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clarification about antidote. Found more indicated remedy but antidotes previous remedy for a different condition

Hi good day,

I have Right rib cage dysfunction. Main symptoms are intercostal pains, rib pain while inhaling, sore ribs (all right side), sore muscles and spams: trapezius, rhomboid, muscle between lower end of the rib and hip.

Main aggravation: trapezius muscle spasm due to anger or emotional upsets.

As per my research Ranunculus bulb is indicated. I have been taking RT30 previously for another muscle pain.

Ranunculus bulb antidotes RT, is there any harm done if we intently take a remedy which antidotes a previous remedy. I understand that you need to antidote sometimes if required but could one antidote a previous remedy because of a new condition and its indicated remedy?

I can elaborate my case if required.

At present I am trying Bryonia 30.

Thank you.
  yave0011 on 2022-04-29
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
Please elaborate.
telescope last year
Age 39
Sex: Male
Weight: 85
Height: 177 cms
Slightly overweight
Occupation: in Project management, mostly sitting in front of the computer and occasional site walks.

Diagnosis: Cervical spondylitis with osteophytes in C4-C5, disk space narrowing, Right Rib cage Dysfunction (Costochondritis)

- One cartilage connecting to the sternum appears inflamed (clear dissymmetry on the right side when compared with the left) . Mild and dull continuous pain at the site of joint between sternum and rib cartilage.
- Mild right rib pain when inhaling.
- Muscle between edge of the right rib and hip pain.
- Neck pain when turning to the extreme right.
- Constant feeling of dizziness, and loss of balance/ head is spinning when standing up from floor especially when standing speedily makes it worser.
- Head spinning feeling when moving the eyes
- Constant congestive feeling in the forehead, eyes, eyes feel like pressed or popping out.
- Trapezius muscle spasm. The whole muscle from back to the front connecting to sternum feels painful aggravated by anger or anxiety, or dwelling on the past disappointments or conflicts
- mild right scapula pain and shoulder blade
- Sometimes pain extends all the way to right buttock.
- Feeling week, dehydrated, fatique, desire of sugary drinks or foods for quick energy
- Stiffness of many joints, bending for cracking sound.
- Constant mild humming noise in ears. Ear wax is in gel state and brown in color while cleaning.
- Snoring and decreased oxygen levels while sleeping.
- Recurring sinus infections.
- Allergic sneezing episodes
- Hair loss and greying of hair.

Thermals: Hot as well as Chilly. In recent days feeling mostly hot despite Air conditioning.

Thirsty, preference for room temp water or cold water, drinking a lot at once like two glasses. Preference to tea instead of coffee.

Eating in the middle of the night especially for sugary things or fruits.

Any single noise wakes me up to check for robbers ever since a theft was reported in the community. Also wake up several times during the night since our grand mother's seizures.

Father is going through radiation therapy after surgery. Was stressed that I am unable to help but now I am relocating to be with parents, so that gives little comfort but at the same times thinking for the future.

lot of yawning and sighing.

Preference to sleep on right side but it aggravated the pain on the right rib.

In a hurried state, trying to be on time, but sometimes get into the mode of procrastinating especially when it is about unknown things, but I used to be lot proactive and was known to manage things well especially when it is about unknown things.


Prefer things to be in order, so it is easier and quicker to find them.

Reads, does courses, or learning new things either through audio, video, reading until late midnight. Waking up around
07:00 Am.

- Movement of eyes, when things around move faster for e.g. while being a passenger in a taxi (no complaints while driving).
- Bending front: When bending double; burning pain in the neck, upper back, pain at the small of the back, right scapula, feeling of blood stuck in the head and eye popping out and breathing difficulty, nauseous.
- Rising up from the floor (I believe I am looking down)
- While sleeping on the right side makes the right rib pain worser but nose block clears when sleeping on the right side.
- Feeling of not having enough energy for the kids

- When standing straight, stretching backwards, walking (but not more than 3 kms).
- When sitting straight
- Cold water/ cold shower on the head. Prefer warm water on the body.
- when eating sugary things to get quick energy
- Coffee with milk to remove the congestive feeling.
- When getting busy with any acitivity.
- Yoga and sweating out through Yoga. I used to do Power Yoga, may be that has slightly aggravated. Not been doing Yoga since months.
- When not moving or sitting continuously to avoid dizziness feeling but the dizziness feeling is also there while sittign (especially tight eyes and forehead).

