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my 13 year-old daughter has had a severe headache for 7 weeks, with no relief 1


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7 year old has headache for the last 2 weeks

My 7 year old had a bad bout of coughing in the last week of March. It was because of oak allergies. The doctor tried antihistamines first and then put her on zythromycine 5 day antibiotics which took care of the cough. She still had headaches so the doctor asked us to get a sinus x-ray. sure enough she had a sinus infection. She was then treated for sinus infection with a 10 day supply of amoxycillin. She now has a headache that stays from morning to night. We have tried many pain killers. Advil is the only one that gives some relief. The doctor did a blood test to check her blood count and asked for another sinus x-ray. Both the tests had good results but the headache continues to bother her and makes a once bubbly and full of energy child tired. Today, we got an MRI done to check into this further. Any advice on homeopathic drugs that could help will be appreciated. She is very tall and well built, very social and loves people. Her appetite is fine. Please let me know if you have nay other questions. Thanks in advance. Sandhya
  sandhya on 2006-05-03
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
If your daughter first started her headache after she completed the course of both the Azithromycin and Amoxycillin which from your statement she took for over 2 weeks continuously, it is obvious that it was the 2 antibiotics that were responsible for her headache.

You state that she started a cough because of oak allergies. This seems unusual as it is very rarely that a cough can originate from any allergy. Allergies usually cause sneezing and coryza. I believe that your doctor prescribed the 2 antibiotics as she was not responding to the antihistamine and suspected that she had a URT infection. It is strange however that the Azithromycin did not help her in a few days as this is a powerful drug and usually settles any infection in about 3 days. It is far more potent than the Amoxycillin which I see you have used for 10 days in, I presume, the usual dose of 3 capsules daily.

If she has stopped her course of antibiotics a couple of days ago you are advised to give her Yoghurt to replace the bacteria that were destroyed in her gut. Any other good Probiotic is also indicated.

For her headache you can give her Bryonia 30c dose 4 pellets under the tongue. This remedy usually controls a headache in under half hour
but if it does not respond you can use a repeat dose 2 hours after. She may also use it on the day after but in a reduced dosage of 2 pellets before sleep for 2-3 days when she should be able to overcome her headache.

If she shows signs of catching a throat infection you can use Bell 30c as early as possible when she first shows signs of that irritation in the throat with phlegm. Dose 2 pellets every 3 hours.

If she shows signs of catching a cold you can use Ferr Phos 6x dose 2 tablets every 3 hours till the sneezing and coryza stabilizes.

These 2 remedies usually prevent a cough or a cold coming on and this is far better than catching the infection and treating it with antibiotics later.

Report response in a few days.
Joe De Livera last decade
Hi Joe, Firstly, thank you so much for your response - really, really appreciate your help. We just got back the MRI results and the results are Normal. This is a big relief for us. We will give her Bryonia 30c tablets and I will keep you posted on how it goes.

Please Note: She took Amoxycillin in a liquid form (pink) 2 1/2 spoons twice a day for 10 days.

Thanks again.
sandhya last decade
Joe, I forgot to mention that we give her yogurt with live culture 3 times a day since the last 3 days. We will continue giving her that. Thanks
sandhya last decade
This is the usual reaction of MD's who are only too ready to prescribe powerful antibiotics which in this case were not at all indicated as there was no real need as it was not a SOS scenario merely to treat her cough.

As you have seen the antibiotic is the cause of her headaches and I note that you have been treating them with analgesics which can also cause damage to the liver and other organs.

You now have my formula to avoid coughs and colds and let us hope that you will be able to ensure that she does not catch them regularly.

