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6 month old with reflux, recurrent wheezing, rattling respiration after reflux, allergies

I have a 6 month old with reflux, recurrent wheezing, rattling respiration. Whenever he gets a cold it turns into bronchiolitis due to the inability to expell the mucus properly. He regularly has wheezing and rattling breathing (especially after reflux). He's currently on reflux medication, I tried to modify my diet and remove common allergens but things have not improved and I had to start Nexium. I removed: dairy, soy, beef, eggs (reintroduced them since), porc, poultry (because meat can be injected with whey or some other protein). He catches cold after we've had colds and a lot of mucus is created which then goes from his nose to his throat and then bronchi.
The wheezing is what gets me every time....
My mother has asthma and I am afraid he could get it too. I am looking for advice with regards to his situation...
Many thanks!
  Anneyia on 2022-04-22
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
If F any Gynae issues
This reflux is it pertains to food ?
Kaps last year
6 month old male, yes, the reflux is caused by foods, but I have not identified all the triggers yet..I suspect there may be other triggers (food wise).
Anneyia last year
His stool is also filled with moucus, he received antibiotics while in the hospital with pneumonia and his gut has been overthrown ever since. But he had reflux since birth which is agravated by certain foods. When reflux is happening at the same time with a cold he gets rattling respiration, wheezing, coughing to expectorate...we had to use ventolin a few times to help him, but I have stopped it since his cold went away. The rattling goes away after expectoration.
Anneyia last year
Thuja 30 01 pill once a day empty stomach for three days
Post as and when there is change
Kaps last year
Is it possible to to a wet dose instead of a hard pill (I have boiron and they take long to dissolve).

I have Thuja 15 - could I do this instead of 30?

Can I give these doses without taking the medication out (Nexium)?

Also, baby was born with 4.7kg and now he's about 10.5 kg, so he's very chubby. He eats fast, burps and then has reflux. He also has reflux 1hour post breastfeeding, even if he is medicated (especially if I had something with protein in it).

Not sure how relevant this is, but thought I'd mention it.
Anneyia last year
Give 2-3 drops empty stomach
Did any specialist tell you that his sphincter is weak? Then u will need one more remedy
Do not give any steroids if that be the case
All this eating excess burping etc will get balanced
Kaps last year
We have seen multiple specialists who said that yes, his sphincter is weak and in time it will get stronger (lactation consultant, gastroenterologist, paediatrician, cranio-sacral therapist).
He also had a tongue tie which made him eat more and inefficiently at the breast, it was snipped but not much difference was made. I assume he has some trauma as well related to the tongue tie revision. At birth he was also aspirated with a long naso-gastric wire because he had a lot of mucous in his nose and lungs, but I believe the two medical interventions -tongue tie revision and aspiration at birth - may have caused some trauma for him.

Ok - I will use the wet dose for him.
Anneyia last year
I wish you shud have posted all this earlier, anyway,
Start Thuja
Hope remedies are readily available at your place.
All this trauma can be taken care of
Kaps last year
Sorry, it's important information indeed, I just remembered it. I will start with Thuja.

I have many remedies at home, including staphysagria 200, I could try to post two pictures with all the remedies I have, I hope it works. If I don't have a remedy I will try to buy it locally.
Anneyia last year
You must tell me if you have given any remedies
When did you give last dose of which remedy and potency
Kaps last year
The last dose that I have him was calcarea phosphorica 30ch 2 days ago, ai gave it for his teething pains plus tummy issues, but I have seen no improvement and didn't give it again. For teething pain I had to give him dentinox gel right before feeding because he gets super agitated and refuses the breast from the pain

His bottom teeth have come in at 4.5 months old and now at 6 months his upper teeth have come through. So he is a very early teether.
Anneyia last year
For dentition issues calcarea Phos 6x biochemic is needed give it after thuja as I won’t like to mix thuja with anything else
Kaps last year
Hi, we have been away for a few days and came back recently.

On Tuesday I went gluten-free and right from next day I saw major improvements in his reflux. He has less reflux since then, but the mucous is still present (it could be from his massive massive drooling, he goes through many bibs a day).

I have given him Thuja on Thursday morning and after a few hours calcarea phosphorica biochemical salt, it seems to be helping with his teething. He used to be very agitated, his head was a bit hot, but now he's much calmer and happier throughout the day, but he still drools a lot and pulls at his left ear when he's in pain. Stools still have mucous but they have reduced in frequency.

On Saturday morning I gave him another wet dose of Thuja. He had some sort of little pimples on his chin and cheeks, but they're disappearing now, it must have been from the Thuja as a detox symptom. I will give him another Thuja on Sunday as well.

