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Cat with chronic head congestion and other symptoms

Hello Dr. Anuj,
I'm not well versed in homeopathy but have benefited from it.
I have a sick cat. She's 11 years old and has had chronic head and sinus congestion for about two years. I have worked with a classic homeopathic vet but was unable to find a remedy that worked. This last year we moved-and a traditonally trained vet said Emily, my calico feline, had some inflammation in her right ear (I had been treating her on and off for an ear infection and she had been digging and in ear and shaking her head, but more slowly than now).

I unfortunately have, after months of failed online pet homeopathic remedies, now scratches behind her ears. She shakes head in a quick burst of movement. She flings what appears to be clear mucus from nose when shakes head and licks her nose alot. Her breathing is very congested. you can hear it. She at times back swallows the nasal mucus to breathe better. And more recently, occasionally sticks out her tongue a little. I think I've seen her mouth breath a few times within the last several months. I'm not always with her so hard to tract. Has had clear tears from both eyes on occasion. she has rubbed her forehead and had a slight fever on and off mostly in afternoon. Not every week.

I now give her a mix of hypericum, Silacea, Mag Phos, Belladonna all 30c... on top of her food-for ear and right side lower molar gum inflammation which is not as red.

Before she eats: Arsen Album,to help gastritis so she will not vomit and: Phos, Silicea to help with gum inflammation.
I just started 2 days ago giving her some Bach flower remedies to hopefully address any emotional issues. I truly hope you can help us. She's been through alot.
Her poops are good, firm, and she pees alot. I add water to her canned food (all food is canned).

She is somewhat aloof. little interest in playing. Not a lap cat-except for short time. Loves me to give her box rides. I'm holding her in a small box giving a guided tour of our house.
Sweet in nature. Has tolerated alot of syringes with remedies and ear remedies. Sleeps alot. Obsessive licking. Her coat is healthy. At times her leg will twitch (not sure if it's always the same one). She scoots on the rug. this started after anal glands expressed. Vet said anus looks fine, glands not full. I had her checked for worms sometime back. negative results.

She gave a quiet growl at me this week twice. once I was clipping her nail and once for giving her another remedy by mouth. She's never done that before.

All vets have found her to be a sweet,gentle, good natured cat. Easy for them to handle. No aggression showing. She shows interest and even aggression when neighborhood cats walk right next to our lower windows. I think she's just trying to protect her territory. She is an indoor cat.

She's not getting enough exercise or outdoor time --on a leash.

Can I give Arsen Album 30c long term. or alternate with another remedy for gastritis? According to a muscle test her pancreas is at 30%.

I would really appreciate your help Dr. Anuj,I saw where you helped with another cat.
or if someone could step in if Dr Anuj can't help for some reason.. I really need to find relief for Emily.

Thank You! Veeda
  Veeda on 2022-03-23
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
Give Merc Sol 30 three to four times a day.

In addition Nat Sulph Phos 6x,Calc Flour 6x and Kali Mur 6x five tabs of each three times a day.

Feedback after 4 days.
anuj srivastava 10 months ago
I'm sorry Anuj, I forgot to add that she also sneezes. Not alot but probably several times a day. She spends alot of time alone so hard to know. another thing I missed saying was unfortunately in frustration and with suggestion from vet I gave her Zymox which has Hydrocortisone in it. I have one or two days to go but it's an extended time of application and she still shakes her head so it hasn't helped yet. Should I stop that?

Thank you for your help! Veeda
Veeda 10 months ago
Dr Anuj,
Looking more closely at your advise. I have these in Boiron pellet form. Can I just add pellets to her food or should I dissolve in a little liquid...or buy the Hylands brand? Is Hylands better?

Also can I add the Merc Sol Pellets with the additional remedies in her food or give separately in a syrings?
Veeda 10 months ago
Dr. Anuj,

For Clarification...more specific questions
My cat is 10 pounds.