I hope that the Bryonia will help her and I shall look forward to your report.
Joe De Livera last decade
suppression---illness resided in sinus' at this point..expect discharge if treatment corect..
John Stanton last decade

Let me rephrase to see if I understood right. You are saying that there may be some residual sinus mucuc that may be causing this and that we should expect some discharge. However, she is not congested at all now. It is just headache's from morning till night which makes her really tired. yesterday and todat, she compalined of pain in the lower portion of her leg below her knee. Is this normal? Thanks
sandhya last decade
ok--cough treated suppressivly--illness settled in sinus' and give rise to headache..congestive in a way...i tell joe and you--so as know what to look for --to tell not worry when nasal discharge occur (if right treatment)--either post nasal or frontal..will most like seem like coryza symptoms--i suspect will see some sort of cough return --but only in pasing---once movement starts --will need treat -so as not get stuck in that phase of ilness---BUT be cautious--further supressive treament--will only complicate further..

clear? questions?
John Stanton last decade

What is the right treatment -do I give Bryonia 30c and then expect some coryza symptoms?

sandhya last decade
Let her take the Bryonia 30c and see the result.

If she gets a nasal discharge or a cough as John expects this is a small price to pay for recovery from her headaches without analgesics.
Joe De Livera last decade
yes -discharge is GOOD sign---this shows correct direction...headache gone--discharge start ----but if pain mitigates--gastric symptoms --then wrong direction...after noting bryonia response --then will no better what is what...

so keep us closely informed

John Stanton last decade
Hello Sandhya

Your daughter reminds me of when I was a child.

I too suffered severe consequences as a result of taking antibiotics when I was ten years old. I lived in Mexico before that and we didn't have access to antibiotics.

At that time, I think I was having difficulty swallowing or ringing in the ears or something.

When I was a teenager I was again prescribed antibiotics for a cough which according to my medical records states I had an infection. As an adult I got copies of my records when I found out about Candida.

After I learned about Candida and cured myself of it, I no longer had any of those symptoms that I was prescribed antibiotics for because my real problems were CANDIDA and not infections. So I believe I never had any need for those antibiotics. But I needed to be treated for Candida instead.

I gave up drinking milk in approx 1983 and never again got a persistent cough.

I did continue to have coughing after 1983 but only during stressful times when I didn't eat. I used straight lemon for 3 days to get rid of it.

But since I started treating with homeopathy, I have not had any hint of the cough again.

I think that dairy products was a huge cause of the coughing. I no longer drink milk and eat dairy products on rare occassions, but no cough whatsover thanks to homeopathy.

The antibiotics I took in 1969 also caused my blood pressure to get very low. The headaches they caused me were migraine headaches, but didn't know it at that time. I used to think I had eye problems and made several visits to the optometrist and later saw an optomologist for them as well.

You might check with your daughter and ask her if she sees things when she gets her headaches. And if her vision gets dark when she bends or squates down to pick something up.

When I used to squate down to fill the photocopy machines, my vision used to get totally black when I would get back up. This was due to my very low blood pressure.

It wasn't until approximately 1989 that I recovered completely from migraine headaches and the very low blood pressure after I cured myself of Candida.

Learn about Candida. The best book I have found is called the Yeast Syndrome by Dr. Trowbridge. The book has a very long list of symptoms all of which I had simultaneously at one time. The more you know about the desease and it's symptoms, the better armed you are to get help from John Stanton and other people at this forum.

I wish you well and hope you and your daughter get well soon.
Pat2006 last decade
'Beyond Antibiotics' is a good book to read about antibiotics and some alternatives. I can't remember the author, but I can look it up if you have trouble locating it.
Lauriasmom last decade
Hello Lauriasmom

The author is Schmidt, Michael. I just requested it from my public library.

Thank you very much.
Pat2006 last decade
John/Joe, Thanks again for the wondrful advice. My daughters headache has come down significantly(50% down) with Bryonia overnight. She has a lttle bit of flem down and throat and did say that her ears hurt when she walked down the stairs.

A friend of mine who gave me the Bryonia also gave me Bell and said this will treat any infection that may come. I hope the Bell will take care of the drainage in her ear. Do you recoomed anything specific to treat ear infections?

Thanks again
sandhya last decade
Glad to note that your girl has responded positively to the Bryonia.

