablespoons of water..inclean water bottle..sake vigourosuly--take teaspon dose...save mix in refrigorator..repeat each dose from mix every 6 hours--shake vigourously before each teaspoon dose..clear?

post back tomorrow--or sooner --you chose for update..
John Stanton last decade
Hi John sorry I didn't get back sooner was out of the house all day. The gum had been feeling much better until this afternoon when I could feel the pressure start to build up again and by this evening there was a 'head' that filled again? Next step?
tlaw63 last decade
single dose sulphur 200c (2 pellets)---no repeat dose

no sweets

may need go back to silica --we will see

keep me informed
John Stanton last decade
after sulphur treatment the abcess site seems to have closed again and is no longer tender I am hesitantly optimistic as it still feels possible for it to return? should I continue with the silica or if it does reappear what next? thank you tremendously for your help with this so far my limited experience with homeopathy has brought excellent results!! I plan on looking into a local homeopathic practioner
tlaw63 last decade
no other remedy at this time---just relax and observe self closely----see what will occur ...keep me closely informed as if any change at all occur..

no root canal-no extreme dental work--have the doc pull tooth--done with it--beter in long picture...caping isnt permanent..well anyway

keep in touch
John Stanton last decade
ok so I had a feeling it was not quite gone....the tenderness is back in the gum and today a small white spot appeared again. At the moment it is throbbing slightly? I had one tooth on the opposite side pulled about two years ago and worry about how my bite will be effected with teeth missing on both sides? thanks
tlaw63 last decade
single dose hepar sulph 30c

as far as affect--best means is preventatie--but if beyond point o fsaving and root canal is only semig option---then think serious about having pulled..balance--you'll adjust--but still your decision
John Stanton last decade
I have experienced the same symptoms with a tooth. It kept abcessing at the bottom of the root. The hepar sulph works wonders for this problem, it may take about 4 days to be all the way gone.
tbarbie last decade
I am assuming that the hepar sulph is a different remedy than the previous sulphur? you mentioned single dose? does that mean just once or one dose per certain time frame? the other person mentioned taking 4 days? what are the major differences in the 3 remedies you have had me use?
tlaw63 last decade
sulph and hepar sulp ar different...

1st dose dry 1 pelet hepar sulph

just 1 dose only--and if need repeat -then 1 pellet in 4 oz water in water bottle..shake heavy --teaspoon of this mix in another 4 oz water in drinking glass--teaspoon dose --throw away the drinking glass mix after dose...refrigorate water bottle mix...repeat each morning procedure shake (water botle mix) teaspoon dose into 4 oz water in drinking glass...etc---stop this once NOTICE any effect at all..

these remedy choices ae he obvious --if maintaining causation then that nee be addressed--if no good holding response from hepar --then we retake info and look deeper..

all clear?
John Stanton last decade
no questions other than I will not be able to get the hepar sulph until morning....wait patiently through the night
tlaw63 last decade
Hepar sulph use..after a few days the pressure is still eased but there is still some discharge it seems like it is on the verge of staying away but not quite there? I have also felt slightly on edge this week and quicker to lose patience....any connection?
tlaw63 last decade
impatienc--may be hepar sulph...
when last time experienced this sort of 'on edge'?

aslo please expain exactly dental work done in the area of the gum envolved...

have you stopped use of all acids s mentioned?stoped sweets?please explain...osmeagitaion can be from use of these foods

how many doses of hepar take?what potency?
John Stanton last decade
You may try keeping in your mouth chamomile infusion for long times, or wet a cotton ball and put it at the place is causing you trouble. It may help drain it.

Good luck
Cecilia last decade
John is having a few off days..if you need guidance you can seek it from others.
PANKAJ VARMA last decade

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