Can I use Schuessler cell salts or ok with Boiron or Hylands (I value your opinion-- is one better than the others) I also have a professional source for homeopathic remedies. It would take more time.

and can I drop onto food or dissolve into a certain amount of water (how much) and use syringe? 1-2 ml?

...the Merc Sol. I have Boiron pellets. How many dissolved in how much water and then how many ml?

I'd like as much specific guidance as you are willing to give me. I'll do my best to follow your advise.

Thank you again! Veeda
Veeda 10 months ago
Schuessler cell salts can be used.Dissolve 15 pellets of each remedy in a glass of water and give by syringe or put it in drinking water.

MS dissolve 15 pellets in an ounce of water and give it three times a day by syringe.

Alternatively you can give both the remedies simultaneously.
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anuj srivastava 10 months ago
Thank you for the clarification.

Once I make the remedy in glass of water can I use the same water for 3 or 4 days?

and does it have to be refrigerated or will it keep at room temperature?

Thank you! Veeda
Veeda 10 months ago
I forgot to ask you if I can keep giving her the Hypericum,
Silacea, mag phos and belladonna for inflammation in ear and molar...

and arsen album, phos, to help with gum and gastritis.
it seems like all together with the new remedies....would it be too much?
Veeda 10 months ago
Once I make the remedy in glass of water can I use the same water for 3 or 4 days? YES

and does it have to be refrigerated or will it keep at room temperature? ROOM TEMP.

Advisable to give remedies recommended and observe.
anuj srivastava 10 months ago
Thank you Anuj!
Veeda 10 months ago
Hello Anuj,

An update on Emily: She is shaking her head alot less. I haven't seen her scratch around her ears but again...i'm not with her most of the time. Her breathing is still congested. She is still scooting but I'm not sure if the frequency is the same.

She is on the 4 cell cells + Merc Sol all mixed together.

I have included .1 ml of arsenicum to help with gastritis. cause i was scared she'd vomit.

I will try it tonight without the arsenicum. If she does vomit should I then add the arsenicum again and rmove one of the cell salts? or add an addition cell salt?

thank you, Veeda
Veeda 9 months ago
Move on only with the protocol I have recommended and see.

Give a feedback after 2 days.
anuj srivastava 9 months ago
Hello Dr Anuj,

I've used the protocol as you instructed. Good news! Emily has kept her food down at every meal without the added arsenicum alba. Just the 4 cell salts and Merc Sol.

I haven't seen her scratching her ears...and have less head shaking although that still occurs as does the scooting. She still is congested in her breathing, licking her nose...I think she is sneezing less.

She does want to be around in the same room with us more, wants more attention, but lis not a frequent lap cat.

Any advise is appreciated!

Thank you,
Veeda 9 months ago
Same protocol with a feedback after a week.
anuj srivastava 9 months ago
ok. thank you!
Veeda 9 months ago
Hello Dr Anuj,

It's a little less than one week and just wanted to report that Emily has gone back to shaking her head about as much as in the beginning and sneezing a little more.

Still occasionally scratching on the outside of the ears. still scooting, obsessively grooms but not to the point where she has any bald spots. She has a beautiful coat of hair.

Has not vomited.

Have not seen the tip of her tongue sticking out but her breathing is still congested.

No growling at me. Is seeking my attention a little more frequently and welcomes my approaches/petting and brushing.

She is still interested if a cat walks by and will go window to window to track it. She wanted to go outside once-I took her on a leash but she has shied away from it since then. Will go to the screen door and sniff or watch birds for awhile.

When you suggested dissolving the 20 cell salt pellets in a glass of water-plus the Merc Sol...would that be like 4-6 ounces of water or more like 10-12 ounces?

I started with 4 cc's for each dose and am now at
around 3 cc's. Is that enough?

oh! I have messed up. I have not been doing the 15 pellets of Merc Sol 30c...only five. in about 5-6 ounces of water combined with only 20 cell salts-5 each.

