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Need Help Overcoming Severe Reaction to Thuja

If a homeopath could please help me, I would greatly appreciate it.

I started seeing a licensed homeopath in January and she prescribed Thuja LM1 - to be taken at 10 taps once daily for 20 days.

I started to have significant fevers after about five days. They started in my belly, with nausea, then dizziness, then severe sweating all over my body. They are very weakening and I have to lay down with them. I also got all kinds of pains in my occipital area, gained weight, got very weak, my libido stopped completely, and all kinds of other odd symptoms. That was back in January. I contacted the homeopath after about 10 doses and she wanted me to keep taking the remedy, but I did not, as I was unable to function in my life and was very ill.

After six weeks, most of the symptoms went away, except for the fever/sweats with nausea and dizziness and the lack of libido. The fever sweats have not subsided and I get them 10-15 times throughout the day and night. They are debilitating and I am getting weaker. I am also not comfortable driving as I get so faint and am scared of causing an accident.

The homeopath then put me on Nabalus Serp LM1 to be taken in the same way. Apparently this is a rare remedy and I cannot find much info on it. And I do not know how to antidote it. The Nabalus only seemed to cause the Thuja aggravation to get worse, adding bile and vomiting to the mix of fever sweats, nausea, and dizziness. When I told her after a few days I had stopped the remedy, she wanted me to continue it. I did not.

I want to be clear, all of these above symptoms are symptoms I did NOT have before the remedy.

Since stopping the Nabalus, the vomiting has stopped, but there is now some pain in my stomach that I did not have before, as well as the nausea, dizziness, and fever sweats.

My acupuncturist, who knows my body very well, says the Thuja caused the chi to move 'up' and not 'down' and that the liver is now "invading the stomach with liver heat." He said it is "reverse peristalsis which suppresses." He told me to absolutely stop the remedies, even though the homeopath says I should keep taking the Nabalus.

I was originally seeking treatment for:

Bloating in my digestion and also pain after some acid things.
Some anemia
Colon polyps removed in my colonoscopy.

My personality is timid but friendly. I socialize in small amounts and then like to go home to re-charge, so I am rather introverted. I am very sensitive and very psychic. I am sensitive to cruelties, esp to animals, and prefer the company of my animals to most people.

Can someone help me to get rid of the symptoms that Thuja left behind...? How to antidote? It has been more than three months of this and it is debilitating.

Thank you kindly for your help.
  magicandmiracles1 on 2022-04-24
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
You can try the following:
Take some sour fruit like lemon or orange or unripe mango after food.( Only a little like half a teaspoon).
If any symptoms are still there take Nux Vomica 30 .(maximum 3 doses at 3 hour interval).
These are to antidote Thuja.
For your problems existing prior to taking Thuja you will need other medicines which will come later.
WORD OF CAUTION: When consulting a homeopath please note whether he or she notes down your problems. If this is not done do not take medicine from that homeopath. Keeping a record of symptoms is mandatory in homeopathy.
telescope 9 months ago
LM is not a high potency. In such cases smelling Camphor may do the trick in all cases. If the potency is high then take a dose of its low potency. Though why start with LM in first place is not clear.
[Edited by rajukmar on 2022-04-25 15:02:09]
rajukmar 9 months ago
telescope - thank you kindly for your response. I did try the lemon yesterday, but I don't see any difference today. It will take me a couple of days to get the Nux 30. I will report back any symptom changes after I get the remedy and take it. I appreciate your response very much.
magicandmiracles1 9 months ago
rajukmar - thank you for your response. I did try smelling camphor for a few days a couple of weeks ago and there was no change in symptoms. I don't understand your comment about starting with LM - is that not a good place to start a case? I trusted the homeopath, thinking that since she was licensed she would know the proper way to use homeopathy. What is a lower dose than LM...would a 6c be a lower dose? I have rudimentary knowledge of homeopathy and zero knowledge about the LM potencies.
magicandmiracles1 9 months ago
LM potencies come at much later stage. And they serve special purpose. No 6C is not lower. I suggest you can take ZincumMet 200 one dose daily for 3 days..
rajukmar 9 months ago
telescope - I took Nux 30 on 4/25 - two doses. I am not yet seeing a reduction in sweating or stomach discomfort...not sure how long to wait? Thank you.
magicandmiracles1 9 months ago
Also...the nausea has turned more into pain in the pit of my stomach...like a burning in the bottom pit of my stomach...no heartburn, just pain in the stomach that lasts all day...it is constant. Thank you.
magicandmiracles1 9 months ago
Please answer the following:
Are you overweight?
What sort of weather do you prefer?
Do you sweat much ? If so whole body or some part only.
Are you fond of any particular food ?
telescope 9 months ago
I am average weight. 5'10" and 168 pounds. Female, age 52. I have gained about 10 pounds in the last few years with my thyroid being low. It is very difficult to lose.

I prefer moderate. Not too hot, not too cold, but being too cold is much worse than being too hot.

I rarely sweat, unless I am working out...and it would be a whole body sweat while I am working out. Not until I took Thuja did I start sweating for no reason at all, and it is profuse and drenching.

