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Fear of death and immortality

I have extreme fear of death after reading books transhumanism cryonics and homo devus youval herari books that future human will live indefinite which caused fear in me that after my death people will live indefinitely and I will miss chance of immortality. Is there any home remedy which help me to overcome this fear
  earth 113 on 2022-04-23
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
I doubt that the human immortality is going to come true in next couple of centuries.
From the time the life has evolved on earth there is only one living being who does not die, rest everything that takes birth has to die.
If people stop dying imagine the first impact will be not to produce babies as there won’t be enough space on earth.
Human nature of getting bored sooner or later of the most favourite of activity food friends name it we get over or fed up with. Imagine will that immortality be worth it
I have my doubts that we will ever overcome death
So first think it this way and so not be too affected by those theories.

Fear of death due to so many reasons are rubrics but fear of death as immortality will become true after I die is not a rubric

Post reply so that some rubric can be found for recommending a remedy
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Kaps last month
Thanks sir. I have obsesssive compulsive disorder for 20 years is there rubric nothing satisfied me
earth 113 last month
OCD is a coined term does not convey anything to a homeopath we need symptoms what happen what do you do ?
Tell me about your strong like and dislikes what do you abhor?
What are you a obsessive about like washing hand keep things in order or using abusive language
Tell me, like story, about your mental issues
[Edited by Kaps on 2022-04-24 04:51:41]
Kaps last month
I agree with Kaps. People feel using terms like OCD,... they can convey their assumed superior knowledge. In fact sufferers pick up such terminology from the doctors who named ailments like this only perhaps to impress patients; else if OCD etc were not incurable the doctors should have cured them. There's no room for names of diseases in Homeo. In Allopathy, doctors only look for name of the disease; if they fail to understand symptoms they call some Specialist to give name to disease.
rajukmar last month
Sir, In 2001 I have fear death and impending disease I took antidepressant I was cured. Then in 2010 I had disappointment in love , from which body dysmorphic disorder started . I am very concerned about my hairs skin , even I don't take medicine which side effect is hair loss. Basically it is fear of rejection. I want to remain perfect attractive but on other side I am forty years I have no relationship all my life time
earth 113 last month
Tell me who is perfect ?
I am not sure even the creator is perfect
It is these imperfections which make us an individual
If u are scared of losing hair shave off your head, it definitely gives a better growth post shaving and you will also realise the importance of having hair or not having them . Trust me and try it.

Even writing on this forum is sure to make you lose some hairs as mental stress is a START POINT of all diseases other than traumas.
People ar forty having hair are scared of grey hair so it’s the way you think about it

You have not had any relationship till now then for whom do you want to be attractive for.Or are you waiting for a perfect person

Just go and explore for relationship worst case scenario u ll be rejected which won’t change your condition but if you do not try how r will u come across the one who wants to be in a relationship with you.i am sure u must have seen psychiatrists and they must have told you similar stuff.
There are a number of movies in such issues all bring out this lesson that PERFECT exists only in literature.

Why am I writing this then? Any medication or homeopathic remedies will fail if you do not make an effort to change

Bit of imperfection is great rejection means that selection exists can you just go on eating your favourite dish all three meals all thru the year?


Do you still have fear of death
What medications are you taking these days and for how long
What peculiar thought makes you feel that someone will reject you ?
Any other medical issues
Sleep dreams
You did not post about the behaviour which made the diagnosis of OCD

I am certain remedies will help to a great extent
Kaps last month
I am waiting for perfect idealized partner. I have fear of death. I feel I am ugly My hair will fall my idealized partner will reject me . I am taking ssri fluvoxamine for last 12 years 200 mg daily. I see dreams of disappointment and unsuccessful effors often.ocd diagnosis When back 2001 fear of germs fear of flying that my plane will crash Intrusive thoughts which diagnosis my ocd.
earth 113 last month
Fear of death due to what and what time of the day is it the most or while undertaking what activity ?
Do you still have the feeling of germs in your hands and fear of flying ?
[Edited by Kaps on 2022-04-24 08:47:43]
Kaps last month
Fear of germs that my skin not become dirty and my hair don't fall Only fear of rejection .fear of death it is kind metaphysical anxiety
[Edited by earth 113 on 2022-04-24 08:57:24]
earth 113 last month
What happens if you miss a dose of SSRIs
Nux Vomica 200 05 drops in water OR 04 pills once a day for three days just before switching off the light before sleeping
Fourth day onwards Lac C 200 one dose only
Post 24 hours after taking Lac C
Kaps last month
If I miss dose of ssri thoughts of indefinite life span come to me . I think people will live indefinite life span they will find fountain of youth formula, I will miss chance of indefinite life span

Sir u written there is only one living being who does not die, rest everything that takes birth has to die.

My question is which living being that don't die? Please reply
earth 113 last month
Kaps last month
Yes I have already read

Then sometimes I think some extra terristral aliens will come to earth, teach us lesson of immortality, some advance aliens will come to earth teach us lessen about immortality indefinite life span.

sir u have written there is only one living being who does not die, rest everything that takes birth has to die.please reply
[Edited by earth 113 on 2022-04-25 05:18:06]
earth 113 last month
It’s a jellyfish the zoological name is
Turritopsis dohrnii
Start your medicines ASAP
Kaps last month
How are you so sure that aliens will come there is no scientific of any ET life as yet it maybe there but we have no concrete evidence of the same so enjoy this life rather than thinking like this suddenly u ll find yourself another 10 years older and feel that the life has slipped by you
Kaps last month
Boy https://www.thesun.co.uk/news/4867116/ru...
Boy Russia lived in Mars previous life time. Alein civilization live immortal
earth 113 last month
No comments one day a manned mission to Mars will verify all this
Kaps last month
There other ufo writers. Is there any homeopathy remedy which treat
My suspicious mistrustful nothing satisfy my behavior
earth 113 last month
There are a number of remedies but u start what I have prescribed those will help with your mental make up
Kaps last month
Nux vomica
Lac canium
earth 113 last month
Kaps last month
What's happening?
rajukmar last month
What wrong did I prescribe Rajukmar
Kaps last month
earth: There is whole lot of literature on Fear issue. I will try to help. But you'll have to be brief and succinct.
[Edited by rajukmar on 2022-04-26 03:16:32]
rajukmar last month
Nux for ill effects of SSRIs
Lac c for dreams of disappointments
Thereafter some symptoms will come up
Prescribe, do not ask, for all you care Earth 113 may not even respond at all, a big handicap on this forum.
[Edited by Kaps on 2022-04-26 03:52:23]
Kaps last month

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