He still has some wheezing, a bit more pronounced actually, but fewer bouts. First thing in the morning he will have some wheezing, because he strains and gets tired and when exhaling I hear how he's wheezing. I can hear/see some minor reflux before his wheezing.

I will come back with more updates as soon as possible.

Thank you!
Anneyia last year
I forgot to mention that he sleeps quite poorly. If he is being rocked to sleep or held, he will sleep better, but if he's on the bed (me next to him) he will wake up 5-10 minutes after falling asleep. I wonder if it's the silent reflux waking him up, because I can see him stirring for a couple of seconds and then jolting awake. I try to put him back to sleep but most times it doesn't work.... So he has very short naps. At night he wakes up in the first part of the night quite often too, but i am next to him so it's easy to put him back to sleep because he doesn't fully wake up like he does in the day.
Anneyia last year
Give him Calcarea Phos 6 x one tab twice a day for three days
And give me a while for other issues
[Edited by Kaps on 2022-04-30 08:27:15]
Kaps last year
Ok, will do, thank you!
Anneyia last year
Try Sambuscus Nigra 30 twice a day
Once his wheezing and respiratory issues subside
Give him Cactus G 30 twice a day every alternate day for three days for reflux as it will strengthen his Sphincter
Kaps last year
Ok, I will start these after I source them at the pharmacy.
Thank you so much!
Anneyia last year

Is it ok to use Sambucus Nigra for a cold too?

We were out and about yesterday and there were times when it was a bit windy and there was some draft too...and the baby now has a cold...mucus up his nose, very up, close to his sinuses...and a tiny cough..for the moment it's just these symptoms...but this is how all colds have started, even the ones that turned into bronchiolitis and I want to avoid complications.

In the past when the mucus got really thick I used antimonium tartaricum to help loosen it up, especially when it got down in his throat (to avoid it going into his bronchi).

His 4th tooth came through and he is a bit better in terms of iritability, but his sleep is still poor, wakes up shortly after falling asleep.

Should I continue with Sambuccus Nigra while he has this cold? I usually clean his nose thoroughly and do some plant extracts + vitamin C while he has a cold, last time we were able to avoid complications, hoping to avoid them now too.

Thank you!
[Edited by Anneyia on 2022-05-03 05:34:32]
Anneyia last year
Have you started Sambucus N or not
Does he catches a cold whenever he is exposed to drafts or cold wind ?
Does he have wheezing now
Keep a watch once he goes to sleep and observe why his sleep breaks specially if it is due to his breathing getting choked
Post replies for further advise
Kaps last year
Yes l, I have started the sambucus nigra this morning, I have not noticed any wheezing because I have put him down for a nap (shortly after the dose).

Yes, he has a cold sensitivity and he easily catches colds whenever he's exposed to drafts or cold winds or when the weather changes from sunny to windy/colder...

I cleaned his nose before his nap and in his sleep his breathing is fine, no mucous in his nose, no wheezing, no rattling.

Since he started teething he sleeps very lightly and the smallest noise wakes him up (like me moving in bed and the mattres makes some noise, or if the door is opened very quietly he will still sense that and immediately want to sit up, or if there is chatting noise behind the door he will hear that and tend to wake up but I immediately intervene and put him back to sleep).

I think it's the teething pain that does not allow him to go into a deep sleep. I gave him a paracetamol suppository one night and after it he was able to fully rest and sleep, before that he woke up at the slightest noise. After the suppository he slept soundly for a few hours. Without it, he seems in pain.
Sometimes I hear a small "sighing" in his sleep, like he wants to relax and go into a deeper sleep, but maybe he can't due to the teething disconfort/pain.
Anneyia last year
Start calcarea Phos 6x one tab thrice a day for three days
Post any changes by Sambuscus just give it for one more day
Kaps last year
Today he has had more wheezing than usual (in the last few days it was very light and just a couple of times a day), but today it was louder and multiple times a day, so it looks like an aggravation, which I assume might be normal due to the remedy or maybe due to the cold that's creeping up.
I have done a nasal rinse before bed because he was snotty and there is no mucus now, he's breathing very well (it's middle of the night here).
Will post an update tomorrow too.

Shall I maintain the sambucus twice a day? Today I managed to give it only once because I gave him calc phos three times, last time before bedtime.
Thank you!
Anneyia last year
Looks like aggravation and you are the best judge
Give Sambuccus for another day and post
If teething irritation is gone stop Calcarea Phos
Kaps last year
Only understanding of the concerned System and then a simple, specific solution works.
One cannot do homeo by holding Kent repertory in one hand and with other hand on keyboard.
Abdomen and upper respiratory systems are not mutually exclusive.
[Edited by rajukmar on 2022-05-04 05:05:07]
rajukmar last year

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