So I dissolve the 15 MS pellets in one ounce of water. How many cc's do I give her?

...and dissolve 15 pellets of each cell salt, equaling 60 pellets-- in how much water exactly? and then what is the dose in cc's?

I recently had a bad fall and broke 3 bones and had surgery and alot of trauma around it. That and some other medical issues has effected my thinking. But from here out should get better.

Please advise, Anuj.
Thank you again for your help!

Veeda 9 months ago




anuj srivastava 9 months ago
Thank you Anuj,

For your response and the suggestions to help me heal.
I really appreciate it.

One question:

On 3-23-22 I think you said to use:
Calc Flour, Nat Sulph, Nat. Phos. Kali Mur.
4 cell salts, all 6x

You suggested today to use 45 tabs in water. 45 divided by 4 is 11.2 tabs of each. Is there something I'm figuring wrong?

Have a great day--wherever you are!

Veeda 9 months ago
Just mix 11/15 tabs of each.
anuj srivastava 9 months ago
Hello Anuj,

Just wanted to report that my little Emily is doing worse.
Shaking her head much more, scooting more. Sneezing. Licking her nose more.

Clear tear drops forming in right eye.

Definitely wants more attention and staying close to us more often.

Do you think she could have a virus?

Look forward to you response.

Veeda 9 months ago
anuj srivastava 9 months ago
Hello Anuj,

I wanted you to know that I started a new post with new symptoms. Please feel free to contribute. Was looking for immediate response from anyone who could help. Symptoms that are new to me cause me alot of stress. And Emily is definitely worn out. It's been four times for her tonight. Finally decided on arsenicum 30 c. 10ml. I think that has settled her down for now. I'm sure she needs rehydrating.

Veeda 9 months ago
Continue with Ars if she is responding positively.You may like to continue with cell s
anuj srivastava 9 months ago
Hi Anuj,

Thank you for your help.
Did you see my other post from today titled Cat-Vomited pink fluid?

Emily made it through the night no more vomiting.

I gave her Ars this morning 30 minutes ago. So far she is not looking for food which means her stomach feels inflamed. She just laid down -normally she'd letting me know she's hungry and I'm sure she is-since she threw up her supper last night. Her breathing is shallow. and I need to get fluids in her at the least.

Anuj, here are some questons I have.

1. do you have any idea why she'd have blood in her vomit?

2. do you think the cell salt solution was too strong for her? she does have a sensitive stomach

3. should I modify the strength or combination of cell salts at all?

4. can I combine Ars with another remedy to help with pain, help heal her stomach and most importantly help her start eating?

5. with the loss of fluids and Emily not eating yet-do you have a reccomendation?

Any other suggestions to help calm her gut that I might not know to ask you?
Veeda 9 months ago
do you think the cell salt solution was too strong for her? she does have a sensitive stomach

should I modify the strength or combination

Mildest form of medication without any averse effect.

In cats, some of the most common causes of throwing up blood include:

Prolonged or severe vomiting of any cause that is left untreated. Significant vomiting can result in inflammation of the stomach, upper intestines, or esophagus that may lead to bleeding.
Intestinal parasites like roundworm.
Viral or bacterial infections like feline panleukopenia virus.
Digestive system issues such as stomach ulcers or inflammatory bowel disease (IBD).
Side effects of certain medications.
Toxic ingestions.
Severe dental disease or other oral health issues.
Swallowing something sharp (like a bone or fish hook) or something that could cause a stomach or intestine blockage (a toy or string, for example).
Illnesses such as kidney failure or liver disease.
Problems with blood clotting.
Traumatic injuries.

can I combine Ars with another remedy to help with pain, help heal her stomach and most importantly help her start eating?I STRONGLY RECOMMEND ONLY NUX VOMICA 30 AND FERRUM PHOS 6X AS OF NOW.
anuj srivastava 9 months ago
Please try to seek medical help from homeopaths in person. This forum is so risky.
atari2008 9 months ago

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