I would prefer that you do not mix remedies and that you do not give her Bell. In any case it will not help with drainage of her ear.

Keep on with the Bryonia as instructed and it would be of interest to know what your dose was and how many were given.

It is interesting to note that there was no coryza as anticipated by John S. I too did not expect any reaction like coryza and the chief ailment was helped and hopefully will be cured tomorrow.
Joe De Livera last decade
Joe, I gave her Bryonia(1m)- 4 pellets twice yesterday with a 2 hour interval. Thanks
sandhya last decade
Do not give her Bryonia 1M as I had prescribed the 30c potency only. Please note that potencies of remedies may only be used as instructed as serious problem may follow otherwise

Can John S please comment ?
Joe De Livera last decade
Sorry, Joe I am new to homeopathy and did not realize this. She did show considerable improvement though and I was quite happy. I only hope there are no reactions because I gave the incorrect dosage.

Is it ok for me to get Bryonia 3 now and use 2 pellets before sleep for 2-3 days like you suggested?

Thanks again for your time and efforts. Really appreciate it.
sandhya last decade
improvement? then single dose bryonia 200c (2 pellets) no repeat dose and see what response is---take not eif any new (never occured before symptoms occur after bry 200c)

no acid foods and drinks
John Stanton last decade
I am glad that I was able to alert you to the danger of using the third Bry 1M dose. Her response is interesting to me as I have never used the 1M for headaches and you state that you gave her 2 doses which actually helped her.

However I do not think that any permanent damage was done and I would prefer that you use the 30c and NOT the 3(c?) that you mentioned in your post:

'Is it ok for me to get Bryonia 3 now and use 2 pellets before sleep for 2-3 days like you suggested?'

You need Bryonia 30c and you can give her 2 pellets every night when her headaches should cease.

Feel free to post any ailment on this thread as I get the automatic email alert and can help you or your daughter.

But please do not use any Antibiotics as they only predisposes the user to more dangerous ailments.

You may like to know that I have not used any drugs including antibiotics, vitamins etc for the last 30+ years except 3 years ago when I was in surgery and was given an antibiotic for 3 weeks. None since then and I am at age 76 in perfect health.

I have taken a teaspoonful of Arnica 6c in the wet dose every night for the last 10 years and recommend it to you and your family as it is by far the best tonic you can use.
Joe De Livera last decade
I am copying an email I received from Sandhya and my reply as I feel that other members may also like to read the progress in this case.

Hi! Joe

Just a quick update. My daughter still has a headache but much better than before. She did fine in school yesterday. However, since she did complain of body ache last night, so I did not give her any medicine today and will wait and see how she does today before giving Bry 30c. I think now the body needs to act and get back to normal with the help of the medication in her system.

I did read about your recommendation using Arnica 30c wet dose once every night for diabetes and will try that. I am right now on metformin and avandia. Diabetes runs in my family and I had gestational diabetes in both my pregnancies and it just stayed after my younger ones birth. It may be good for my husband too who is losing some hair in the back of his head. We are visiting India soon and I will get the medicine there.


Hi Sandhya,

Glad to note that your daughter's headache is better but I am concerned that it has not stopped bothering her any more.
Bryonia usually cures headaches and migraine almost instantly and usually within the hour.
Can you ask her if her headache is triggered when she steps out into strong sunlight ? If so another remedy is indicated.

You are a good test case for Diabetes to be treated by Arnica 30c. The dose is a teaspoonful taken twice daily and you should check your Blood sugar level daily with a digital glucometer as you willl observe that it goes down rapidly. You then reduce the Metformin. Also use 1/4 teaspoonful of Cinnamon powder twice daily which you can drink as a brew or sprinkled in food. It is quite pleasant ! But you must get the true Cinnamon from Sri Lanka or India as the Chinese is a different variety and is of no help.

For your husband's hair Arnica 30c should help with the Arnica Q mix with Coconut or Olive oil massaged daily into the hair roots after shaking the bottle hard before application.

Joe De Livera last decade

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