I love cheese, and I crave chocolate...dark chocolate. I eat really well, but I do eat too much chocolate. It is truly an addiction. I like flavorful foods, not bland, but not too spicy.

Thank you kindly for your assistance.
magicandmiracles1 9 months ago
Please take one dose Calcarea Carb 200 preferably at night. Do not eat or drink anything 30 minutes before and after taking medicine. Avoid sour food and drinks. There may be aggravation of acidity problem for a day or two. Update after three days of taking medicine. Do not repeat medicine.
telescope 8 months ago
Thank you very much for your help. I do not have Calcarea Carb 200 and would have to order it. I do have Calcarea Carb 30c...is it okay to start with 30c...or should I order the 200c and wait until it comes in...? Thank you.
magicandmiracles1 8 months ago
You can take it. You will need to repeat it after a few days. However, let me know before you repeat.
telescope 8 months ago
Thank you very much. I will take the 30c tonight and report back in a few days.
magicandmiracles1 8 months ago
Since taking Calc 30c:

Positive: the acid feeling in my upper belly is gone.

Neutral: there has been no change in sweating.

Negative: my lower belly is swollen, tight, somewhat painful, and I am not passing gas.

How to proceed...? Thank you.
magicandmiracles1 8 months ago
I forgot to mention that I have been waking in the middle of the night (between 2 to 3 am) with pain in my lower stomach for the past few days...it feels like a tension/cramping and I have a lot of emotional distress...I am awake for an hour or so...in the morning when I get up, the pain is not there and my emotions are fine.

Thank you.
magicandmiracles1 8 months ago
I am sorry I am writing in so much, but wanted to give you more information. The sweating and heat and nausea/acid started four days after taking the daily LM1 Thuja. It was like flipping a light switch and it was all there. From nothing, to full-blown. Is it possible that it is not just a fever from Thuja, but that Thuja imbalanced me and caused me to move into menopausal symptoms?

Prior to Thuja my only menopausal symptoms were that my periods were about 2.5 months apart, instead of 31 days apart...and they were a bit heavier than normal. Slightly low thyroid and hairfall, but no hot flashes, no sweating, no mood swings, no insomnia.

I don't know if this is relevant, but I self-prescribed Silicea 30c a couple of times in December for hairfall, and it stopped my hairfall. I also felt good emotionally on it. I started thyroid medicine in early January and was losing weight and feeling good...then I took Thuja and everything changed.

Thuja was the worse remedy I have ever taken (at least the way it was prescribed to me): sweating, hot flashes, nausea, acid, severe occipital pain (taking advil every day for weeks and going to the chiropractor every other day for three weeks), my muscles felt like they were shrinking and pulling my joints out of alignment (I felt like I aged 20 years!), cherry hemangiomas appeared down my left leg, gaining weight very rapidly despite thyroid medicine lowering weight, dry anus and vagina, zero libido, my personality became hard, I kept forgetting things and became a "last minute" person when normally I am organized and prompt and very responsible, I would get up in the middle of the night to drink one or two glasses of ice cold water (I never drink ice water), etc. It was truly a horrible experience (and still is, but not as bad as it was).

So, I am thinking that perhaps Thuja caused such an imbalance in my body as to push me into full blown menopausal symptoms...? I don't know if this makes a difference for choosing a remedy.

Thank you kindly. I truly appreciate your help. I have been so scared.
magicandmiracles1 8 months ago
How many doses of Calcarea Carb did you take ? If only one, take another. If more than one let me know.
telescope 8 months ago
Just one dose so far.
magicandmiracles1 8 months ago
Take another dose.
telescope 8 months ago
Done. Thank you. I will report back in a few days.
magicandmiracles1 8 months ago
Reporting back on the second dose of Calc Carb 30. No change in sweating, but have developed big bloating and discomfort, including feeling 'off' in my head/brain for a couple of hours after eating. Not passing gas either.

Thank you.
magicandmiracles1 8 months ago
Take a dose of Lycopodium 30 during first half of the day. Do not take it after that.
telescope 8 months ago
Thank you so much, telescope, for your help. Unfortunately, Lycopodium is one of the remedies I cannot take. I have been prescribed Lycopodium several times by homeopaths at a 30c and 200c and I always have the worse reactions. It is not a remedy I will ever take again. I do not do well with Sulphur either.

Is there another remedy?

Thank you kindly.
magicandmiracles1 8 months ago
Lyco and Sulphur leave me with a 'hugely' bloated belly and extreme difficulty after eating. I get dizzy and sick feeling, severe brain fog and lethargy...can't read or process information...and this continues for two months after taking the remedies, with no healing of original symptoms. Similar symptoms as I just got with Calc, but the Calc symptoms are not nearly as severe as Lyco. I have read that these remedies are related, so maybe I just don't do well with this category...?

Phosphorus just gives me a cough...that lasts for four to five months, with no healing of other symptoms.

Thank you.
magicandmiracles1 8 months ago
Ok. You mentioned that you had good results from Silicea, so you can try one dose of that.
telescope 8 months ago

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