On Bryonia 30 one dose a day since three days (today is third day).

Most priority: I want to get relief from the dizziness feeling/ sore eyes, then then other complaints.
yave0011 last year
Please take Calcarea Carb 1m one dose preferably at night. Avoid sour food and drink as that will antidote medicine. Do not repeat medicine.
You should do some back stretch exercise without putting any strain.
telescope last year
Thank you so much sir.

Based on my research my personality is more towards Kali family particularly Kali bi.

Would like to contemplate this with you for my better understanding and better prepared when I take Calc carb in 1m (high potency) in what to expect for e.g. any aggravation or proving.

In your opinion Ranunculus bulb not indicated?, or is it only partially indicated?

I have taken Bryonia 30 today, so shall I do CC 1m tomorrow night?

Thank you.
yave0011 last year
As you have taken bryonia it will have to be antidoted first as bryonia and Calcarea Carb have inimical relationship. To do that you can use Nux Vomica 30 or Sulphur 30 one dose only.I would recommend Sulphur as Calcarea acts better after Sulphur. However do not take Sulphur at night as it will cause sleep disturbance.
Finding the constitutional remedy is very difficult and I assume you are new to homeopathy.
Bone problems generally call for either Calcarea Carb or Calcarea Phos. I am inclined to think that you are Calcarea Carb rather than Calcarea Phos.
Mental symptoms are more important than physical symptoms in homeopathy. You have an important mental symptom of Calcarea Carb:Waking up at night to check for thieves and robbers. You also have hurrying tendency.
Aggravation does not occur in this type of cases. However if you have acidity problem there may be aggravation of acidity for a day or two. Lower potencies do not seem to work in chronic cases like yours when Calcarea Carb is needed, therefore I have chosen 1m.
telescope last year
Thank you Sir. Understood, it is based on totality of symptoms.

Yes, I am new to homeopathy but learning since the pandemic.

I will update you hear after a week?
yave0011 last year
telescope last year
Hello Sir,

I have taken Sulphur 30 on May 01, before noon and Calc Carb 1m at night.
yave0011 last year
Hello Sir,

I have taken Sulphur 30 on 01 May 22 before noon, and CC 1m on 01 May 22 at night 10:30 Pm.

Following are observations:

- After taking Sulphur, eyes felt little better within few hours. Then my previous symptom of Trapezius muscle spasm. It used to recur when ever I have an anxiety, or have to rush to somewhere or do something.

- Next day after taking CC 1m, improvement in eyes continuing and also the muscle spasm.

I will observe and update you here.

Thank you once again.
yave0011 last year
Do not repeat medicine. One dose should work for around 30 days.
telescope last year
Ok Sir.

In my previous reply, I meant to write "then my previous symptom of trapezius muscle spasm returned". I missed to type "returned.

But it was milder one.

yave0011 last year
Dear Sir,

Its been more than two weeks since I took the remedy.

Apart from the short lived improvement, I went through relapse of the several historical ailments but short lived.

Those were:
- mild piles/ pain
- Ganglion cyst
- Achilles tendon pain
- Gas

At present, other than improvement in the eyes and the weakness, all other symptoms are continuing.

I am going through change of environment, returning to home country, feeling very anxious, lot of things to do and also the anxiety in general. Could it be the reason that the remedy is not working.

Thank you.
yave0011 last year
It is possible that the medicine got exausted. Take another dose of Calcarea Carb.
telescope last year

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